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CharlesT Not bad, whoever bought OR n LR made reasonable good return (more than 15%)
28/01/2019 09:52
sapurakencana Dont ever dream for 35 cents,never,never since big player like Tay Wee Chai keep on collect 15 mil share in the market ,who know 1 day he wil pump up to 55 cent,like what happen 2 time in the pass 2 week.You know when price keep on drop,Tay wee chai value already reduce from 150 mil (RM1.30) to 46mil (RM0.48),he wont keep his value keep on droping
28/01/2019 09:54
dompeilee dompeilee Cashed out 80% of my position acquired @ 50c for more than 60c. Looks like I can wait for round 2 in another few weeks' time =)
23/01/2019 15:06

Bought back 40% of the shares I sold for 63-66c @ 47.5c this morning.
28/01/2019 10:27
sapurakencana dompeilee,dont too aggresive,somebody try to PUMP & DUMP,this trend can bee seen from the morning section & everning section,in term of volume.Becareful,until sept 2019 ,this counter stil incurr high capital expenditure for his new factory,i dont hope wil recover this year.
28/01/2019 10:36
sapurakencana ask yourself, wil this counter pay u at least 4 cent for this year compare with 6 cents last few year.
28/01/2019 10:38
dompeilee Go back to 55c sell again lo =)
28/01/2019 10:38
kgkayu #sapurakencana, can buy at what price? 0.48?
28/01/2019 14:42
DickyMe under 20 sen
28/01/2019 16:07
kgkayu #DickyMe, drop another 50% from current price...??? okla, then wait it drop lo.
28/01/2019 16:57
AlfI3 Mflour LR & WC provide handsome profit at current scenario on today listing w/o need to hold it for long
28/01/2019 23:44
DickyMe No need to trap gullible retail investors. If you got profit, have fun with it.
29/01/2019 09:33
malayantiger16888 why lost making for Sep to Nov 2018 ?
29/01/2019 11:18
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/191795.jsp
[转贴] [MALAYAN FLOUR MILLS BHD:全球经济环境不确定的情况下,大宗商品价格和外汇汇率仍然波动] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
29/01/2019 12:17
MZRTrade Post removed. Why?
29/01/2019 12:17
dompeilee dompeilee

Bought back 40% of the shares I sold for 63-66c @ 47.5c this morning.
28/01/2019 10:27

Right timing yet again =)
29/01/2019 16:36
hng33 sold back all mflour at 51.5sen
30/01/2019 09:59
Alem Aryim breakout 0.52 first then boomb
30/01/2019 10:39
geraldt9 TAN SRI DATO’ SERI ARSHAD BIN AYUB (a company director) acquired 50,000 shares at 0.960 on 29-Jan-2019. True or not ... day's trading range : 0.48 to 0.52 only. Admin ' sleep typing ' or what ..?
31/01/2019 12:59
lamkin Learn how to read announcement, he bought Mflour-LA, not mother share.
31/01/2019 16:27
thesteward Bot some n hold
31/01/2019 19:37
AlfI3 Ha ha Lamkin, glad to read ur clarification. It really hav funs n is a great joke indeed
01/02/2019 03:33
AlfI3 Hav great funs for d long week end, enjoyed n prepared to wait for d post cny excitemns 2 weeks later. Cheers
01/02/2019 04:13
01/02/2019 18:21
Tete7893 Buy some keep for few years
01/02/2019 22:20
08/02/2019 12:08
thesteward Next week hope break .60
09/02/2019 10:10
sapurakencana with EPS0.005 & PE115 (Price RM0.575)-TA security infomation,is it worthy to hold the position?
14/02/2019 15:46
lamkin Slow uptrend now. Wil it recover to 0.65?
14/02/2019 17:32
14/02/2019 17:54
wotvr Sold all @ 0.585 for 20% gain
14/02/2019 20:22
lai81533 Trending up soon
16/02/2019 05:49
goldfinger888 https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/Flour/193731.jsp
17/02/2019 15:50
Her Sin https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=303405240533770&id=232966120911016
17/02/2019 18:37
sapurakencana If so good,why Tan Sri Arshad sold 100,000 share? Why goldfinger did not mention Mflour still owed few hundred million of debt, that why Right issue to cover the debt.This counter profit already reduce 5 quarter,who will expect it wil suddently turn around.
18/02/2019 13:29
Investor 999 If not good why up more than 5% today ?
18/02/2019 16:54
sapurakencana Tell me why Tan sri Arshad sold hte position again? this is against theory of investment. Anyway good luck for those who gain on this counter.
18/02/2019 21:51
jaynetan how much you understand the inside stories of some directors holding and selling off their shares? investment theories most of the time apply in classrooms only
19/02/2019 05:46
rockycleft Sirely you don’t need to know why Tan seri sold his. You just ride the uptrend.......hahax100
19/02/2019 08:44
rockycleft Kong xi kong xi ni
19/02/2019 08:46
rockycleft Use your nose more........
19/02/2019 08:49
deddymines 62c big block
19/02/2019 10:31
upshare Like this... how to move..
19/02/2019 11:40
calvinteo Loan conversion of 1.266M at 50sen today.

yesterday up 3 sen.

Today morning session already up 1.5 sen. Let see closing price whether can up another 1.5 sen?

Disclaimer: Trade and or invest at your own risk.
19/02/2019 13:18
lamkin Riding on the uptrend now.
19/02/2019 19:56
SuperPanda last time i trade here price was 1.40, its post higher earning after raya season, so can buy now and sell after hari raya
19/02/2019 23:20
SuperPanda but do monitor raw mat price for flour segment, it used to eat margins
19/02/2019 23:24
dompeilee dompeilee Bought back 40% of the shares I sold for 63-66c @ 47.5c this morning.
28/01/2019 10:27

Waaa! While I wasn't looking at it, went above 60c already! Still holding some of the shares I bought @ 50c & sold for 66c & bought back @ 47.5c 3 wks ago =)
20/02/2019 10:33
Money122 PE for this stock now a bit took high..do u think?
21/02/2019 16:58
numis71 Anyone know the announcement date of coming Q4 2018 financial results?
22/02/2019 19:12
Money122 News say that mflour borrow a lot of money from bank to it project. It true or not?
23/02/2019 18:10