KLSE: AVI (8885)       AVILLION BHD MAIN : Consumer
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0.115   -0.015 (11.54%)  0.115 - 0.13  31,490,500
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wickedlion how hard it is to make fake demand on penny stock when you have millions to spare on?
11/06/2021 3:39 PM
bulldog Sold 17
Thanks AVI

Huat chaiii
11/06/2021 3:40 PM
wallstreetrookie 3.34 pm Limit up in the making
3.40 pm Sold
What a hypocrite
11/06/2021 3:40 PM
11/06/2021 3:42 PM
wallstreetrookie Lol bulldog the scammer
11/06/2021 3:42 PM
powerup89 Hahaha ...ni dog
11/06/2021 3:43 PM
wallstreetrookie punk ass fund manager. Push it up when I sold karma will find you on your next pump and dump
11/06/2021 3:47 PM
powerup89 Gogogo...woohoo....lets make it fly above the sky....
11/06/2021 3:51 PM
wickedlion time for a bag of popcorn and watch who stuck at the top.
11/06/2021 3:53 PM
powerup89 Sold all....thanks avi....
11/06/2021 3:55 PM
HazByn window dressing only....monday die
11/06/2021 3:56 PM
wickedlion 60 minutes left till closing bell...
11/06/2021 4:00 PM
wallstreetrookie Yeah, smart traders will buy because they know a lot of people missed out
11/06/2021 4:07 PM
wallstreetrookie The more heated the argument, the higher it will go up
11/06/2021 4:07 PM
11/06/2021 4:07 PM
wickedlion dub dab dub dab ...heart is racing as clock is ticking closer to closing bell. Selling pressure is building.
11/06/2021 4:12 PM
noluxk11 game over
11/06/2021 4:21 PM
blahbleh dis one also one of the hidden hands stocks, no meh?
11/06/2021 4:27 PM
Kingston1 Tun Daim is the best !! TQ 60% profit in one day
11/06/2021 4:32 PM
11/06/2021 4:41 PM
CHLEONG888 those chasing high will cry tomorrow
11/06/2021 4:49 PM
sugarbest rr88 jubo pecah???
11/06/2021 5:07 PM
Za1234 Buy 15....letgo 18.5....
11/06/2021 5:18 PM
zulutango Waa suddenly so active... Mukriz n Tun Daim big plan?
11/06/2021 5:32 PM
fivezul Still go up on monday?
11/06/2021 6:20 PM
Zamrijin Daim goreng champion

Heard mahathir back to be pm
11/06/2021 6:49 PM
remomama94 PKP 3.0 disambung untuk tempoh 2 minggu lagi bermula 15 Jun sehingga 28 Jun 2021.
11/06/2021 7:23 PM
Zamrijin Saya sudah cabut 20c

Tak cabut mati looo
12/06/2021 12:23 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/2021-06-12-story-h1566192318.jsp
[转贴] [Video:浅谈AVILLION BHD, AVI, 8885] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
12/06/2021 7:00 PM
Thien0418 monday morning up
13/06/2021 3:30 AM
Noworry21 Monday going down till 0.09 sen
13/06/2021 7:39 AM
TrendLai If down to 145, good for another surge
13/06/2021 10:43 AM
Zamrijin Be cautious

Operator pump n dump soon

It wont up much bcos my friend still hold few million avi shares

When one hold too much ..d share wint go up much. Operator will zig zag for u to sell..if u dont sell they wont push up further n vice versa

So ... i think it wont up further

Trust me
13/06/2021 11:09 AM
Zamrijin I hv advised many ppl previoualy on

Serba dynamic

13/06/2021 11:10 AM
Zamrijin 101% - avi wont push up anymore

If it go down to 5c - start accumulatr

Lets see if u dont brlieve
13/06/2021 11:11 AM
TrendLai Dataprd, Sedania rise to unbelievable heights!
can Avi rise to new high????
13/06/2021 1:58 PM
Has123 hopefully..
13/06/2021 3:37 PM
Jacky_87 goreng ajiya, ajiya wa.
14/06/2021 9:52 AM
Santiago $tupid counter.. one day game and kill many
14/06/2021 10:06 AM
suprnoob 8 cents soon
14/06/2021 7:07 PM
Vithra Looks not so convincing
15/06/2021 10:07 AM
henry888 kidding, lowest 0.065 on 8, Jan, 2021
15/06/2021 2:15 PM
Scylla 0.3 coming if drop will consolidate 10 per 1 must run
16/06/2021 8:56 PM
willc48 part of reliance travel group que sera sera. not a single bet from me.
16/06/2021 9:32 PM
fivezul Bila mau naik 20c ni....
17/06/2021 3:31 PM
Zamrijin Avi good stocks ard 3c can buy
20/06/2021 11:37 PM
HosehLim80 0.11 pls come to papa
22/06/2021 8:26 PM
Swee4913 Going hell already
24/06/2021 10:06 AM
fivezul Aduh... Masuk saja turun...
24/06/2021 12:31 PM
Ppmaster This counter no hope will break 0.10 this few days. Becareful.
24/06/2021 9:23 PM