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lanciao Wa哇这样够力啊
19/10/2018 12:17
zhadao92 买,欢迎你来住president suit hotel.. 住多久都可以,快点买,就快点有的住。 来
19/10/2018 14:15
lanciao 哈哈哈 都住很久了
22/10/2018 13:30
ramada Still loss-making, with low revenue. I think the group need contracts from government to survive.
26/11/2018 19:10
electromagnetic Boom boom boom soon
27/11/2018 16:32
Foongsimmoon I bought in 0.15 cents
01/12/2018 00:01
Foongsimmoon 1year ago bought in 0.35 cents.everyone can sharing ..
01/12/2018 00:06
didi2005 I've been holding since 2016...no eye see...haha
01/12/2018 14:46
507596689729039 Be patient. rainy days flood will bring salted fish alive & swims again!
10/12/2018 20:17
cutemother I bought in and average till 0.265, then made about 60+% losses, cannot stand dy, just sold out today at 0.095, keep the balance to take bus to go jump river.
Blaming myself for being so stupid, lazy no study, follow tips and heard coldeye bought in, most importantly last time got a fatty harry keep having fb live and promoting how good the counter was. So just blindly follow. T.T

Oh ya, most of the fatty Harry counter I follow end up all go holland.
below the list:
Evergreen (he even said the evergreen container u saw on the road is belong to the company that do particle board haha, (Itu evergreen logistic laaaa))
And many other more that I don’t recall d.
11/12/2018 23:32
lanciao 无话可说。只有怪自己有眼无珠
12/12/2018 00:31
Ronald Tee how many u buy
18/12/2018 18:06
507596689729039 烂蕉, my first 100k bought price just like you. 只有切掉烂的留没烂的做香蕉糕, 当过冬粮。
22/12/2018 16:33
507596689729039 Although last 3 quarters EPS lost, but NTA Sep 2018 (0.1311) still better than NTA Sep 2016(0.1266) (Market price then RM0.24). Don't be too depressed. Once winter over & DNA activated, salted fish could swim again !
23/12/2018 22:47
ooi19 this share still can buy ? plan to buy small amount of units..
24/12/2018 19:42
507596689729039 Since Co. bought new factory, EPS lost.Don't know what happen. I was confident that time but now no eye see liao! Of course now comparatively very cheap ! Anyway, never say die. 永不言败。
24/12/2018 19:56
507596689729039 According to March 2018 annual report coldeye (Fong siling) still holding 1300k. This co. never lose EPS except this latest 3 quarters after buying new factory. I have average 3 times already. I will buy 200k again to average if somebody lend me money.
24/12/2018 20:24
3101575000 24-5-17 bought @.335
7-12-17 " @.210
5-12-17 " @.100
Paperlost the most for me is this stock, almost 60%, and I still holding ; hopefully one day
may up again!
24/12/2018 22:10
3101575000 oh! typing error : last should be 5-12-2018 @.100
24/12/2018 22:18
507596689729039 The are reconstructing DNA by collecting cheap RM0.08 open market, once enough collecting, they will activate the salt-fish to swim.
25/12/2018 09:38
ooi19 Still can in ?
26/12/2018 10:34
507596689729039 If got extra free money, in !
26/12/2018 13:24
DontShootMe any good news for this company? stuck at 0.32.
26/12/2018 13:29
507596689729039 Wait for the coming quarter (4th Q in Feb 19) result & see.
26/12/2018 21:09
lanciao 看不到路
27/12/2018 22:31
c2k9791 I'm from 25% gain to 55% lost. Fxxk
27/12/2018 22:46
507596689729039 Budget 2019 allocation to education ministry is one of the highest. That will be of much benefit to Solution.
27/12/2018 22:47
VLVL I don't see any benefits.. Pls show the evidence
28/12/2018 18:57
507596689729039 Try to read the 2019 report about allocation to the education sector & Solution business background. Solution will be one of the beneficiary. Of course to what extent no body know because that is only budget for future allocation.
28/12/2018 22:09
alam Rafik solutions dnt hv any solution to come up..ha hah a
28/12/2018 23:35
moneypedia No Solution Enngineering Holding Bhd is the solution la like that
29/12/2018 06:47
507596689729039 Solution never lose its EPS/ROE since 2013 except latest 3 quarters. Anybody working in Solution can supply us related information to the recent loss? Thank.
29/12/2018 09:32
lanciao 亏到看不到路
09/01/2019 23:25
507596689729039 Give up liao ! 行到水穷处,坐看 火 起 时!
11/01/2019 20:12
R Saleh Hit my tgt with the MLR help....it will go up tmrrw..BUY
11/01/2019 20:30
507596689729039 冇鬼用!
16/01/2019 17:05
507596689729039 Now the lowest in its history since 2014 ! 往事只能回味!
19/01/2019 11:21
lanciao Ceo makan tahi
21/01/2019 23:33
lanciao Po kai ham ka chang
21/01/2019 23:33
507596689729039 婆丐喊加餐:“ 烂蕉有粪味,不好吃!” 忍耐些,吃久就会习惯了。子牙八十遇文王,总有一天等到你!
23/01/2019 14:20
lanciao 公司是不是又亏损
13/02/2019 21:26
ramada Worse than previous.
28/02/2019 19:20
sasword 烂蕉政腐出烂蕉股。
28/02/2019 19:48
lanciao Bye bye see u in Holland.....haizzz
这次真的给他。解决方案 解决掉了操嗨
28/02/2019 22:16
electromagnetic haha...still remember last time this news paper <资汇> published and said how well is the future for this company.. Strong cash, new factory, new production line, purely example of talking cock...Still say not gonna to change to main board because of bla bla bla... now recall back it's really funny ... Cheers and good luck for those buying this share...
01/03/2019 10:42
chesslim 冷眼前辈不是在30大里面吗 ?
06/03/2019 21:21
pantor cold eye most likely cabut already
06/03/2019 21:27
507596689729039 卖旧厂搬新厂换政府后生意量大减行政费大增导致去年4季亏本利息也没给了。
07/03/2019 14:59
lanciao 还说要转主板开玩笑不要中pn17就好了
07/03/2019 23:17
lanciao Horanglutn
11/03/2019 11:31