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MoneyAndHoney GeraldT9, kiddo. You have not even made an attempt to offer an answer to the simple question that I have posed to you.

All you have been doing is indulging in your usual mindless kiddy ravings, cursings & rantings.

So, what is the problem, kiddo.
25/10/2019 11:38 PM
MoneyAndHoney And your English is really bad, too. It's simply appalling. Absolutely atrocious.

You ought to get another better English teacher to iron out your grammatical inadequacies, perhaps. Or maybe it's not his/her fault at all, but yours & yours alone.
25/10/2019 11:48 PM
BeastOfTheEast Yes. His English is bad. Badass bad.

I have to agree on that part.
26/10/2019 12:33 AM
BeastOfTheEast Maybe he reckons that throwing typical cliche namecalling words like airhead, lamebrain, moron etc would automatically get him an A in English language at A Levels standard.

Well, at the rate that he's going, he would be lucky to get a C, I think.
26/10/2019 12:39 AM
BeastOfTheEast Keep on ranting & raving, gerardt9 boy. So that we all can continue having fun looking at your bad English LOL.
26/10/2019 2:42 PM
johnathan412 RSI low but MACD cross below line , wait longer then add more will be good
26/10/2019 8:06 PM
johnathan412 NP also not affected much despite bad market , buy on dip and wait for the policy in 2020 to kick in to profit
26/10/2019 8:11 PM
DreamCommander LOL. GeraldT9, boyyo. For all your alluvial rantings, you still hv not answered MAH's question. Maybe you're too stupid to have even that simplest ability, I guess. Boyyo.
28/10/2019 12:04 PM
Gala Kat MoneyAndHoney GeraldT9, kiddo. You have not even made an attempt to offer an answer to the simple question that I have posed to you.

If you must insist, then let me share this briefly ... Am sure today you're not blind to the fact of our ' neck high ' debts holes that Malaysia is in and how it had arrived there .. right or there's ' tahi palat ' covering your eyes still ? And seriously, how did you expertly concluded in your ' airhead ' that Malaysia was thriving under those corrupted BN@Bangsat2 Negara ...... with false figures and reporting as exposed by PH ? Just a small comparison .... look at our tiny neighbour, Singapore and compare our trade volume or even currency, tahu banding kan ? Can recollect when your incompetent mentors or those BN@Bangsat2 Negara was still in charge ... it was a dollar or ringgit at par and what's the currency valuation difference, today ? So, kindly stop your display of stupidities or embarrass yourselves further with your known kind of shallow ' subsidy ' mentality ! Just lay back, relax and be the known inferior complex ' lintah2 masyarakat ' your kind are ... waiting to be fed like spineless and shameless parasites ! And as such... to constantly help remind ourselves how to differentiate between the ' zero integrity ' society pariahs and those with ' maruah ', right ? Take an advice ...stop barking aimlessly or try to tire your empty airheads too much..ok? Keep it in ' showroom condition ' for a good trade in value...just in case a need may arise. And lastly, here's hoping that my pathetic, poor command or low standard of English is easy enough and not too stressful or taxing for you- lame brain retards to comprehend. Btw ...do have a nice day ! P/S. ...added in some Mooooooolayu words to simplify your understanding ... for safe measure intention.
28/10/2019 7:44 PM
CoolBull Gerardt9, boyyo.

The question that MAH posed to you was, under which government was Bursa & the country's economy better, ph gov, or by gov.

Your long winding rambling does not even hv the value of cow crrap. Just gv a straight answer.
30/10/2019 4:04 AM
CoolBull typo:

by gov = bn gov
30/10/2019 11:03 AM
newbie0718 RTS carry on..:.fly soon
31/10/2019 5:12 PM
MoneyAndHoney Why do guys hv to keep comparing Msia with Singapore. This is like comparing apples & oranges. Maybe they reckon that, doing that shows how clever they are.

Nope. Quite on the contrary, that just shows it all, about how naive & how stupid they really are.

Malaysia is a sprawling country of land surface area 343,000+ square km. With jungles, hills, mountains, rivers, lakes & all. With a population of 30 mil.

Singapore is a tiny island city state 38 km long & 24 km wide. It is a completely different kettle of fish altogether.

Why not they go ahead further & compare Singapore with Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam & Cambodia also.
31/10/2019 5:42 PM
johnathan412 Dont compare us with malaysia please, we are way ahead of you guys
31/10/2019 8:07 PM
KooSan Yes, you are way ahead of us for now. Let me tell you...LKY will not be sobbing when Singapore separated from Malaysia in 1965.
31/10/2019 11:22 PM
johnathan412 Though undeniable i think we suffered worst in 1965, but hey greatness comes after suffering that is what they all say =)
01/11/2019 12:26 AM
NGWAIKUAN Why drop, got any news?
01/11/2019 6:13 PM
DreamCommander So what's happened to that pathetic turrdhedd gerardtboy9. Drowned in & choked on his own stinkin swyneshhit, I guess.
02/11/2019 10:49 AM
BeastOfTheEast ha ha ha
02/11/2019 11:32 AM
Want2Win ki ki ki
02/11/2019 5:14 PM
Hidup_Barisan Vote for Jeck Seng to strengthen opposition in its role as check and balance to the govt, says Dr Wee
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/11/03/vote-for-jeck-seng-to-strengthen-opposition-in-its-role-as-check-and-balance-to-the-govt-says-dr-wee#pUJzmJzIP6A0ARR1.99
03/11/2019 2:01 PM
SaveMsiaFromPHGov Yes. How is our Tg Piai thing going. Doesn't look like ph gov has much of a chance at all.
05/11/2019 6:07 PM
SaveMsiaFromPHGov This stupid, constantly boolshhitting govt does not deserve to be in power at all.
05/11/2019 6:10 PM
SaveMsiaFromPHGov Especially when a leading member of their coalition is a very well known perpetually boolshhitting party led by a father & son badmouthing, slandering & boolshhitting double act of greatest renown.
06/11/2019 1:53 AM
MCA_ 1.5 years gone since GE14 why toll not free?
06/11/2019 9:38 AM
SaveMsiaFromPHGov Becos boolshhitting gov only know how to boolshhit.
06/11/2019 11:49 AM
DickyMe Post removed. Why?
07/11/2019 8:39 PM
techlee229 A source said Halim’s bid for Gamuda’s toll assets, will pave the path for the creation of a toll highway investment trust, which will eventually be listed on the local stock market.
08/11/2019 6:01 PM
Kendo Ken Hz Halim..conman
09/11/2019 12:43 PM
icecool no free toll no petrol subside no car price drop all up hahaha
12/11/2019 11:12 PM
zakaria444 S P Setia is also the winner of the Best in Qualitative Attributes sub-award.

The others in the top 10 list are Sunway Bhd — property division (No 2), UOA Development Bhd (No 3), IJM Land Bhd (No 4), UEM Sunrise Bhd (No 5), Mah Sing Group Bhd (No 6), Gamuda Bhd — property division (No 7), IOI Properties Group Bhd (No 8), Sime Darby Property Bhd (No 8), Eco World Development Group Bhd (EcoWorld) (No 9) and IGB Bhd (No 10).
14/11/2019 3:33 PM
SaveMsiaFromPHGov ph gov whupped in tg piai

whupped big time too
17/11/2019 12:32 PM
ProsperousRealm ha ha ha

Serves them just right
18/11/2019 3:09 AM
CoolBull They deserved their arse whupping

Maybe next time they'll learn not to mess with the rakyat again
18/11/2019 10:39 AM
CoolBull And where has that gerradt9 boyyo disappeared. I heard he was busting his arse campaigning for ph in tanjong piai.
18/11/2019 10:51 AM
WealthSoWonderful And I wonder, who is still really saying that mca is now no more relevant.

I guess some guys are just so out of touch with reality. They just like to keep on living & dreaming in their own boolshhit fantasy world.
18/11/2019 7:17 PM
SaveMsiaFromPHGov What do this ph gov know. Other than sedition, slander, defamation, throwing false promises all around & boolshhitting.
19/11/2019 11:46 AM
Kendo Ken Hz Next week break 4
23/11/2019 11:08 AM
KooSan EGM coming................
24/11/2019 12:04 AM
markstrong the same person and company Tony Pua attacked has just won best tunnelling award

24/11/2019 9:45 PM
PH_pakatan_menipu Admit it, we promised the impossible in manifesto, Lim tells PH
24/11/2019 10:05 PM
yoyo korek lubang cari Gamuda
25/11/2019 10:48 AM
sheep wow big gap down.....collect tomollo...wakakaka
26/11/2019 4:09 PM
yoyo why the sudden fall?
26/11/2019 4:11 PM
david123 opportunity to collect, you be rewarded.
27/11/2019 7:31 AM
einvest88 Gamuda expects to sign Penang Transport Master Plan PDP agreement in ‘next few weeks https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/gamuda-expects-sign-penang-transport-master-plan-pdp-agreement-next-few-weeks-says-md
06/12/2019 8:09 AM
david123 Expecting a special div. on the card
06/12/2019 8:54 AM
markpaul328 Why announced good news buy stock still down?
06/12/2019 2:10 PM
dlau8899 https://www.orientaldaily.com.my/news/business/2019/12/05/317617
06/12/2019 11:30 PM
dlau8899 Special dividend as soon.
06/12/2019 11:31 PM


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