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kahhoeng At the formal hearing, held on 25 July 2019, the presiding judge requested BJR to submit
evidentiary evidence with respect to the total claims by BJR and fixed 19 September 2019 as the
next hearing date. On 19 September 2019, the presiding judge fixed 31 October 2019 as the final
hearing before the court decides on the JDC Lawsuit. The final hearing was subsequently re-set to
25 November 2019. The court has fixed 9 January 2020 for the delivery of the judgment.

28/11/2019 9:19 PM
Jeffreyteck Berjaya Corp warns challenging outlook remains ...... really no idea which quarter is not challenging.

Beautiful... never disappoint many's forecast.
28/11/2019 10:14 PM
888STOCK888 Thanks Kahhoeng! Can Sai lang all in now? :)
29/11/2019 8:42 AM
WilburR2 PETALING JAYA: Berjaya Corp Bhd (BCorp) has clarified that the US$200 million (RM817.4 million) invested on the property and resort development project in Jeju, South Korea, does not represent a loss suffered by the company.
“We had stated that Berjaya has invested in excess of US$200 million on our property and resort development project in Jeju, South Korea. Certain quarters have construed this statement to mean that the group has suffered a loss of US$200 million on this project. This is totally misconceived and misunderstood,” it said in a statement today.
According to BCorp, the sum in excess of US$200 million invested by the group on the Jeju project comprises cost of acquisition of the project land, infrastructure and construction costs, professional fees and statutory contributions plus finance costs and other incidental expenditure.
“This amount invested does not represent a loss suffered by the company,” it added.
The Jeju project was undertaken by Berjaya Jeju Resort Ltd (BJR), a subsidiary of Berjaya Land Bhd which is a listed subsidiary of BCorp. BJR was the master developer of the Jeju project.
BJR has commenced a lawsuit against Jeju Free International City Development Centre (JDC), a wholly owned institution under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Korean Government to claim compensation to recover its investment in the amount of about US$350 million in respect of, inter alia, costs incurred, increase in land value of the project land and other reliefs.
“The lawsuit against JDC arises from the sale of the project land by JDC to BJR which was subsequently terminated after the Korean Supreme Court ruled that the expropriation process in respect of certain parcels within the project land was invalid and hence such land parcels had to be returned to the previous landowners,” the group said.
It said that the JDC had contracted to transfer the project land to BJR with clean title, which resulted in BJR having to abort the project and subsequently instituted the lawsuit to claim compensation against JDC.
The lawsuit against JDC is ongoing and the group’s Korean lawyers have opined that BJR has a good chance of success in its lawsuit against JDC. The group is confident that it will prevail in its lawsuit against JDC and succeed in recovering the claimed compensation of US$350 million.

the SunDaily 14th March 2019
29/11/2019 11:41 AM
WilburR2 9thJan2020 delivery of judgement??
29/11/2019 11:45 AM
WilburR2 another wild boar shoot outing lol
29/11/2019 11:47 AM
samk is this legit?
30/11/2019 6:40 PM
samk https://www.facebook.com/111026483635452/videos/p.2454671618185009/2454671618185009/?type=2&theater
30/11/2019 6:43 PM
calvintaneng Looks like 24 sen Bj Corp has rock solid support from Tsvt

From here see when Tsvt wants to do something to unlock value
02/12/2019 12:10 AM
KWSI7317 Hopefully, last time very strong support at 25.5 too.
02/12/2019 1:39 AM
WilburR2 babi que up first lol
02/12/2019 7:11 AM
Victor Yong no dividend for many many years, no other choice to investkah? :p
09/12/2019 9:20 PM
Victor Yong bjassets, bj media, bjland, etc... fell like waterfall, no dividend for many many years also. :)
09/12/2019 9:22 PM
Victor Yong safer to invest in big cap with profit and dividend. avoid penny stocks especially no dividend, no profit, bad track record, etc if possible
09/12/2019 9:51 PM
Good123 bertahun tahun tak bagi dividend.... beli untuk syiok sendiri
10/12/2019 8:33 PM
Good123 vt , Tak payah harap. taik betul
10/12/2019 8:33 PM
888STOCK888 BJCORP moving... Buying BJCORP-WC... :) :)
12/12/2019 2:25 PM
shortinvestor77 No more 100% agree. Small shareholders are becoming more mature.
12/12/2019 6:56 PM
ivan9511 Hope Vt can do his job not only talk sweet sweet
13/12/2019 3:57 PM
davidkkw79 Target price is 14 sen
16/12/2019 8:04 AM
davidkkw79 Or 10 sen to 14 sen.
16/12/2019 8:04 AM
freddiehero wah.. so early ka..
16/12/2019 8:08 AM
TianTianHuat PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....

Go & take a look now...

PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....

This year really BIG BIG MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS lor...

PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....

Many people miss the boat lor... ONLY tiantianHuat.... PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....

TianTian Huat tua huat liao....

PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
18/12/2019 11:38 AM
Jeffreyteck ...Given the prevailing economic conditions and global financial outlook, Berjaya Corp said it is of the view that the group's operating environment will remain challenging going forward.....
Really no idea which particular quarter or year is without challenges? If this is the statement that management and bod can give instead of positive bottom line, we know how best they are. Anyway, price movement already told the truth. Good for trading amidst low price.
18/12/2019 8:18 PM
Nepo https://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/07/159067/bcorp-launches-its-maiden-lottery-vietnam

Hi, anybody has any news regarding the Berjaya group operates lottery in Vietnam? What is the current situation about the operation of lottery in Vietnam..?
19/12/2019 3:38 PM
888STOCK888 DLLM lo
20/12/2019 4:42 PM
888STOCK888 DLLM means Dalai Lama...

Got cash to buy overseas assets but don't want to share the cash with shareholders

23/12/2019 9:07 AM
future Agree with you 888STOCK888!! Most index link has gone up, BJCorp on of it but still lagging, come on Tan Sri Dr Vincent Tan, help the Malaysians too!
23/12/2019 6:47 PM
wilsonchan87 this bjcorp need long term holding
24/12/2019 4:08 PM
unorthodox Yes, at least 3 years!
24/12/2019 4:12 PM
Alan Lobster switch all to Sapurna Energy for better returns
24/12/2019 8:58 PM
Jeffreyteck Bursa market.... "lion companies" bit the minority SHs while "success companies" success in delivering the failure. We also had Chinese companies listed locally but only few Chinese still trust them. We had professionals who checked accounts but massive impairment revealed out of sudden and see lack of swift actions by authority and professional body to enhance reporting standards, substantial receivables can be just written off as the case of holland biscuits... non performing company can withdrew 70m while still supported by pnb, wondeful world.

Interesting situations as all these creat volatility for trading opportunities if not for LT investment. Good luck everyone.
26/12/2019 4:19 PM
Victor Yong no money to pay dividend but got money to buy bjfood shares :0

BERJAYA CORPORATION BERHAD 23-Dec-2019 Acquired 20,000 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA GROUP BERHAD 23-Dec-2019 Acquired 20,000 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA CORPORATION BERHAD 20-Dec-2019 Acquired 220,000 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA GROUP BERHAD 20-Dec-2019 Acquired 220,000 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA CORPORATION BERHAD 19-Dec-2019 Acquired 160,000 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA GROUP BERHAD 19-Dec-2019 Acquired 160,000 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA CORPORATION BERHAD 18-Dec-2019 Acquired 340,000 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA GROUP BERHAD 18-Dec-2019 Acquired 340,000 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA CORPORATION BERHAD 17-Dec-2019 Acquired 49,800 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA GROUP BERHAD 17-Dec-2019 Acquired 49,800 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA CORPORATION BERHAD 16-Dec-2019 Acquired 80,200 0.000 View Detail
BERJAYA GROUP BERHAD 16-Dec-2019 Acquired 80,200 0.000 View Detail
28/12/2019 3:18 PM
Victor Yong bjcorp takda analyst coverage langsung :)
28/12/2019 3:19 PM
Good123 only bjtoto and bjfood pay dividend. the rest of berjaya group is dead :p
30/12/2019 9:19 AM
888STOCK888 http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news/145685/labuan-awaits-the-projects-worth-billion-/
01/01/2020 2:39 AM
calvintaneng Tsvt say this year Bj corp might pay a dividend
01/01/2020 10:31 PM
888STOCK888 Wa... TSCT still here
02/01/2020 9:54 PM
888STOCK888 Buying up? Good news from JEJU and BJ China Mall??
03/01/2020 2:41 PM
888STOCK888 Bought WC... :)
03/01/2020 3:19 PM
SDF2000 U-Mobile target IPO $500Mil
U-Mobile and StarHub to trial 5G in Singapore
Seven Eleven Malaysia - Dego Ride
Razer entering to Digital Banking License in Singapore (Razer is partnering with TSVT in many aspect; and TSVT is good friend with Jack Ma)
Will Naza-Berjaya consortium become the choice for govt's fleet contract?
Legend Fighting Championship and MMA (Old news but potential catalyst)
Well... will this year a good year for BJCorp?
Currently testing resistance at 0.255; looking at the MACD, it might trend higher towards 0.26 - 0.28.
But significant upward sign will still yet to appear.
Continue to monitor.
05/01/2020 10:49 AM
Jeffreyteck 1 cent dividend every year, that will take 25 years to recover capital. Ummm, some penny stocks may have greater opportunities, afterall is just a judgement.
06/01/2020 8:30 AM
888STOCK888 Yeah... 0.235....DLLM...Dalailama bless you
08/01/2020 12:03 PM
888STOCK888 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/malaysias-shadow-economy-21-gdp-%E2%80%94-lim#.XhwZFTfx7w0.facebook

Time to Legalise sports gambling...
13/01/2020 3:57 PM
TianTianHuat PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....

Today closed at 0.085
Many Soh Hai had ALREADY CLEARED their stock at 0.075 & 0.08 CHEER!!!

PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
14/01/2020 5:09 PM
888STOCK888 https://finance.yahoo.com/news/global-chestnuts-market-cagr-almost-164926208.html

Berjaya Corp manufacture chestnuts?
15/01/2020 4:37 PM
wantanmi Country Farms subsidiary of BJCorp exports lots of organic products including chestnuts overseas?
17/01/2020 6:16 AM
wantanmi BJCorp may venture in2 wine industry soon after HKAC arbitration award from Tianyang (SkyOcean) frozen assets by China Court in part settlement of GMOC sale?

17/01/2020 6:23 AM
TianTianHuat PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....

Quickly buy, next one is 0.1 and 0.105 alredy... Huat lah, Coming up CNY big big celebration liao....

BUY BUY BUY.... Hahaha.. huii huii....Hahaha.. huii huii....

PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
PMHLDG (PMH).... Hahaha.. huii huii....
17/01/2020 4:34 PM

TP1.00 FOR BOTH!!!


ONG AH~!~!
19/01/2020 3:30 PM


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