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Name Role View
HO KHIN FONG @ HENRY HO Member of Audit Committee View Detail
LO TECK YONG Member of Audit Committee View Detail
MD AFENDI BIN HAMDAN Non Active View Detail
MR CHONG KHING CHUNG Non Active View Detail
DATO' SRI DR MD KAMAL BIN BILAL Member of Audit Committee View Detail
MR SIM KAY WAH Independent Director View Detail
TAN SRI DATO' NIK HASHIM BIN NIK AB. RAHMAN Independent Director View Detail
MEJAR (K) DATUK SAMSUDDIN BIN YAHYA Nomination Committee View Detail
TAI CHU-CHUN Non Active View Detail
TAI KUN-TSAI Deputy Chairman View Detail
CHANG MEI-LIN Non Active View Detail
HENDRY SUKENDY Non Active View Detail
LO KEN HIN Non Active View Detail
CHIU KUI TZU @ DORA Non Active View Detail
MR MAU KAM WAI Non Active View Detail
TAN SRI DATO' NIK HASHIM BIN AB. NIK RAHMAN Independent Director View Detail
SEOW FEI SAN Joint Secretary View Detail
DATUK LO FUI MING Director View Detail
DORA CHIU KUI TZU Director View Detail
HENRY SUKENDY Director View Detail
AKINORI HOTARI Director View Detail
LO TECK YOUNG Director View Detail
LEONG KAM HENG Shareholder View Detail
LEMBAGA TABUNG HAJI Shareholder View Detail
MUSMAN HOLDINGS SDN. BHD. Shareholder View Detail
MR MOHD AMIR BIN MASRY Shareholder View Detail
WONG YOUN KIM Company Secretary View Detail
KANG SHEW MENG Joint Secretary View Detail
CHONG TZU KHEN Joint Secretary View Detail
SIM OIE TEN Joint Secretary View Detail
HIEW VUN PUI Joint Secretary View Detail
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  7 people like this.
Springtime Take it easy folks. Many people want to see two quarters results then only jump in and by then they don't mind paying RM1 for it. That's why got many losers in the market.
16/11/2021 8:27 PM
LMN9997 VincenBravo whats ur view this round about record profit but lausai share price?
18/11/2021 11:23 AM
Vincenbravo Hi LMN9997, how are U? Been some many years seen U playing Bahvest. Bahvest like like that la. Not so easy to win their money one... Need to have some patience. As long as U are buying with your own money and not contra or margin, then just wait. The day will come when Bahvest will reach another new high of above 90 sens. So we just wait for the cycle to repeat... Cheers Bro and stay safe :)
18/11/2021 2:00 PM
Jack Khan Manipulation la sell on news. normal only. after accumulated low price will go up again if qr is goodd.
18/11/2021 4:44 PM
hongheng7 Selling pressure is weak liao ....
18/11/2021 4:54 PM
Bullballs Korek King has fulfilled my 1st criteria, i.e. that he can really korek lots of gold. Now is just to wait for some institutions or big boys to buy in cos at this price it is cheap with more gold being korek up. Else gold price shoot to USD2000 then there will be a big bang. Just be patient. Big money is just round the corner.
18/11/2021 5:34 PM
hongheng7 Not easy to invest in this counter, need to have a strong heart!
20/11/2021 8:14 AM
Mini2021 Go go go ...gold gold gold
23/11/2021 12:13 PM
Springtime Price down, gold down but staffs are still buying their esos. A bit strange. Maybe the staffs know that more and more gold is being dug up.
23/11/2021 1:03 PM
Eastern686 Latest Q show more gold r unearthed to see daylight :-p
23/11/2021 1:06 PM
Springtime E686, do u think next quarter can dig up more than 250kg gold?
25/11/2021 9:54 AM
Eastern686 Their survey previously told that there r enough gold for them to mine and mine. We no need to bother how much gold they are able to mine. We only know if they rajin, they will dig gold dig gold and their future profit will be good. We just earn by buy low sell high from each time the price swing.
25/11/2021 10:03 AM
hiddencentury Learn to cut lost :)
29/11/2021 12:40 PM
Springtime Added more today. Accumulating for next QR with more than 250kg of gold or USD 2000 gold.
29/11/2021 8:52 PM
Springtime I bought, big boss also bought. Good show.
30/11/2021 10:44 AM
Springtime Big boss keep buying cos everyday he keeps digging up more and more gold even his staffs know and that's why they also buy up their esos.
30/11/2021 11:12 AM
hiddencentury Their price is 0.35 tho
I go apply as bahvest janitor dunnow can let me buy at that price or not haha
30/11/2021 11:35 AM
timleecious Now BV cheaper sale!!
03/12/2021 10:26 AM
khpwwl wa....0.435 damn cheap
15/12/2021 5:09 PM
khpwwl looks sideway...see 0.420 got chance or not...
15/12/2021 5:10 PM
khpwwl alamak early morning forgot this counter...eastern686, what price you bought? now 0.440 already
16/12/2021 9:34 AM
khpwwl monitoring...
16/12/2021 9:58 AM
AhHuat168 不好,像要砸盘了
20/12/2021 10:20 AM
paksaham out from GN3 the price still not moving. it's dead.
30/12/2021 9:49 AM
funnyman out from GN3, now insti can buy. better collect now before insti go in and sapu all at low price
30/12/2021 10:18 AM
Alantam Low cash profit. More likely to drop
01/01/2022 6:08 PM
Bullballs Korek King, I am back. How are you? Your last year performance was bad just when it was looking good. Luckily I escaped in time with a small margin. So what's your target this year. 300Kg gold per quarter and RM2 per share, can or not?
03/01/2022 12:10 PM
Bullballs korek King, Eastern said 300kg is doable. So just do it even if you have to lease a few lorries and blackhoes which is small money compare to the gold you are going to get. Afterall your mine is an open mine, just korek and korek only, no need to go down shaft and crawl at dark tunnels like others.
04/01/2022 9:19 AM
Bullballs Korek King, still on holidays is it. how come no activities. your stock is like half dead.
10/01/2022 10:57 AM
tommyleong2000 hopeless
11/01/2022 11:28 AM
Bullballs Korek King, Bank Negara latest report said they bought USD 100 million worth of gold. Sg govt also bought gold. Did they buy from you?
12/01/2022 4:14 PM
Bullballs Alright Korek King, I can see u are back buying some stocks and also your employees. This is a show of confidence that the coming QR will be very good. Got 300kg of gold?
13/01/2022 3:21 PM
Bullballs Eastern, dont worry about the donggua, they are the same as Genting Bigsmall or Baccarrat kakis. We need them to throw their money here. Betting on a right stock is a patient game that transfer the money from the imipatient to those who are willing to wait. Korek King wont let you down. Quater to quarter he is koreking more and more gold. The 300kg target per quarter is only a matter of time and then the share price will be easily RM2.00
14/01/2022 1:08 PM
tommyleong2000 0.40 cents can goreng to RM2.00 ? unless Azam become the shareholder :)
14/01/2022 3:14 PM
Eastern686 Ya Bullballs, betting on the right stock. 300kg gold. Bahvest short term TP 70c coming. Long term TP 1.20. HuatChai TP 2.00.
14/01/2022 5:43 PM
Bullballs Korek King, do u think u have to cook your book and goreng like some O&G company lately and then get suspended to reach RM2.00 or just korek and korek to get 300kg of gold to prove that you are the Korek King and get the RM2.00 reward?
17/01/2022 3:56 PM
Bullballs Korek King, how's the gold mining production coming along? if not enough backhoes or lorries just take 2 gold bar to the dealer and pay for it la.
20/01/2022 2:01 PM
Bullballs Korek King, bank Negara latest report said it has USD2.3B gold reserve. Got enough meh? You better korek hard, they will need more in time of crisis.
24/01/2022 3:57 PM
Bullballs Korek King, Dow shake a little bit many of your supporters cabut already. You better korek and korek hard to show them that this is real gold and not some toilet paper money.
25/01/2022 12:28 PM
LMN9997 Ppl have lost confidence in this counter already after so many rounds of sell off went price go up a little. Hopeless
25/01/2022 2:25 PM
LMN9997 This counter have to trade like Vincenbravo. Buy low sell high. No need kasi face.
25/01/2022 2:25 PM
Bullballs Korek King, i bought some at 40sen so you better work hard. Next month is results time.
25/01/2022 3:14 PM
Eastern686 Almost drop to 1 year low, meaning almost every investors bought Bahvest past 12 months are losing money. What happened to Bahvest fundamental, anybody can tell me?
25/01/2022 4:41 PM
Bullballs Eastern, what that matters in this company is how much gold can Korek King korek. They dont have to worry about marketing, sales or innovation of products. Their past productions has been:

Gold/kg Silver/kg
December 2020 61.69 97.55
March 2021 137.66 43.83
June 2021 129.67 1.06
September 2021 180.26 14.35

So how much do you think he will report this coming quarter? 300kg will be a big bonus. :))))
26/01/2022 1:33 PM
Eastern686 Just got 1 lan jao dump 540000 Bahvest shares. Yesterday also got lan cao dump superhigh quantity.
26/01/2022 4:22 PM
Bullballs Cant blame people. This counter is slow moving and Korek King is very quiet and nobody knows him. So people runs out of patient after awhile. For consolation, the staffs are still buying thru their esos which is good cos they know how much gold is being korek.
26/01/2022 5:10 PM
Eastern686 Korek kingkong the orangutan sold 10mil shares a year ago, then he slowly buy back all the shares SHE sold for the past 12 months, with yesterday buying of 235000 shares, he has completed all the buying back, his direct holding is again 196,857,690 shares, no more no less than a year ago.
26/01/2022 5:39 PM
gwiyomi Tiger buy, I buy.
26/01/2022 8:23 PM
cheeseburger ESOS @ 0.35 ....
27/01/2022 3:20 PM
Vincentbravo Less than a week to go before CNY. How U guys doing? Starting to be RED :) Remember guys if its so easy to earn, better the owner and gang no need to work and also play shares... Hahaha!! Anyway remember to buy low and sell high. And never do the opposite. Cheers & Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!
27/01/2022 3:28 PM

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