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samk https://www.facebook.com/111026483635452/videos/p.2454671618185009/2454671618185009/?type=2&theater
30/11/2019 6:42 PM
samk is this legit? www.hohvn.com
30/11/2019 6:43 PM
sharasphuti5 accumalating this stok for dividend
05/01/2020 10:09 PM
Huathuatlai Buy toto 0256...
07/01/2020 10:38 PM
JacLow can start buying,when dividen of feb,will up to 2.65
13/01/2020 12:45 PM
sg999 5cents???hahaha
13/01/2020 7:52 PM
cmtfly Trading 0.1% below fair value, unstable dividend track, high gearing, profitable businesses with improving margins, forecast earnings to grow average 6% for next 3 years, share price under valued & share price should be RM 3.50, have high quality earnings, insufficient analyst coverage, shareholders fund undervalued.
30/01/2020 5:49 PM
JacLow Sg999 yup I'm happy to make the few cents..
15/02/2020 10:03 AM
sheldon Me too - made a few cents but i'd like to add a little detail ... lost a lot of dollars!
17/02/2020 4:57 AM
shareinvestor88 BYE TP 1
01/03/2020 10:09 AM
freddiehero wah.. not 0.50?
01/03/2020 10:13 AM
Nepo Buy
01/03/2020 1:01 PM
GooShem run
01/03/2020 1:17 PM
smalltimer Will, GENM, BJ, Mag, run down tmrow?
01/03/2020 1:20 PM
birkincollector u think vt never supported the other side meh...
01/03/2020 1:24 PM
Jeffreyteck Long time didn't drop by. Good news... Politics finally stabilised. Good luck too.
01/03/2020 3:41 PM
ray1980 Islamic policy one by one coming soon
01/03/2020 4:33 PM
ray1980 Foreign and local fund will run first,then wait and see
01/03/2020 4:34 PM
yfchong Gaming industry gone with the winds....
01/03/2020 4:37 PM
Jokers2020 MKT all tutup in Perak,Johor,Melaka..
01/03/2020 4:46 PM
ray1980 OMG....
01/03/2020 6:06 PM
freddiehero if vt know can drop much y need so early support?
01/03/2020 6:33 PM
GooShem limit down
01/03/2020 6:46 PM
ray1980 C Liao...
01/03/2020 9:06 PM
sg999 1.5 coming.
01/03/2020 9:57 PM
mrlimitdown New govt announce 1st prize rm 100
03/03/2020 2:18 PM
shareinvestor88 Bye TP 1
03/03/2020 10:31 PM
lilychan PAS become power look sin stock die liao..
04/03/2020 3:04 PM
Jeffreyteck Whether there will be more states to ban legal gaming activities? Enjoy moon view but definitely not for the one moon.
14/03/2020 12:04 PM
sheldon PAS can ban but that means losing RM800m per year in the form of sin taxes from Toto alone. Certainly company selling nasi lemak or satay cannot generate that much revenue for the government!

Whose going to foot the ministers' pay and their expensive but useless lawatan sambil belajar?
17/03/2020 3:13 PM
Hafid bjtoto close shop for crono virus
17/03/2020 3:24 PM
apolloang tomoro ada buka kah? lockdown can go out to buy? hehe
17/03/2020 3:30 PM
PN2020 All betting shops closed isn't it good for the nons can save your hard earn money during this desperate times and turbulence.
17/03/2020 3:37 PM
PN2020 Hope PAS can push for total ban on betting. Bad for nons community.
Save the misery of those hardly earn enough to feed for their family and yet throw blood & sweat money to betting instead.
PAS boleh!
17/03/2020 6:00 PM
DreamKentut Tell PAS to close Bursa also, it is casino
17/03/2020 6:07 PM
sheldon PN2020 - Can you tell me one thing PAS can do to generate millions for the government?

Pandai to sapu money & buy expensive cars. Kelantan always deficit. You want money but no idea how to make money.

Tell us your business model.
18/03/2020 6:57 AM
PN2020 For this u got to ask PAS. I just pray all the nons to have a better life without throwing their blood & sweat money to all this betting companies.
Certainly there are a handful lucky dicks that can strike millions jackpot but generally the majority of those who place their bets are all losers.
Let them keep their hard earn money to put to good use like foods,clothing,education etc etc for their children instead.
18/03/2020 11:33 AM
PN2020 Latest News from US. Roche has the vaccines ready waiting for approval from FDA.
If OK mass production is expected and drugs can be available asap.
Woh , looks like American is catching up faster than their Chinese counterparts in the fight against Covid-19.
18/03/2020 11:50 AM
sheldon Insofar as Toto & Magnum is concerned, punters bet small amounts with a hope to win big. For RM1 (for which you can't buy anything these days), there's an excitement of winning a large amount.

It helps keep peoples' sanity. It's an event to look forward to.
18/03/2020 4:40 PM
PN2020 Generally like what u said it is alright but please go to any betting shops the punters are all very generous in betting that is the reason where as long as betting are still available ,many poor folks will suffer eventually.
18/03/2020 5:22 PM
sheldon Maybe better if you could pray that the nons will have a better life by leveling the playing field - i.e. lifting the long overdue NEP implemented in 1970. It was meant for 20 years but now looks like it's forever.

This way nons can get their fair share of govt & GLC jobs, directorships, scholarships, promotions, housing etc. Believe me PN2020, this will be far more fair and beneficial to the nons than praying for them not to bet. This is the elephant in the room!

Even God who's ever intelligent and fair will realise that you've competed fairly on this temporary life give you a nice place in heaven.
19/03/2020 5:30 AM
Powersearch Just wait for it rm1.70 my tp to reenter again
19/03/2020 1:32 PM
sheldon Powersearch - there's a large share buyback.
19/03/2020 4:45 PM
Jeffreyteck Two weeks movement control is definitely insufficient as those tested positive on the 14th day or 31 Mar may have infected many people but remains unknown then till following 1_ 14 days. A 30 days rightfully is a better solution. Only vaccines can rescue.
21/03/2020 8:59 AM
alfred 别再相信假新闻了,限行令详情一次看懂
22/03/2020 7:52 PM
PN2020 All betting counters will go south from now onwards.Blessing in disguise for those poor
fellows at least can save for another 6 draws
at least.
25/03/2020 2:09 PM
PN2020 At least can save for another six draws to buy more
foods instead.
25/03/2020 2:14 PM
PN2020 Now it is time to buy more bread to feed your family.Not MBD.
26/03/2020 10:01 AM
sheldon This is the time to try your luck because God might bless you with a win!
26/03/2020 11:51 AM
faizal good luck
26/03/2020 9:00 PM