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invest icon @liewkamchong888, Sunway has been heavily undervalued due to Covid 19. fair value shall be 1.8 now. So, TP1 should be 1.8, Next year TP 2.5 if SMC deals successful and TP3 3
17/12/2020 8:55 AM
Jian Bin Siew https://www.facebook.com/106802820776934/posts/246751486782066/ Official answer by Sunway IR team about the zero conversion of Sunway PA to Sunway Bhd in forth and fifth year.
17/12/2020 11:55 AM
woshigushen all sunway mother son PA
hoot 9 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
18/12/2020 9:08 AM
invest icon Price retreat, good opportunity to add PA and WB
18/12/2020 11:15 AM
Red Dragon invest icon: Sheeee, softer, cannot talk so loud, later all rush in & we can't buy cheap staffs. Hahaha...
18/12/2020 11:48 AM
invest icon Red Dragon, Don't worry. No many have same far sight like us. Still managed to get some at the price I put
18/12/2020 4:53 PM
AlfI3 Year end window dressers will notice soon this gem of Sunway grp
21/12/2020 6:53 AM
invest icon Year End Sale...
22/12/2020 10:59 AM
trader808 The ICPS is strong and not falling.
22/12/2020 8:10 PM
woshigushen hoot 9 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
22/12/2020 11:06 PM
hunterz86 1.60 or 2.00?
23/12/2020 10:50 AM
invest icon big harvesting these two days. Christmas sale over soon
23/12/2020 5:17 PM
woshigushen no more cheap cheap ticket hoot 9 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
28/12/2020 9:43 AM
invest icon Christmas Sale over, but post Boxing sales. Sunway, WB and PA Still good bargain..
28/12/2020 4:04 PM
Ahgong888 few more days to end sales
28/12/2020 5:36 PM
david6055my Converted all mother share to PA
29/12/2020 10:19 AM
trader808 Good strategy. Smart move.
29/12/2020 11:58 AM
invest icon managed to buy some at 1.55 and sold PA at 1.22
29/12/2020 4:54 PM
micsoh Wah, warrant 30plus sen already
30/12/2020 11:12 AM
SCK82 tmr, is 2020 last trading day, got news stated, sunway will push up 1.8. Fasten your seat belt.
30/12/2020 6:58 PM
30/12/2020 7:31 PM
invest icon @SCK82, Where you got the news?
31/12/2020 12:07 AM
ali baba digital bank license :)
01/01/2021 12:15 PM
ali baba https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/sunway-ventures-fintech-51-stake-credit-bureau-malaysia
05/01/2021 10:51 AM
Ahgong888 1.50 mari mari
06/01/2021 4:13 PM
junetan11 why keep dropping?
08/01/2021 9:49 AM
sienxing so many factors... political instability, worsen covid spread, short sellings
but got fresh good news too...

wait for it boys
08/01/2021 3:22 PM
vinc3nt i think sooner or later cross-state or cross-district movement are not allowed
08/01/2021 4:42 PM
samo50sg More like people trending to apeculation and juggling between gloves and recovery stocks. They provide higher returns than stable outlooks one. Going thru the 3 consecutive cycle of mco playing buy low and sell high would have gotten you nore than 100% return within months. But it will get people burned as well
08/01/2021 9:00 PM
AlfI3 Ya, got pros n cons. Oways dpend on d investment timings, like d usual trading fate. Unlike got specific news incubated
09/01/2021 12:44 AM
sienxing https://www.investing.com/equities/sunway-bhd-dividends
Lets hope for some dividend in March 2021...
Our EPF also bought in alot recently around 1.57-1.60 :/
09/01/2021 1:08 AM
woshigushen tqq morning ppl throww 9 to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
hoot 9999999999999999999999eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
11/01/2021 11:43 AM
samo50sg Funny how Sunway medical not given its due in relation to healthcare.
11/01/2021 1:08 PM
ali baba SMC needs time. During Covid19, revenue from medical tourism will be impacted.
The catalyst would be securing the buyer of the 20%.
Until then, hard to see explosive price movement.
11/01/2021 1:27 PM
woshigushen no more cheap ticket
hoot 9 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
13/01/2021 9:32 AM
Ahgong888 construction sector must go on despite pandemic as they still plays significant role in aggregate economy of the country aside to only gloves and matter of time for healthcare (SMC) for a further push once they list : )
13/01/2021 10:38 AM
samo50sg Anyone collecting?
14/01/2021 5:55 PM
sienxing i collected quite alot lol.. same to epf. not sure why the price so freaking stable.. not volatile at all
15/01/2021 12:01 AM
samo50sg Depending on risk appetite, sunway is stable. Not much affected since 1.30
16/01/2021 8:40 PM
CoolBull OMG
18/01/2021 8:42 PM
CoolBull Confidence in Chinese vaccines has taken a big hit

18/01/2021 8:42 PM
CoolBull Oh dear
18/01/2021 8:42 PM
quest anyone here know what is the estimate valuation of Sunway Medical?
19/01/2021 9:27 AM
fortheemprah https://www.thesundaily.my/business/sunway-in-talks-for-potential-stake-sale-of-healthcare-unit-MN3843835

However, doubt that Sunway is in a rush to execute the stake sale of their healthcare unit. Medical tourism on hold at the moment, which may be a hindrance to the plan. That's the only upside for Sunway that the moment, bet your ass they'll gonna want to milk it dry.
19/01/2021 9:54 AM
quest There is no rush but it's brewing.
19/01/2021 10:14 AM
MoneyAndHoney Good Lord!
20/01/2021 6:57 AM
MoneyAndHoney Mashallah!
20/01/2021 6:57 AM
MoneyAndHoney All Malaysian states (except Sarawak) under MCO from Friday

20/01/2021 6:58 AM
MoneyAndHoney Oh dear
20/01/2021 6:58 AM
RainT buy more & keep for long term
22/01/2021 3:41 PM