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25-Mar-2020 Daily technical highlights – (SCOMNET, PENTA)
25-Mar-2020 Daily Technical Highlights – (SCOMNET, PENTA)
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18-Sep-2019 M+ Online Technical Focus - 18 Sept 2019
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09-Aug-2019 M+ Online Technical Focus - 9 Aug 2019
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29-Jul-2019 M+ Online Technical Focus - 29 Jul 2019
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01-Jul-2019 [转贴] SCOMNET 神通网络 – 派对即将结束,离场为妙! - RH Research
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16-Apr-2019 神通科技佈局扩盈利
04-Apr-2019 Trading Buy - SCOMNET (0001)
03-Apr-2019 Traders Brief - Construction and O&G Stocks to be Focused
03-Apr-2019 Supercomnet Technologies - Riding on Medical Industry After the SMP Acquisition
01-Apr-2019 M+ Online Technical Focus - 1 April 2019
01-Apr-2019 Daily Market Update - 1 Apr 2019 (SCOMNET, FGV)
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BobLimm For the period under review , Group revenue has been increased by 48.28% (or RM29.49 million) from RM 61.08 million to RM 90.57 million whereby Supercomal Medical Product(SMP) contribute 20.61 million of the sales increment. The profit after tax increased by 40.44 % ( or RM 4.11 million) from RM 10.15 million to RM 14.26 million after the amortisation of RM 3 million intangible assets. The improvement in profit mainly due to contribution from SMP which accounted 80% of profit for the period .

Medical business is contributing 2/3 of the revenue growth.
27/11/2019 6:24 PM
BobLimm If not for RM3mil amortization, profit would have been RM17mil
27/11/2019 6:26 PM
dasm1284 @BobLimm no worries. SMP should drive the revenue going forward
27/11/2019 8:48 PM
Investar2862 Stock price should be better from now...
28/11/2019 8:57 AM
tracker113 this stock gg liao
29/11/2019 10:40 AM
Excommunicado Being the person who is directly involved in Sapien 3 valve by Edwards Lifesciences , it's the only valve in the world that has direct competition with the valve by medtronic. The Asian penetration of this valve is still at the beginning stage, but soon we will see an increase in the usage of sapien 3. The only downside is the vale costs about 100k. However, it's been widely used in European countries. What I can see is the revenue for it will continue to grow in near future because of the new research paper on the usage of the valve named Partner III trial. Hence, it's quite a safe assumption that the revenue will keep growing from the medical side.
02/12/2019 11:10 PM
tracker113 gone... no buyer at all
04/12/2019 4:25 PM
ZStrader just wait when it turn... hohooo
04/12/2019 9:21 PM
dasm1284 Ho Ho Ho
05/12/2019 8:45 AM
LiimInvest Impossible
08/12/2019 6:32 PM
dasm1284 I agree with @LiimInvest. this stock is a growth story
09/12/2019 8:46 AM
tracker113 good stock also down
13/12/2019 10:32 AM
Huat1 Immediate support at 0.72.
Already Oversold !!!
Time to rebound
15/12/2019 7:27 PM
runroadtokl TA show is time to rebound
17/12/2019 5:00 PM
LiimInvest Yu_and_Mee@ hahaha impossible. TP over RM 1.00
17/12/2019 6:43 PM
Investar2862 Congratulation!

You got your charting right...

Posted by Huat1 > Dec 15, 2019 7:27 PM | Report Abuse

Immediate support at 0.72.
Already Oversold !!!
Time to rebound
18/12/2019 11:06 AM
dasm1284 impossible. this is a potentially RM1 stock.
18/12/2019 11:07 AM
dasm1284 huat1 master of charts , hehe
18/12/2019 11:30 AM
t_nike2002 PE 29x wake up....
26/12/2019 4:38 PM
BobLimm Coming up

04/01/2020 4:16 PM
07/01/2020 10:32 AM
LiimInvest Medical devices products
28/01/2020 10:54 PM
LiimInvest Technical Buy - SCOMNET-WA (0001WA) - PublicInvest Research | I3investor
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PublicInvest Research click to expand contents
Technical Buy - SCOMNET-WA (0001WA)
Author: PublicInvest Publish date: Wed, 29 Jan 2020, 6:11 PM

Target Price: RM0.535, RM0.590
Last closing price: RM0.490
Potential return: 9.1%, 20.4%
Support: RM0.440
Stop Loss: RM0.425
Possible for further upside. SCOMNET-WA rebounded off its key support level. Improving RSI and MACD indicators currently signal reasonable entry level, with anticipation of continuous improvement in both momentum and trend in near term. Should resistance level of RM0.515 be broken, it may continue to lift price higher to subsequent resistance levels of RM0.535 and RM0.590. Note that the maturity date of SCOMNET-WA is on 19 June 2024.

However, failure to hold on to support level of RM0.440 may indicate weakness in the share price and hence, a cut-loss signal

Source: PublicInvest Research - 29 Jan 2020
29/01/2020 9:18 PM
BobLimm Key customers earning reporting, sales grew 20%

31/01/2020 6:28 AM
LiimInvest Good news
03/02/2020 4:59 PM
BobLimm 80% of raw material cost of cable wire is copper. Copper price has been tumbling down for the past months from USD6300 to 5500/ton and it is still coming down. For sure this lower raw material cost will boost their margin.
04/02/2020 11:43 AM
vcheekeong disappointed
21/02/2020 7:06 PM
LiimInvest Heard coming QR is good
21/02/2020 9:57 PM
stressedesserts Signficant Revenue Growth Factors:
1. Major Clients: Edward Lifesciences + Ambu both had huge sales growth
Edward Lifesciences:
• Q4 TAVR1 sales grew 29%; underlying sales grew 30%
• SAPIEN 3 transcatheter heart valve received expansion in Europe
2. Edward Lifesciences received FDA approval for 2 transcatheter heart valve systems
2. Medical sector growth
3. Malaysia Budget 2020: RM227M for upgrading medical equipment
4. Edwards Lifesciences Ltd set up its second regional business hub in KL
5. Copper price stayed low in Q4 2019
22/02/2020 11:29 PM
dasm1284 thanks @Stressedesserts for the catalysts above. be patient to loyal shareholders : )
23/02/2020 2:29 PM
LiimInvest Global Demand for Medical devices is increasingly
23/02/2020 6:10 PM
dasm1284 QR incoming!
25/02/2020 4:16 PM
tracker113 result out
27/02/2020 5:30 PM
LiimInvest Good result too
27/02/2020 5:41 PM
LiimInvest https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/financial-reports/view/694836
27/02/2020 7:12 PM
jasonchong113 but no vol share.. keep drop
27/02/2020 8:40 PM
dasm1284 that's because it is overlooked by market
28/02/2020 8:09 AM
LiimInvest Scomnet net profit up 126% in 4Q19 - https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2020/02/28/scomnet-net-profit-up-126-in-4q19 (Share from StockHunter)
28/02/2020 11:06 AM
tracker113 this share is gone... no support
16/03/2020 12:14 PM
BobLimm Seems like Scomnet is granted for essential medical production.
19/03/2020 9:32 AM
tracker113 where can see?
19/03/2020 5:41 PM
bird_81 back to 10 cent soon
20/03/2020 1:41 AM
mf Investing.com - U.S. stock futures plunged on Sunday, pointing to more mayhem when markets open on Monday.

-Dow futures plunge 900 points, or 5%
-S&P 500 futures tumble 5%
-Nasdaq futures sink 5%
-VIX jumps 11%
23/03/2020 7:39 AM
LiimInvest Medical devices sector deemed important growth for Covid19
24/03/2020 8:01 PM
tracker113 big shareholder done margin force sell
26/03/2020 12:15 AM
luckycharm Wayang gonna start...
27/03/2020 10:43 AM
luckycharm Only this dragon still sleeping come on , hoot untill 0.700...
27/03/2020 10:44 AM
LiimInvest https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/657655
29/03/2020 12:26 AM
LiimInvest Healthcare and infrastructure to benefit
TheStar Sat, Mar 28, 2020 09:10am - 1 day ago
While all eyes have been on the glove manufacturers, little attention has been given to the makers of health equipment and products, which in all honesty, have seen a similar rise in their demand.

“For example, companies like Nova Wellness Group Bhd and APEX HEALTHCARE BHD which sells supplements like Vitamin C, sanitizers and face masks, the demand for these products have also been through the roof, ” says one analyst.

Meanwhile equipment providers such as UWC Holdings Bhd and Supercomnet Technologies Bhd supplies devices and components for Covid-19 testing.

Earlier this week, hospital furniture manufacturer and provider LKL International Bhd saw its share price double in one week, as investors anticipated further contract wins for the company.

On March 25, LKL was awarded a contract for the supply of personal protective equipment to public hospitals in Sarawak for RM6.57mil.

Besides LKL, the other supplier of hospital equiment is BCM Alliance Bhd.

Listed hospital operators include IHH HEALTHCARE BHD and KPJ Healthcare Bhd.
29/03/2020 4:40 PM
newbie8080 Not sure how this company can benefit from COvid-19

This details from annual report:

Products and Markets
1.Automotive Cables
SAC’s cables are part of the automotive wiring harnesses, which form an integral part of electric power for various
systems in an automotive such as power window systems, lighting systems, ignition, alarms, air conditioning.

2.Electrical appliance and consumer electronics cables.
STB manufacturers power supply cables and specialised cables for audio and video signals.

3.Cable for Medical Products and Devices
SMP produces medical cables are generally used for connecting various medical devices outside the human body. SMP’s products also include reinforced tubes (used as endoscope or as part of endoscopy accessories), connectors,medical tubes.

This from website:

29/03/2020 5:03 PM

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