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NJHL1234 disappointed management from top glove
01/12/2020 5:36 PM
Goldgent Terrible & lousy company. name is Top only.
Spent billion, hari-hari goreng shares.
Basic lodging also cannot provide to workers.
01/12/2020 5:37 PM
partimeshark hopefully the MoHR apply same standard to all factories, private and public also.. not only selectively target some companies
01/12/2020 5:37 PM
Snowpiercer Embarrassing
01/12/2020 5:38 PM
partimeshark next robert kwok.. cannot earn too much..haha
01/12/2020 5:40 PM
partimeshark Labour Department director-general Asri Ab Rahman said 63 charges involving a number of companies and employers including Top Glove, have been referred to the deputy public prosecutor's office for further action.

50k per charges only la
01/12/2020 5:40 PM
NJHL1234 Uncle lim was very confident TG will reach top 1 market capital by end of 2020. uncle lim pls dont everyday gamble share d la. put something back to your company
01/12/2020 5:41 PM
007007 Topglove has poor ESG (! Environment, Social, Governance) ratings........ foreign funds will sell.
01/12/2020 5:43 PM
NJHL1234 everyone talks about social governance now, bois. these cina companies must learn something here. not just throw money only
01/12/2020 5:44 PM
Invest1688 https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/553243
01/12/2020 5:45 PM
OnTime yes, automation is the answer, making gloves is not high-tech!
01/12/2020 5:46 PM
michaelgohmox Can advice me if TG shares can go to rm10 ar before end year? Last I heard tan sri says want to beat harimau
01/12/2020 5:48 PM
gemfinder As i said usa wont lift ban forever.
01/12/2020 5:49 PM
gemfinder Beat ur head la
01/12/2020 5:49 PM
Jeffreyteck No worry, management know best to use cash to support share price, unnecessary.
01/12/2020 5:50 PM
lalazai9 Lol just red 4% alot sohai so happy come out bark haha, relax tmr green 10%
01/12/2020 6:05 PM
birkincollector must learn from hartalega....tested 1500 so far only has 2 positive
01/12/2020 6:16 PM
NJHL1234 someone must be new here? gloves usually dropped at least 1 week after a miracle up. ahahahah
01/12/2020 6:24 PM
Makeabuck Another angle to look at

1) this expedites the process of the housing problem, and as u already know the whole world is looking at TG and their issue with labor publicized on newspaper. Govt action is bound to happen anyway. U guys are taking this too negatively, govt must take actions or it will show Malaysia govt as a whole condone such activities. Even more investors will shun away from Malaysia. So i would say its no choice and so happen TG is the victim. I believe Govt will not let TG fail anyway.

2) with the future profits coming in, it should be a small fraction if u look long term wise. If this money spent now will solve all the bans, then its money must spend

3) profits will continue to reel in as there will still be need for gloves as global vaccination may take longer than expected.

News creates emotions
People are just amplifier for the news

When u are trader and holding, then u will fear these news. If u dont hold then opportunity to trade dip. If u are long term holders, then this is opportunity to trade the dip or buy low, the journey is long.

There will always be price swings. So trade and make when there is excessive dip.

Welcome the barking
01/12/2020 6:25 PM
mindofgain now they even change the management :
01/12/2020 6:28 PM
mindofgain too many bad news for top glove
01/12/2020 6:28 PM
Mak_kiah I think i should join them to bark
01/12/2020 6:30 PM
Stockhunter88 Waiting for 6.200.. If got I sure sailang
01/12/2020 6:31 PM
titan3322 michaelgohmox unlikely to reach RM 10 by year end but RM 7 is good support level unless foreign shareholding dump aggressively
01/12/2020 6:33 PM
ares123G Tomorrow they will screen Meru area.Around 6000 plus from the 12000 workers yet to be screen.Hopefully wont get as previous results.Teratai cluster bigger than Sabah cluster.
01/12/2020 6:47 PM
SafetyFirst TG management totally Bad for in charge worker。
if me is boss i sure ask the in charge worker manager quit job
01/12/2020 6:51 PM
SafetyFirst this is why US ban tg the reason , management Bad
01/12/2020 6:54 PM
losser3313 karma
01/12/2020 6:54 PM
greedy44444 Kluster Teratai yang dikaitkan dengan syarikat sarung tangan Top Glove sahaja pada hari ini telah melaporkan sebanyak 778 kes atau 52.9 peratus daripada keseluruhan jumlah kes harian untuk negara.
“Ia menyumbang kepada 87.3 peratus daripada kes harian yang dilaporkan di negeri Selangor,” katanya.
01/12/2020 6:57 PM
freddiehero how come..
01/12/2020 6:58 PM
freddiehero normally only le, for malaysia
01/12/2020 6:58 PM
freddiehero can sleep can sleep, no wrong le..
01/12/2020 6:58 PM
JustTry19 TG 877 new cases .. add possible charges ..forget everything .. going dinner
01/12/2020 6:59 PM
Ryan83 Top Glove management very desperate share buy back again RM50 millions today as expected from 6.69 to 6.79
01/12/2020 7:00 PM
losser3313 make tons of money but ?????????????
01/12/2020 7:11 PM
Agjl ATEWIND....dun try to be a smart ass lah... go read propely. What 50k per employee? U use bangla mathematic is it? I know thisbisbthe best oportunity to stoke fear and make people sell but please use your tiny brain lah if u have....u laught die me lah....wakakakK
01/12/2020 7:14 PM
losser3313 michaelgohmox,rm7++++ very good already
01/12/2020 7:14 PM
mlike Also tons of problems and tons of shit.
01/12/2020 7:15 PM
Ryan83 US Futures up 365+ points another weak sentiment for glove stocks tomorrow
01/12/2020 7:17 PM
Ryan83 U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech said they have applied to the European Medicines Agency for the conditional marketing authorization of their coronavirus vaccine.

If the authorization is granted, it could potentially enable use of Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine in Europe before the end of 2020, BioNTech said in a press release.

Such authorization, known as a CMA, is granted to medicines or vaccines “that address unmet medical needs of patients on the basis of less comprehensive data than normally required,” the EMA says on its website.
01/12/2020 7:18 PM
lalazai9 Relax guys, ah chai will backup for us, ah chai gt alot money, can pay fine, can share buy back, we must support ah chai haha
01/12/2020 7:19 PM
gemfinder When usa c tis news, malaysian gov charge topgl. U think usa wil lift ban? Hahahahahs. Good luck to all waterfish
01/12/2020 7:20 PM
TheThird Malaysia open 19 investigations ans to charge top glove...realistically how much can they be fined? Anyone familiar with labour laws?
01/12/2020 7:24 PM
Primeinvestor please sell ya, u guys, please
01/12/2020 7:26 PM
unomi12 chill , this probably came from the remaining test as last week announced.

I believe this was set to announced today. We all know the 28 factories temporary closed until 14 December .

The question is how topglove going to get up stronger, covid 19 is already very normal throughout the whole world.

At least they are taking the necessary action to fix the covid 19 , i believe they will come back stronger as before.

Some of you guys talk as if the business is closing down permanent .
I can tell you that, when ministry start to aim other bigger industry factories, definitely there will be another foreigner cluster there.
01/12/2020 7:27 PM
Joey23 ya ya please sell more ya....
01/12/2020 7:27 PM
OnTime the way government is treating TG is like 斩尽杀绝!
01/12/2020 7:30 PM
NaysayersSaxParty We are celebrating that TOPG pice went down today...we are so happy because we missed the
Invest2U gemfinder EdwinYap86 SafetyFirst fofo NJHL1234 Goldgent 007007

9 of us very very happy as our job is to write and hope this share crash.
Tonite our mothers is ready to serve customers..services are hisap pisang and drink your sag0
juice..can play boontot of our mother also

01/12/2020 7:32 PM
ks55 We suffer because of Top Glove.
Don't you think Top Glove CEO owes us an apology?
01/12/2020 7:33 PM
Makeabuck @gemfinder i didnt know u are also a ban expert...haha i learned alot
01/12/2020 7:35 PM