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Miz Raya Bloom cheapo ma
21/10/2019 9:52 PM
JediMaster Closing in red today?
22/10/2019 3:35 PM
Miz Raya Bloom esok masih ada
22/10/2019 7:55 PM
Miz Raya Bloom GETS Global to churn out electric buses in 2020 https://www.nst.com.my/business/2019/09/525003/gets-global-churn-out-electric-buses-2020
22/10/2019 8:02 PM
Miz Raya Bloom GETS Global is controlling shareholder in JV with India firm https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/gets-global-controlling-shareholder-jv-india-firm
22/10/2019 8:05 PM
azta12 add
25/10/2019 10:38 AM
Miz Raya Bloom X patah hati sama GETS
06/11/2019 5:23 PM
07/11/2019 8:22 PM
soso9999 Die
08/11/2019 12:23 AM
JediMaster Going down
08/11/2019 9:50 AM
JediMaster PN17 soon
08/11/2019 12:15 PM
JediMaster Be careful
08/11/2019 12:43 PM
Miz Raya Bloom ku tunggu dan lihat
08/11/2019 6:41 PM
Jayson4896 Need wait them able to restructure their loan 1st. Now very dangerous, worry it can be PN17
09/11/2019 4:54 AM
Miz Raya Bloom Ku tengok CEO bekas CEO konsortium Logistik, CFO pernah buka Gan & Partners. Kalau ini tak boleh handle malu le. Samada Mirzan ada belakang or depan sebenarnya tak penting. Cuma kalau Mirzan ada depan dapat kontrak gomen ada controvery le sikit. Cuma kalau ku nak komen apasal GETS ini masih tiada website, coming soon tu bila?
10/11/2019 9:40 AM
JediMaster Vroom
22/11/2019 7:57 PM
JediMaster Vroom Vroom
28/11/2019 4:02 PM
Abushah Ditelan pahit dibuang sayang....kemam kemam je lah
29/11/2019 11:02 PM
mk00001 GETS Global Bhd is looking to sell 100 units of high specification buses to Gunung Capital Bhd which could amount to some RM50 million.

In a bourse filing today, GETS Global said it had on Sept 20 entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Gunung's wholly-owned subsidiary GPB Corp Sdn Bhd to discuss and negotiate terms of the agreement for the proposed sale.

"GPB is desirous to place an order of not less than 100 buses with GETS Global. The buses will be of high specification to be detailed out in the sale and purchase agreement (SPA) with a purchase price of not less than RM500,000 for each bus," it added.
02/12/2019 2:43 PM
shorttermtrader This counter always fast up fast down
05/12/2019 11:09 AM
azta12 add and hold will surpass 0.20 level soon ,otw
09/12/2019 10:50 AM
Miz Raya Bloom kaunter ini ku rasa ada potential dapat banyak projek, sekarang go green trend
09/12/2019 11:33 AM
Pak_Uda_Orang_Kaya Nmpak jerung sudah masuk 3 hari, tapi amount sikit2 saja
11/12/2019 12:44 AM
azta12 add
12/12/2019 2:59 PM
azta12 go bravehearts
13/12/2019 10:05 AM
Miz Raya Bloom capai 195 gostan, adeh, apa le nak jadi dengan kau ni GETS
16/12/2019 12:18 PM
azta12 add and hold
20/12/2019 11:38 AM
BroZaini Potential counter for long term swing.. strong hold frenz
20/12/2019 6:19 PM
Miz Raya Bloom jangan nak ngada2, ini kaunter mesti up!
23/12/2019 9:34 AM
azta12 add
24/12/2019 9:14 AM
Miz Raya Bloom Gunung Capital bags Mindef contract worth RM44.23m to provide transport for schoolchildren - mesti Gunung order kat GETS kan
24/12/2019 2:41 PM
azta12 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/gunung-capital-unit-bags-service-contract-worth-rm4423-mil
24/12/2019 5:19 PM
Miz Raya Bloom https://whims2016.wordpress.com/ moh beli GETS esok!
25/12/2019 10:02 AM
Miz Raya Bloom ku punya personal TP 30 sen, jangan nak ngada2
25/12/2019 11:51 AM
QQflying just keep it
12/01/2020 1:28 PM
QQflying flying soon
12/01/2020 1:28 PM
StarDust QQFlying really> I better buy some then
15/01/2020 11:34 AM
StarDust ok checkedup with a sifu; if u have spare $ buy some and hold
15/01/2020 12:16 PM
Miz Raya Bloom https://whims2016.wordpress.com/
16/01/2020 4:48 PM
Miz Raya Bloom kan ke whims dah letak news kat wall, go green the in thing, so electric buses ini akan jadi trend, buy GETS and keep
17/01/2020 9:51 AM
IANFUJI Collect more.. After CNY TP 22 sen.
22/01/2020 5:17 PM
qwqee123 rubbish stock
30/01/2020 10:00 PM
IANFUJI Continue drop until bottom.. Now 11.5 sen.. Cheap
31/01/2020 12:14 PM
azta12 keep
03/02/2020 4:47 PM
qwqee123 sell it all before too late, tomorrow will keep falling down
03/02/2020 9:25 PM
Shines Can see the idiots throwing just 100 or 200 shares. I think they just dont want retailers to play
05/02/2020 12:53 PM
IANFUJI Will come back soon.. TP22 sen.
14/02/2020 9:41 AM
qwqee123 100 year later may be
14/02/2020 10:52 PM
Shines Lol 1 mth also say sooooolooooooog already
16/02/2020 10:49 AM
azta12 start collect and hold
20/02/2020 9:12 AM