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SnowGray TSH?
15/03/2019 11:54
NaasifBaik Posted by nckcm > Mar 14, 2019 08:44 PM | Report Abuse

Just call the office and inquire information lo.. no response means money game alrdy hahaha

i got call also, but got ppl answer my call name jason
15/03/2019 11:58
jaynetan what information you want?
15/03/2019 12:38
Woodie_72 can buy in now?
15/03/2019 15:37
Shinnzaii Aiyo...banyak directors makan...hehe
15/03/2019 17:16
paperplane Up liao so much only ask.. Haha
15/03/2019 18:57
GeniusTinker Eyes for 0.45 next week
15/03/2019 21:36
2fast4u Latest news of aturmaju on theedge, Aturmaju securing over RM100million project
16/03/2019 20:23
Celamah Monday should know up or down
16/03/2019 23:19
jaynetan I play for money
17/03/2019 09:53
Flix788 after this good news, tmr will go up? can buy?
17/03/2019 11:32
Birdbird31 confirm monday will fly
17/03/2019 11:43
nckcm Mother share fly to trap more people in arbritary gap earnings. Just get the PA instead
17/03/2019 11:52
cytew Don't buy PA....No more arbitrage opportunity, pa has been appreciating for more than 1800% in just 2 months, it is very huge gain for major pa holders since their cost is only 1 sen each , and they are having big quantities as one share got 15 pa at 1 sen each only...
17/03/2019 12:10
nckcm Probably forced selling in PA, then eventually mother share fall again. Back to 0.30 level. Keep repeating until everyone give up this counter
17/03/2019 12:15
Waterflea Monday i assume got show.
17/03/2019 12:32
peterthegreat for me as long as fundamental solid, got new project keep coming in..
17/03/2019 14:57
Daybreak11 buy before fly
17/03/2019 15:51
stockjobber Limit up tomorrow ?!!
17/03/2019 16:23
samyew1234 yes, sailang all
17/03/2019 16:25
ruby20 From another discussion... on theedge news over the weekend...

sharing for information purposes...

@nickchung on this news I jus wanna comment a few things, some already covered by amin, jason n also nick himself...

1) This is just RUMOURS. It's "sources related to the matter"
2) This rumours is pretty weird... Firstly, a private company secured a large scale solar panel contract worth RM100m.. from a "local university in the north". Question... like amin asks... a local university can spend 100m???
3) IF a private company already secured a large scale solar panel, why would they want to sell it to Aturmaju.. why not to... Salcon or Cypark or Chinhin or some others who has experience and synergies they can leverage on in these fields, instead of Aturmaju?
4) How much will they sell their 50% equity stake to Aturmaju for? Does Aturmaju have the funding for such acquisition? People need to know that there are serious HIGH barriers to entry to do solar contracts. From discussions with Tenaga to discussions to create the farm to buying the cheapest panels... These do not come cheap.
5) as nick pointed out... these are timber company that is becoming IT company as 2 guys came in and now they want to venture out to solar where none of these people have any clue on?

This again, build on to my skepticism on the company. No doubt, this will create a buzz and the stock WILL PROBABLY FLY TMR, but it is built on noise. And that's the most dangerous type of trade you can put your resources on.

Once again, just my point of view, I have nothing agaisnt $ATURMJU / 7181 (ATURMAJU RESOURCES BERHAD), just want to give personal opinions so people hv more info to their risk / reward towards their decisions.

source: stock bit malaysia
18/03/2019 00:01
nckcm Yes i was in that discussion . Somethings are too good to be true.. if it does.. no doubt definitely will fly to 1.0, but bare in mind , why exercise PA with so many good news ? Think about it. Who were the ones holding at 1 sen of PA ? I can sell it cheap to cause chaos . Right .?
18/03/2019 00:26
tm9999 Run !!!
18/03/2019 07:39
nckcm Why noone dare buy ah ?
18/03/2019 09:44
kmwong8711 Paper sifu what happens to this counter please comment a bit
18/03/2019 11:16
nckcm Read back the comments, dont expect us to spoon feed u
18/03/2019 11:17
GeniusTinker top up again at 0.375
18/03/2019 11:47
Waterflea Market is hard to understand. When too many good news appear. The price will show saturated.
18/03/2019 13:05
GeniusTinker Annual report out ald, based on the info inside annual report, the future looks convincing.
18/03/2019 16:31
micky92 game not over yet..
18/03/2019 17:11
GeniusTinker Games on still
18/03/2019 17:57
paperplane No comment. Buy at own risk
18/03/2019 18:09
reime directors disposed.... game over
18/03/2019 19:13
paperplane Query Letter Contents
We refer to the above article appearing in The Edge Malaysia, Page 33, on Monday, 18 March 2019, a copy of which is enclosed for you reference.

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the underlined sentence(s) which is/are reproduced as follows :-

(a) “Aturmaju is looking to acquire at least 50% plus one share in a solar company. A material announcement could be made anytime this month.”

(b) “The target firm, which is privately owned, is said to have secured a large-scale solar panel contract worth over RM100 million from a local university in the north.”

(c) “The acquiree was awarded a 30-year concession by the local university to undertake a 5MW solar panel project at one of its campuses. All the electricity generated will be for the university’s own consumption.”

In accordance with Bursa Securities' Corporate Disclosure Policy, kindly furnish Bursa Securities with an announcement for public release confirming or denying the above reported article in particular the underlined sentences after due and diligent enquiry with all the directors, major shareholders and all such other person reasonably familiar with the matters about which the disclosure is to made in this respect. In the event you deny the above reported sentences or any other part of the article, you are required to set forth facts sufficient to support the same.

Please furnish Bursa Securities with your reply via Bursa Link by today.

Yours faithfully,
Vice President, Issuers,
Listing, Regulation

Cc : Market Surveillance Dept. , Securities Commission (via fax)
18/03/2019 19:25
paperplane The Board of Directors of Aturmaju Resources Berhad (“ARB” or “the Company”) wishes to clarify that as of the date of this announcement, the management of ARB is still in negotiations with the relevant party pertaining to the possible acquisition and/ or collaboration with the aforesaid party with regards to the solar project. As at the date of this announcement, the Board has not deliberated on this matter as it is still at very early stages and has also not appointed any professionals for the aforesaid proposal. In the event at any decision are made in relation thereto, the Board will make necessary announcement accordingly.

The Board is cognisant of the need for proper dissemination of information to the public and would release announcement on Bursa Securities on any material issue on a timely basis as required by the Main Market Listing Requirements of the Bursa Securities.
18/03/2019 19:25
paperplane hehe.,,,,it is true, they are talking loh.
18/03/2019 19:26
paperplane if no such thing alredi deny lah
18/03/2019 19:26
nckcm Aiya u see prestariang, also same thing ma. End up no news hahah
18/03/2019 19:28
kmwong8711 Paper sifu that mean this counter still got hopes at least the game is still going on right
18/03/2019 21:55
Funny O. 6 for pa.
18/03/2019 22:21
peterthegreat pa 0.6 + 1.. hehe
19/03/2019 00:37
paperplane How true is the solar and mou. I really dunno. For me,wait for result confirmation and audited before buying too much. Always apply cut loss mentality. Like the u loss some, gain lot in long-term
19/03/2019 00:49
kmwong8711 Paper sifu got it TQVM
19/03/2019 05:32
kmwong8711 https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/503998
Happy investing
19/03/2019 07:56
Waterflea look fine.
19/03/2019 11:23
Waterflea at least dont too much good news release will be fine. director disposal via off market is just transac between individual or unknown which didt affect price itself directly. none of our business too.
19/03/2019 11:50
nckcm Dont talk kok la.. just accept the fact this company maybe not what u think. From timber to IT to solar, next is to holland. Cut loss now
19/03/2019 11:56
kmwong8711 Cut loss for you to buy arr
19/03/2019 12:21
nckcm Watch how they sell down the pa
19/03/2019 14:31
GeniusTinker PA now is far more expensive than mother share, the story is totally different from 2 weeks ago
19/03/2019 15:54


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