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james0209 hopeless counter
22/12/2021 4:00 PM
Raiz368 Mkt under TC...
22/12/2021 11:42 PM
sonyx123 utterly hopeless
28/12/2021 11:38 AM
mansaham1972 Harga patut 49n495,dah masuk 495
28/12/2021 5:19 PM
MrsLee Coming??
29/12/2021 11:58 AM
sonyx123 fake one
29/12/2021 3:07 PM
sonyx123 as always
29/12/2021 3:07 PM
Chong3710 Any chance of getting solar project?
04/01/2022 11:12 AM
Silentreader88 By the time good announcement made, flied already. Collecting while still at low. Jetson just started engine, this sedania will usually follows
05/01/2022 3:33 PM
New19 Sedania just follow Dataprp. Now Dataprp not moving, so Sedania will just ding dong
05/01/2022 4:06 PM
stockraiders Digital banking licence will be announced soon.
06/01/2022 5:12 PM
redhotpepper Nice nice, moving up up and away.
07/01/2022 11:09 AM
nixonteh85 spike up
07/01/2022 4:28 PM
MrsLee Nice...
08/01/2022 11:58 AM
yleng83 sedania price cannot sustain always fall back. buy between 0.480 to 0.520.
11/01/2022 12:35 PM
Awence Is it still OK to hold this counter? From 0.52 to 0.48....sigh...gone my angpow money
17/01/2022 10:46 AM
MrsLee Lousy counter
18/01/2022 1:41 AM
Zek777 New low
19/01/2022 3:32 PM
amireza What happen? Any news?
19/01/2022 4:04 PM
mf European markets head for negative open after Wall Street sell-off
19/01/2022 4:05 PM
amireza Tks mf
19/01/2022 4:15 PM
Kingfish Bad News allways we are the first folowers if good news wait and see haha KELUARGA MALAYSIA
19/01/2022 6:05 PM
MrsLee Any bad news?
19/01/2022 6:08 PM
Kingfish Negative open Wall Street and sell-off
19/01/2022 6:18 PM
Risk Trader Lowest will go around 40 cent...
19/01/2022 10:04 PM
Awence I spotted divergence
20/01/2022 1:11 AM
Bren21 Awence....is it good ?
20/01/2022 5:01 PM
TCH1186 Rubbish stock keep dropping.
20/01/2022 5:29 PM
james0209 this counter totally let us disappointed
21/01/2022 2:48 PM
LalaSiham Wow i've never realized how useless this counter is until i saw it drop lower & lower & lower each day. How low can it get?
21/01/2022 4:14 PM
Chong3710 Compare to the original price of 0.155, at current price it’s still very high.
21/01/2022 5:20 PM
Kingfish Yes too high. is worth only 0.15 maybe will go back to 0.15
22/01/2022 12:52 AM
greencode Mau mati la ini kaunter management pun diam saja ayooo
24/01/2022 12:27 PM
MrsLee no one come to rescue??? seeing 30cents soon....
24/01/2022 3:34 PM
diniqs yang turun pasti akan naik...masa yang menentukan... waktu orang risau...beli senyap2...
24/01/2022 11:02 PM
Legend Newbie
24/01/2022 11:13 PM
diniqs memang newbie tunggu 0.350....takpa kita tunggu turun,,,harga mampu milik...
25/01/2022 1:36 AM
MrsLee Nice word....HARGA Mamou milk
25/01/2022 8:32 AM
MrsLee Great that Senadia has the pride...back to Green again...
25/01/2022 3:45 PM
moneymagnet85 Share trade actually not the place to make money... it is place to go crazy and burn money...
25/01/2022 3:55 PM
TCH1186 lousy counter and useless
25/01/2022 4:05 PM
razifffff82 Besok dah boleh naik dah tu harga..ikut graf tengok
25/01/2022 6:10 PM
SK1200 Green candle today will indicate the good sign
27/01/2022 9:19 AM
MrsLee today uptrend??
27/01/2022 10:21 AM
imvu apakah ? ada yang masuk banyak dekat sedania ni .. sebab tu jerung libas semacam je ..
27/01/2022 3:44 PM
diniqs boss sedania dok collect..patut naik balik
27/01/2022 6:28 PM
MrsLee Would the dok continue to collect today?
28/01/2022 8:35 AM
redhotpepper the momentum already dissipate. Would you collect, MrsLee? If yes, I follow you :)
28/01/2022 9:57 AM
DeathStar Jst collect, company profit a lot wht to worry. If drop a bit jst average down ma
28/01/2022 10:13 AM
redhotpepper This company profit a lot ? Are you serious ? their EBITDA also not shown any.....
28/01/2022 10:19 AM