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Name Role View
KOH PEE SENG Director View Detail
NG THIN POH Non-Executive Director View Detail
LAU BAN TIN Non-Executive Director View Detail
TAN KAU NGEE @ TAN SEONG TIN Member of Audit Committee View Detail
MR. TAI SHZEE YUAN Executive Director View Detail
WONG LIEW LIN @ LIEW FAT LIN Managing Director View Detail
LOI KIM FAH Non-Executive Director View Detail
DATUK AMIL @ AMIR BIN JUNUS Chairman View Detail
MR SEE THIAM CHYA Independent Director View Detail
SUBRAMANIAM A/L A.V.SANKAR Chairman of Audit Committee View Detail
MR ANTHONY ANG MENG HUAT Member of Audit Committee View Detail
DATO' SYED NORULZAMAN BIN SYED KAMARULZAMAN Member of Nomination Committee View Detail
DATUK NG BEE KEN Member of Nomination Committee View Detail
CHOK KIM SIN Executive Director View Detail
IR DR. TING LAI CHOON Executive Director View Detail
DATO' NG JET HEONG Executive Director View Detail
MR CHOK KIM SIM Executive Director View Detail
WONG MEE YOW CHEEN @ LIEW MEE YOW CHEEN Executive Director View Detail
DATUK WIRA BOO KUANG LOON Chief Executive Officer View Detail
LIEW HUAT KWANG Executive Director View Detail
DATO' BEH HANG KONG Director View Detail
DATO' SRI LEE EE HOE, JP Non-Independent Director View Detail
MISS LI ZHENZHEN Non Executive Director View Detail
MR GE JIN Non Executive Director View Detail
MR LAW KIN FAT Executive Director View Detail
MISS WONG SZE WING Non Executive Director View Detail
MISS TANG PO YI Non Executive Director View Detail
MR CHAN WAI KIT Executive Director View Detail
TAN ENG ENG Chief Operating Officer View Detail
MR LAM SHUH POW Chief Financial Officer View Detail
LIM SUAT BEN Joint Secretary View Detail
NG SEE YEN Joint Secretary View Detail
LEE CHIN WEN Company Secretary View Detail
WONG YOUN KIM Company Secretary View Detail
JAUHARI BIN HASSAN Joint Secretary View Detail
LIEW CHEE SIONG Shareholder View Detail
FALCON PACE SDN BHD Shareholder View Detail
LIEW FAH CHIN Shareholder View Detail
LIEW FAT LIN HOLDING SDN. BHD. Shareholder View Detail
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BeeBearBear dear lord, this paktua is here *facepalm*, i really hope he doesn't spam the message board like what he did at KNM forum last year T__T
05/12/2020 11:41 AM
powerup89 tut tut sudah mali....mali sama sama kasi hantam on monday
05/12/2020 12:37 PM
mejarglory between yong tai and inix, which one better?
05/12/2020 12:56 PM
paktua73 yon tai more better

tut tut
05/12/2020 1:04 PM
paktua73 paktua promise..
will flooding many many with good poems here

so when banjir with Paktua poem's...
beware the sky..its will no limits..

tut tut
05/12/2020 1:18 PM
Mike Cheong Second resistant will be 0.6x ,hope can break it soon ....
05/12/2020 1:27 PM
dxbman Dxbman missed on Bintai & Solution but not Yongtai. Already bought huge
05/12/2020 1:41 PM
spidyxero ehem ehem. hi paktua
05/12/2020 1:54 PM
spidyxero Yongtai collab with Shenzen Kangtai for vaccine development & distribution.
AstraZeneca,UK (Cambridge base) ask Shenzen Kangtai to manufacture their vaccine.
jeng jeng jeng.
show is coming
05/12/2020 2:00 PM
paktua73 hehe spidy kita kasi pecahhhhhh

tut tut
inikali yong otai
05/12/2020 2:05 PM
Lele 馬國衛生部門有發表嗎?
05/12/2020 2:06 PM
ThousandWishes between yong tai and inix, which one better?

Both are rubbish.
05/12/2020 2:10 PM
Hengoredi Thousand Wishes? Non of the wishes come true? Hahaha....
Btw, rubbish is expensive business, do you know? Have some foresight before commenting.
05/12/2020 2:18 PM
bulldog Why bulldog feels like 28 hours for one day this weekend...so long to wait on Monday

Huat chaiii
05/12/2020 2:20 PM
tradeforlife007 bulldog... aggreed! hahaha
05/12/2020 2:22 PM
arthur8756 Hengoredi you just roasted him to well done lol
05/12/2020 2:32 PM
BeeBearBear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhgmQ44hPDY

this is Yong Tai's anthem on Monday !!!
05/12/2020 2:34 PM
NPRA1985 500 million vaccine doses in Q1 2021 closer to reality, says WHO

05/12/2020 2:41 PM
winghuat Buy vivacom also..

05/12/2020 6:25 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/2020-12-05-story-h1537420100.jsp
[转贴] [Video:浅谈YONG TAI BHD, YONGTAI, 7066] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
05/12/2020 7:21 PM
azmanizam Monday, when open at 0.365, need to buy more n more
05/12/2020 7:24 PM
Nightdragon Some say solution and bintai are goreng, now both reach rm1 within 3 month..haha yong tai another goreng they say. Let see again..haha
05/12/2020 7:24 PM
TeamPlayer When you have Yong Tai that is going to fly all the way... why bother to buy other counter? This counter enough to give me a BIG Christmas present!
05/12/2020 7:24 PM
Toms77 Will try luck to queue at 0.40 early morning
05/12/2020 7:57 PM
gaodim128 hope can top up more at monday... looking at other vaccine counter.. no doubt this can goes above RM1 if no pump and dump.. even holding for slightly longer term also looks positive and got potential if the vaccine is successful. Shenzen Kangtai is a huge potential for Yongtai.
05/12/2020 8:05 PM
gaodim128 even their property project also looks positive..hmm
05/12/2020 8:06 PM
FutureGains Monday will be correction bit morning..then shoot up
05/12/2020 8:28 PM
Cikam I will que ar limit up
05/12/2020 9:56 PM
Amirman8271 monday morning if TO buy que more than friday closed sure will gap up and fly
05/12/2020 10:48 PM
arthur8756 U know when paktua73 show up, it mean this stock will be like solutn or bintai.

Guys trust the news and yongtai previous rm1.3 record. Bukan like berjaya or inix punye
05/12/2020 11:25 PM
BeeBearBear eh Monday morning where got correction one, did you people saw the huge buying yesterday around 4.50pm ? i doubt the price will open below 0.40 coming Monday, especially with the agreement announcement, anyway let's all see what happens Monday morning, if gap up, everyone who bought lower two days back definitely profit above 100%
05/12/2020 11:35 PM
Cikam I heard the project in Malacca also will awarded to Yongtai
05/12/2020 11:35 PM
BeeBearBear eh cikam, jangan lah bagi heart attack, i pasal announcement semalam pun belum fully digest lagi tau, i doubt most of you people here would have even imagined of a vaccine related agreement in the first place, if the Melaka project is awarded to Yong Tai as well, then this counter will become super gila
05/12/2020 11:40 PM
Cikam Betol bro..tadi my friend call me..the uptrend not because of vaccine but development project..i was like..wowwwww...i said no lah..i know YT have project in Malacca..but he said this is the new one..
06/12/2020 12:06 AM
necromancer cruise terminal?
06/12/2020 2:23 AM
Cikam I think that old story
06/12/2020 2:36 AM
necromancer land reclaimation? since state gov agreement with KAJ has been terminated.
06/12/2020 3:09 AM
paktua73 morning to all yong tai fighters..
only 26 hours to go..
remember to set your q early..
will see one more sky is no limit..

tut tut
jangan kata Paktua tak ajak awal..
06/12/2020 7:24 AM
ngs98 Paktua dulu knm dah agak salah, harap kali ini betul betul rocket!Let's hope for limit up-this time sounds promising!!!
06/12/2020 7:51 AM
paktua73 haha ngs98..paktua not gurus but prove at solutn, bintai..

tut tut
we are swing player and we do trade as we main income..
and we know in trade no always we win..
also have absorbed loses..
in 90/15 paktua n team win..
15 we lose..
06/12/2020 8:07 AM
paktua73 we earn big at HLT, LKL,notion,nice,KTB,
current we win at solutn n bintai all we
manage bring limit up..
(Paktua team still hold top rank bring most stock to limit up)

and paktua team also lose at AA,pdz,k1,mmag,
we know the risk n we have own method how to handle the loses..

tut tut
we real swing trader n we know the risk
06/12/2020 8:11 AM
lalazai9 High risk high return but fun... tut tut
06/12/2020 8:35 AM
williamtkb Iimit up on Monday?
06/12/2020 8:54 AM
ngs98 I believe you Paktua-hope Yong Tai delivers! I think it will run up faster than sol/bintai did because those two started their announcements during glove peak but now it's all about vaccines so the time is right.I still believe gloves demand will be strong with vaccines but now am hoping Yong Tai will be Superman!!!
06/12/2020 9:35 AM
paktua73 hahaha yes ngs98 ..for paktua if not be supmx 2.0
be careplus also great..

tut tut
put capsule time on 25 april 21
in side have
1-solutn be rm15
2- bintai be rm5
3 yongtai rm5

tut tut
sweeeet dreammmmm
06/12/2020 9:49 AM
ngs98 Nonono Paktua-no more big TPs!Already got screwed waiting for TG and Supermax to reach crazy TP.Now we will be satisfied with more practical TP-Rm2 can!!??
06/12/2020 9:54 AM
Bestinv Either monday it fly up to the sky or limit down a bit due to pfizer volume uncertainty ..hope tat it will limit up to the sky instead of going down..
06/12/2020 10:00 AM
paktua73 haha nhs98 paktua just rm1.50 for yong tai (end of this year)

thats only capsule time tanam in yong tai land

tut tut
biar kita buka bila sampai 21 april 21
06/12/2020 10:03 AM
investisthekey Tut tut mari sudah merah suasana... Monday huat ah!!! Please check in awal ya.. Kapal terbang tak tunggu lama ya
06/12/2020 10:06 AM
EngineeringProfit Vaccine Theme for 2021 kah?
06/12/2020 10:09 AM

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