KLSE: EFORCE (0065)       EXCEL FORCE MSC BHD MAIN : Technology
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0.67   +0.01 (1.52%)  0.66 - 0.685  3,209,300
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Stock_God buy at 0.7 yesterday and 0.68 just now.
11/10/2018 15:39
Stock_God buy it for long term
11/10/2018 15:40
upshare Bye.... bye....
11/10/2018 16:51
Denney Zul Good trend tommorrow will push up some more
11/10/2018 17:27
upshare If DJ fall down again tonite.. all habis..
11/10/2018 17:29
upshare Dj open in red ....tomolo klse red sea again..
11/10/2018 21:44
Weeyaa dji drop 500 point... pls discount more...
12/10/2018 06:59
kamdalf very lucky i didnt sell at today open price. steady
12/10/2018 11:04
Stock_God Bye Bye @upshare
12/10/2018 13:46
upshare Not yet bye bye... still in this counter...
Huat ah..
12/10/2018 16:01
ran777rpt Come on, TS WONG
15/10/2018 11:38
ran777rpt Real mess
15/10/2018 16:41
Musangqueen Trap again
15/10/2018 16:42
Notconfused nyawa2 ikan,,
15/10/2018 16:56
Market_update Thanks fion for good suggestions
18/10/2018 00:28
flash777 Huhuhu, 0.5 all in!!
19/10/2018 12:09
flash777 Sell house sell car, next week prepare to be ALL IN!
19/10/2018 12:12
Speed123 helloo.. eforce nothing do with Zahid.. kepoh only
19/10/2018 12:19
flash777 If you got scared by those cunning operators, you lose, that is why you should play smart, hold until 2.0! 0.5? Buy more!
19/10/2018 12:22
kamdalf i sell car sell house sailang lor
19/10/2018 12:23
flash777 When rebound many ppl think do not want get trap anymore so fast fast sell, this is how you lose big earn small only
19/10/2018 12:25
flash777 This counter is gold comfirmed. So easily pressed down by operators, so desperate to kick out ikan bilis...lol
19/10/2018 12:30
Stock_God Pls keep drop :( I want All In too
19/10/2018 12:58
JJUSTRUMP will rebound soon. Mr Wong will always buy when the stock dips, he will never buy his own shares surreptitiously.
19/10/2018 14:20
trulyinvest contra gain. thx
19/10/2018 14:39
cjzion Keep track of Myeg when you invest in this share. Just a warning.
19/10/2018 15:09
Khairul Naim Lim II Myeg up, eforce up, my eg drop, you know what the answer
19/10/2018 15:13
upshare Good time to enter eforce...
19/10/2018 17:02
upshare Myeg and eforce is not related...
19/10/2018 17:02
Speed123 False alarm .. macc just cleared myeg not related to Zahid ... Lol . Putih putih . Kambing hitam
19/10/2018 19:11
Speed123 Wong TS from top 29 richest in Malaysia . Next week will become top 10 .. well done guy .. . More money to pump in eforce
19/10/2018 19:11
jalanjalan Fly on monday hopefully
19/10/2018 19:30
upshare Sure fly...good company...
19/10/2018 19:42
80668471 Monday may drop to 0.32 level in the next few days..wait and see..
20/10/2018 00:40
80668471 Big bosses may line up prepare for jail .may be..
20/10/2018 00:42
80668471 Lucky released all 3K lots at 0.80...good luck guy..
20/10/2018 00:47
Speed123 Haha typical sohai comments . . Always end up with . Lucky I sold at highest that time . Lol
20/10/2018 09:00
Speed123 Friday When it's drop to 0.47 who dare to collect? Only Wong TS .. now show he can easily push up the price to rm1 for eforce .. not to mention myeg..
20/10/2018 09:04
Speed123 U think macc work so slow meh .. like u .slow brain ..myeg bosses will be first first one masuk lokap not now baru start investigation ... Lol. Make sense abit la
20/10/2018 09:06
80668471 wast my time give such sohai comments ,ikan bilis like u surely don't know actual story happened.
20/10/2018 11:20
VenFx Jib the mother of bomb yet to explode la ,
Ts wong n Chew denial is the least they can do
20/10/2018 11:40
VenFx 空头格局
20/10/2018 11:42
shpg22 I just don't understand why this counter can attracts so many punters when its profit has been stagnant for years and show no sign of growth with P/E of 43.0x & P/B of 5.5x. Just because of its link to TS Wong the mama boy??
20/10/2018 11:47
upshare Any related eforce with zahid cases???
20/10/2018 22:30
blksquash ts wong have alot of shares in eforce
21/10/2018 17:09
apolloang jibby bro also director no investigate ar? hahaha
21/10/2018 17:33
Speed123 congratulation Wong TS And EPF ..in myeg
22/10/2018 09:11
Speed123 80668471 > LOL
22/10/2018 09:12
PHconman myeg up d...afternoon will be enforce..
22/10/2018 10:49
PHconman EForce
22/10/2018 10:50