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Key Data:
General Retail Institutional
Offer Period
Opening 26/12/2013 - -
Closing 26/12/2013 - -
Issue Price 1.76 View RemarkIssue PrciceNon-renounceable restricted offer for sale of 1,065,174,516 IOI Properties Group Berhad shares ("Restricted Offer Shares") to the shareholders of IOI Corporation Berhad on a basis of one (1) restricted offer share for every six (6) existing IOI Corporation Berhad shares. - -
Par Value 1.000 - -
Units 3,239,014,726 - -
No of Shares
Public Issue - - -
Offer for Sale 1,065,174,516 View RemarkNo of Shares - Offer For SaleRM1.76 being the offer price In relation to the Restricted Offer for Sale - -
Private Placement - - -
Time Table
Allotment Date - - -
Listing Date 15/01/2014 - -
Issuing House - - -
ISIN Code MYL5249OO007 - -
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L A still hold gogogo
04/02/2021 2:41 PM
Swing Trader woah fresh breakout today. i wait and hoping it is not fake breakout. property theme still sleeping.
04/02/2021 5:01 PM
VTrade Today up alot... any inner news.?
05/02/2021 1:31 AM
Swing Trader sell on pineapple news..kakaka
05/02/2021 9:56 AM
Lee101 Selling pineapple is great news, but it relates to IOI Corp not IOI Properties
05/02/2021 11:48 AM
Lee101 https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/787085/ioi产业涨22仙-业绩企业活动受关注
05/02/2021 11:48 AM
Lee101 IOI Properties will release its quarterly results this month. Market is expecting positive results and great project news. Given IOI Corp has been actively embarking on diversifying its businesses, it is reasonable to assume IOI Properties will also follow the same trend.
05/02/2021 12:04 PM
Lee101 The company's Vice Chairman who is also a majority shareholder bought another Rm6.8 million shares yesterday. He has spent about Rm63 million in the past 9 weeks buying the company shares in his own name. I can't wait to find out great news from the company!!
05/02/2021 7:21 PM
ivanlau today closing 1.50, mark my wording " overvalue stock at current price , it will drop to rm 1 in year 2021 " .....
06/02/2021 11:26 AM
Vin_vin Bro , Nta 3.42 u say overvalued?
07/02/2021 1:56 PM
Lee101 The company's Vice Chairman bought another Rm7.6 million shares last Friday. He has spent more than Rm70 million in the past 9 weeks buying the company shares in his own name. Can't wait for the great news to be announced!
08/02/2021 8:01 PM
Val-Elta personally, i don't think there's gonna too much good news to be announced.. at least not so soon, you're talking about ultra high net worth individual, 70million is like spare change to him, even if the share price drop 10, 20 percent from his purchase price, really no rasa to him one...

Even if you look at FY 2017, their EPS is 18.42 cents
The FY2017 is due to earnings from projects launched in 2013-2015.. which is still in the peak/just after peak of property bull run....

If their peak of bullrun, EPS is 18.42 cent, even in a best case scenario they can sustain their 3.49 cents EPS, for 4 quarters, it's still an EPS of 13 cents.. which is about fairly valued at 12x EPS for current price range.

His risk profile and your risk profile also very different.... you will cut loss if it drops 10%, he has infinite pocket to keep buying more.
09/02/2021 10:38 AM
Val-Elta why buy IOIPG for an estimated(realistic) EPS of 10-13 cents for this FY, when there're others better Price/EPS ratio, Price/NAPS, Price/NetCashPerShares property counters....
09/02/2021 10:44 AM
Val-Elta IOIPG themselves have guided that their china property sales is likely to moderate, and the previous QR result is most likely a one off event, due to the chinese in PRC, just open MCO and buy a lot....
09/02/2021 10:46 AM
Val-Elta Having said that, we'll only know upon release of Q result, for those who've already invested, even if current EPS is not overperforming, or even if it's underperforming, if ur holding power is long enough, 1.60 average price can be super cheap in 3 years time also... who knows..

It really depends on your investment objective/time frame risk acceptance...
09/02/2021 11:20 AM
Newbn00b Hope the wait won't be too long. My average price is 1.5
09/02/2021 5:07 PM
Lee101 Vice Chairman bought another Rm30 million shares yesterday. Total investment over Rm100 million in the past 9 weeks.
09/02/2021 8:17 PM
Lee101 This is a solid company with a great management team. They are presented with all sorts of great business opportunities to diversify their business all day everyday as seen in their responses to Bursa recently. I am holding on to my shares and wait to find out the next Big thing from this company.
09/02/2021 8:24 PM
Newbn00b Ouch.. Looks like going to fall back to 1.27?
10/02/2021 12:01 PM
In_Sight No matter how rich your are. I believe you will not spend 100million just for fun. Especially when you are already controlling 65% of the company. Something is very likely brewing.
10/02/2021 10:17 PM
Newbn00b I really hope so. Mr. Lee does not spend 100 million just to trap ikan bilis like me.
10/02/2021 10:33 PM
chanph Remember EPF and the Lee family had been constantly purchase and buy back shares respectively since 2 to 3 years back...
13/02/2021 8:17 AM
Newbn00b Mr. Lee buying spree is over. Trapped like a crab now
18/02/2021 5:09 PM
James Lee rubbish stock
01/03/2021 4:57 PM
Newbn00b Mr. Lee use RM100 mils to buy back his rubbish stock. Not a bad boss, isn't he?
04/03/2021 12:20 PM
In_Sight be patient....show begins in April
05/03/2021 4:09 PM
Simkokwai no news
12/03/2021 5:08 PM
Newbn00b Mr. Lee was doing charity last month. It may not happen again soon.
15/03/2021 9:24 AM
In_Sight today buy today want? lol....be patient...
15/03/2021 11:36 AM
observatory "Regarding market rumours of IOIPG getting involved in the vaccine distribution a few months ago, Dato’ Voon clarified that the company has no immediate plans to venture into other non-property related business." ~~ from analyst report

So much the rumours created to send share price from under RM1 to RM1.77 in 2 weeks.

Should get back to fundamentals. How will increased footfall contribute to the recovery? Potential catalyst from REIT listing a few years later?
16/03/2021 1:15 AM
James Lee IOI置业REITs 3年上市 股价中期具上升动力



分析员指出,截至目前,该公司的投资产业累积总值约40亿令吉。一旦新加坡Central Boulevard办公楼完工,该公司的总投资组合价值将在2023年杪达到100亿令吉。




另外,随著行管令措施逐渐放宽,该公司表示,位于布城的IOI City Mall购物商场的人流量,在近几个星期内已经大致恢复。因此,分析员预计,除了酒店业务以外,IOI置业集团旗下所有业务将强势反弹,特别是房地产投资业务。分析员指出,由于新加坡去年采取冠病阻断措施,因此Central Boulevard办公楼项目已展延9至12个月,预计2023年中旬才能完工。


布城IOI City Mall第2阶段的发展计划亦被推迟至2022年9月。第1阶段项目相当成功,第2阶段项目已出租60%的单位。


IOI置业集团闭市报1 . 4 2令吉,无起落,成交量为90万股。

16/03/2021 9:55 AM
In_Sight Are you guys ready? 2 more weeks to April and show begins!
17/03/2021 12:43 PM
mjojo007 what happens bro
17/03/2021 2:44 PM
In_Sight China!
17/03/2021 7:00 PM
In_Sight Sorry guys, just heard party’s over. Canceled! Time to leave. Bye~
24/03/2021 6:23 PM
In_Sight hmm..seems like got abit action today... to sell on rumours or to hold... that is the question
31/03/2021 1:24 PM
johotin88 What rumours? Care to share?
01/04/2021 6:20 PM
roger3210 https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3151404
26/04/2021 7:07 PM
RainT Monday drop

28/05/2021 10:30 PM
FreshNoob Forecast. Unchanged. We maintain our BUY recommendation with an unchanged TP of RM1.77 based on discount of 60% to a RNAV of RM4.44. We like IOIPG given its ability to heavily outperform its peers over the past quarters during the ongoing pandemic alongside its ability to sustain strong net margins of 20-30%. We see value in the stock as it is priced at a P/B valuation of 0.4x (below -1SD of its 5-year mean) despite generating consistent earnings during the ongoing pandemic.

Source: Hong Leong Investment Bank Research - 3 June 2021
03/06/2021 8:33 PM
FreshNoob Yes yes let's go ! Recovery
08/06/2021 3:00 PM
clez91 slow and steady, sapu & collect per week within 1.25-1.28
support at 1.24
22/06/2021 12:14 PM
FreshNoob When can move up again ?
22/06/2021 2:31 PM
clez91 dunno la @freshNoob
in 2 years time kot hahahh collect & keep in freezer
23/06/2021 2:57 PM
lucky8 1.10 a good support now, time to rebounce sharp? TP: 1.50 should be good
14/07/2021 6:16 PM
ivanlau -------- quote ---------


Feb 6, 2021 11:26 AM | Report Abuse

today closing 1.50, mark my wording " overvalue stock at current price , it will drop to rm 1 in year 2021 " .....

----- unquote -------

Today closing 1.11 !!!
14/07/2021 11:41 PM
FreshNoob Got move
25/08/2021 9:08 AM
BursaRangers https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/BursaRangersTechnicalPicks/2021-09-07-story-h1570784929-BursaRangers_Daily_Technical_Picks_08_September_2021.jsp
07/09/2021 10:59 PM
FreshNoob O.o
20/09/2021 10:00 AM
guppycrow Long term buy proxy from uptick value.
20/09/2021 8:12 PM


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