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kenneths Director (ENCIK NOR ADHA BIN YAHYA) disposed 888, 200 shares. Well, any indication? Paperplane?
31/01/2019 11:20
paperplane Thts a joker. Small portion onlylah
31/01/2019 12:00
papaya paperplane got more than what that director sold....kikikikih.....celah gigi saja maa....
31/01/2019 12:35
kenneths Tan Sri don't want to give Ang Pao...no shows
31/01/2019 16:28
widadinvestor Alot contra player kena wash gaogao
31/01/2019 19:16
paperplane Alredi angpow mah. Bigger angpow after cny mah. Cant be giving too much before cny mah. From 0. 25 to 0.31,how many percent
01/02/2019 07:41
Dream Catcher 88 Already push from 0.23 to 0.32 yesterday closing still 0.315. how many percent ? kaobei kaobu
Satha44 dont keep bull shit. if not confident just sell lah. when drop said salted fish bla bla bla. when up more than 30% only wash few days but only drop half sen then again kao bei kaobu ... @@
01/02/2019 08:47
Dream Catcher 88 Retailer forever is retailer. dont know big plan see future only want fast money. no wonder poor forever . want earn fast money go genting lah. seh sohai.
01/02/2019 08:48
Dream Catcher 88 Sorry to scold vulgar words in the beautiful morning. just feel irritated when i saw the comment over here. already up 39 % still not appreciate and keep blaming this and that . that director just one small fish. my portion also bigger than him. a small potato only why keep saying the same thing ?
01/02/2019 08:50
amet2017 Its all about when you enter, if you just enter of course you will keeps on complaining price is not moving. So it is a subjective issue.
01/02/2019 08:53
paperplane today where got mkt...lol
01/02/2019 13:38
paperplane Tomolo fly. Let the bullet fly
06/02/2019 10:21
06/02/2019 19:17
kenneths Let’s push together...buy buy buy
07/02/2019 14:47
widadinvestor 0.295 good price to Enter for long term
08/02/2019 12:18
widadinvestor Dun worry, when project release will limit up... But no one will know when or what project, hahaha
08/02/2019 19:14
satha44 Hopefully full year report is good....and company declares a dividend.....
Do hope other big players will see the potential in this company....
Any idea what contracts they are bidding for...
Been awarded as one of the best managed bumi contractor..widad emerges as a strong contender for all mega projects in the future..
09/02/2019 09:54
iswara if 4Q able to obtain a 1 sen eps, then can fly a bit otherwise will reverse back.
09/02/2019 11:54
paperplane Widad no worry, tje biz is real, cashflows is real
11/02/2019 15:57
widadinvestor boss still holiday mood...... Dun worry be happy
11/02/2019 22:04
amet2017 this counter oni boss playing aa
12/02/2019 12:30
widadinvestor kacang putih tested 0.320......Still need wait long long
12/02/2019 17:13
Nicholasming91 Collect the Warrant lo
13/02/2019 14:17
paperplane Collect more while.losers cutting lose.hehehe
13/02/2019 21:45
Wilson Chia show one hour only @@
14/02/2019 11:20
widadinvestor contra burn...... Wash wash wash
Until nobody care then up......
14/02/2019 11:56
moneykj After changed name, goreng style also different. Slow and unpredictable. Last time Ijacobs better.

Suggest buy Eatech for tomorrow.
14/02/2019 14:13
paperplane party started! 0.45!
14/02/2019 17:04
widadinvestor 0.340 already block....Still need wait
14/02/2019 17:58
paperplane Wait apa, party started already. Go go go, aleh aleh aleh
14/02/2019 19:43
amet2017 Wait for me
14/02/2019 19:55
Crockiller Cup and handle breakout, sky is the limit
14/02/2019 20:24
paperplane Tgi friday.
15/02/2019 06:56
widadinvestor TA doing cup with and handle, like William J O'Neil description
will push anytime......
15/02/2019 09:19
widadinvestor big boss block 0.340,once cut sell volumn will up anytime
15/02/2019 13:15
calvinteo Gradually price upward with new business venture n turnaround company.

No for contra IMO.
17/02/2019 10:13
paperplane 0.45, then 0.55. Rocket to rm1 next few years
17/02/2019 15:47
10208850616573818 sleeping time
18/02/2019 13:59
widadinvestor contra kena cuci again... Hancur
18/02/2019 16:04
satha44 Today gbgaqrs and mrcb performed so well...
About 5sens up...both.
Even gamuda looked good....construction stocks are back in action......
18/02/2019 20:49
widadinvestor no more show, only can wait...... 0.340 queue
19/02/2019 09:33
satha44 No go sign from big boss...yet.
So operator sleeping....
Mayb later in the day...Gamuda pushing higher.
19/02/2019 09:45
widadinvestor Sleep mode
19/02/2019 09:55
satha44 Sometimes we just cant understand...why???
19/02/2019 14:29
amet2017 aiyo eveliday got flushing contra when will up la
19/02/2019 17:01
widadinvestor More focus on widad, boss dun wan up......
Be patient and only can wait longlong
20/02/2019 10:00
10208850616573818 All construction counters up, but this WIDAD like dead man not working....
20/02/2019 12:39
satha44 Agreed...broke the 32....but refused to go higher.
Apalah boss !!!!!
20/02/2019 13:38
satha44 Market 19 points up...30 over points up..in 2 days...widad down.....how to explain..
Looking weak the whole day.....
20/02/2019 17:15
satha44 Construction stocks flying....
Ijacob 52 week high is 40.5sens...
Widad struggling at 32.5..
One day up....5 days sleeping....LoL
20/02/2019 20:09


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