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Bamboo Green On the way back to RM4
25/02/2021 7:36 PM
megatti_maf to the moon!
25/02/2021 8:12 PM
OperationMoneyball Gonna be super day tomorrow
25/02/2021 9:02 PM
OperationMoneyball looks like catapulting at the moment to gly high later
26/02/2021 9:38 AM
andr BBB
26/02/2021 10:37 AM
davidong moving up?
02/03/2021 9:21 AM
davidong turbo charge pls
02/03/2021 9:37 AM
woodtiger information sharing

rocky / raise = ativa is the no.2 top selling car in japan 2020.

very strong presence in japan . believe will do well in malaysia , lot of surprise expected frm his car

02/03/2021 3:46 PM
woodtiger japanses wording , may use google setting to translate
02/03/2021 3:49 PM
Bamboo Green Thanks for sharing woodtiger.

By the way, I know someone carries the same name as yours, he plays golf...... lol
03/03/2021 11:30 PM
Bamboo Green Seem like EPF buy & sell everywhere & all the time
03/03/2021 11:31 PM
OperationMoneyball liking the performance. Daily increment of 2-3 sen. Building up to 11 march?
04/03/2021 9:27 AM
flippiwippi Maybe investors are excited about the Ativa launching last night.
04/03/2021 9:48 AM
keithtrade Yes assuming no Covid cases in the factories this should be over Rm 4.00 within 6 months from now.
05/03/2021 12:23 PM
Woodswater https://www.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2437547.html

TP RM 10
06/03/2021 10:09 AM
mita29 Positives: Net Cash, Low PE, Ativa, Uptrend chart, Recovery Theme, High div yield, High NTA, etc

Negative: Brand
10/03/2021 4:06 PM
keithtrade Biggest Market Share in Malaysia
10/03/2021 7:56 PM
keithtrade 41.6% of total car sales in Malaysia for 2020 is quite an achievement.
10/03/2021 7:59 PM
whycanot i thought PECCA biggest customer is proton and perodua, why pecca price going so high, but mbmr is not really moving ??? huh ???
11/03/2021 9:28 AM
ValueInvesting MBMR is the perfect share to buy for a value investor as it has:-

1. Consistent and strong earnings for the past decades even during the challenging year 2020;
2. 22.6% holding in Perodua which has been the Malaysian market leader for a decade now and there is little to no risk of it being overtaken by its competitors especially in the RM20k-70k market segment. High sales volume also equate to recurrent income stream from auto servicing and accessories sales (Proton-Geely has potential but it still can't even get the most basic things such as spare parts, after sales and car production in order. Anyway the X70/X50 SUVs are in a different market segment from Perodua and do not take away Perodua sales) Must also be noted that after Toyota had fully acquired Daihatsu in Japan, this has allowed Daihatsu, and indirectly Perodua, access to Toyota's latest techs including their class leading hybrid tech and upcoming EV tech. The DNGA platform (which is developed by Daihatsu on top of the TNGA platform) used in the Toyota Raize, Daihatsu Rocky and now Perodua Ativa siblings is a great example of this mutually beneficial synergistic relationship. The future of Perodua is bright!;
3. 51% holding in Autoliv Hirotako which is the Malaysian market leader in manufacturing safety restraint systems (seat belts, airbags and steering wheels);
4. Not to be overlooked, it also owns Daihatsu distributorship which mainly sells commercial vehicles, and Federal Auto Holding Bhd, which is one of the most established Volvo and Volkswagen dealerships in Malaysia. These are profitable subsidiaries which provides a diversified income stream to MBMR; and
5. P.E. ratio of 8x (lowest among UMW (16.2x), Bauto (13.4x) and loss making TCHONG & DRBHICOM), Net cash position of 66.2sen/share and a competent management team that has implemented a 60% dividend payout policy.

Having said that, I think that currently MBMR is more suited for long term investing and not short term goreng. Unless the Perodua Ativa gets record breaking sales these coming months (which it might, still has potential), I don't think MBMR will move up much in the next few quarters. The global automotive chip shortage issue will limit the production of Perodua, Volvo and VW cars in the short term, which in turn directly limits the profits of MBMR. Nevertheless, based on Hong Leong's analyst report, MBMR's management remains confident that Perodua will be able to overcome this issue and still hit its target of 240k sales for 2021, and the management of Perodua has a long track record of hitting or surpassing its sales target.

As a long term investor, the fact that no big kaki come goreng this share means I have more time to accumulate funds to buy more of MBMR while enjoying around 5% dividend yield per annum (much higher than any fixed income asset can offer right now).
11/03/2021 2:49 PM
keithtrade Very good analysis above, Thanks.

Also went ex dividend yesterday so thats 6 sen more to add so share price in real terms still on the up.
12/03/2021 3:41 PM
RaksasaKambing bought some MBMR a few weeks ago, looking to top up if the price is right. unrealized value
12/03/2021 9:14 PM
keonkx123 Please let me sell all at rm4
31/03/2021 10:12 AM
Gtrade MBMR ,being proxy to CPO commodity bull run, has PE of 7.41 now.EPS of 40 sen.Assuming EPS increase by 20% to 48sen, and PE rerated to 10, $4.80 TPquite undemanding
31/03/2021 10:43 AM
Bamboo Green Good quality comment by ValueInvesting, thumbs up!
31/03/2021 11:46 PM
Kengor anyone using rakuten? haven't receive dividend....
01/04/2021 9:48 AM
RaksasaKambing @Kengor Yeah mine also not in yet. Wait a while longer I guess.

In the meantime guys, some news: https://paultan.org/2021/04/01/perodua-q1-2021-sales-increase-29-to-almost-58k-4345-units-of-the-ativa-delivered-in-less-than-a-month/

Good news for MBMR
01/04/2021 5:37 PM
ValueInvesting I am using Hong Leong E-Broking and have received my dividend payment on 30th March 2021.

Indeed the Q1 sales figures reported by Perodua is truly incredible and with 14,574 bookings for the Ativa to-date, MBMR is basically guaranteed to do well for the whole financial year! Only regret now is not buying more lah. Tomorrow should be a super green day for MBMR!
01/04/2021 5:55 PM
woodtiger as forecast doing well


still holding
01/04/2021 5:58 PM
Stock Kingdom Good counter, worth to compared this way

downside = limited, less than 10%
Upside = potential 20% if market revalue it to RM4
01/04/2021 11:16 PM
RaksasaKambing @Valueinvesting They are churning out about 4,000 Ativa a month, at this rate by end of June there will be more on the road than X50 although it had a four month start. That's before we even talk about after-sales service. I decided to take profit on DRB and buy more MBMR--besides capital gains you also have steady dividends.

Another interesting counter to watch is Bermaz Auto. They did a good job with Mazda marque and now just secured Kia. Kia had been horribly managed by Naza up to this, really spoil the brand. Good cars, excellent value and suitable for Malaysian tastes but their after-sale service was horrible. Got potential there.
02/04/2021 6:47 AM
keithtrade MBMR is a buy at current price with PE of 8.2 and yield of 6.5% there is great potential
02/04/2021 9:10 AM
keonkx123 All the good news but this counter not moving an inch.. i wonder why haiz. I have been holding it
02/04/2021 9:36 AM
keonkx123 and averaging down down it since mco 1.0
02/04/2021 9:37 AM
keonkx123 I guess i know why this counter isnt moving. About 70% of the shares are held by institutional
02/04/2021 12:05 PM
keonkx123 And private companies, general public only have access to 20% of the shares...
02/04/2021 12:05 PM
Bamboo Green Think this way, if only limited available shares out there, it supposed easier to move as institutional investors are not easily throw even price up
02/04/2021 1:09 PM
Bamboo Green Not like those companies with lots of small retailers, whose price is normally very volatile

Companies with many institutions are more stable in prices
02/04/2021 1:10 PM
keonkx123 But stability come with a price - a counter with good dividend yield but low to zero movement in share price. Thats not good to me, as i am looking for both dividend yield and capital gain
02/04/2021 2:59 PM
zen_2k good luck to u keonkx, those are very rare
04/04/2021 2:49 AM
keonkx123 Thanks TT
05/04/2021 9:30 AM
Gtrade MBMR sells PERODUA cars to the B40 mkt.These group of people especially from the Felda and oil palm sector ,benefit from CPO price touching 4000 rgt. While almost every sector are suffering except glove and semicon sectors, these people are laughing to MBMR Perodua cars

CPO price hit 4000 rgt region will benefit good management plantation company. Car related company, especially those that cater to B40 will benefit too. Felda settlers will be zooming to car dealers for their favorite 20k-70k car, not BM w or Mercedes showroom . Kimloong, MBMR should benefit from current commodity bull rally
08/04/2021 5:50 PM
ValueInvesting MBMR's board has proposed a final dividend of 9 sen, which would bring the total dividend for FY2020 to a total of 20 sen. At the current share price of RM3.40, this is an impressive dividend yield of 5.88%!
08/04/2021 6:13 PM
RaksasaKambing Really impressive.
08/04/2021 8:21 PM
RaksasaKambing The latest proposal for MBMR to buy back another 10% shares will probably be approved, so this will lead to less shares out in the open market for retailers. They probably want to do it because prices are still quite low at this stage, and more treasury shares means more of the dividends get kept in the company as cash flow. What does it mean for retailers?

1. Less exposure to open market means less volatility, less likely to goreng.
2. Higher treasury shares will incentivise them to continue their dividend policy or even make it more generous.
3. On the short term, the buy-back will trigger a rise in share prices, because of temporary buying pressure. This may raise interest in this counter.
4. It will likely improve the financial ratios of the company. They are basically taking advantage of their current high profits but discounted share price.
09/04/2021 9:08 AM
ValueInvesting @RaksasaKambing (haha, what an interesting username by the way) I agree with your assessment on the positive impact of share buy-backs by MBMR. However, do take note that the company has received the mandate to buy-back its own shares since 2003 as can be seen in this company announcement https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=60752
However, MBMR has not been buying back its shares for at the past few years. They are likely keen to maintain the current public shareholding spread to avoid triggering any MGO requirements and to allow the share price to float organically.
09/04/2021 9:53 AM
WannaBeTechAnalyst Ahahaha @Gtrade can literally explains why earth is flat instead of sphere shape.

"@Gtrade MBMR sells PERODUA cars to the B40 mkt.These group of people especially from the Felda and oil palm sector ,benefit from CPO price touching 4000 rgt. While almost every sector are suffering except glove and semicon sectors, these people are laughing to MBMR Perodua cars

CPO price hit 4000 rgt region will benefit good management plantation company. Car related company, especially those that cater to B40 will benefit too. Felda settlers will be zooming to car dealers for their favorite 20k-70k car, not BM w or Mercedes showroom . Kimloong, MBMR should benefit from current commodity bull rally"
14/04/2021 1:04 AM
Up_down Nice story. Play safe with MBMR.
14/04/2021 11:09 AM
Gtrade MBMr, solid, and steady inspite of red red sea today.
03/05/2021 10:40 AM
Gtrade Red sea today. MBMR still standing tall
06/05/2021 10:33 AM

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