KLSE: PRLEXUS (8966)       PROLEXUS BHD MAIN : Consumer
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0.765   -0.005 (0.65%)  0.765 - 0.775  404,200
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General Retail Institutional
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Insider007 Not interested anymore on this counter guys??
05/02/2020 9:32 PM
MatBum07 Just started...
05/02/2020 9:35 PM
NagaPelangi southern doji + 2 days gap up with big volume + break weekly resistance = bullish reversal.
06/02/2020 8:49 AM
Insider007 Why warrant not moving?
06/02/2020 11:00 AM
KINGCOBRA3 that question I have been raising since yesterday and this morning!!! those operators purposely control the game....got so fedup I deleted my posts!...operators keep on pressing until small retailers cannot tahan and lose interest in punting them!
06/02/2020 11:31 AM
maxprofit2020 Beware !! 3 scenarios :
1) If today's closing is higher then yesterday high of 0.84, the uptrend may not yet finish.
2) If today's closing is lower then opening of < 0.82, then it may form a gravestone for a beginning of downtrend.
3) If today's closing is 0.82 equal to opening, the trend is indecisive and may have 50% chance signal a reversal to downtrend from past 2 days huge surge, or a 50% chance to take a break for longer term uptrend.
06/02/2020 12:51 PM
KINGCOBRA3 Insider007, yesterday Prlexus share up 10s....the warrants unchanged! REAL JERK......pui!!!!!!!!
06/02/2020 2:25 PM
KINGCOBRA3 to all retailers I hope they avoid buying...let those GREEDY operators buy/sell themselves!...first time seeing this!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/02/2020 2:28 PM
Scorse operators are blocking WA from moving?
06/02/2020 5:04 PM
KINGCOBRA3 bought warrants at 115s....regret did'nt offload at 15s!...wanna see how low those greedy operators create!.....mother up but warrants went opposite directions last two days! WEIRD....
07/02/2020 10:13 AM
Scorse See how low the mother is.
07/02/2020 5:01 PM
maxprofit2020 The past 3 days chart showing an evening star.
Wed : open = 0.755, close = 0.825 => up 0.07 (close - open create long green bar, retailers start chase high with high volume).
Thur : open = 0.84, close = 0.835 => down 0.005 (a narrow red body, price still higher then Wed close, retailer expect a higher high may happen and continue chase high with high volume).
Fri : open = 0.825, close = 0.795 => down 0.03 (close - open create long red bar, retailer being trapped in, low volume compared to previous 2 days, most retailers holding stock expect rebound).

An evening star indicate a downtrend may happen from Monday onward. Those who chase high last week by Wed & Thur (overbought) and not yet sell until next Monday will face a downtrend and will start panic selling from Monday onward.
08/02/2020 7:05 PM
shareinvestor88 Garment apparel production stopped in china. I think will flow to magni n prolexus
09/02/2020 4:03 PM
maxprofit2020 As expected, after an evening star formed by last week, today will be a free fall with no support. The operator created a fake uptrend last week for retailers to chase high. For those already sold last week, no rush to buy back. For those not yet sell, sell first and you can buy back at lower price.
10/02/2020 9:22 AM
Scorse Waterfall
11/02/2020 3:12 PM
ywong888 volume is pilling up!!!
11/02/2020 4:24 PM
14/02/2020 2:33 PM
Scorse got some wa at 100!
14/02/2020 3:11 PM
ywong888 Hopefully more sport apparel PO will fall back to Malaysia..... flying up!!!
14/02/2020 4:45 PM
maxprofit2020 After hitting lowest this week 0.75 by Tuesday, it formed a support and it gradually trend up the support.

Tue lowest : 0.75
Wed lowest : 0.755
Thu lowest : 0.76
Fri (today) lowest : 0.765
next support should be 0.77 = SMA 12 & SMA 30.

The low per day trending higher high in 4 days consistently, the support being solid formed at the level.

The first resistant is 0.82 which = SMA 50.
If Monday able to breakthrough 0.82 and close above 0.82, then a new uptrend is confirmed, else may go sideway between 0.77 ~ 0.82 for consolidation.
The second resistant will be 0.865.
14/02/2020 5:11 PM
maxprofit2020 by Monday closing we shall have a clearer picture this round of uptrend whether is for real.
14/02/2020 5:15 PM
shareinvestor88 Production shifting from china to prol n magni
14/02/2020 5:28 PM
Scorse Where did you get the info, shareinvestor88?
15/02/2020 11:14 AM
shareinvestor88 Think logically. If ur making garments in china , now production in limbo , where wud u go to ??
15/02/2020 1:57 PM
KINGCOBRA3 this time can we really in uptrend stage?
17/02/2020 10:23 AM
maxprofit2020 This morning had retested the support of 0.77 = SMA 30 then rebound.
The current resistant shall be 0.815 = SMA 50.
Shall today closing is able to close at 0.815 or above and stabilize for this week, it will be a significant reversal of trend.

The major downtrend started Dec 13th when SMA 50 at the time at 0.945 broken and all the way down to 0.695 by Feb 3rd (in between all the rebound are temporary).

0.815 = current SMA 50 will be crossover point for reversal to a long term uptrend if able to breakthrough and sustain.
18/02/2020 10:48 AM
maxprofit2020 If not able to breakthrough 0.815, then it will go side way for consolidation between 0.77 ~ 0.815 until 0.815 become a support instead of resistant.
18/02/2020 10:52 AM
KINGCOBRA3 fake uptrend ....to trap retailers ...PRL n its warrants!
18/02/2020 11:30 AM
maxprofit2020 It depends on whether 0.815 can breakthrough and sustain for this week, then it is a real uptrend.
All indications are currently positive, it will be a normal consolidation (back & forth) between 0.77 ~0.815 until selling pressure depleted, then a long term uptrend start from 0.815 will be possible.
18/02/2020 11:38 AM
maxprofit2020 For those already sold above 0.8 :
0.77 is the current support level = SMA 30 for buy back
0.815 is the current resistant = SMA 50
18/02/2020 11:42 AM
ywong888 fund managers are playing game??? drastic up & down
18/02/2020 4:48 PM
maxprofit2020 It is left hand sell to right hand to flush out weak holders and collecting stocks at low price.

Currently it is at a junction of cross-over (the downtrend from Dec 13th going to end this month and a new uptrend gradually forming this month, the current cross over point is 0.81 ~0.82).

The operator is pushing the price up & down to let retailers chase high and panic sell within a day 2 times to flush out weak holders, unload stocks above 0.8 and collecting stocks below 0.8.

For those already sold, the current buy back support level is 0.77/0.78.

For those intend to sell, the current resistant is 0.81/0.82.

In between there will be huge volume park at buy or sell Q, take the opportunity to buy back at low price 0.77/0.78 and sell above 0.8, ride with the trend instead of chase high above 0.8 & panic sell below 0.8.
18/02/2020 5:34 PM
KINGCOBRA3 those stupid operators trying to press down its warrants whereas mother strong having steady followup buyers!
19/02/2020 3:05 PM
maxprofit2020 The support and resistant will be gradually narrow down and will finally match. The 2 mths downtrend will be ended this month, follow by a new start for an uptrend once support & resistant match.

Current support level : 0.78
Current resistant : 0.805
Delta : 0.025

The operator continue push the price up and down (2 times/day) within support & resistant to flush out weak holders and those who chase high.

Buy at support level 0.78 and sell > 0.8
instead of chase high > 0.8 & panic sell at 0.78.

Once the cross over done for the previous downtrend (from Dec 13th to now) with new uptrend, the price will start flying.
19/02/2020 5:12 PM
Hwai Hooi this time seem like coming?
20/02/2020 3:15 PM
KINGCOBRA3 fxxk those warrants!...downtrend
20/02/2020 3:27 PM
Hwai Hooi change buy mom better
20/02/2020 3:28 PM
maxprofit2020 I believe those who sold below 0.8 for past 4 days shall be regret by now.
It is a beginning of uptrend, crossover from previous downtrend.

Always buy low (0.7x) and sell high (0.8x)
instead of chasing high (0.8x) and panic sell (0.7x).
20/02/2020 4:26 PM
ywong888 building strong based.....
20/02/2020 4:43 PM
maxprofit2020 It wont up everyday, short term there will be fluctuation daily to continue flush out weak holders and those who chase high.
Long term it is an uptrend.
Buy when price adjust down, sell when price break new high.
20/02/2020 4:49 PM
KINGCOBRA3 to those warrant operator....mother fxxckers!!!
20/02/2020 4:53 PM
maxprofit2020 Today's low 0.77 vs. today's high 0.835 = delta 0.065 > 8% profit within a day if buy low in early morning and sell high by closing.
20/02/2020 4:54 PM
maxprofit2020 warrant exercise price is 1.2, it means long term the mom will move from RM 0.8x towards RM 1.2, still have 44% to go.
20/02/2020 5:11 PM
Scorse Both mother and warrant will break new high again, Max?
20/02/2020 5:25 PM
maxprofit2020 I am not sure about warrant, however, as I stated for past one week, the previous downtrend from Dec to Feb (for mom) will be ended by Feb, new long term uptrend is gradually form to crossover and reverse the previous downtrend.

However, any trend be it up or down, there will be short term adjustment or daily fluctuation which is normal (example past 4 days daily low is 0.77/0.78, daily high is 0.805/0.835).

In long term the mom is trending up.

My advice is do not play warrant although in term of % it is high, however the risk is much higher.
20/02/2020 5:38 PM
Scorse What is the new resistance and support for now?
21/02/2020 9:27 AM
maxprofit2020 Just for reference as the price will move volatile during the crossover for uptrend, and thus the support and resistant will change day to day :

The moving average above SMA 30 ~ 50 days = 0.775 ~ 0.8 will be the support.
The current resistant = 0.855 (today's high) & 0.865 (Feb 6th's high) & 0.885 (Dec 27th's high).

Important :

DO NOT chase high when price rally.
BUY when price adjust down.
SELL when price spike up.

In long term it is trending up, however the principle is buy low sell high, do not chase high.
The operator will push the price up and down to flush out weak holders and those who chase high.

The high volume in sell Q and buy Q are fake volume to push the price up and down.
21/02/2020 9:42 AM
maxprofit2020 As stated this morning, the closing fall within the support level.

Those who chase high today and didn't realize profit will be regret as it close at day low of 0.8 (vs day high 0.855).

Those who chase high yesterday and today if did not realize profit, next Mon & Tue will see further adjustment & consolidation as :
Monday will be T + 2 for those chase high yesterday 0.8 ~0.835 (Thur).
Tuesday will be another T + 2 for those chase high today 0.8 ~0.855 (Fri).

The trade on Mon & Tue may fall within 0.77 ~ 0.81.
The current high buy Q volume at 0.795 is a fake volume.

Important :

DO NOT chase high when price rally.
BUY when price adjust down.
SELL when price spike up.
21/02/2020 5:10 PM
maxprofit2020 Good opportunity to buy low this morning. Expected price will rebound again after the adjustment.
24/02/2020 9:35 AM
maxprofit2020 A good closing today within expectation at the support level of 0.77.

Today's adjustment (lowest 0.755 due to political uncertainty) given superb opportunity to buy back lower before a strong rebound that expected this week for a long term uptrend.

After tomorrow (Tue) flush out balance weak holders & those chase high last week, expect Wed onward will retest resistant 0.855.

Always buy low (0.7x) and sell high (0.8x).
Instead of chase high (0.8x) and force sell at low price (0.7x).
24/02/2020 5:07 PM


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