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21.22   -0.10 (0.47%)  21.18 - 21.38  36,900
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ivanlau If based on forward eps 70x 30 pe, the fair value of year 2021 will be rm 21 , today closing 21.48, consider fair value now .
20/05/2021 7:47 AM
dam82 No MCO so hope to see some improvement next week
22/05/2021 5:50 PM
himbaan good price to enter
23/05/2021 12:27 PM
RainT drop more pls
23/05/2021 1:23 PM
Will188 Useless counter lose to Heineken..
26/05/2021 12:45 AM
dam82 i guess all stuck with this for a long time ..
26/05/2021 10:18 AM
Will188 Useless up now.. Many sold oredi baru up
27/05/2021 7:28 PM
dam82 gone case lor MCO back now
28/05/2021 8:46 PM
trum Total MCO
29/05/2021 6:28 AM
dam82 no eye see next few months for me on carlsberg ... expecing aroun RM19 again lets collect
29/05/2021 11:51 AM
dam82 2morow gap down ..to 19 .... i think close again
30/05/2021 5:48 PM
goreng_kaki kilang arak tak boleh operate, gov will try to close kilang arak this time,

TP: 15.50
30/05/2021 8:20 PM
dam82 I load heavily if 15 man ...
30/05/2021 8:28 PM
wallstreetrookie Buy the dip
31/05/2021 6:07 AM
Bgt 9963 Hoot9e...!
31/05/2021 8:24 AM
dam82 heard some rumours this time they open need to see annoucement /
31/05/2021 9:04 AM
limkokthye total lockdown but carlsberg factory still can operation, msia looks like need tax from carlsberg
31/05/2021 9:51 PM
dam82 i think they will close down because some clowns in malaysia .. goi back to 19 lor soon
01/06/2021 9:14 AM
remomama94 PKP 3.0: Semua kilang minuman keras di seluruh negara ditutup serta-merta - Ismail Sabri
01/06/2021 6:25 PM
brian3381 Tutup kilang oso up 50sen. Beter than buka gloves but red red. Haha
01/06/2021 6:28 PM
dam82 queue for 19 lor ... then don't use carlsberg income tax lor tak halal
01/06/2021 6:29 PM
limkokthye c liao keong gan liao, tutup kilang
01/06/2021 8:11 PM
invest_malaysia Wah, close factory wor. No production o.
01/06/2021 9:06 PM
01/06/2021 9:39 PM
invest_malaysia Bunch of jokers in Malaysia. Carlsberg also export to Singapore. Close down will affect the supply there as well. Really hopeless malaysia. Better move factory out of Malaysia
02/06/2021 6:39 AM
dam82 Yes better cloae down in malaysia ....useless goverment always we becoming their useless incompetency ...
02/06/2021 7:26 AM
brian3381 canot think properly tis muslim. always think halal halal only.
02/06/2021 7:32 AM
invest_malaysia Coca Cola, Pepsi also not essential la like that. We need to drink water only Ma. With this kind of mentality malaysia can forget about becoming high income nation. Hopeless
02/06/2021 7:58 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning...!
02/06/2021 8:17 AM
iCE COOL Seems like cannot buy cheap today?
02/06/2021 10:19 PM
Will188 Think got operator to trap investor. Prior announce MCO drop max. MCO 3.0 up. Kilang tutup lagi up. Confirm shark want trap retailers. Careful. Long term only buy. Coz last time drop almost no transaction mean they eat all short term shares
08/06/2021 6:04 PM
lee901 Up said trap... Down also said trap.
So hai...a lot.
09/06/2021 6:07 AM
Will188 Don't trap ppl buy here. Drop now. See volume also know. U send by operator?
09/06/2021 11:26 AM
Will188 Ur mother waste energy born u coz u rude.. U also born frm Hai
09/06/2021 11:27 AM
lee901 Yes... I am operator...
Laughing at so hai like u.
09/06/2021 9:48 PM
Will188 Pity ur mom
10/06/2021 12:14 AM
HLTGang When can open back?
16/06/2021 6:41 PM
cchcch today cases so high still green.
It will be green all the ways until all the entertainment outlets open.
18/06/2021 4:56 PM
Will188 Out of logic. Before MCO drop like hell now up. Careful. Carlsberg factory confirmed close operation during lock down
20/06/2021 9:58 AM
dam82 indeed don't go in now ... waiting for next week if we going to Phase 2 ... reward is assured as recovery play
20/06/2021 9:14 PM
pang72 Kena lagi..
23/06/2021 8:36 PM
pang72 What is going on next?
Production stop till depleted all inventory in warehouse then profit zero subsequent profit
27/06/2021 7:26 PM
dam82 19 coming
27/06/2021 10:47 PM
pang72 I need to stock up beers else stock depleted in supermarket...
Factory will not see any light for operation in short time

28/06/2021 9:29 AM
sflim00 bad news for politics, bad news for c19, anyway good news for me to park some here
09/07/2021 6:56 PM
kamirise360 They need support from Azmin to help.

09/07/2021 7:04 PM
kamirise360 Once they get approval (support) to open the factory, sure price increase. Hihi


Last Price Today's Change Day's Range Trading Volume
21.06 -0.44 (2.05%) 21.04 - 21.48 120,200
09/07/2021 7:07 PM
ivanlau As per current FMCO situation , if based on forward eps 65 x 30 pe, the fair value in year 2021 only rm 19.5 , today closing 21.06 .
09/07/2021 7:33 PM
limkokthye carlsberg taste very bad , like khoon chui only
16/07/2021 6:47 PM
Hafid is the factory open
19/07/2021 3:57 PM