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TAN SRI DATUK DR RAFIAH BINTI SALIM Member of Audit Committee View Detail
MR CHO SEONGTAEG Non Active View Detail
MISS KIM SO YUN Non Active View Detail
MISS PARK JAE SUN Non-Independent Director View Detail
DR LEE DONG WOO President View Detail
TAN SRI DATO' ABDUL RAHMAN BIN MAMAT Chairman of Remuneration Committee View Detail
MR ANG AH LECK Member of Risk Committee View Detail
CHEW MEI LING Company Secretary View Detail
LIM YOKE PING Joint Secretary View Detail
MR PARK HYUN CHUL President View Detail
MR LEE JUNG HYENG Non-Independent Director View Detail
MR LEE KWAN HO Non Active View Detail
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soon9913 PP (DCCPc1) is at ¥9,974.00 (+1.04%)

08/10/2021 9:58 PM
soon9913 price at 5 year peak now..
08/10/2021 10:00 PM
davidkkw79 Retreat back already...
08/10/2021 10:07 PM
michaelwong Still hard to break the current 2.70 resistant . Most importantly the market is the deciding factors.Just waiting for spillover effect by investors to switch to Lct as the price currently hovering from 2.55-2.65 for quite sometime as many other underrated stocks is moving up
09/10/2021 1:16 AM
soon9913 keep it to get good div.
09/10/2021 8:18 AM
soon9913 https://www.sinchew.com.my/20211007/%E5%94%AE%E4%BB%B7%E9%AB%98%E4%BC%81-%E5%9B%BD%E6%B2%B9%E5%8C%96%E5%AD%A6%E8%B4%A2%E6%B5%8B%E4%B8%8A%E8%B0%83/

polyethylene is lctitan main products.
09/10/2021 8:50 AM
thesteward Squat to jump higher?
09/10/2021 5:15 PM
BursaRangers https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/BursaRangersTechnicalPicks/2021-10-10-story-h1591994422-BursaRangers_Daily_Technical_Picks_11_October_2021.jsp
10/10/2021 9:16 PM
jonathan_k Moving uptrend. Good for lctitian let’s go
11/10/2021 11:56 AM
soon9913 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.argusmedia.com/en/news/2254187-chinas-pe-pp-futures-rise-on-coal-oil-gains%3famp=1

buy more before too late... vroommm
11/10/2021 1:23 PM
soon9913 electricty outage at china has impact significantly to their PP production
11/10/2021 1:28 PM
soon9913 China is one of the largest PP products in the world
11/10/2021 1:39 PM
davidkkw79 LCTITAN mainly manufacturing PP or PE ?
11/10/2021 6:51 PM
SandCoffee Revenue mainly from Low Density Polyethylene ("LDPE") and Polypropylene ("PP") both ASP is increasing.
11/10/2021 8:42 PM
Hong Wei Phoon LCtitan price wan to
break new "low"
12/10/2021 4:28 PM
titan3322 Keep buying QTR 3 results release end of the month should be respectable numbers do not worry lah
12/10/2021 4:40 PM
mita29 Very obvious an uptrend counter, any retracement is a good buying opportunity but I could be wrong. Trend is your friend except when it bends.
12/10/2021 5:26 PM
papazola1920 Insider keep buy many lot lor...game baru nak start
12/10/2021 5:27 PM
mita29 I also think engine baru warming up, it has to retest 3.5 some time in the future, just don't know exactly when.
12/10/2021 5:29 PM
ratz Based on trends of global prices of PPs, even 4th qtr result could be exceptional. Record profit for FY 21 within reach. Record dividend would follow.
12/10/2021 5:33 PM
papazola1920 Qtr release hujung bulan ni
12/10/2021 7:03 PM
davidkkw79 Oil up means its raw mat cost also increase, unless its product PP & PE selling prices are higher than raw mat cost, then only can dream good on its coming QR.
12/10/2021 7:18 PM
soon9913 PP price at record high aldy
12/10/2021 8:22 PM
soon9913 http://www.investing.com/commodities/pp-futures?utm_source=investing_app&utm_medium=share_link&utm_campaign=share_instrument
Please check the PP price. it is historical high
12/10/2021 8:22 PM
kamirise360 If the qtr is good, the price will go green

Posted by papazola1920 > Oct 12, 2021 7:03 PM | Report Abuse

Qtr release hujung bulan ni
12/10/2021 8:26 PM
davidkkw79 No doubt for now PE & PP is at historical high.
What I mean the coming quarter is for past months July-Sep which at that time PE & PP still not high yet, so QR may not so super
12/10/2021 8:28 PM
soon9913 https://www.pbs.org/newshour/economy/chemical-shortage-inflates-paints-and-plastics-prices

Chemical shortage
12/10/2021 9:42 PM
soon9913 PP and LLDPE price and oil price trend are same and heading to the same direction.
12/10/2021 9:43 PM
soon9913 PP and LLDPE is raw Materials as well.
12/10/2021 9:44 PM
freddiehero after 3.0 limit up
12/10/2021 10:04 PM
kamirise360 Lotte is one of counter to follow now
13/10/2021 12:26 PM
davidkkw79 wow limit up
13/10/2021 3:05 PM
KInvest8000 LCT mentioned earlier that it is conducting plants turnaround in the 3rd qtr for one of its main cracker and another PE plant. So, this qtr performance should be lower from the previously 2 historic quarters due to the turnaround, which historically means lower production and sales. Also, polymer prices moderated in Jul-Aug while crude oil is rising. So there will be some profit compression also.

Still, LCT should have exceptional full year PAT in 2021 and can expect very good dividend given its historical 50% profit payout compared to the 3sen given for 2020. The yield will be very high too given its share price now, many may not hv realize this. Hopefully the company can also provide some interim dividend along the way to attact more investors.
13/10/2021 3:14 PM
nakata Sifu, could anyone please enlighten how LCtitan benefited from the hiking price of material ?
13/10/2021 5:19 PM
soon9913 their main products selling price have been increased significantly
13/10/2021 9:24 PM
soon9913 this year is very likely declared 30cents div based on their 50% div policy
13/10/2021 9:26 PM
ratz soon9913. 30 sen net DPS is a likely scenario. At current price, it carries a 11% dividend yield plus with further price appreciation potential is a value buy. A no brainer and super attractive. A matter of time before more buty calls by research houses & foreign investors.
13/10/2021 10:29 PM
titan3322 Just keep collecting operators are now putting fear on weak holders later they will push it up when enough are collected !
14/10/2021 11:46 AM
drken91 I said it before, and will say it again.

No FUD. Period. peluk, cium ketat2 this gem.
15/10/2021 9:23 AM
stockraider All engine on loh!

Go Go Go loh!
15/10/2021 9:51 AM
monetary ema golden cross!
15/10/2021 10:59 AM
monetary bursa lifecamp webinar buy call PCCHEM. if missed the boat pls get onboard to LOTTE quickly.
15/10/2021 11:02 AM
Justin328 zzzzzz...... no momentum
15/10/2021 12:03 PM
soon9913 boss set roadblock collecting tickets
15/10/2021 5:27 PM
monetary this stock ipo 6.5 dropped til 1. so many broken hearts.
15/10/2021 6:50 PM
Edddddd now it's the time to collect
16/10/2021 10:45 AM
stockraider Fairvalue above Rm 5.00 mah!
16/10/2021 12:50 PM
soon9913 cash on hand RM5billion or RM2.20 cash per share. Current price RM2.7+.

Their biz only worth RM0.50?..

Undervalue stock and their main product- PP price keep going up!
16/10/2021 2:14 PM
Goldberg https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/forum/600551271.jsp
16/10/2021 3:28 PM
harold8990 calculated intrinsic value for Lctitan are 6.67 and 7.61 using 2 different methods. lets forget about this so called intrinsic value and set TP at 5...thats like almost 100% upside.
16/10/2021 4:15 PM


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