KLSE: INARI (0166)       INARI AMERTRON BHD MAIN : Technology
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3.27   +0.02 (0.62%)  3.22 - 3.29  26,748,500
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neohts Market not stable yet.....If you chase, you will cry
20/01/2022 2:40 PM
Vicky buy when everyone on fear...sell when everyone greedy....warrent buffet
20/01/2022 3:33 PM
henbaram it's bottom
20/01/2022 7:33 PM
ken2004 ESOS - 488,700 shares at 3.420.

I really don't understand why people still want ESOS at 3.420 when in the market you can get cheaper, is this transaction been done way before the crash that cannot be cancel?
20/01/2022 7:44 PM
apple168 Nasdaq dropped 186 points overnight! Good Luck.
21/01/2022 6:35 AM
richardsharing 186 points only? A bit slow. Wait for more correction.
21/01/2022 9:39 AM
richardsharing Not sure if that is falling knife, top up another small batch at 3.21 just now. Batch by batch
21/01/2022 10:59 AM
Marigold123 excellent show
21/01/2022 12:17 PM
richardsharing His dream almost comes true.
21/01/2022 12:31 PM
treasurehunt Applying FA to fight with the price trend will be ended up with sad ending most of the times. Bursa is a very unique market.
21/01/2022 12:57 PM
camlok Bursa takes some time after submission by company to them, for the share to appear in the employee's account. Pretty sure these are those that is submitted to bursa on/before 10th Jan

ESOS - 488,700 shares at 3.420.

I really don't understand why people still want ESOS at 3.420 when in the market you can get cheaper, is this transaction been done way before the crash that cannot be cancel?
21/01/2022 2:23 PM
everest29029 Cryptocurrency finally tanked under pressure by the latest US monetary policy. A massive selloff of close to $200 Billion or 10% dropped.

Will Nasdaq be spooked by the selloff? Tonite we will see..
21/01/2022 2:54 PM
Investwiselyz Hailat
21/01/2022 6:07 PM
mf Dow Jones 34,332.941 -382.45 1.10%
Nasdaq 13,861.21 -292.81 2.07%
22/01/2022 4:03 AM
richardsharing Then monday most likely red
22/01/2022 7:48 AM
Arrogant83 Nasdaq tumbles 2% Friday, notches worst week since 2020 and falls deeper into correction territory

DJIA 34,265.37
-450.02 (-1.30%)

S&P 500 4,397.94
-84.79 (-1.89%)

NASDAQ 13,768.92
-385.10 (-2.72%)

RUSS 2K* 1,987.92
-36.12 (-1.78%)

+3.26 (+12.74%)

## DJIA = -7%++ from peak

## S&P500 = -8%++ from peak

## Nasdaq = -15%++ from peak

Cryptocurrencies tumble, with bitcoin falling 15% and ether down 20%

BITCOIN 36,576.25
-6,108.52 (-14.31%)

ETHEREUM 2,612.03
-582.11 (-18.22%)

## BITCOIN = -48%++
22/01/2022 1:25 PM
Arrogant83 bitcoin now is correlation with nasdaq movement
22/01/2022 1:25 PM
ken2004 Bitcoin is a very risky future for them as countries will not be happy with this as first, too heavy usage of electric for mining and hard to control the flow of money.

As for a medium of payment, this is also still a failure to me till now, everyone more to goreng this than for investment or usage purpose.....

Bitcoin related to future of tech stock?
22/01/2022 2:03 PM
kyliew Post removed. Why?
22/01/2022 2:16 PM
apple168 Be prepared for tech blood bath next Monday!
22/01/2022 4:30 PM
ken2004 Seriously, the whole market is dropping lol, not specifically on tech stock only
22/01/2022 4:54 PM
Tobby Tech stocks have rally for the past 1 year! Very sneaky! Even i didn't realise it! But it's all over for now! Best to sell your tech stocks!
22/01/2022 4:58 PM
Oldinvestor99111 Time to collect, yum yum
23/01/2022 12:31 PM
Marigold123 too early
23/01/2022 12:41 PM
richardsharing Depends on how market define a tech stock. Many type of tech stock.
23/01/2022 2:21 PM
mf Dow Jones 34,265.367 -450.02 1.30%
Nasdaq 13,768.92 -385.098 2.72%
23/01/2022 9:37 PM
richardsharing Took small profit this morning. Monitor first.
24/01/2022 3:43 PM
ken2004 thought today red sea, seems all still waiting to see clearly first before throw.....
24/01/2022 4:42 PM
richardsharing Either big win or big loss
24/01/2022 6:38 PM
mf Stock sell-off set to continue as investors brace for the Fed, Dow futures fall more than 300 points
24/01/2022 10:00 PM
richardsharing With this rate, nasdap go below 13000 soon. Was only 9000+ in early of 2020. So will free fall to around 10000?
25/01/2022 12:32 AM
richardsharing Wow, nasdap rebounded, chance or trap
25/01/2022 7:17 AM
JovaneChua Time for a great rebound today
25/01/2022 8:55 AM
JovaneChua if it can break 3.4 at the opening and stand firmly above, it will be good. Lets do this
25/01/2022 8:59 AM
JovaneChua bye 3.28, let s go to 3.4
25/01/2022 9:57 AM
7FiguresUncle Waiting at 3.4
25/01/2022 10:15 AM
richardsharing I wait for 3.10 for a batch if got luck
25/01/2022 10:27 AM
kopi peng nasdaq future not looking good..
25/01/2022 11:41 AM
pang72 Inari become real sushi..
No value
25/01/2022 11:49 AM
richardsharing I m still thinking what should be the next theme? Bank, oil???
25/01/2022 1:27 PM
richardsharing Or recovery?
25/01/2022 1:27 PM
pang72 EPF investment strategy is strictly adhere to the sop.
The best fund
25/01/2022 1:34 PM
ken2004 I don't think this about the tech stock itself any longer, it is about the whole US stock market....
25/01/2022 9:22 PM
calvintaneng Good morning all

Already said

Inari = in Kali lari at Rm4.00

Now looks like Rm3.00 support might also break if nasdaq continues down

SSLee where are you now?

Please tell the Leno follow you buy palm oil Bplant for utmost safety

Best regards,

Next theme is not bank or oil

Next Superbull theme is palm oil !!!
26/01/2022 7:54 AM
Intrinsic99 Please LISTEN :-

When promoter always so much of sweat talk so much of approach for sure this iddiot spammer (hantu @calvin) wanted to cash out from the stock purchased

Other members also buying valuable stocks but not behave like this iddiot spammer

We all feel ridiculous nonstop posting nonstop promoting

As I said earlier, if you so confidence to wait and if you so confidence what you invest why everyday need to promote, why everyday put up so many blog, why everyday go different stocks forum keep on promoting your palm oil stocks?

This is very obvious you desperately want to cash out your share bought and treat other members as waterfish.

Now all open your eye and see this iddiot spammer sold all MHC stock since this iddiot spammer so confidence about the palm oil sector earlier and keep on promoting to all members everywhere.



I so pity members here listen to this iddiot end up you can burn you hard earned money and this iddiot laughing at you later.

In the real world, no free lunch to people unless you want to take advantage from others

I don't know why 3iii administrator didn't take any action to suspend this iddiot account to avoid further keep on spamming everyday and every way

I pegging administrator need to take proper action against this spammer in order to strengthen protection more and more victim investors.
26/01/2022 8:11 AM
Intrinsic99 liar always liar, behave like good man to cheat people every where
26/01/2022 8:14 AM
Intrinsic99 If you so confidence what you invested, no need to good every forum keep on asking people sell other stocks to support what you invested.

Behave like scammer, always sweet talk how good what you invested, how profit can make what you invested.

We already knew you for the past 1 year, behave same matter to con everywhere, very soon we will hear this liar say, "oh, I already sold this palm oil stock to swift to other more profit can make"

Liar always liar, never change behaviour
26/01/2022 8:41 AM
richardsharing Market valued tech at about PE40 last year. With interest hike, market would revalue it to PE25 or PE20? Let see let see
26/01/2022 10:41 AM
richardsharing Company still outstanding but the thing is market valuation.
26/01/2022 10:43 AM
blackchicken Tech - North American semicon makers global billings up 46% y-o-y in December to US$3.... https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/north-american-semicon-makers-global-billings-46-yoy-december-us392b-says-semi
26/01/2022 5:34 PM