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Hush77 https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2020/07/30/jb-spore-rts-project-to-enhance-connectivity
30/07/2020 9:29 AM
Hush77 RTS project play.. today msia will sign deal with SG
30/07/2020 9:53 AM
Hush77 signing of RTS project by muhydin and lee is going to happen today
30/07/2020 10:06 AM
Hush77 now signing ceremony!
30/07/2020 10:10 AM
TopEarn1 Slow and steady. Daikor in JB.
31/07/2020 7:19 PM
tualp all in target price 1.00
13/08/2020 12:53 PM
bananadesk Atleast rm1.20, construction counter will be hot very soon. Do more homework and u will know what i'm talking about.
13/08/2020 11:34 PM
Samuelgold Ya, banana I have the same faith with you. Let's huat together
17/08/2020 5:19 PM
thebighead07 Year end will be a good time for this counter when more Singapore infra jobs award
28/08/2020 1:22 AM
DreamGladiator lagi tidor juga kah
28/08/2020 2:03 AM
DreamGladiator still hibernating juga kah
28/08/2020 2:04 AM
DreamGladiator apa daah
28/08/2020 2:04 AM
DreamGladiator don't know when going to move
28/08/2020 2:04 AM
DreamGladiator no idea
28/08/2020 2:05 AM
DreamGladiator no clue
28/08/2020 2:05 AM
alan26334 Kimlun will boost up by RTS(as hint by management in latest AGM), november budget day and also HSR in december. If bandar malaysia can start early then it is a bonus. Put on your seatbelt and waiting for the shoot
20/09/2020 11:07 AM
alan26334 share price also in uptrend with slow mode since march
20/09/2020 11:10 AM
chowwei KIMLUN
Waiting For Dividend
After That Sell 9 E
26/09/2020 2:20 PM
chowwei KIMLUN
Bila Mahu Bagi Dividend
28/09/2020 3:47 PM
jeffrey7817 Dividend announced yest 3.3¢
27/10/2020 8:27 AM
TopEarn1 HSR and RTS will surely boost Kimlun
06/11/2020 11:55 PM
酷睿 齐聿 to burst..
26/11/2020 7:41 PM
tualp lembik punya counter....bye bye....sold all at 0.79 this morning my cost 0.72
02/12/2020 5:14 PM
Kpin Yeoh kimlun very undervalue counter if project kick start.
05/12/2020 5:53 PM
AllanTingAS I a bit chicken, i take profit and dividend first. Let watch and maybe reenter if volume/ price is fine.
06/12/2020 9:42 PM
thesteward Good counter to invest mid tem
06/12/2020 11:07 PM
salarynotenough RTS and HSR will get kimlun busy....kimlun also have own property and construction arm that is picking up...most property market is up too...
i think kimlun have potential to edge higher...
07/12/2020 2:43 PM
BuffetOnWeed salarynotenough agreed
08/12/2020 9:24 AM
14/12/2020 12:24 PM
dex Long term. Hold
15/12/2020 12:28 PM
CalvinKang yes mid to long term stock. hold to win big. and this week should be construction themed week. :)
16/12/2020 7:26 PM
tradesafely up too fast!
17/12/2020 1:30 AM
DreamMarauder Up 5.5 sen
17/12/2020 1:58 AM
DreamMarauder Up 6.71%
17/12/2020 1:58 AM
DreamMarauder Sudah cukup juat juga tuhhh
17/12/2020 1:58 AM
DreamMarauder Very good
17/12/2020 1:59 AM
DreamMarauder Well done
17/12/2020 1:59 AM
DreamMarauder Excellent
17/12/2020 1:59 AM
DreamMarauder Congratulations
17/12/2020 1:59 AM
DreamMarauder Keep surging
17/12/2020 1:59 AM
DreamMarauder Good luck
17/12/2020 2:00 AM
dompeilee dompeilee Bought KimLun @ 76.5c
09/06/2020 10:33 AM

17/12/2020 10:23 AM
tualp see you guys at 0.75
23/12/2020 1:27 PM
tualp RTS Project to be announced soon.
24/12/2020 4:29 PM
Ironman01 KL-Singapore HSR Project cancelled. What to expect about RTS?
04/01/2021 5:56 PM
Ironman01 Economy so bad, if in coming those developers in cash flow issue, not pay money but rather use non primary lands to contra, will it increase a contractor's risk on debt ratio or not?
07/01/2021 3:17 PM
live168 Material prices keep increasing due to global supply chain crisis, the projects keep delay by MCO and the shortage of foreign workers by close of national broader, very challenging business situation...
14/01/2021 11:11 AM
Ironman01 not easy, like a long winter in construction sector. The business profits will be squeezed out gradually on those contracts awarded at old prices and also can expect very little new projects coming in with poor profit margin under current market circumstances...
15/01/2021 10:11 AM
Shadow Fiend Good, construction sector is facing toughest headwinds now as mentioned above, what else can make it more worst? It's time to accumulate this undervalue fundamental sound company.
17/01/2021 9:09 PM
Ironman01 Many better fundamental sound companies in KLSE but how many and how long can they really survive after years of struggling...
19/01/2021 2:59 PM