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30-Nov-2021 Public Bank - Credit cost remains elevated in 3Q21
30-Nov-2021 Public Bank - Credit cost remains elevated in 3Q21
30-Nov-2021 Public Bank Bhd - 9HFY21 Within Expectations
30-Nov-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 30 Nov 2021
30-Nov-2021 存贷款增长 大众银行第三季赚13.6亿
18-Nov-2021 Strong Recovery in September Labour Stats
01-Nov-2021 Banking - Improving Trends
04-Oct-2021 Banking - Good Defence
01-Oct-2021 Banking - Not So Gloomy Days Ahead
15-Sep-2021 Banking - Exempting Moratorium Interest for B50 Group
08-Sep-2021 Banking - 2Q21 Report Card: Fairly Decent Quarter
08-Sep-2021 Banking - 2Q21 earnings review: Softer quarter due to lower NOII
01-Sep-2021 Banking - Looking Ahead to Better Days
30-Aug-2021 【行家论股/视频】大众银行 次季业绩达预期
30-Aug-2021 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 30 Aug 2021
30-Aug-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 30 Aug 2021
30-Aug-2021 Public Bank - 1HFY21 Within Expectations
30-Aug-2021 Public Bank - Further pre-emptive provisions in 2Q21
30-Aug-2021 Public Bank - In Line With Expectations
30-Aug-2021 Public Bank - Further pre-emptive provisions in 2Q21
27-Aug-2021 Public Bank's Q2 net profit increase to RM1.38bil
27-Aug-2021 大众银行次季赚13.8亿 恢复派息7.5仙
13-Aug-2021 10 things I learned from the 2021 Public Bank AGM - Shak Chee Hoi
02-Aug-2021 Banking - Just Minor Bumps
22-Jul-2021 暂缓还贷影响6%盈利 银行业下半年拨备料增加
05-Jul-2021 Banking - The Sun Will Shine Again
01-Jul-2021 Banking - Nothing alarming
29-Jun-2021 Banking - Wider coverage for loan moratorium
04-Jun-2021 Banking - 1Q21 Report Card: A Good Beginning
01-Jun-2021 Banking - Good Trends
31-May-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 31 May 2021
25-May-2021 创立55年 大众银行逆境中依然成长
24-May-2021 [转贴] PBBANK 股东大会 24-05-2021 @ E-Broadcast ~ 第一天
21-May-2021 Trading Stocks - Public Bank
12-May-2021 【行家论股/视频】大众银行 首季财报超越预期
12-May-2021 Public Bank - Starting Off Strong
12-May-2021 Public Bank - Strong improvement in interest margin
12-May-2021 Public Bank - A robust recovery in 1Q21 profits
12-May-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 12 May 2021
12-May-2021 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 12 May 2021
12-May-2021 Public Bank Bhd - 1QFY21 Within Expectations
04-May-2021 March 2021’s BNM Stats: Post-lockdown Bounce
22-Apr-2021 消费开销增驱动贷款复苏 大众丰隆受惠最多
21-Apr-2021 Malaysia Banks - Who Wants Citi’s Credit Card Business?
01-Apr-2021 Banking - More Patience Needed
01-Apr-2021 Banking - Chugging Along
01-Apr-2021 MQ Research: BNM projects higher GDP; CIMB and RHB remain top picks
17-Mar-2021 高ESG评分的银行股跑赢大市
12-Mar-2021 Top 5 Malaysian stocks that have paid a growing dividend every year in the past 10 years - Shak Chee Hoi
02-Mar-2021 Malaysia Banks - BNM Monthly Stat Highlights: January 2021
26-Feb-2021 Public Bank - Staying prudent on provision buffers
26-Feb-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 26 Feb 2021
26-Feb-2021 Public Bank - Largely in Line
26-Feb-2021 Public Bank - Buffering Up Against Potential Defaults; a Weaker 4Q20
25-Feb-2021 冠病纾困损近5亿 大众银行末季净利11.5亿
22-Feb-2021 疫情下各有得失 企业大亨“牛”转“钱”坤
22-Feb-2021 CIMB Group Holdings - CIMB Niaga: Counting on a Better FY21
17-Feb-2021 管制措施放宽接种计划开跑 经济复苏主题动起来
02-Feb-2021 Banking - Looking Ahead for Better Times
02-Feb-2021 Banking - Looking Ahead for Better Times
02-Feb-2021 Banking - Loan growth within expectations; further conservative provisions booked
02-Feb-2021 Banking Sector - Dec 2020 Stats: Household Loans Led Growth in December
27-Jan-2021 [转贴] 大众银行跌至rm4.40?是否值得入手? ~ 第一天
21-Jan-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 21 Jan 2021
21-Jan-2021 Bonus Issue 对 PBBANK 带来的威力有多大?
12-Jan-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 12 Jan 2021
11-Jan-2021 大众银行1送4红股 寻求小股东批准
04-Jan-2021 顶级手套跌出三甲 银行稳住江山
14-Dec-2020 Banking - 3QCY20 Results Wrap
14-Dec-2020 Banking - Rainbow after the storm
13-Dec-2020 上升股:大众银行 阻力RM23.60
10-Dec-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 10 Dec 2020
10-Dec-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 10 Dec 2020
10-Dec-2020 上升股:大众银行 阻力RM21.26
09-Dec-2020 【行家论股/视频】大众银行 红股增强流通率
09-Dec-2020 Public Bank Berhad - Making It Affordable and Attractive
09-Dec-2020 Public Bank - 4 for 1 bonus issue
09-Dec-2020 Public Bank - Proposes 4 bonus shares for every 1 existing share held
09-Dec-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 9 Dec 2020
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  11 people like this.
supersinginvestor Maybank lost in the last qr results...
No need use data..
Look at couch n lv..
Both same but different price..
Maybe for simpleton to count like u all all can lorr..
Public bank winner ..
Maybank loser...
Its ok i got both..
So not biased
30/11/2021 10:16 AM
supersinginvestor Lol@simpletons...
30/11/2021 10:17 AM
supersinginvestor If the way u guys count then hlbank better lorr..
Hlbank better than pbbank n maybank..
Then why buy maybank...lol
30/11/2021 10:19 AM
geniusraider PBB has better profit growth because of its prudent n sound banking practices n aggressive management style ..it's an open secret that its competitor used various devious schemes to stifle the growth of PBB shares by derivative sell n buy back options , false misrepresentations by its cybertroppers. However the truth prevails .thumbs up for PBB.
30/11/2021 10:39 AM
Sharefisher Nothing is wrong, you can choose your best bank, everyone has his personal reasons. I choose pbb because it is very safe like FD with higher return. I don't need to bother much about it, it just consistently performing well.
30/11/2021 12:36 PM
thye82 my salary just out...continue top up more...
30/11/2021 1:02 PM
supersinginvestor stkoay 9 months cumulative report 2021

PBB EPS:22.02sen Nett Asset:RM2.42 Dividend:7.5sen

MBB EPS:52.42sen Nett Asset:RM7.06 Dividend:28sen

29/11/2021 5:02 PM

According to the above...
Todays rhb results out..
Betten then maybank..
So bettet sell maybank buy rhb worr
30/11/2021 1:40 PM
supersinginvestor I3lurker n stkoay came here tell stories. .

Rhb results better then maybank n almost the same eps..better buy rhb lorr...
30/11/2021 1:43 PM
i3lurker RHB is a fantastic bank

I had done some tests on this

submitted 4 loan applications to 4 banks,
RHB Bank is always the first bank to call up the borrower and do verifications.
And also the first bank to give a loan approval at very competitive rates.

bright future for RHB Bank
30/11/2021 3:41 PM
stkoay @i3lurker....yes agree, RHB has great potential.
30/11/2021 3:49 PM
Newbie0205 Hi sifus, sorry i am a newbie to stock market. may I have your opinion on what is the best entry price for PBE? tempted to secure some stocks here for future retirement planning..
30/11/2021 4:16 PM
supersinginvestor Rhb got no potential...
Simpletons wont understand investing anyway...lol...
No point explaning..
My quote..
30/11/2021 4:32 PM
JohnFook Total FOOK is coming
30/11/2021 4:35 PM
i3lurker I have never ever done any investing before in my life.
My investing experience is zero.

What I actually do is a => "business competitive evaluation."
The better bank will always win.

and you just buy up those shares of the business winner.

Any bank that can "anytime and all the time" be the "first amongst equals" just like RHB deserves more than a mere mention.
30/11/2021 4:39 PM
stockfreak What the FOOK!
30/11/2021 4:39 PM
calvintaneng Banks all must sell

NPL going up

Banks going down

30/11/2021 4:41 PM
AllYouCanBuy Pbb is the most profitable bank in the past 9 months.
30/11/2021 4:53 PM
AllYouCanBuy If you don't buy the mist profitable bank share, why are you even investing in the stock market?
30/11/2021 4:54 PM
Thirai Thiraviam @Newbie0205 - If you are only now thinking of buying into banking stocks, I would suggest you look at RHB and ABMB. Both, in my opinion, are selling at a discount compared to their respective book values. Public Bank is relatively expensive. But, if you are determined to buy Public, I don't think the current price is unreasonable -- at least based on analyst reports released recently.
30/11/2021 5:03 PM
1invest1 AllYouCanBuy is right.
30/11/2021 5:50 PM
1invest1 Unplayable.
30/11/2021 6:20 PM
i3lurker lets just see how the real stress test goes
simulations are all fake.

No need argue.
we will know soon enough those real NPLs by end of 2022
30/11/2021 6:53 PM
Sharefisher Only one strategy... Hold tight tight for my pbb. I don't care what happen to the market. Just hold it tight tight.
30/11/2021 9:27 PM
mf Hong Kong: Vaksin Covid-19 sedia ada mungkin tidak dapat melawan varian baharu Omicron dan suntikan baharu mengambil masa berbulan-bulan untuk dibangunkan, kata Ketua Pengeluar Vaksin Amerika Syarikat (AS), Moderna kepada Financial Times.

Ketua Eksekutif Moderna, Stephane Bancel berkata, data berhubung keberkesanan vaksin semasa terhadap varian baharu itu hanya akan diketahui dalam dua minggu lagi tetapi saintis tidak optimis mengenainya.
01/12/2021 2:39 AM
Myeye ~.~ Abreast of the time ~.~
01/12/2021 9:17 AM
stingray_ea Pbb rm 4.27 (Aug 17, 2021) ====> rm 3.93 (today)


Blog: stingray_ea: Petgas(6033) Volume Trend | I3investorhttps://klse.i3investor.com

stingray_ea banking counters too risky
Posted by stingray_ea > Aug 17, 2021 4:40 PM

01/12/2021 9:47 AM
Myeye +3.93 wohOO ~.~
01/12/2021 10:07 AM
Maxsuper ...... everytime I feel like having a good laugh I come here... to c diehards with their hold tight2 long term theory.... cukai makmur n bad times will ensure all 4 2022 QRs lower y-o-y..... first TP 3.88...next 3.78 n 3.68 somewhere in 2022...c u when it's 3.88...
01/12/2021 10:53 AM
Sharefisher Maxsuper... Yes come here and let me have a good laugh also... Haha ha
01/12/2021 11:04 AM
Maxsuper 3.94......an OK laugh...
01/12/2021 11:26 AM
Wdlim123 run liao run liao, bye bye
01/12/2021 11:49 AM
Sharefisher Better buy now.... U turn up soon. Haha ha..
01/12/2021 11:54 AM
Wdlim123 u sure will u turn? i'm a newbie, need to cut lost...
01/12/2021 11:58 AM
Sharefisher Don't listen to me..... Haha ha... Your money you decide... My money I decide.
01/12/2021 12:20 PM
1invest1 Despise PBB, Don't buy.
Clean don't say unclean things.
01/12/2021 1:31 PM
calvintaneng From Maybank Forum

Calvin already warned SKoay and all here

BANKS ALL SITTING ON NPL "TIME BOMB" when loan moratorium over All "Banks will collapse one by one Drag down by "REAL LOST FROM NON PERFOREMING LOANS"



01/12/2021 1:48 PM
i3lurker its Karma at work

you stop people's freedom of speech,

people will stop you from eating pork and buying alcohol...
01/12/2021 1:55 PM
01/12/2021 3:17 PM
Geek2020 PBB is the best run bank in Malaysia. Use your judgment rationally and not emotions.. it maybe down past few days but PBB has stood the challenge of time.
01/12/2021 3:57 PM
CHLEONG888 Ha ha this calvintangeng hard sell of plantation stocks, last time he was actively promoted NETX, what happened????
01/12/2021 4:40 PM
tollebunsmith Then i will addreess snakes KClow/supersinginvestoras sifu.... else they are always snake liar...yes

Snake supersinginvestoras is a snake. hahaha
02/12/2021 8:59 AM
Sharefisher 3.91..I support a bit pbb.......
02/12/2021 9:49 AM
Wdlim123 me too hehe, my parents told me buy bank never go wrong, hopefully lah
02/12/2021 9:56 AM
AllYouCanBuy Data collected so far only showed mild symptoms with Omicron. Don't freak out! Biontech Comirnaty is 90% effective against Omicron. Omicron is more highly infectious but causing less severe or mild symptoms.

Omicron is an express way to get the world out of the pandemic!!

Just get vaccinated and get boosted!!
02/12/2021 10:46 AM
AllYouCanBuy Covid-19 mutates to survive ultimately in hosts. The more highly mutated the faster it gets there. At the end of the day, the virus must survive together with the subjects.
02/12/2021 10:47 AM
1invest1 Agree with AllYouCanBuy aka AYCB.

C19 mutates w more new variants. Old news alrdy.

Powell slow quant easing & preparing rate hike mid '22.
Banks to benefit fr recovering economy & rate hike.
02/12/2021 3:18 PM
KnifeEdge Exactly after 3 months, rollercoaster in between, profits and losses in between, now back to 3.91 again! Really unpredictable (or is it really?) stock market.

Hold the bullets, when the Omicron over-reaction subsided, or after it has reached Malaysia and be contained, will then double down again.
02/12/2021 6:23 PM
周 海 Something pushed Maybank to make something to stay above 1500.
02/12/2021 6:25 PM
mf Pelajar perempuan berumur 19 tahun itu tiba dari Afrika Selatan melalui Singapura pada 19 Nov dan telah menjalani ujian RT-PCR COVID-19 setibanya di pintu masuk Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA).

Khairy Jamaluddin
03/12/2021 8:53 PM
KnifeEdge Omicron is "overdone risk". Wait for opportunities to buy on dips...

03/12/2021 9:44 PM


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