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kkl123 who buy in today? huge volume
sydicate bought plus future pp 10%
all cheap share with him.
buy in!!!!!!
26/06/2020 9:13 AM
nbrlatex WH and Partner doing the good paper job
loss / share reduce from -0.64 to - 0.549

very good account shit !!

coming plan

issue pp to ma ppe company
doing face mask

issue 3rd esos for partner

so transfet to MB .
26/06/2020 9:25 AM
RosAng 老板讲火力全开。。开到亏钱
26/06/2020 10:01 AM
luckypunting ... any positive things from this qr ? :p
26/06/2020 10:12 AM
nbrlatex company hv cash
due to WH n partner exe esos !
26/06/2020 11:29 AM
Wong Kah Wei If insidertiptip really buy and keep that day now we shell say RIP
26/06/2020 11:30 AM
gghaha normally those say good previously will gone now and change another ID to others shares group to spam more good news for others share....tats their duty in the market....:)
26/06/2020 11:43 AM
dingdonghuat if fall to 0.1 i will kick back in...come come
26/06/2020 12:06 PM
insidertiptip I am talking to bank to use my land as collateral and going to buy buy buy buy buy .... Hello look at the how much money they have accumulated & their assets
26/06/2020 12:33 PM
NoviceInvestor sold at loss, bought at 0.135 and sold 0.115, sigh, time to move on
26/06/2020 12:35 PM
EngCCCC @dingdonghuat, after sold out 0.125 you now eager to enter back at 0.1?
26/06/2020 12:36 PM
soulmad distribution is done, put ur money at better counter ,purely pump and dump
26/06/2020 1:27 PM
dingdonghuat EngCCCC @dingdonghuat, after sold out 0.125 you now eager to enter back at 0.1?

from 0.1 to 0.125, 25% ler....how to find 25% nowadays...within a year sure can sell wan...just need more time...come come...keep on dropping...
26/06/2020 1:53 PM
EngCCCC This counter just start droping from 0.125 which hold for long time. I believe it will go down further for some time.

Price 0.11 hit as expected by Wong Kah Wei.
26/06/2020 9:57 PM
Jessgoh Those intangible and uncollected debts is asset Then god bless...
27/06/2020 8:11 AM
alvin5588 Will trade below ten cents in future..
27/06/2020 8:53 AM
dingdonghuat ady hit 10 cents..
29/06/2020 12:08 PM
dingdonghuat will be going in now...
29/06/2020 12:08 PM
KLSEBOTS See, pp at 0.105... Director holding esos sell to pp. So the pp is pay to the directors. What a game plan. Not so called raising funds. Is call put money to directors pocket
29/06/2020 9:17 PM
shortinvestor77 After PP a few round and Esos, consolidate will follow in future.
29/06/2020 9:40 PM
warchest AGM going to be held at their HQ at Bangi on 17 August 2020. Just raise tough questions and concerns to them.
30/06/2020 8:08 AM
warchest Any complaints, please raise to https://www.mswg.org.my/complaint
30/06/2020 10:24 AM
meiling1990 Post removed. Why?
30/06/2020 10:24 AM
gghaha now all the supporter gone....afters some times will appear again to hardly promote to release the pp shares...:)
30/06/2020 2:46 PM
stockbreaker87 insidertiptip still dare call people buy although qtr result loss and insider keep throwing...by the way insidertiptip now u still got bird2?
30/06/2020 7:50 PM
kkl123 agm on 18aug
everybody happy ..ketawa sampai gigi jatuh!
30/06/2020 8:00 PM
5c0160 Rubbish counter trap all the small fish go holland makan again.
30/06/2020 8:47 PM
ov123 Esos and placements. Insiders get cheap shares. Dump into the market. Smart money already all out.
30/06/2020 11:45 PM
solid Now they propose share buy back... Guys, any comments!
01/07/2020 12:04 PM
songjoseph old timers here all know they are damn bloody good 'story teller'

if you like to listen to story , this is a good counter
01/07/2020 12:54 PM
gghaha u hv lot better ace counter to explore...this ctr is only to watch movie and do birds catching...haha....:)
01/07/2020 3:48 PM
gghaha you wont regret to miss this ctr..:)
01/07/2020 3:49 PM
stockbreaker87 insider throw high and now they want collect money from shareholders again...good job bioalpha management team ...
01/07/2020 7:24 PM
kasrim ini boleh kolek-kolek..
02/07/2020 9:57 AM
solid Wow, directors buying back their shares??
03/07/2020 10:33 AM
kasrim director buy we follow buy also..kolek2
03/07/2020 12:29 PM
insidertiptip You guys better better Better sell sell sell sell fast fast now .... I want to buy at 0.10
03/07/2020 12:37 PM
kkl123 agm meeting 17/8/20
all laugh until GIGI JATUH
03/07/2020 12:41 PM
kkl123 when you known company growing
never sell off .there is no TP on up up .
insider tip tip , you are great!
03/07/2020 12:43 PM
insidertiptip The target price is 0.38 , but 0.35 I will sell all and be a real millionaire.... and marry jessgoh...
I sold everything I had to buy this stock... eating non-stop. My average price is 0.145 ...and I already invested about RM970,000
03/07/2020 12:56 PM
dingdonghuat dont go up d..i just sold 0.125 few days back. y suddenly the up momentum..i will feel stupid..pls dont go up..
03/07/2020 1:49 PM
kkl123 buy back at 0.12
huat buy in at 2.30pm otherwisre will be too late
03/07/2020 2:16 PM
Jessgoh Dont ever think too late for tis stk...aft 1-2 bid up later holland....
03/07/2020 3:34 PM
dingdonghuat kkl123 buy back at 0.12
huat buy in at 2.30pm otherwisre will be too late

3.30 now also no movement der? kena con again>haha
03/07/2020 3:38 PM
solid Lol
03/07/2020 4:45 PM
insidertiptip jessgoh I know you care for me. All my money will be half yours .... you guys tot PNB put in the money for nothing??? 19 months later Bio is 0.38 minimum
03/07/2020 4:45 PM
investory321 at this rate after 19 years also don't know can reach 0.20 or not
03/07/2020 5:13 PM
kkl123 huat
you will be regrated in your lifetime if ypu stiil wait and see!
03/07/2020 5:52 PM
PeterPan laugh die lo... next week can get at 0.11 or 0.105 again. Dont worry, still have plenty time to buy.
03/07/2020 10:48 PM
5c0160 ppan, u are right. This game over counter trap ppl. Below 010 soon.
04/07/2020 10:01 AM