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Lam7894 A company with no debt.
Cash + financial assets already RM45,401,000 $$$$ or net cash 75cents per share! $$$$.
With attractive dividend and other valuable assets, and perhaps take-over offer from the substantial shareholders (Mr. Yeo Ah Tee, No. of shares held 47%)?
13/11/2014 2:40 PM
winwin lam what you do think abt this counter?
13/11/2014 8:04 PM
Lam7894 General offer for cash-rich Mintye

Friction materials manufacturer Mintye Industries Bhd’s executive chairman Yeo Ah Tee and related parties are mulling a voluntary general offer to take the company private at RM1.60 and above. (Focus Malaysia)
05/12/2014 8:48 AM
jtpc2006 Be careful, announcement from Mintye official website:

We refer to the article titled “General offer for cash-rich Mintye” appearing on page 8 in Focus Malaysia, 6-12 December 2014, and drawing our attention to the highlighted sentence in the said article, reproduced as follows:

“… Mintye Industries Bhd’s executive chairman Yeo Ah Tee and related parties are mulling a voluntary general offer to take the company private at RM1.60 and above.”

After consultation with our Executive Chairman and major shareholder, Yeo Ah Tee, the Board of Directors of Mintye Industries Bhd (“Mintye”) wishes to inform Bursa Securities that it is neither aware nor has it any knowledge of any plan for a voluntary general offer to take Mintye private as stated in the said article.

An appropriate announcement will be made in accordance with the provisions of the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Securities should there be any definitive corporate development.

This announcement is dated 5 December 2014.
08/12/2014 9:22 AM
longvix that is common vague answer and does not constiute a denial. the board is not deemed to have knowledge until it receives an offer letter just like goldis
08/12/2014 9:42 AM
jtpc2006 cash is king, anything may happen, just don't jump in on rumous now, falling KLCI very risky
08/12/2014 11:15 AM
Lip Woon Thiam There is an old saying in Share Market, When the old man dies, the juniors will make waves and the related shares will rise!? One eg was Lee Rubbers. When Mintye senior director passed away, The share was purchase back at RM 8.00!? Pls. check the pass records. Now, it is RM 1.60 or more? So as Tun Dr M says : "We Malaysian are stupid!?"
08/12/2014 2:42 PM
samer Huh ?? OMG !
08/12/2014 3:01 PM
longvix This company's fundamentals by itself is very solid regardless of whatever rumours you want to circulate. It's dividend yield last year was 4 percent. Please remember half the company's market cap is cash and there is no debt at all. Its damn rare to find a company like this
08/12/2014 3:51 PM
jtpc2006 if KLCI keep diving, and no matter how rare gems are (there are many more),cash is still king.
08/12/2014 4:08 PM
Piggy Agreed with jtpc2006.
08/12/2014 10:24 PM
jtpc2006 DJ sharp fall overnight, expect KLCI to continue dive, it makes no sense KLCI rudderless always follow the pack.
09/12/2014 7:33 AM
cefiro22 Isn't it usual for any Company to "deny" knowledge of what's happening? Working on fundamentals can seldom go wrong. I think the support level will be strong at 1.28.
09/12/2014 10:26 AM
longvix denying knowledge is different from denying that you intent to privatize as the latter will subject you to a six month ban from privitization. denying knowledge is a common vague answer given in order for them to be exempted from the six month ban just like Goldis.
09/12/2014 10:59 AM
cefiro22 Thanks. Whatever, the Directors know best how to answer and what their "hidden agenda" is. Our object, no different from them is "to make money". Cheers!
09/12/2014 12:50 PM
samer NAB = RM 1.75, now stock at RM 1.15............cheap sale
12/12/2014 3:45 PM
jtpc2006 Mintye NTA is 1.75 current price 1.16, E&O NTA is only 1.37 current price 2.21. Buy in Mintye more attractive now.
12/12/2014 3:48 PM
firehawk thanks longvix, a difference of that ....
12/12/2014 3:53 PM
paperplane This company do car breaks. Rubber price went down recently. Shld be good for it in near future.
31/12/2014 8:55 AM
paperplane Waiting it explode soon.
07/01/2015 5:28 AM
paperplane Buy now!
25/01/2015 5:22 PM
paperplane Doing some amalgamation of shares...is this a privatize hint? Rm1.65 is earlier rumors. Nta now 1.75
16/02/2015 11:55 PM
paperplane wow, 1.33?? Privatise 1.65 coming??
26/02/2015 9:38 AM
paperplane Thriw 1.24 somenone purpose ly push back 1.29.let see next week i push it
27/02/2015 6:26 PM
paperplane keep quiet on GO........shhhhhhhhh
18/03/2015 10:53 AM
paperplane2 sleeeeeeeeping
09/06/2015 8:15 AM
paperplane2 seems like GO quiet down. HIGH NTA stock, low value now! 1.60 Min in future. Export also.
10/07/2015 2:02 PM
$$$ ^v^ GOODLUCK ^v^ $$$ 3% dividend last 21/7/2015
17/07/2015 9:59 PM
Nieto Juciouswitch Revenue,Net Profit increase
18/12/2015 5:46 PM
permastan Sleeping share with passive poor director
24/01/2016 6:32 PM
Hunter K i met the director on last year AGM. this company is very china man family business. they are not intent to goreng the share price but they will make sure declare dividend yearly. its suitable hod for long term
03/03/2016 11:34 AM
Piggy why suddenly the volume increase so much? Normally the volume is very very low
28/03/2016 10:28 PM
tonylim How the volume today
28/03/2016 10:29 PM
tonylim http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5034185
28/03/2016 11:13 PM
tbchua finally wake up
26/04/2017 11:14 PM
YAPSS Day 58 of Fundamental Daily, YAPSS will be covering Mintye Berhad's fundamental via a short animated video. I hope it helps and please enjoy the video, see ya! #YAPSS #FundamentalDaily #MintyeBerhad

Click the on the link to find out more: https://youtu.be/2vXEEhYZm2k
30/04/2019 7:19 PM
Mr. A|S|H what happen to this counter? share price is uprising 24 sen to rm 1.00 today from 76 sen (10/07/2019).
26/07/2019 12:05 AM
cefiro22 finally...this is what has happened>>

is 1.30 a fair price.?
19/08/2019 11:09 PM
rookie125 Not even close. NTA is around $1.80 per share based on the latest financial. The owner can easily pay upward of $1.50 and it is still a highway robbery. A lot lands are valued at cost so the real NTA is probably higher than $1.80.
20/08/2019 1:09 PM
dompeilee After 66 months as a Mintye shareholder, I have to wait for the privatisation to complete because my cost is 11,622.83 for 9,000 shares or else I will incur a realised loss.

On the other hand, I have received over $1,100 in dividends.
20/08/2019 5:08 PM
dompeilee Hopefully they will raise the SCR to 1.50...confirm many ppl will accept & they can take private more easily & quickly.
20/08/2019 5:10 PM
rookie125 I doubt Yatee & Sons will want to raise the price voluntarily unless they know they won't get 75% consents. Like any good business man, they will not want to pay more than they need. The good news is that Yatee & Sons will not be allow to vote on this SCR. It will be up to the rest of shareholders.
21/08/2019 6:32 PM
dompeilee Need 2 vote as well? Any option to accept before EGM? Had bad experience from MAA when price plunge when SCR was rejected.
23/08/2019 4:52 PM
cefiro22 https://www.thesundaily.my/business/yatee--son-ups-scr-offer-price-for-mintye-to-rm1-36-apiece-JB1399685

put up block for sale at 1.31...why Yatee not interested?
24/09/2019 4:13 PM
cefiro22 The deepest value in Mintye does not lie in their friction
materials business but in their landbank in Segambut and Ayer Keroh Melaka and its huge cash hoard ...Yatee knows that...so hope they up the offer to over RM1.60
24/09/2019 9:10 PM
rookie125 Absolutely spot on. The lands are valued at cost so the real NTA is much higher than $1.80.
25/09/2019 9:38 AM
sleang revised price to 1.36, but still far from the NTA..
25/09/2019 2:57 PM
dompeilee Is Yatee the one Q-ing to buy 95,800 @ 1.31?
30/09/2019 4:03 PM
dompeilee Meeting to vote on SCR : 26 Nov.
25/10/2019 7:10 PM
cefiro22 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/6349733
26/11/2019 7:45 PM