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If PE 40 like Nestle and Dutch Lady(both consumer stocks with major foreign shareholder) what is BAT TP?
05/02/2019 23:18
8888_ Why drop 2 days after Lazard news?
08/02/2019 10:27
8888_ 31st Jan Lazard bought lower price than today?
08/02/2019 10:29
PE40 Cannot have PE40 in BAT bec EPF sell low buy high in PE40 ctrs Nestle, Dlady?
08/02/2019 11:35
PE40 DY BAT<FD at 37.38?
08/02/2019 11:38
Sarawakians If we happy with smoking ban why must be last state to impose smoking ban?
08/02/2019 12:30
5354_ Not CI member why drop worse than CI?
08/02/2019 17:01
5354_ Hope for good QR and special dividend in 2019.
08/02/2019 17:09
BatNewbie CWs causing big drop? All shareholders pls boycott trading CW. Once nobody buy IBs' to stop issuing? Once CW no more PE higher like Dlady, Nestle can attain?
09/02/2019 16:15
BN_better Smokers unhappy with smoking ban? Why U-turn in Cameron support back to BN?
10/02/2019 13:08
PH_better PH collect more RM 1 billion tax from contrabands. Why BN don't know?
11/02/2019 11:09
BN_better PH make life difficult. Semenyih vote back BN.
12/02/2019 10:16
BN_better Smoking ban take away human rights why BN never approved even 61 years in power?
12/02/2019 10:43
8888_ QR next few days? Dividend min 40 sen not incl special dividend?
12/02/2019 15:03
5354_ CIMB short bec CW expire soon? Pls report to SC and Bursa haha.
13/02/2019 11:01
Sarawakians Smoking ban why unheard 61 years under BN?
14/02/2019 14:43
Orang_Selangor Vote BN in Semenyih bec disagree smoking ban?
14/02/2019 15:02
RHB_ Why no coverage? Kenanga, HLG, CIMB TP all out haha.
18/02/2019 11:06
AffinHwang 40.2 TP no more valid?
18/02/2019 11:15
Orang_Selangor Vote BN in Semenyih? Why PH only bring trouble?
18/02/2019 11:27
newbie5354_ Smokers smoke on road(while driving)? Why no stop smoking despite smoking ban? Just met few of smokers(smoking while driving) while buying lunch just now.
18/02/2019 13:46
newbie5354_ Can vaping done on road unlike in eateries?
18/02/2019 13:49
18/02/2019 15:21
Undi_PAS PH/BN no use. Pas will close banks issue buy call at RM 50/40 but ask sell at RM 30+.
19/02/2019 14:44
5354_ Politics and Policy: Huffing and puffing over smoking ban
20/02/2019 02:48
8888_ PH no need GST by taxing more RM 1 billion from contrabands. Hidup PH.
20/02/2019 11:33
GstTakNak Affin more trustable IB?
20/02/2019 14:53
Orang_Selangor Semenyih vote BN.
21/02/2019 09:40
it2116 QR out this afternoon, good news, good dividend, good result ...
21/02/2019 14:09
klse1997 5354_ most likely... don think cimb want to lose money
21/02/2019 15:56
8888_ 48.81% profit up YOY, best dividend in 1 year.
21/02/2019 21:09
apolloang before QR release,last hour already push up.....insider trading
21/02/2019 21:13
8888_ “There have been positive changes as well as new challenges to the industry since the change of
administration in May 2018. We are encouraged that more serious measures are being adopted to
fight the illegal trade. The newly amended stronger penalties, which include a minimum fine of
RM100,000 and 6 months jail for smuggling offences, are the first steps towards tackling the illegal
cigarette trade that continues to be a thorn in the side of the industry, society and nation.”
21/02/2019 21:21
118118 Bought at 37. Dividend and revenue is best in 1 year.
22/02/2019 09:47
RHB_ TP RM 38 so can buy now?
22/02/2019 15:17
MIDF TP RM 39.5.
23/02/2019 04:19
BatNewbie it2116 BAT operator? Why he talk here only? You better die haha.
25/02/2019 10:50
MIDF 39.5 buy lower make more haha.
25/02/2019 14:38
Undi_PAS We want Pas. PH/BN useless. No ban gambling CW.
25/02/2019 14:48
8888_ CW the killer? Why QR better than TM still drop?
26/02/2019 15:21
8888_ 47 sen dividend next week buyers cannot hold? F&N give more?
26/02/2019 15:23
BatNewbie it2116 sudah mati? Why dare not posts here?
27/02/2019 15:35
Orang_Selangor Vote BN or PSM in Semenyih. PH troublesome govn.
27/02/2019 15:37
I_like_dividend Buy more get more 47 sen dividend.
27/02/2019 16:28
Orang_Selangor If Health Minister think smoking ban good we choose BN.
02/03/2019 21:46
5354_ Top gainer is Dayang not BAT?
08/03/2019 15:18
5354_ KYY complain Nestle overprice. Why no complain on BAT?
08/03/2019 15:19
PH_better BN jealous why PH no need GST? Catch contrabands more why BN cannot think?
13/03/2019 10:40
PH_better 1 RM billion tax more from contrabands can settle many expenses.
15/03/2019 15:49
JJTAN0409 大家要注意香烟的消量。
15/03/2019 17:02