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Date Subject
15-Feb-2019 M+ Online Technical Focus - 15 Feb 2019
14-Feb-2019 外资政治股咸鱼翻身
11-Feb-2019 Mplus Market Pulse - 11 Feb 2019
11-Feb-2019 Technical View - MY E.G. Services Bhd (MYEG, 0138)
11-Feb-2019 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 11 Feb 2019
03-Feb-2019 8 stocks that could be 2019's dark horses - The Edge
25-Jan-2019 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 25 Jan 2019
17-Jan-2019 Mplus Market Pulse - 17 Jan 2019
17-Jan-2019 Daily Market Update - 17 Jan 2019 (MYEG, RANHILL)
09-Jan-2019 Evening Market Summary - 9 Jan 2019
04-Jan-2019 AmWatch - Stock Focus Of The Day
02-Jan-2019 Evening Market Summary - 2 Jan 2019
27-Dec-2018 Evening Market Summary - 27 Dec 2018
27-Dec-2018 MyEG反弹上挑RM1.04/敏源
26-Dec-2018 Evening Market Summary - 26 Dec 2018
24-Dec-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 24 Dec 2018
20-Dec-2018 Daily technical highlights – (PENTA, MYEG)
18-Dec-2018 Evening Market Summary - 18 Dec 2018
17-Dec-2018 Technical View - MY E.G. Services (MYEG,0138)
13-Dec-2018 Evening Market Summary - 13 Dec 2018
13-Dec-2018 下跌股:MyEG 67仙支撑
13-Dec-2018 My E.G. - Unexplainable Drop? - Salvador Dali
13-Dec-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 13 Dec 2018
12-Dec-2018 Evening Market Summary - 12 Dec 2018
11-Dec-2018 Evening Market Summary - 11 Dec 2018
08-Dec-2018 MyEG Cartenz股权或稀释
07-Dec-2018 MyEG clarifies news on PLKS renewal service
07-Dec-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 7 Dec 2018
03-Dec-2018 Evening Market Summary - 3 Dec 2018
03-Dec-2018 Technical View - MY E.G. Services (MYEG,0138)
30-Nov-2018 Evening Market Summary - 30 Nov 2018
30-Nov-2018 MyEG Services - Results Review
30-Nov-2018 My E.G. - Monetising Its Expertise Abroad
30-Nov-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 30 Nov 2018
29-Nov-2018 MyEG incurs net loss of RM97.5m for July-Sept quarter
27-Nov-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 27 Nov 2018
27-Nov-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 27 Nov 2018
26-Nov-2018 MyEG makes foray into Indonesia
23-Nov-2018 Daily technical highlights – (AMBANK, MYEG)
21-Nov-2018 Evening Market Summary - 21 Nov 2018
14-Nov-2018 Evening Market Summary - 14 Nov 2018
02-Nov-2018 Stocks On Radar - MyEG Services (0138)
02-Nov-2018 热门股:MyEG上挑RM1.40
31-Oct-2018 [转贴] 抵押MyEG 1.4%股权融资 黄天顺认购发展商ICO
31-Oct-2018 MyEG挑战RM1.30/敏源
29-Oct-2018 [转贴] [Facebook live:浅谈MY E.G. Services Berhad (myeg)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
29-Oct-2018 Evening Market Summary - 29 Oct 2018
23-Oct-2018 Evening Market Summary - 23 Oct 2018
23-Oct-2018 下跌股:MyEG RM1.12支撑
23-Oct-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 23 Oct 2018
23-Oct-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 23 Oct 2018
22-Oct-2018 Technical View - MY E.G. Services Bhd (MYEG,0138)
22-Oct-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 22 Oct 2018
22-Oct-2018 MYEG – Key Takeaways From Conference Call With MD
22-Oct-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 22 Oct 2018
19-Oct-2018 MyEG says MACC has cleared its name
19-Oct-2018 MyEG distances itself from Zahid charges, seeks clarification from MACC
19-Oct-2018 MyEG denies knowledge of firm, director who allegedly bribed Zahid
19-Oct-2018 Trading in My EG shares suspended
19-Oct-2018 Datasonic, MyEG stocks plunge as both implicated in Zahid’s corruption
17-Oct-2018 Stocks on Radar - MyEG Services (0138)
15-Oct-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 15 Oct 2018
09-Oct-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (MYEG, MEXTER)
08-Oct-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 8 Oct 2018
05-Oct-2018 MyEG unveils blockchain-based payroll management software, PayMe
05-Oct-2018 Stocks on Rader - MyEG Services
05-Oct-2018 Stocks on Radar - MyEG Services
01-Oct-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 1 Oct 2018
01-Oct-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 1 Oct 2018
20-Sep-2018 Hidden Potential Buying - MY E.G. (0138.KL)
20-Sep-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (MYEG, EFORCE)
19-Sep-2018 Stocks on Radar - MyEG Services
19-Sep-2018 Technical Analysis - MyEG Services
18-Sep-2018 陈艳芳.回归商业面
17-Sep-2018 [转贴] 談MYEG最新的Quarterly Report及SST監管系統~MYEG - Alex Shee
14-Sep-2018 [转贴] 获新政府代理执照.MYEG每年可进袋1亿
14-Sep-2018 MyEG试叩RM1.67/敏源
13-Sep-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 13 Sep 2018
13-Sep-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 13 Sept 2018
06-Sep-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (MYEG, MEXTER)
03-Sep-2018 My E.G Services Berhad - Compression in Profit Margin
03-Sep-2018 MyEG Services - Prospects remain positive
30-Aug-2018 热门股:MyEG上挑RM1.59
30-Aug-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (PARAMON, MYEG)
24-Aug-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (MYEG, KGB)
14-Aug-2018 MQ Trader - Introduction of Corporate Actions (Part 2)
10-Aug-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 10 Aug 2018
10-Aug-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 10 Aug 2018
03-Aug-2018 My E.G. Services - Transitory Period
01-Aug-2018 热门股:MyEG上挑RM1.34
26-Jul-2018 MyEG 外劳业务营收吃重
25-Jul-2018 MyEG - Ready for more competition
25-Jul-2018 [转贴] MYEG為了減少對馬來西亞政府的依賴,早已在這幾年嘗試多元化至其他領域!~MYEG - Alex Shee
25-Jul-2018 攫取数海外合约‧MYEG价量齐扬
21-Jul-2018 上升股:MyEG阻力RM1.36
18-Jul-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 18 Jul 2018
17-Jul-2018 热门股:MyEG上挑RM1.12
17-Jul-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (MYEG, PENTA)
13-Jul-2018 MyEG 新业务利财测
11-Jul-2018 [转贴] [MY E.G.SERVICES BHD,特许经营相关服务以及在线续保外国工人保险的数量持续增长] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
09-Jul-2018 MYEG – Tax Monitoring System Negotiations to Begin Soon
03-Jul-2018 Malaysia Daily - 3 July 2018
03-Jul-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 3 Jul 2018
03-Jul-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 3 Jul 2018
26-Jun-2018 李勇坚.否极泰来?
22-Jun-2018 [转贴] 与菲律宾经济区管理局签约 MyEG瞄准加密货币网关
21-Jun-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 21 Jun 2018
21-Jun-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 21 Jun 2018
18-Jun-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 18 Jun 2018
18-Jun-2018 1Q18 Results Wrap - Latest Stock Picks!
11-Jun-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 11 Jun 2018
11-Jun-2018 My E.G. Services - Rising tide for MYEG
10-Jun-2018 大选输家MyEG/万年船
06-Jun-2018 My E.G. Services - Pilot Project Of E-Bidding Services To Begin Soon?
06-Jun-2018 MYEG选后崩跌……
05-Jun-2018 Is this a good time to watch MYEG 0138? (Operator Analysis Point Of View)
05-Jun-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 5 Jun 2018
04-Jun-2018 MyEG 负面消息已反映
04-Jun-2018 MYEG's Target Price Maintained at RM1.00
04-Jun-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 4 Jun 2018
04-Jun-2018 My E.G. Services (MYEG MK/BUY/RM0.86/Target: RM1.06) - Alleged Rehiring Programme Of Illegal Workers To End On 30 June
02-Jun-2018 MyEG contract to be terminated by end-June
01-Jun-2018 MyEG Services has crashed over 70% since the Malaysian election… what now? - Adam Wong
01-Jun-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 1 Jun 2018
01-Jun-2018 MQ Research: My E.G. Upgraded to Outperform
31-May-2018 My EG Services - 3QFY18: Results Largely Within Expectations; Lowest Growth In Years
31-May-2018 MyEG Services - Outlook concerns more than priced in
31-May-2018 My E.G Services Berhad - Bleak Outlook Ahead
31-May-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 31 May 2018
31-May-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 31 May 2018
28-May-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 28 May 2018
28-May-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 28 May 2018
18-May-2018 [转贴] 為GST耗逾億 MYEG要向政府索賠
18-May-2018 MyEG boss states case for new govt to continue using company’s services
18-May-2018 UOB Kay Hian Research upgrades MyEG to Buy on weakness
18-May-2018 Selling may be over for MyEG, George Kent
17-May-2018 MYEG - Will Still Do Well With Pakatan Harapan Government
17-May-2018 MyEG Services - Fundamentals remain intact
17-May-2018 MyEG downgraded to underperform at Credit Suisse
17-May-2018 MYEG Q&A with CEO Removed - See Why
17-May-2018 MYEG 會跌到多少?
16-May-2018 Bursa freezes lower limit for George Kent, My EG
15-May-2018 下跌股:MyEGRM1.80支撑
14-May-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 14 May 2018
12-May-2018 MYEG @ 12th May 2018 - oldfriendsinvesting
16-Apr-2018 大选概念股‧选战之前抢先机
13-Apr-2018 MYEG – Spreading Its Wings
10-Apr-2018 下跌股:MyEGRM2.47支撑
05-Apr-2018 Technical Sell: MYEG (0138)
04-Apr-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 4 Apr 2018
04-Apr-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 04 Apr 2018
29-Mar-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (HAIO, MYEG)
24-Mar-2018 GE14 Special Report Week 7 - MYEG Services Berhad
21-Mar-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (MYEG, CARING)
19-Mar-2018 MyEG试叩RM2.75/敏源
12-Mar-2018 “金融科技”先锋的征途
28-Feb-2018 My E.G Services Berhad - Profit Margin Improves Further
27-Feb-2018 MyEG Services - FWRP outlook remains intact
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  28 people like this.
ikah2000 mana ade naik...
15/02/2019 10:17
tash1 Let’s push until 1.10 !!!!!!
15/02/2019 10:22
ikah2000 tast1, u buy 1000k lot more, sure can up until 1.10...
15/02/2019 10:31
Tongkarat Ala nampak.....cantik
15/02/2019 11:04
tash1 Ikah2000, wish had that much money
15/02/2019 11:39
rmkfac100812 ikah sudah kawin ke?
15/02/2019 11:43
Ggwp100 Wow
15/02/2019 11:49
Huat1 Hmm... good progress
15/02/2019 12:07
Huat1 Optimistic and positive people have higher probability of do well in KLSE.
15/02/2019 12:10
Huat1 Ride the wave!!!
15/02/2019 12:11
Huat1 It will rocket up once it cross above 1.13
15/02/2019 12:13
RainT come out qtr report , another impairment loss, all hope turn to ashes ...lol
15/02/2019 12:37
azta12 nice..keep the momentum going ,add some
15/02/2019 12:45
RainT latest annual report 2018

many information inside , can go read it

also mentioned 80% sales is frm commercial , 20% from government related only
15/02/2019 12:57
derrtan I thought they proposed dividend 1.4cents?
15/02/2019 13:42
Tongkarat Ala nampak....ala nampak....
15/02/2019 14:36
Kc Teh Bye, I will leave again, 1.05. see you again soon
15/02/2019 16:45
Tongkarat Ok laaa... close unchanged
15/02/2019 17:24
yakleng09 Worth to keep n will rise?
15/02/2019 18:55
RainT @yakleng09

do your own study & understand yourself , dont trust others opinion but trust your own judgment

for me MYEG is good investment , the biz is good and now is cheap at this price
15/02/2019 19:08
yakleng09 Now rely contract gov only or?
15/02/2019 19:15
Kc Teh rise confirm will rise one, good qr easily retest 1.2-1.3. see you want to take risk to buy in now or not.
15/02/2019 19:20
Magneto Haha u hv been tricked by Myeg.Still dun want learn smart
15/02/2019 20:50
Magneto Where got big investor want to invest their money into this company.Wake up to your senses!wake up! Myeg is still survived now thanks to anchovy ppl like u haha otherwise sdh lama underPN17
15/02/2019 21:12
Magneto Carlsberg dividen RM1 what else u can demsnd more haha.Money earlier pocketed during myeg sky high at RM1.8 already re-invested in carlsberg.Managed to grab low price for 200 lots haha
15/02/2019 21:17
Magneto Learn from me.Stay with me.I will bring u to a new chapter of value investing .Only profit at hand and no loss.If u know someone who can teach u tis lesson, hug him dun let go haha
15/02/2019 21:22
tracker113 PN17? obviously this Magneto, don’t know what is pn17 and don’t know how to read quarter or financial report!
16/02/2019 00:10
KLCI Going Heaven Magneto king of BS
16/02/2019 00:20
Kc Teh agree, magneto king of BS...
16/02/2019 12:15
Huat1 With that kind of horrible self boosting, egoism and belittling other people behaviour and attitude, his future is limited
16/02/2019 12:42
goldminerich Myeg will fly.. If the wind are right..
16/02/2019 14:47
Wing Teoh This counter is very depending on government policy and politic of Malaysia also some other counter they take the business from... they provide business solution mainly in government department. But i believe the CEO WOng Thean Soon is a talented person, he must be able to make MYEG Great again !! Just matter of time.

For this coming quater, I not sure will still have impairment loss or not, anyway... this counter is worth to try !!
16/02/2019 14:51
GrahamNewman The big bath accounting that the company took this FY is gonna have a big impact in the future. Coupled with the SBB, those who knows what this means will act accordingly.
16/02/2019 16:40
Huat1 Very wise!
16/02/2019 17:31
Jaya GrahamNewman
I am still in this counter, your words are very wise
17/02/2019 01:43
ck well said Graham
17/02/2019 12:17
LimKL1 yeap, worth a try
18/02/2019 10:10
Tongkarat Ala nampak...ala nampak...
18/02/2019 10:54
icecool tongkarat help promote i buzy og
18/02/2019 11:01
Tongkarat icecool.... mambang sawit jaga kebun sawit
18/02/2019 11:18
CincaiBuy Today quiet, floating 1.04-1.05
18/02/2019 11:19
Tongkarat Still steady.....
18/02/2019 13:50
GrahamNewman Admittedly the impact is short term. If they can replicate their business model abroad, it will be a big plus.
18/02/2019 14:40
BananaGoreng its good time to buy now?? a lot angpau,dunoe how to use
18/02/2019 14:57
Tongkarat Pisang goreng sedap.... nyum nyum
18/02/2019 15:06
Warren Chan no power
18/02/2019 16:53
YF24 mygg or myeg see tomorrow : )
18/02/2019 17:32
Warren Chan Good luck!
18/02/2019 18:22
Weeyaa short term sideway.... chill
18/02/2019 19:00
Tongkarat Staying cool....
18/02/2019 19:05


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