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spactator Let us see today. .
19/10/2020 8:44 AM
topglove123 Hoot ah!!!!! Fast break 0.10!!!!
19/10/2020 11:33 AM
YC3883 run
20/10/2020 3:00 PM
spactator North or South.
20/10/2020 6:22 PM
reezdragon85 any news regarding the gold mining in kelantan?
21/10/2020 8:05 PM
CrisYap Yes, they are now selling not only roti canai over there but roti telur and roti pisang as well ! Limit up soon
22/10/2020 5:27 PM
spactator Business direction in place. Time to execute.
26/10/2020 2:52 PM
Chuahys Gold? Please la
27/10/2020 1:17 AM
spactator The announcement made earlier sets the business direction. Acquisition of Boardroom online is very strategic. The management now needs to surface, to gain investors confidence.
27/10/2020 11:50 AM
spactator Quiet or active week?
02/11/2020 7:01 AM
reezdragon85 Quiet quarterly report show more downside
02/11/2020 10:38 AM
spactator From the audited AFS, Mohd Nizam Razak holds 11.8 million shares.
02/11/2020 2:06 PM
ramjamdr Gold is shooting up but why Bornoil and Orion not doing but rest of the gold counters are following the price up momentum
06/11/2020 9:51 AM
spactator Only after management come out in the open to defend its business transaction, the share price will quadrupled.
06/11/2020 3:36 PM
Noobie Next week orion gap up
06/11/2020 7:28 PM
spactator Maybe.
09/11/2020 5:37 AM
Win_123 TP 15c
09/11/2020 9:16 PM
Msbboy LU tomolo plezz
09/11/2020 11:37 PM
spactator The Board and management need to engage credible research analyst, together with a stockbroking house.
12/11/2020 3:48 PM
topglove123 0.9 now fast fast break to 1
12/11/2020 3:50 PM
Noobie hold untill 0.120
12/11/2020 3:59 PM
Looiks Hehehe.....
13/11/2020 10:57 AM
Mohd Akmal Hakim i am buying next week. looks intact to spike next week.
14/11/2020 4:28 PM
mozai2020 Looking good... project is coming... hahah
14/11/2020 5:24 PM
spactator Looking forward for a Thanks Giving run, before we take a Christmas break.
15/11/2020 7:40 PM
cnnboy https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/bargain-hunting-boost-bursa-next-week-%E2%80%94-bank-islam
16/11/2020 7:29 AM
spactator Quarterly announcement of results for 30th September 2020 is due in November 2020.
16/11/2020 10:32 AM
topglove123 going to fly!!!!!! hold tight everyone!!!
16/11/2020 1:26 PM
shacarlos buy...buy...buy... !!! ;-)
16/11/2020 3:40 PM
cnnboy U also here looiks? Then I hv to hold a bit longer kikiki
16/11/2020 4:44 PM
spactator Another private placement announced today.
18/11/2020 3:52 PM
kiongnkiong Hopeless stock.How many time private placement they want?
18/11/2020 9:22 PM
MadCow75 where got PP?? just why like cow car... no engine at all...tiuo nia seng...
19/11/2020 12:50 AM
CrisYap Sell before this “con”ter going back to 0.05
19/11/2020 5:01 PM
YC3883 run before too late...
19/11/2020 10:38 PM
spactator Are you sure going down?
20/11/2020 8:15 AM
CrisYap bro you not tired kah? you’ve been predicting this stock is going to skyrocket since months ago, you should question yourself “ am I sure it is going up ?” Good luck
20/11/2020 11:47 AM
spactator Good to ask all these questions in the next Orion AGM scheduled on 16th December 2020.
23/11/2020 10:20 AM
spactator Those not happy can also vote against the directors fees and their reappointment.
23/11/2020 11:13 AM
spactator Use RPV facilities to vote against all resolutions. Any substantial shareholders currently holding > than 5% of Orion shares, should seriously consider nominating themselves as independent directors.
23/11/2020 12:38 PM
spactator Register for RPV facilities at www.swsb.com.my
23/11/2020 1:26 PM
MadCow75 kanasai... everyday stand at 0.08 like sohai...
23/11/2020 11:23 PM
YC3883 up or down?
23/11/2020 11:54 PM
spactator Registration for RPV approved by Shareworks today. Ready to vote. Management better be convincing at the QA session at AGM.
24/11/2020 10:35 AM
hsyanbird Budget passed already.. today fly up a bit. Bought at 0.09 wait for 20% profit.
Next week will go to 0.110 at least.
27/11/2020 12:09 PM
bluered all in
27/11/2020 2:44 PM
Rajaswaran Tharmalingam Perfect timing. Budget passed, Monday fasten seatbelts for smooth take off :)
27/11/2020 10:29 PM
spactator AGM on 16th December 2020. What is the potential price of Orion in two weeks time? Uptrend or downtrend? Do not forget to exercise your right as a shareholder and vote at AGM.
28/11/2020 2:20 AM
MaBadri Break 0.095 next 0.105
28/11/2020 7:47 PM
MadCow75 something coming??? back to 0.12???
28/11/2020 11:58 PM