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From To Type No. of Shares Min Price Max Price Total Amount
03-Jun-2015 03-Jun-2015 03-Jun-2015 Buyback 22,000 1.850 1.920 41,566.47 View Detail
11-Sep-2015 11-Sep-2015 11-Sep-2015 Buyback 64,100 1.590 1.640 103,399.07 View Detail
14-Sep-2015 14-Sep-2015 14-Sep-2015 Buyback 67,000 1.570 1.640 107,923.02 View Detail
15-Sep-2015 15-Sep-2015 15-Sep-2015 Buyback 249,000 1.560 1.620 395,970.68 View Detail
17-Sep-2015 17-Sep-2015 17-Sep-2015 Buyback 467,000 1.490 1.550 717,912.31 View Detail
18-Sep-2015 18-Sep-2015 18-Sep-2015 Buyback 460,000 1.460 1.500 683,192.18 View Detail
21-Sep-2015 21-Sep-2015 21-Sep-2015 Buyback 347,000 1.470 1.490 516,952.77 View Detail
30-Nov-2015 30-Nov-2015 30-Nov-2015 Buyback 151,000 1.770 1.800 269,442.88 View Detail
07-Jan-2016 07-Jan-2016 07-Jan-2016 Buyback 48,700 1.720 1.750 85,545.76 View Detail
08-Jan-2016 08-Jan-2016 08-Jan-2016 Buyback 21,000 1.720 1.740 36,720.40 View Detail
18-Jan-2016 18-Jan-2016 18-Jan-2016 Buyback 34,000 1.700 1.720 58,445.24 View Detail
19-Jan-2016 19-Jan-2016 19-Jan-2016 Buyback 26,000 1.690 1.700 44,489.92 View Detail
02-Mar-2016 02-Mar-2016 02-Mar-2016 Buyback 105,000 1.480 1.500 156,661.20 View Detail
03-Mar-2016 03-Mar-2016 03-Mar-2016 Buyback 137,000 1.440 1.490 199,413.27 View Detail
04-Mar-2016 04-Mar-2016 04-Mar-2016 Buyback 512,000 1.370 1.440 720,468.16 View Detail
15-Mar-2016 15-Mar-2016 15-Mar-2016 Buyback 200,000 1.370 1.380 275,479.58 View Detail
17-Mar-2016 17-Mar-2016 17-Mar-2016 Buyback 230,000 1.380 1.390 318,851.07 View Detail
31-May-2016 31-May-2016 31-May-2016 Buyback 8,000 1.440 1.470 11,639.14 View Detail
06-Mar-2018 06-Mar-2018 06-Mar-2018 Buyback 50,000 0.600 0.610 30,250.68 View Detail
07-Mar-2018 07-Mar-2018 07-Mar-2018 Buyback 50,000 0.585 0.600 29,759.92 View Detail
08-Mar-2018 08-Mar-2018 08-Mar-2018 Buyback 55,000 0.585 0.595 32,767.48 View Detail
09-Mar-2018 09-Mar-2018 09-Mar-2018 Buyback 50,000 0.575 0.600 29,344.67 View Detail
15-Mar-2018 15-Mar-2018 15-Mar-2018 Buyback 2,000 0.570 0.570 1,182.77 View Detail
25-May-2018 25-May-2018 25-May-2018 Buyback 30,000 0.400 0.400 12,080.14 View Detail
30-Aug-2018 30-Aug-2018 30-Aug-2018 Buyback 380,000 0.345 0.345 131,532.63 View Detail
12-Sep-2018 12-Sep-2018 12-Sep-2018 Buyback 200,000 0.320 0.320 64,403.20 View Detail
25-Sep-2018 25-Sep-2018 25-Sep-2018 Buyback 100,000 0.325 0.325 32,704.75 View Detail
26-Sep-2018 26-Sep-2018 26-Sep-2018 Buyback 10,000 0.325 0.325 3,290.98 View Detail
27-Sep-2018 27-Sep-2018 27-Sep-2018 Buyback 120,000 0.325 0.325 39,245.70 View Detail
28-Sep-2018 28-Sep-2018 28-Sep-2018 Buyback 250,000 0.325 0.325 81,761.88 View Detail
01-Oct-2018 01-Oct-2018 01-Oct-2018 Buyback 463,500 0.320 0.320 148,809.46 View Detail
02-Oct-2018 02-Oct-2018 02-Oct-2018 Buyback 200,000 0.325 0.325 65,409.50 View Detail
03-Oct-2018 03-Oct-2018 03-Oct-2018 Buyback 200,000 0.325 0.325 65,409.50 View Detail
04-Oct-2018 04-Oct-2018 04-Oct-2018 Buyback 300,000 0.325 0.325 98,114.25 View Detail
05-Oct-2018 05-Oct-2018 05-Oct-2018 Buyback 95,600 0.320 0.320 30,784.73 View Detail
08-Oct-2018 08-Oct-2018 08-Oct-2018 Buyback 10,000 0.330 0.330 3,340.99 View Detail
11-Oct-2018 11-Oct-2018 11-Oct-2018 Buyback 700,000 0.310 0.315 219,064.54 View Detail
12-Oct-2018 12-Oct-2018 12-Oct-2018 Buyback 450,100 0.315 0.320 144,254.42 View Detail
15-Oct-2018 15-Oct-2018 15-Oct-2018 Buyback 6,200,000 0.310 0.315 1,952,540.19 View Detail
16-Oct-2018 16-Oct-2018 16-Oct-2018 Buyback 581,000 0.310 0.315 182,115.03 View Detail
17-Oct-2018 17-Oct-2018 17-Oct-2018 Buyback 350,000 0.315 0.320 111,115.98 View Detail
18-Oct-2018 18-Oct-2018 18-Oct-2018 Buyback 660,000 0.315 0.320 209,347.58 View Detail
19-Oct-2018 19-Oct-2018 19-Oct-2018 Buyback 202,000 0.311 0.315 63,024.67 View Detail
17-Jun-2015 03-Jun-2015 03-Jun-2015 Buyback 22,000 1.850 1.920 41,566.47 View Detail
25-Sep-2015 11-Sep-2015 21-Sep-2015 Buyback 1,654,100 1.460 1.640 2,525,815.72 View Detail
11-Dec-2015 30-Nov-2015 30-Nov-2015 Buyback 151,000 1.770 1.800 269,442.88 View Detail
20-Jan-2016 07-Jan-2016 08-Jan-2016 Buyback 69,700 1.720 1.750 122,266.16 View Detail
29-Jan-2016 18-Jan-2016 19-Jan-2016 Buyback 60,000 1.690 1.720 102,935.16 View Detail
16-Mar-2016 02-Mar-2016 04-Mar-2016 Buyback 754,000 1.370 1.500 1,076,542.63 View Detail
29-Mar-2016 15-Mar-2016 17-Mar-2016 Buyback 430,000 1.370 1.390 594,330.65 View Detail
09-Jun-2016 31-May-2016 31-May-2016 Buyback 8,000 1.440 1.470 11,639.14 View Detail
20-Mar-2018 06-Mar-2018 15-Mar-2018 Buyback 207,000 0.570 0.610 123,305.52 View Detail
08-Jun-2018 25-May-2018 25-May-2018 Buyback 30,000 0.400 0.400 12,080.14 View Detail
07-Sep-2018 30-Aug-2018 30-Aug-2018 Buyback 380,000 0.345 0.345 131,532.63 View Detail
24-Sep-2018 12-Sep-2018 12-Sep-2018 Buyback 200,000 0.320 0.320 64,403.20 View Detail
03-Oct-2018 25-Sep-2018 01-Oct-2018 Buyback 943,500 0.320 0.325 305,812.77 View Detail
12-Oct-2018 02-Oct-2018 08-Oct-2018 Buyback 805,600 0.320 0.330 263,058.97 View Detail
22-Aug-2016 11-Aug-2016 11-Aug-2016 Resale 3,148,800 1.550 1.560 4,878,401.54 View Detail
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  2 people like this.
Daily8 there is always a lower LOW. Careful guys. Market made of more losers than winners.
03/09/2018 09:54
apolloang I don't know when is the lowest but I bought at 33.5cts,happy investing....hehe
03/09/2018 10:22
1519378884747574 Good apollohang
03/09/2018 11:50
Daily8 becareful guys....I projected it will drop below 30
03/09/2018 16:09
apolloang nevermind lah buy not much,if got 28cts lagi buy somemore lo....hehe
03/09/2018 16:10
Anson1314 分利息了,怎么算??有谁可以教我吗??0.0025x0.5?
03/09/2018 17:36
Calvin882 To my surprise, no gap down in the morning even with poor qtr result. Some supports seen at the current price. Interesting
03/09/2018 19:28
sjwee3 Run, it was plunged, run.
03/09/2018 20:26
sjwee3 Don't numb yourself
03/09/2018 20:34
Jolin Lai Chi Pet will buy more on today.....................this one sure rebound
04/09/2018 07:14
Calvin882 I think Should buy now
04/09/2018 09:24
Kawelegen With the TP 0.41 my view this counter will be around 0.34 only
04/09/2018 09:41
kong73 Good volume today
05/09/2018 16:45
Rukawa BN kept OPR unchanged, good for property sector!
05/09/2018 18:44
Yael Jasper Good show ! Very strong... will move tomorrow and profit incoming
06/09/2018 10:30
Jolin Lai Chi Pet top up more.............sure go back to 40cents
06/09/2018 12:26
alexsee fighting between buyer and seller at this moment between 0.325 to 0.355, who will win ?? let's see..
07/09/2018 12:39
Franklim1989 After holiday will active...
08/09/2018 19:45
Calvin882 https://klse.i3investor.com/m/blog/savemalaysia/173402.jsp
10/09/2018 10:37
Yael Jasper wah, suddenly fly because of no road block today. Profit everyday thanksss
12/09/2018 11:04
cpng Lim Soon Peng (MyKad number ******-**-5177)


That you, on 7 August 2013 at AmIslamic Bank Berhad, Cawangan Jalan Raja Chulan, No. 55, Jalan Raja Chulan, Bukit Ceylon in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, did engage in money laundering, to wit, by using proceeds from an unlawful activity totalling RM246,000,000 through an AmIslamic Bank cheque number 571858 for payment to Lim Soon Peng (MyKad number ******-**-5177), thereby you have committed an offence under paragraph 4(1)(a)of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act 2001 [Act 613], punishable under subsection 4(1) of the same Act.


Shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding RM5 million or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to both.
20/09/2018 22:38
Yael Jasper Good show ! Very strong... will move tomorrow and profit incoming
21/09/2018 10:42
alivetoinvest @cpng. well known news since 2017 lol.

will be happy to collect cheap :)
23/09/2018 12:08
alexsee 60% titijaya, 20% AIA and others funds.. 20% ikan bilis .. non stop selling by funds? looks like 0.25 - 0.28 is possible soon..
26/09/2018 09:49
villa1668 Wondering how many people afford to buy property now. Once property completed, a lot in vacant position.
26/09/2018 18:06
Calvin882 I think people still need to buy properties. Titijaya direction in building affordable properties may suit well to the current market conditions
26/09/2018 19:06
1519378884747574 Diu lei la..see which area lo they build the property. In pj area. Sure sapu habis
26/09/2018 19:10
Daily8 Banking loans are hard to approve for young buyers. How Titijaya going to service the loans? This is very dangerous. Once they exhausted the cash flow, bank EBEIT will be high.
26/09/2018 22:40
Calvin882 https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/28/construction-costs-expected-to-go-down-by-5percent-due-to-sst-exemption/
28/09/2018 17:50
jacklintan Company buys back so many shares, means this share is going to rise up and good value!!!!! It is time to rise up soon!!!! Buy or you will regret!!!!
02/10/2018 10:17
Calvin882 It's clearly undervalued now. Risk or going down is minimal
02/10/2018 13:32
1519378884747574 Titijaya Land Bhd plans to launch three projects in the financial year ending June 30, 2019 (FY2019), with a total gross development value of RM838 million.

Riveria City at KL Sentral is a mixed-use development comprising retail, office suites and serviced apartments.

“We are launching Phase 1, which comprises 784 office suites in the heart of the city. The GDV for this development is RM320 million,” says Titijaya Land Bhd executive director Charmaine Lim in an email interview.

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“The second project is Phase 2 of 3rdNvenue — 422 serviced apartments with a GDV of RM338 million. This development offers luxury living and a modern, metropolitan lifestyle. It is in a premium location in Embassy Row, Jalan Ampang,” Lim says.

Phase 1 of 3rdNvenue was launched last year and is about 70% taken up. The freehold development with a total GDV of RM2.1 billion will offer 2,500 serviced apartments, small office/home office units and retail lots in four towers of 42 to 48 storeys.

“Lastly, we are looking to launch a new development in Bukit Subang at Shah Alam called Damaisuria. It comprises serviced apartments, retail lots and shop offices in an urban park environment targeting young, urban folk who appreciate a natural environment and exclusive spaces,” she says.

“The GDV of the first phase of 370 serviced apartments and 20 double-storey shops at Damaisuria is RM180 million,” she says, adding that more details will be revealed soon.

For FY2018, Titijaya Land has achieved a revenue of RM399.03 million.

“It is 4.8% higher than the RM380.75 million achieved in the same period last year,” says Lim. Net profit for FY2018 was RM72.9 million, slightly lower than the RM76.74 million in FY2017.

“Titijaya Land is optimistic about its long-term growth and prospects, based on our strong competitive position and solid demand for the affordable residential properties we offer,” says Lim.

“We are confident of the company’s future performance, given that most of our land bank is located in prime growth areas, which are well developed and [close to] public transport.”

Titijaya Land currently has 208 acres of land worth RM12.1 billion in GDV in the Klang Valley, Penang and Sabah to be developed over the next 10 years.

Titijaya Land was founded in 1997 by group managing director, Tan Sri Lim Soon Peng. Its early projects include 2-storey terraced houses and 3-storey shop offices in Taman Bukit Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, and 2-storey terraced houses, residential lots and low-cost apartments in Klang.

Today, the group’s portfolio includes Casa Tiara, E-Tiara, Tiara Square Business Centre, First Subang, Subang Parkhomes and Subang SOHO in Subang Jaya and Mutiara Bukit Raja in Klang.

“Going forward, Titijaya is determined to continue building innovative, quality properties in the best locations, deliver our projects on time and provide excellent customer service to all of our customers,” says Lim.
04/10/2018 19:00
Calvin882 Their developments are mainly consist of affordable housing project at prime location. Believe they still can stay afloat in this tough market condition. That's why the management buy back shares at daily basis
05/10/2018 07:52
Jolin Lai Chi Pet coming budget is good for property sector................
05/10/2018 12:10
why_no_dividend SBB no more bullets? Why lower price buy lesser?
07/10/2018 12:39
Calvin882 Today no need SBB to support. The price go up by itself. Good indication.
08/10/2018 19:31
Hwai Hooi company buying back?
09/10/2018 15:11
Calvin882 Seems like technical rebound
09/10/2018 19:48
villa1668 Forget about Titijaya, many property counters better than this.
09/10/2018 21:03
shpg22 Agreed. Titijaya is actually not cheap in term of valuation. IBHD, LBS, MATRIX, TAMBUN is of better value.
10/10/2018 00:59
Frankie Tay sudah banyak hari ada buyer beli naik , lepas itu ada penjual bodoh jual tekan dia turun, siapa penjual bodoh tu?
12/10/2018 21:37
alexsee huge selling pressure.. 0.2 coming ??
15/10/2018 16:38
ivan9511 run , ada problem , still very expensive
15/10/2018 16:54
Daily8 Monday, 15 Oct 2018


TITIJYA LIM PUAY FUNG (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA TITIJAYA GROUP SDN. BHD. (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA LIM PUAY FUNG (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA LIM POH YIT (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA LIM SOON PENG (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA LIM SOON PENG (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA LIM POH YIT (15,625,000 units Acquired)
15/10/2018 18:05
Calvin882 Buy back like crazy also drop like that? Something is not right.
15/10/2018 18:17
Frankie Tay Yes, agree Calvin882, have stupid seller push down.
15/10/2018 20:34
alexsee 20/10/17, Brem (titikaya) sold 2 piece lands to Titijaya with taking up Titijaya's shares of 48,365,467 units with price RM1.45/unit (not sure the actual price deal). After 2 to 1 stock split, Brem shares increase to 48,365,467 units x 2 = 96,730,934 units. According to Brem 2018 annual report note 44 & 45, on 18/04/18 Brem entered into a Share Sale Agreement with a third party for the disposal of 27,500,000 ordinary shares in Titijaya Land Berhad for a cash consideration of RM19,937,500.
Which can see Titijaya's announcement on 08/06/18. Mean that, Bream completed the selling of 27,500,500 shares to third party with 1 shares of titijaya at RM 0.725 on 08/06/18. Refer back the chart of Titijaya, the share price was closed at RM 0.5 (08/06/18) and RM0.39 (18/06/18). The questions here is who is the third party willing to buy Titijaya's 27,500,500 shares (about 2.045%) with RM 0.725/shares while they can buy much cheaper at about RM0.4 - 0.5 during 08 -18 Jun 2018.

15/10/2018 23:48
alexsee Titikaya must be very regret now cos they sold their land with talking up titijaya's shares at RM1.45/share (before stock split) or 7.195% of total titijaya's shares (RM 0.725/share) after split. But they managed to sell back 2.045% to third party at RM 0.725/share, now they still have balanced 5.15%. Will they still want to sell all the 5.15% at RM 0.725/share?

30/08/18 till today, this stock volume increased double.. Titijaya buy back into treasury (0.74%) and on 11/10/18 acquired 15,625,000 shares ( 1.16%of total shares) at RM0.32/shares from closed period. This 1.16% buy from who? Only AIA and Lembaga Tabung Haji and the third party mentioned above have more than 1% can sell to Tititjaya. Of course, Titikaya has 5.15% also can sell, but no announcement, so cannot be Titikaya.
15/10/2018 23:48
shpg22 Titikaya, Titijaya both sounds like abang adik kompeni only.
Left to right pocket izzit??
15/10/2018 23:49
alexsee As 03/10/17, AIA Bhd has direct holding 8.13% before split. After split and some ICPS conversion, AIA holding less than 5%, should be around 4.9%..So can't know whether AIA sell or buy cos no announcement for holder less than 5%. AIA no subscribe any ICPS. Lembaga Tabung Haji subscribed all. Others top shareholders are Great Eastern, Etiqa
15/10/2018 23:56


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