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Date Subject
04-Jan-2021 Banking - Non-household loan growth continues to decelerate
11-Dec-2020 上升股:丰隆金融集团 阻力RM18.40
08-Dec-2020 Banking - 3Q20 earnings review: Improved total income; provisions continued to be prudently set aside
02-Dec-2020 Banking - Stable loan growth; further conservative provisions booked
30-Nov-2020 Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad - Solid Performance and Expected to Do Better
30-Nov-2020 Hong Leong Financial Group - Stronger contribution from all business divisions
30-Nov-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 30 Nov 2020
12-Nov-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 12 Nov 2020
12-Nov-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 12 Nov 2020
31-Oct-2020 下跌股:丰隆金融集团 RM13.50支撑
21-Oct-2020 Hong Leong Financial Group - Modest Premium Growth; Claims Remain Low For HLA
01-Oct-2020 上升股:丰隆金融集团 阻力RM14.48
02-Sep-2020 上升股:丰隆金融集团 阻力RM13.66
01-Sep-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 1 Sept 2020
01-Sep-2020 Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad - Share Price Retracement Overshoot Fundamental
01-Sep-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 1 Sept 2020
01-Sep-2020 Strategy - Malaysia: Transitioning from pandemic-themed to recovery-focused
01-Sep-2020 Hong Leong Financial Group - Stronger Earning From IB, Insurance In 4Q20
19-Aug-2020 下跌股:丰隆金融集团 RM12.34支撑
06-Jun-2020 下跌股:丰隆金融集团 RM14.34支撑
04-Jun-2020 上升股:丰隆金融集团阻力RM16.82
01-Jun-2020 Hong Leong Financial Group - Impacted by Challenging Environment
01-Jun-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 1 Jun 2020
01-Jun-2020 Hong Leong Financial Group-Slower contributions from all divisions in 3QFY20
29-May-2020 丰隆金融第三季少赚27%
06-May-2020 [转贴] HLBANK和HLFG什么分别?有低估吗?哪一家比较值得留意?~ 第一天
18-Apr-2020 热门股:丰隆金融集团上挑RM9.05
02-Apr-2020 下跌股:丰隆金融集团RM12.00支撑
27-Mar-2020 下跌股:丰隆金融集团RM12.64支撑
25-Mar-2020 热门股:丰隆金融集团上挑RM13.86
05-Mar-2020 上升股:丰隆金融集团阻力RM16.50
27-Feb-2020 Hong Leong Financial Group - Strong Contribution From HLB
27-Feb-2020 Hong Leong Financial Group - Stronger profit contribution from commercial banking and IB divisions
07-Feb-2020 下跌股:丰隆金融集团RM16.00支撑
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RainT this kind of stocks u invest, can make money meh ?
16/06/2020 5:58 PM
diogenes1 No dividend this quarter?
17/06/2020 12:44 PM
limkokthye sleeping giant company
09/07/2020 11:31 AM
limkokthye time to buy at 10
31/07/2020 12:59 PM
ttluck yup...if reach rm10 only consider buy some..
03/08/2020 9:42 AM
PuppyKitten 12.50, nothing to lose, no way to fail, buy before cry @..@
10/08/2020 6:12 PM
sharewiz118 sleping mode zzzzzzzzzzzzzz when moratorium end lots of bad debts
20/08/2020 12:04 AM
David https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/hong-leong-financial-group-4q-net-profit-rm525m-rm469m-year-earlier?type=malaysia
28/08/2020 1:34 PM
ivanlau hidden gem.....
28/08/2020 7:58 PM
ivanlau eps 161 x pe 10 = rm 16.10 , current price 12.34, think about that.............
29/08/2020 5:32 PM
scooter When is the AGM?
31/08/2020 7:29 PM
ivanlau ----------- quote --------------

ivanlau eps 161 x pe 10 = rm 16.10 , current price 12.34, think about that.............
29/08/2020 5:32 PM
------------ unquote --------------

Pls refer to my message at 29/Aug , I already highlighted fair value will be rm 16.10
03/09/2020 8:22 PM
sharewiz118 TP RM 17.00
03/09/2020 10:18 PM
addison25 Wahhh
08/09/2020 9:21 AM
sharewiz118 RM14.00 very nicely done, tomorrow go up higher
08/09/2020 9:09 PM
tkl88 Walaoeh, Dow Jones super bull run !‬

‪Dow Jones closed at=>‬ 27,940.47 (+439.58) (+1.60 percent) !
10/09/2020 7:17 AM
sharewiz118 All directors disposed some of their share to lower down the price and they'll collect in hugh numbers of the shares soon. Catch the boat and sail forward
17/09/2020 8:08 PM
sharewiz118 notice the trend dispose 4000 share and 200,000 share in uniform numbers
17/09/2020 8:09 PM
sharewiz118 RM 14.32 nice
20/09/2020 7:56 PM
cklimm 13.92 lagi nice
24/09/2020 4:36 PM
Money168 RM12 best price
28/09/2020 8:54 AM
sharewiz118 Ho Ho Ho TP 17.00
11/10/2020 8:03 PM

22/10/2020 3:01 PM
Keyman188 Haa...Laugh die Keyman188 liao...

Using HLFG comparing Naim....Totally brainless....

We know you try to promote this counter any way...

But sometime be more logical examine what you are talking 1st lahh...

Really laugh die all forum members here......

Please spend some time study annual report on HLFG 1st before comparing with Naim......

Really really laugh die us...
22/10/2020 3:08 PM
sharewiz118 Going good
26/10/2020 9:20 PM
Keyman188 Next month can smell stable financial performance result spread into market...

Steady boombeebee...this is called value investment...
26/10/2020 9:42 PM
mf Post removed. Why?
26/10/2020 9:47 PM
Keyman188 Wahhh....Keyman188 forget to check this turtle moving......

Today so ONG...touch 14.92 early morning......

No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
27/10/2020 11:26 AM
mf US 30 Futures 26,938.0 -427.0 -1.56%
US 500 Futures 3,337.38 -45.72 -1.35%
28/10/2020 4:21 PM
mf US 30 Futures 26,913.5 -451.5 -1.65%
US 500 Futures 3,335.38 -47.72
28/10/2020 4:25 PM
mf US 3026,881.0DERIVED08:02:59 | Futures-484.0 -1.77%
US 5003,332.12DERIVED08:02:59 | Futures-50.98 -1.51%
US Tech 10011,445.00DERIVED08:02:59 | Futures-143.00 -1.23%
DAX11,653.3DERIVED08:03:01 | Futures-321.7
28/10/2020 8:03 PM
jolow sohai mf
28/10/2020 10:18 PM
Morpheus61 This is a Bank ?
28/10/2020 10:29 PM
Morpheus61 Requesting all Profit making Companies to leave KLSE. We will follow you wherever you go. We promise.
28/10/2020 10:34 PM
mf Post removed. Why?
01/11/2020 7:45 PM
Keyman188 OMG....Keyman188 forget to check this GOLDEN turtle moving......

Today so ONG...already touched 15.48 just now......

No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
11/11/2020 3:33 PM
Keyman188 OMG....Keyman188 forget to check this GOLDEN turtle moving......

Today so ONG...already touched 15.56 just now......

No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
12/11/2020 8:30 PM
aarontan1987 the only financial group that outperforms all the other leaders in the financial industry in msia hahahahahahahahaha poor PBB AMB RHB CIMB MBB getting wrecked over by the sky high defaults hahahahahahaha
12/11/2020 10:10 PM

13/11/2020 11:29 AM
ivanlau ------------- quote ---------------

ivanlau eps 161 x pe 10 = rm 16.10 , current price 12.34, think about that.............
29/08/2020 5:32 PM
------------ unquote --------

today closing 16.00 . Already highlighted u all the fair value of this stock at 29/Aug
17/11/2020 5:28 PM
LongTermInvestor8 Will the market crash if budget 2021 cannot be passed this coming Thursday (26/10/2020)? These are the 4 possible scenarios:

1. Parliament will be dissolved and a snap election will be called
2. A state of Emergency in the whole country will be declared by YDPA
3. Muhyiddin will resign and YDPA will appoint an interim PM
4. YDPA will appoint a new PM who has majority MPs support. A new budget 2021 also will be tabled by the new appointed PM.

Will the market go down? Will it crash? Take profit now or wait?

Price correction coming as shown in TA chart. RSI at 80% all time high. MACD all time high and about to cross like previous crossing. Volume down
21/11/2020 1:30 PM
Keyman188 OmG...DJIA 1st time break 30,000 mark...

Now global markets suddenly turning to bullish momentum...

The power of vaccine...the power of Pfizer & Moderna vaccine effectiveness...
25/11/2020 1:05 AM
LongTermInvestor8 Will budget 2021 pass? Tengku Razaleigh and a few BN MPs refuses to support the budget, if Budget fails, market will crash? Buy now or sell? How? If budget fails, parliament dissolve? market crash?
25/11/2020 1:19 AM
a2333778 hlcap and hlfg are under hong leong company. Why hl cap price is much lower if compared to hlfg but i see the dividend of hl cap is higher. Does that mean hl cap is more worth to invest?
26/11/2020 9:48 AM
Keyman188 OMG...unbelievable...

HLFG can achieve super duper good results during virus pandemic period...

Some more can achieve history high profitable results...


No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
27/11/2020 1:52 PM
scholez18 Banks are typically valued on it's net worth book value.
HLFG's historical 10 year average PB is at 1.1x.
Assuming a reversion to historical average PB..
HLFG is worth at least 21 /share to me.
Steady compounder for those who can see.
Only 3 banks in Malaysia consistently achieving ROE more than 10%.
HLFG is one of them.
30/11/2020 2:16 PM
Keyman188 OMG....Keyman188 forget to check this GOLDEN turtle moving......

So ONG...already touched 17.22 yesterday.....

No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
05/12/2020 12:12 PM
Keyman188 OMG....Keyman188 forget to check this GOLDEN turtle moving......

So ONG today...already break 18.00 liao.......

No wonder Keyman188 always putting at "Diamond Box"...
09/12/2020 11:22 AM
woshigushen tp 20. now is bank theme
hoot 9 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
13/12/2020 5:23 PM
CakapSohaiThings IBs and FFs, please start shorting, emergency consented! What are you waiting for??
12/01/2021 10:23 AM

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