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From To Type No. of Shares Min Price Max Price Total Amount
08-Mar-2011 08-Mar-2011 08-Mar-2011 Buyback 45,000 2.940 2.960 133,393.32 View Detail
07-Mar-2011 07-Mar-2011 07-Mar-2011 Buyback 100,000 2.920 2.950 295,411.00 View Detail
30-Dec-2010 30-Dec-2010 30-Dec-2010 Buyback 552,500 3.100 3.170 1,740,331.55 View Detail
29-Dec-2010 29-Dec-2010 29-Dec-2010 Buyback 292,200 3.030 3.110 904,347.90 View Detail
29-Dec-2010 28-Dec-2010 28-Dec-2010 Buyback 74,700 3.030 3.060 228,854.32 View Detail
06-Oct-2010 06-Oct-2010 06-Oct-2010 Buyback 50,000 3.130 3.160 157,449.37 View Detail
18-Mar-2011 07-Mar-2011 08-Mar-2011 Buyback 145,000 2.920 2.960 428,804.32 View Detail
07-Jan-2011 28-Dec-2010 30-Dec-2010 Buyback 919,400 3.030 3.170 2,873,533.77 View Detail
18-Oct-2010 06-Oct-2010 06-Oct-2010 Buyback 50,000 3.130 3.160 157,449.37 View Detail
11-Oct-2013 11-Oct-2013 11-Oct-2013 Resale 167,000 7.020 7.070 1,176,704.00 View Detail
14-Oct-2013 14-Oct-2013 14-Oct-2013 Resale 28,800 6.900 6.950 199,249.00 View Detail
16-Oct-2013 16-Oct-2013 16-Oct-2013 Resale 335,100 6.880 6.920 2,309,230.00 View Detail
17-Oct-2013 17-Oct-2013 17-Oct-2013 Resale 97,300 6.850 6.900 667,652.00 View Detail
18-Oct-2013 18-Oct-2013 18-Oct-2013 Resale 125,200 6.850 6.880 858,279.00 View Detail
21-Oct-2013 21-Oct-2013 21-Oct-2013 Resale 7,000 6.850 6.880 48,115.00 View Detail
23-Oct-2013 23-Oct-2013 23-Oct-2013 Resale 9,000 6.800 6.820 61,224.00 View Detail
24-Oct-2013 24-Oct-2013 24-Oct-2013 Resale 113,200 6.800 6.850 772,225.00 View Detail
25-Oct-2013 25-Oct-2013 25-Oct-2013 Resale 75,000 6.870 6.880 515,412.00 View Detail
28-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 Resale 21,000 6.800 6.920 144,150.00 View Detail
31-Oct-2013 29-Oct-2013 29-Oct-2013 Resale 135,800 6.400 6.550 875,063.00 View Detail
22-Oct-2013 21-Oct-2013 21-Oct-2013 Resale 760,400 6.850 7.070 5,259,229.00 View Detail
01-Nov-2013 31-Oct-2013 31-Oct-2013 Resale 354,000 6.400 6.920 2,368,074.00 View Detail
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wakarimas kossan will support at 4 till the qr come out.
06/08/2019 12:16 AM
tgy123 Right level to enter, technically strong counter. But demand & supply of rubber products may impact business. To learn technical analysis in deep way, whtp + 601157931535, & learn more & more
06/08/2019 11:55 AM
wakarimas come come Kossan swim against tide.
07/08/2019 11:55 AM
Titan wow....all signal is showing uptrend and buy signal.....
07/08/2019 3:23 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/218779.jsp
[转贴] [Facebook live:浅谈Kossan rubber industries bhd (Kossan)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
08/08/2019 7:15 PM
wakarimas support at 4.15 last minutes. Somebody is collecting shares. haha
13/08/2019 5:48 PM
wakarimas monday qr report come out. Expecting
17/08/2019 3:16 PM
7300 peoples are just crazy,lowest technology production stocks with increasing gas n electricity can still maintain absurd prices......maybe laos or usa no tech to mass production.........wakaka
17/08/2019 3:29 PM
7300 told u edi.......,get off all your big potatoes with all costs,.......kindegarden also know,,reduced revenues n earnings not even worth all past kacangs.........last time simply blindly trade on TA ,trends are frens.... now high costs edi set in ,when FA come in wake up is a bit late,see humppies n dumppies until next year lor!!!
18/08/2019 8:19 PM
Chelsea result out soon on 22 August 2019.
Forecast YTY growth by 30% and possible break highest NP ever.
Latest expansion in P18 and P19 will bring more growth earning in Q3 and Q4.

Deeply undervalue
20/08/2019 3:46 PM
wakarimas q3 and q4 will have full capacity run?
21/08/2019 7:31 PM
wakarimas qoq drop a bit. YOY up , considered ok d.
22/08/2019 6:06 PM
Beast ok la, the weaker earnings were a result of scheduled revamp and upgrading works across the
Group’s plants for efficiency improvements and energy savings in the current quarter as compared with 1Q19.
22/08/2019 6:14 PM
investortrader88 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/kossan-2q-net-profit-29-strong-demand
22/08/2019 8:18 PM
investortrader88 tmrw kossan fly. huat ahhh. !
22/08/2019 8:18 PM
Beast Huat what la, ppl prefer sen stock
23/08/2019 9:26 AM
bose00 this is a growth stock.. goreng later ok elsewhere
23/08/2019 12:59 PM
paperplane Kossan has been doing pretty good after new plant finally operation. Good job. Another company i like beside Hartalega.
26/08/2019 4:22 PM
wakarimas under the storm outside, kossan is a good place to parking fund.
26/08/2019 6:38 PM
Titan Rm4.20 to 1USD. Production increase. Nitrile raw material cost down. Seem like all good for kossan.
27/08/2019 11:18 AM
KooSan Trade war will benefit Kossan
28/08/2019 10:17 PM
Beast guys hold it, ringgit depreciated alot
29/08/2019 12:17 PM
Titan Wow....RM4.22 to 1USD. Export stock fat tat already. Kossan will be the biggest benefit because not much loan in USD.
29/08/2019 1:59 PM
KooSan my chart is bullish
03/09/2019 11:45 PM
Titan but this stock is really turtlelish......crawl so slow.....see also want to sleep. Take a nap and come back in December??
04/09/2019 1:35 PM
Chelsea Titan, must be patient. current stock is uptrend and with the P18 kick in Q3 and P19 kick in Q4 with 20% growth, the upside is huge. With latest tariff included medical glove will boost the glove demand.
05/09/2019 10:59 AM
Titan Ya....kossan potential is good. Apart from the increase in production, latex price has came down 20% from Rm5 to 4.40 and also nitrile raw material also came down as well. Kossan has 30% latex vs 70% nitrile production. USD also strengthen where last Q they use 4.14 and now should be 4.20? So in terms of selling price and forex gain, it should be positive for next QR.
05/09/2019 11:43 AM
wakarimas All good factor comes out
05/09/2019 9:09 PM
Chelsea Just publish an article regarding Kossan, https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kossan/223474.jsp
Free to comment
06/09/2019 9:42 AM
cooldownguy86 Nice chart nice fundamentals but high price no good warrants
11/09/2019 3:49 PM
wakarimas kossan climb slowly like turtle, but steady like elephant. Good to hold ^^
30/09/2019 6:10 PM
mamakspecial Malaysian rubber gloves among banned goods in US anti-slavery crackdown


02/10/2019 8:34 AM
boonwei98 https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2019/10/02/us-blocks-import-of-goods-from-five-nations-including-malaysia-in-rare-anti/1796246
02/10/2019 9:11 AM
Titan Clear stk now. Dun play play le.....US purchase qty is considered huge oh.....if freeze 1 month also quite big impact le.
02/10/2019 9:31 AM
7300 only people see profitable but forgot it is simple productions process anytime,anywhere supplies more than rubberband
02/10/2019 9:40 AM
7300 it is not fashion design but sell like packaged piece underwears,pengsan edi.... ,very soon selling by kilos
02/10/2019 9:45 AM
Chelsea aiyoh, read carefully. it refer to WRP glove. all the customer from WRP will switch to others
02/10/2019 1:03 PM
Beast Read the news not kossan, is sdn bhd company zzz
02/10/2019 3:32 PM
blue8888 https://www.facebook.com/183843371625918/posts/2700422989967931?sfns=mo
02/10/2019 5:15 PM
wakarimas buy when low
02/10/2019 6:33 PM
blue8888 https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/585746
03/10/2019 6:55 PM
sell Forced labour industry. No wonder share price, profit remain high.
06/10/2019 5:51 PM
wakarimas kossan not involved in forced labour case, right?
09/10/2019 6:24 PM
Rf888 Next quarter results should be nice because P18 factory profit start show at november quarter result. P19 factory result start show at next next quarter result.
26/10/2019 10:52 AM
wiki123 P19 how many billion pcs gloves?
04/11/2019 2:37 PM
Chelsea RF888, you are right. Coming Q will break record high as Plant 18 start kick in earning.

P19 got extra 3bil pcs.
04/11/2019 3:24 PM
wakarimas from harta result, we know the asp drop, but the demand still intact. Now wait for Kossan to show her efficiency.
05/11/2019 11:25 PM
thinINVEST demand is still there. kossan will shine
08/11/2019 1:36 PM
cash flow 从11月开始,半年内kossan产能将提升大约20%从每年265亿到320亿只手套。如果新产能成功卖出将大大的提升盈利能力。新厂的效率也越来越强。根据报告,美罗825arce今年开始推土,如果销量好预测明年低将会多一间美罗新厂。我相信这将是kossan另一个里程碑
10/11/2019 1:21 PM
wakarimas the price stuck at 4.2
11/11/2019 6:02 PM


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