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SuperWisdom Not sure. But still possible.
24/06/2019 2:49 PM
SuperWisdom My latest analysis...

Conclusion, I retreat.

Thank you.
24/06/2019 11:37 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien 哈哈 no people retreat cos all left nothing
26/06/2019 12:53 AM
SuperWisdom I see a short term big potential at Impiana. I went there just now.

Just want to share my opinion. Thank you.

26/06/2019 2:53 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien Impinana big projects
26/06/2019 4:38 PM
SuperWisdom Update of Impiana.

Wrong signal to buy.


27/06/2019 11:12 AM
27/06/2019 11:15 AM
Tiong Kung King Zien big project coming soon with China partner
27/06/2019 4:41 PM
SuperWisdom Tiong Kung King Zien, Tiger or Impiana?
27/06/2019 6:48 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien no money use already sold only
30/06/2019 10:21 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien run for your life。。。 tiger sick energy again!
01/07/2019 11:44 AM
lbhock123 Good one, no synergy but sick-energy
02/07/2019 9:11 AM
Tiong Kung King Zien Nobody attend the meeting so cannot do anything... That's why mr goh disapointed already
04/07/2019 1:54 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien good new。。。 seacrea bangkrup
09/07/2019 1:16 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien mr tan congratulation
09/07/2019 2:07 PM
ivan9511 Tiger in Malaysia is number 1 . Sure fihhtback back to 20sen also possible.
Wait this Tiger Malaysia awake
09/07/2019 3:11 PM
Kinos Something is brewing
16/07/2019 10:14 PM
lbhock123 Goh sold to Safari ?
Safari is related to Goh, or unrelated?
17/07/2019 9:03 AM
Kinos 90% related to Goh ... left hand to right hand
17/07/2019 12:21 PM
ktsk88 Left to right then back to left..............to clean the bad images...))
17/07/2019 12:51 PM
Tan Sri Rick Walker Used to be syndicates favorite fry! Wait and see!
19/07/2019 4:29 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien mr tan now gg.com becos money stuck in seacera... Si kera. Now waiting mr goh counter attack.... This time tiger become si kera then mr goh is overwhelming!
23/07/2019 6:00 PM
25/07/2019 5:26 PM
Crash12zxc56buil Post removed. Why?
27/07/2019 5:51 PM
Sunny Goh Something is brewing. Hold on for another 2 months. Fully agree with tklim target price. Target 4 will take a year to get there and not impossible.
02/08/2019 3:10 PM
moneykj Why not look at Kanger. The strongest momentum stock in bursa now.
07/08/2019 7:33 AM
Dinasd123 anak haram counter, lucky i sold 0.13 at 2013
Pukimak punya Tiger Family, all go to aircrashhhhh
11/08/2019 8:09 AM
TREND FOLLOWER W bottom good signal....follow
16/08/2019 11:37 AM
kenie TIGER
15 Aug 2019 Disposed 5,437,900 shares
9 Aug 2019 TAN WEI LIAN Disposed 3,974,500 shares
1 Aug 2019 TAN WEI LIAN Disposed 25,000,000 shares
TAN WEI LIAN want.....
16/08/2019 11:58 AM
tklim BUY 0.06

Target1: 0.08
Target2: 0.09
Target3: 0.13
Target4: 0.14
16/08/2019 3:38 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien sumatec naik sebab ada orang report polis tentang ceo penyelewengan. Harap tiger pun ada orang report.
16/08/2019 9:11 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien Tiger is roaring this time
16/08/2019 9:18 PM
moneykj Name only tiger but don't have character of tiger. Better go for Kanger.
20/08/2019 8:37 AM
johnchew3 Ho ho here is Tiger , u monkeykj come here will be eaten, be polite u crying begging for help
20/08/2019 6:28 PM
leekokshen Hey guys, Goh has made his move to request for EGM, feel like buying now and go for the EGM and tengok wayang. So finally all the rumors of they're brother kawan is not true. Ini kali lah. But TWL is not "lulu" too, so really hope Goh has the right strategy to oust TWL and the gangs! I for one will vote for it.
24/08/2019 4:24 PM
lbhock123 Hahaha, sudah diam
19/09/2019 12:59 PM
leekokshen Now seems like TWL and gangs are in accumulation mode and Goh is in sleep mode....
19/09/2019 7:50 PM
lbhock123 Question is, who is selling cheap to TWL ?
19/09/2019 8:05 PM
leekokshen Today tiger bite back...can anyone explain what TWL is suing Goh for? Is it why Goh never offer to take over? Seems very funny....
02/10/2019 8:14 PM
zalidaud zalidaud: Harimau dah sakit tenat nak mati! Rugi banyak sebab bela binatang ni, makan tuan rupanya! Beli harga 0.34 (0.085 sebelum consolidation x4). Nak naik .10 pun susah. Patut gali lubang, tanam hidup-hidup je harimau ni!
14/01/2019 12:25 PM

Sin Min Loh: Sabar. Jangan tanam dulu. Harimau banyak makan daging ini dah menjelma jadi kucing comel dibela ikan. Meow !
14/01/2019 8:04 PM

Tunggu-tunggu, ingatkan boleh naik ... dah jatuh dari 0.34 sampai 0.05 (jatuh 95%?) Nak sabar lagi ke Sin Min Loh? Dah surut kering macam sungai Eufrat. Kalau betul-betul boleh timbul emas, boleh sabar lagi.

Ada yang nak bagi komen? Patut beli tambah (everage) atau lepaskan (jual) aje?
11/10/2019 8:03 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien mr goh kaya sekarang,sebab dia jual ipoh white cofee kat mat saleh
14/10/2019 10:22 AM
Tiong Kung King Zien my oppionion is mr goh selling ipoh white coffee to have enough money to strike this pussycat family
14/10/2019 10:56 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien Tunggu dan lihat! Kita maki tan family hari2 sampai keluarga tan hancur.
14/10/2019 11:03 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien mr goh sue tan family! Tiger will up
24/10/2019 4:08 PM
tklim Bullish: when it has a positive Rate-of-Change and the stock price is above the 20-day SMA.

Average target 0.355.......kolek kolek
24/10/2019 10:52 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien tiger sik energy berak
07/11/2019 5:34 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien tiger synergy berhad name same as thai girl sik energy berak。
07/11/2019 5:35 PM
Zali Daud TKKZ LOL!
Pada 23 Oktober kelihatan Thai Girl bersemangat untuk maju dengan dagangan 24.4m dan harga mencecah .06 walaupun ditutup pada .055 (naik 0.005). Esoknya 24hb naik lagi 0.005 ditutup pada .060. Tetapi range 0.055-0.060 hanya bertahan seminggu kemudian Thai Girl Sick Energy kembali. Bila akan pulih?
08/11/2019 10:58 AM
Tiong Kung King Zien thai girl sik energy berak menjadi taiko see energy berkat
13/11/2019 12:22 PM
Tiong Kung King Zien big win in project impiana many house sold for China guy, now almost 90% sold that y tiger now is singapore tiger got wings fly high。will up to 20cents or maybe higher
15/11/2019 2:17 AM


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