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From To Type No. of Shares Min Price Max Price Total Amount
09-Oct-2009 09-Oct-2009 09-Oct-2009 Buyback 1,000 12.220 12.220 12,220.00 View Detail
02-Mar-2009 02-Mar-2009 02-Mar-2009 Buyback 500 9.100 9.100 4,550.00 View Detail
10-Oct-2008 10-Oct-2008 10-Oct-2008 Buyback 1,000 9.700 9.700 9,700.00 View Detail
14-Apr-2008 14-Apr-2008 14-Apr-2008 Buyback 1,000 11.400 11.400 11,400.00 View Detail
06-Sep-2007 06-Sep-2007 06-Sep-2007 Buyback 5,000 10.300 10.300 51,500.00 View Detail
22-Aug-2007 22-Aug-2007 22-Aug-2007 Buyback 12,900 10.300 10.400 133,210.00 View Detail
21-Aug-2007 21-Aug-2007 21-Aug-2007 Buyback 10,600 10.100 10.200 108,060.00 View Detail
10-Aug-2007 10-Aug-2007 10-Aug-2007 Buyback 29,200 10.500 10.700 307,710.00 View Detail
13-Jul-2007 13-Jul-2007 13-Jul-2007 Buyback 3,000 11.600 11.600 34,800.00 View Detail
11-Jul-2007 11-Jul-2007 11-Jul-2007 Buyback 4,900 11.500 11.500 56,350.00 View Detail
10-Jul-2007 10-Jul-2007 10-Jul-2007 Buyback 7,300 11.600 11.600 84,680.00 View Detail
09-Jul-2007 09-Jul-2007 09-Jul-2007 Buyback 35,500 11.400 11.700 410,800.00 View Detail
01-Jun-2007 01-Jun-2007 01-Jun-2007 Buyback 19,000 11.000 11.000 209,000.00 View Detail
31-May-2007 31-May-2007 31-May-2007 Buyback 15,500 10.900 11.000 169,900.00 View Detail
30-May-2007 30-May-2007 30-May-2007 Buyback 13,200 10.900 11.000 144,080.00 View Detail
28-May-2007 25-May-2007 25-May-2007 Buyback 26,700 11.100 11.200 297,270.00 View Detail
24-May-2007 24-May-2007 24-May-2007 Buyback 1,400 11.200 11.200 15,680.00 View Detail
23-May-2007 23-May-2007 23-May-2007 Buyback 6,500 11.100 11.200 72,500.00 View Detail
15-May-2007 15-May-2007 15-May-2007 Buyback 19,800 11.200 11.300 223,640.00 View Detail
09-May-2007 09-May-2007 09-May-2007 Buyback 16,700 10.600 10.700 178,320.00 View Detail
08-May-2007 08-May-2007 08-May-2007 Buyback 4,700 10.600 10.600 49,820.00 View Detail
30-Apr-2007 30-Apr-2007 30-Apr-2007 Buyback 30,700 10.100 10.200 311,070.00 View Detail
05-Apr-2007 05-Apr-2007 05-Apr-2007 Buyback 1,000 10.000 10.000 10,000.00 View Detail
21-Dec-2006 21-Dec-2006 21-Dec-2006 Buyback 7,100 8.600 8.650 61,260.00 View Detail
16-Nov-2006 16-Nov-2006 16-Nov-2006 Buyback 17,100 8.850 8.900 151,760.00 View Detail
14-Nov-2006 14-Nov-2006 14-Nov-2006 Buyback 5,000 8.950 8.950 44,750.00 View Detail
10-Nov-2006 10-Nov-2006 10-Nov-2006 Buyback 30,000 9.000 9.000 270,000.00 View Detail
03-Nov-2006 03-Nov-2006 03-Nov-2006 Buyback 52,400 8.550 8.600 -123,456.79 View Detail
06-Oct-2006 06-Oct-2006 06-Oct-2006 Buyback 30,800 8.150 8.150 251,020.00 View Detail
03-Aug-2006 03-Aug-2006 03-Aug-2006 Buyback 5,800 7.650 7.700 44,420.00 View Detail
23-Mar-2005 23-Mar-2005 23-Mar-2005 Buyback 74,000 6.850 6.900 509,900.00 View Detail
18-Mar-2005 18-Mar-2005 18-Mar-2005 Buyback 42,100 6.900 7.000 293,815.00 View Detail
17-Mar-2005 17-Mar-2005 17-Mar-2005 Buyback 67,900 6.850 6.900 466,840.00 View Detail
14-Mar-2005 14-Mar-2005 14-Mar-2005 Buyback 69,700 6.800 6.850 475,460.00 View Detail
04-Mar-2005 04-Mar-2005 04-Mar-2005 Buyback 162,600 6.850 7.000 1,128,940.00 View Detail
03-Mar-2005 03-Mar-2005 03-Mar-2005 Buyback 75,000 6.850 6.900 516,050.00 View Detail
02-Mar-2005 02-Mar-2005 02-Mar-2005 Buyback 96,300 6.850 6.950 667,760.00 View Detail
01-Mar-2005 01-Mar-2005 01-Mar-2005 Buyback 39,800 6.850 6.900 273,570.00 View Detail
28-Feb-2005 25-Feb-2005 25-Feb-2005 Buyback 12,000 6.800 6.800 81,600.00 View Detail
22-Oct-2009 09-Oct-2009 09-Oct-2009 Buyback 1,000 12.220 12.220 12,220.00 View Detail
13-Mar-2009 02-Mar-2009 13-Mar-2009 Buyback 500 9.100 9.100 4,550.00 View Detail
23-Oct-2008 10-Oct-2008 23-Oct-2008 Buyback 1,000 9.700 9.700 9,700.00 View Detail
25-Apr-2008 14-Apr-2008 14-Apr-2008 Buyback 1,000 11.400 11.400 11,400.00 View Detail
19-Sep-2007 06-Sep-2007 06-Sep-2007 Buyback 5,000 10.300 10.300 51,500.00 View Detail
23-Aug-2007 10-Aug-2007 23-Aug-2007 Buyback 52,700 10.100 10.700 548,980.00 View Detail
20-Jul-2007 09-Jul-2007 20-Jul-2007 Buyback 50,700 11.400 11.700 586,630.00 View Detail
12-Jun-2007 30-May-2007 12-Jun-2007 Buyback 47,700 10.900 11.000 522,980.00 View Detail
28-May-2007 15-May-2007 28-May-2007 Buyback 54,400 11.100 11.300 609,090.00 View Detail
11-May-2007 30-Apr-2007 11-May-2007 Buyback 52,100 10.100 10.700 539,210.00 View Detail
18-Apr-2007 05-Apr-2007 18-Apr-2007 Buyback 1,000 10.000 10.000 10,000.00 View Detail
22-Dec-2006 08-Dec-2006 22-Dec-2006 Buyback 7,100 8.600 8.650 61,260.00 View Detail
17-Nov-2006 06-Nov-2006 17-Nov-2006 Buyback 52,100 8.850 9.000 466,510.00 View Detail
25-Mar-2005 14-Mar-2005 25-Mar-2005 Buyback 253,700 6.800 7.000 1,746,015.00 View Detail
10-Mar-2005 25-Feb-2005 09-Mar-2005 Buyback 385,700 6.800 7.000 2,667,920.00 View Detail
08-Jul-2011 08-Jul-2011 08-Jul-2011 Resale 40,100 14.020 14.060 562,806.00 View Detail
09-Oct-2014 09-Oct-2014 09-Oct-2014 Resale 207,100 17.580 17.600 3,640,956.00 View Detail
10-Oct-2014 10-Oct-2014 10-Oct-2014 Resale 251,500 17.580 17.600 4,421,390.00 View Detail
13-Oct-2014 13-Oct-2014 13-Oct-2014 Resale 280,000 17.580 17.580 4,922,400.00 View Detail
14-Oct-2014 14-Oct-2014 14-Oct-2014 Resale 192,600 17.400 17.580 3,384,092.00 View Detail
27-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 Resale 83,400 17.440 17.600 1,455,306.00 View Detail
21-Jul-2011 08-Jul-2011 08-Jul-2011 Resale 40,100 14.020 14.060 562,806.00 View Detail
20-Oct-2014 17-Oct-2014 17-Oct-2014 Resale 931,200 17.400 17.600 16,368,855.68 View Detail
28-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 Resale 83,400 17.440 17.600 1,455,304.98 View Detail
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apple168 Looking at the infection rate of covid 19 in increasing, yet to plateau off... death rate of covid 19 still climbing... more infection, more death meaning more taxing to insurance company like LPI! Ppl going to claim insurance of their life insurance coverage and hospitalization etc! Profit of insurance company will drop!
15/04/2020 3:20 PM
andersonleee @apple168
You sure LPI got do medical insurance? hahaha
Do homework before commenting. thanks.
15/04/2020 4:55 PM
apple168 Andersonleee, don’t make yourself shameful in public forum!
15/04/2020 7:28 PM
apple168 https://www.lonpac.com/personal-insurance/health/medisecure-centurial
15/04/2020 7:29 PM
Jengacam Apple is dumb crab leh...
15/04/2020 7:29 PM
apple168 https://www.lonpac.com/personal-insurance/health/medisecure-plus-2015
15/04/2020 7:29 PM
apple168 https://www.lonpac.com/personal-insurance/health/medisecure-booster
15/04/2020 7:30 PM
apple168 Andersonleee, choose either one, medisecure/ medisecure plus/ medisecure booster.... buy one of them to insure yourself for covid 19 infection...
15/04/2020 7:32 PM
Jengacam Apple black heart o..ini macam curse ppl good meh
15/04/2020 7:33 PM
Jengacam U curse ppl later sendiri kena leh.. bad bad
15/04/2020 7:33 PM
apple168 Read this if you are not sure of company profile!

15/04/2020 7:34 PM
apple168 Lonpac is under LPI...
15/04/2020 7:35 PM
Jengacam Apple macam dumb crab. Still talk about NTA. Shame shame o
15/04/2020 7:39 PM
Jengacam Chasing so high because LPI got a lot cash gah. Haha
15/04/2020 7:40 PM
apple168 We hate lies!

It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. Mr Trump is a good example.

The painful truth is that while we might have the illusion, none of us are free.

Please accept the facts! All covids infection rate and death rate are updated in WHO website. Read and understand how most of the sectors are severely hit, waiting for the Great Depression...
15/04/2020 7:41 PM
apple168 Telling truth is cursing, what logic behind this?! Non sense!
15/04/2020 7:42 PM
Jengacam Hehe. Put all yr money at fridge lo. Suitable for u leh.. stock market mana ngam u leh. Hehe
15/04/2020 7:44 PM
Jengacam buy one of them to insure yourself for covid 19 infection.

Friend. Dun curse ppl kenw covid leh...badbad ho
15/04/2020 7:44 PM
Jengacam Dun become like KYY leh. Ego too high. Hehe
15/04/2020 7:46 PM
Ben Son Sow noob apple , lpi medical insurance is medical card, not life insurance...do u know what is the different between general insurance and life insurance? somemore covid case in malaysia all manage by goverment hospital, today kpj also mentioned their bed occupancy rate have drop alot during mco...so meaning less medical claim as well...if u dun know please do some homework instead of simply spam here there with ur naive thought
15/04/2020 11:36 PM
apple168 https://coronavirus.thebaselab.com/
16/04/2020 1:04 AM
apple168 Do you know LPI medical insurance covers all hospitalization even in government hospital? The money hv to pay to customers that infected with covid19! Please read the insurance coverage before you comment Ben Siao2!
16/04/2020 1:06 AM
apple168 Dow Jones crashed 600 points... good luck...
16/04/2020 1:06 AM
apple168 Any disasters happening, insurance company hitted the most! This fact also don’t know and keep barking around like mad dog!
16/04/2020 1:07 AM
apple168 LPI NTA 4.92, price to book ratio 2.5, considered overvalued!
16/04/2020 12:43 PM
apple168 We are heading towards global economic recession!

What will happen in economic recession?
1. Burglary increases
— can claim lonpac burglary insurance
2. Liability issues
— can claim lonpac liability insurance
3. Factory on fire disasters
— ?? directors burn all the old machines and goods and claim lonpac fire insurance to get new one

This added on with covid 19 infection
— can claim under medical insurance from lonpac

All in all, insurance company will hit badly financially in the midst of covid 19 and economic recession!
16/04/2020 7:40 PM
Sarah87 Apple, u sound dislike Lonpac. haha..... We cant value based on NTA solely. Anyway, Lonpac focus mainly on general insurance. They invested a lot in equity. with current stock market performance, their investmet income may not be good. But i always believe Lonpac will do better than a lot of companies
23/04/2020 7:41 PM
apple168 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/notion-vtec-insurer-offers-final-sum-rm22m-business-loss-fire-incident
28/04/2020 10:13 AM

which one fare better ?
28/04/2020 6:31 PM
Sarah87 luckily is affin not LPI ...haha
29/04/2020 4:23 PM
mf Dow Jones 24,331.32 +455.43 1.91%
Nasdaq 9,121.32 +141.658 1.58%
09/05/2020 5:15 PM
Lyo82 @Sarah87: Nope, you could be wrong. He is probably the one likes LPI the most. Keep damning hoping that other will throw, so that can collect more. Cheers!
10/05/2020 4:54 PM
Jaya Time to fly shortly all get on board
21/05/2020 10:56 PM
enigmatic [control your emotions, discipline your mind] One of the overlooked gems in Bursa
31/05/2020 4:52 PM
Jaya Time to move LPI
02/06/2020 3:26 PM
Sarah87 it is a gem~~!!
09/06/2020 2:58 PM
VivoPrince Time of the year to ponder on first interim dividend. No high expectations this time around though.
08/07/2020 11:21 AM
Sarah87 i likewise have no high expectation on the 1st interim dividen. Perhaps just around 20 cent?
08/07/2020 1:26 PM
DannyArcher Stocks to invest for massive future growth (Higher growth = higher revenue = higher stock price), Semi-Conductors, Internet of things, A.I., and Industry 4.0 stocks. These companies export their products and services all over the world, they are not limited to the small Malaysian market, therefore the growth potential is enormous once the economy rebound.

✓ Growing Revenue + Growing Market + Growing Profits = Growing Stock Prices
✓ USA Vaneck Vectors Semiconductor ETF Index Fund (SMH) is breaking out and on uptrend.
✓ These companies are "Buy and hold" type, for long term capital gains, not for trading or speculating.
✓ These companies are well managed and profitable, reasonable PE for tech, low debt or net cash.
✓ CoVid has accelerated the adoption of tech.
✓ Semi-conductor and internet will be the next stock rally once the glove bubble pops.
✓ Please use dollar-cost-averaging investment strategy, don't gamble, don't use margin.

>>> FRONTKN 0128 [ Precision Cleaning Services ]
>>> NOTE: 5th August 2020 - Potential share buyback announcement [ Price Will Increase! Buy Now! ]
TSMC's subcontractor (Biggest chip manufacturer in the world), Frontken services their chip making machines. Apple outsource their chips to TSMC, and Apple is moving towards their own Apple Silicon chip, this means even more business in the coming future. A growth stock. Will we be using more or less chips? If the answer is more chips in everything from cars to smartphones, from TV to aircon, then invest now for long term growth!

>>> DUFU 7233 [ Cloud Hard Disks ]
>>> NOTE: 3rd August 2020 - Bonus Issue, Ordinary shares 1:1 [ Price Will Increase! Buy Now! ]
Hard Disk Spacer maker for Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital. HDD is slowly being replaced by SSD, but with the super growth of cloud computing, HDD will still outsell SSD in the enterprise market because a 16TB SSD is 10X more expansive than a 16TB Enterprise HDD, and High Performance HDD for cloud servers uses 3 or 4 times more spacer components than the typical consumer PC. It is Estimated that Enterprise HDD market value will double from 2020 to 2025. Massive growth as more people get used to the internet lifestyle after lockdown, from paying bills online to scanning your location via app, everybody is forced to use the internet even if they don't want to. Will we be using more of less internet? If the answer is more and more people will use the internet daily, then invest now!

>>> PENTA 7160 [ Robotic Automation ]
>>> NOTE: 4th August 2020 - Bonus Issue, Ratio 1:2 [ Price Will Increase! Buy Now! ]
They are hardware makers, automation is one of their key selling point. As labour becomes more expensive, automation is the solution. They are the biggest robotic automation company in Malaysia with a global footprint. Study shows world population will decline in 2050, we are entering an aging population, this means we need more automate machines due to the lack of labours. Currently they are expanding into the medical industry by offering automated medical equipment, potential growth.

>>> FPGROUP 5277 [ 5G Networks ]
They make key test components for 5G. In the next few years, we will be moving towards 5G networks, this means guaranteed growth as the entire world gradually move towards 5G. Unlike 3G or 4G, the 5G network requires even more towers, this means the demand for their product will be high. Will the world upgrade their networks to 5G or continue to use 4G forever? If the answer is we will move to 5G, then invest now!

>>> TIME 5031 [ Submarine Cables / Cloud ]
They own quite a number of international submarine cables around the world. As more and more people uses the internet, this means they earn even more money. They are continuously expanding their international submarine cable system around the world. They are also moving towards cloud computing, data cloud storage, online securities and more. Potential growth as more and more companies adopt the internet first policy. Will everyone be using more internet or less internet? If the answer is more, then don't wait, invest now!

P.S. For supporting documents, links and images, visit my i3investor blog. Thanks.
20/07/2020 4:29 PM
Sarah87 this year takes so long to announce the QR?
06/08/2020 4:05 PM
12/08/2020 2:22 PM
Sarah87 Great results
17/08/2020 1:51 PM
RainT MCO but still able to produce good result

if no MCO, then ...
17/08/2020 4:54 PM
Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥ Good results. Interim dividend increases by 1 sen too.
18/08/2020 7:34 AM
Abushling dividend earned is much better fd income from bank .top up now
01/09/2020 10:31 AM
vincentleetrade anyone know why lee chin guan keep dumping LPI? weird...
03/09/2020 11:34 PM
Lyo82 Because Lee Chin Guan needs money..
26/09/2020 10:30 PM
Sarah87 he memang on and off will throw some .....his style for many years ......ahaha
30/09/2020 7:51 PM
Jeffreyteck Mycc fines. Volatility on news with opportunities. May be should ask insurers and piam management whether they individually owned any direct or indirect workshops, loss adjusters, etc.
01/10/2020 10:59 AM
LongTermInvestor8 Will the market crash if budget 2021 cannot be passed this coming Thursday (26/10/2020)? These are the 4 possible scenarios:

1. Parliament will be dissolved and a snap election will be called
2. A state of Emergency in the whole country will be declared by YDPA
3. Muhyiddin will resign and YDPA will appoint an interim PM
4. YDPA will appoint a new PM who has majority MPs support. A new budget 2021 also will be tabled by the new appointed PM.

Will the market go down? Will it crash? Take profit now or wait?
24/11/2020 11:18 AM

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