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13-Mar-2019 Technical Buy - SYMLIFE (1538)
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kancs3118 The contractor for TwY is Top International Engineering...a top 500 Chinese company....for Chinese contractors ..building a to storey condo is chicken shit to them....don't know why they cannot perform.

Maybe SymLife squeezes them or underpay them ?
10/10/2018 6:36 AM
dompeilee Before rights issue already tumble like a rock...fortunately I sold off my last shares from 86-100c last yr...
17/10/2018 6:11 PM
RVI123 @kancs3118, it depends on Top International Engineering's commitment to the job. Top accepted the contract meant they agreed to the price, completion period and all the terms and conditions in the contract.
18/10/2018 10:00 AM
Investhor https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/InvesthorsHammer/178757.jsp
18/10/2018 1:58 PM
jakar just bought for mid or long term investment.
18/10/2018 3:10 PM
melanie181818 No more buy queue for OR
Gone case, undersubscribe for sure
Definitely can get excess if you want, but share price 0.35, maybe drop further
Then nobody's going to subscribe, buy from open market is cheaper
23/10/2018 11:40 AM
Whateverthisis Anyone know why suddenly symlife shares comes with another symlife-or? Anything I should do about the right issue announcement??
24/10/2018 10:30 PM
lwyy60 u just need to subcribe it or sell da symlife or to the market. if time pass, u Not subcribe it. it will be b wasted.
25/10/2018 12:12 PM
gloeee would not trust that this company can. All talk but very little experience from board in property. More a corporate raider killing off minority shareholders. Property market also toppish and since Tan Sri takover very little done despite good market for property. Now slow down they may be over borrow.
25/10/2018 12:58 PM
gloeee Never good when company main purpose for rights is too pay bank borrowings. means they over borrowed?
25/10/2018 1:04 PM
Gala Kat yes, bad decision ' cover up ' at the expense of investors..
10/11/2018 9:19 AM
ivan9511 1. Nta from all the way up to 2.43 near 2.5
Net profit all the way improve seem the best property result among all same level company ex uems ytlland , tambun
symlife net p is 16,251 5.76 epd 5.76 I think is the King of same level company

So I feel the big boss is very happy to private st now only 36sen
sincae nta 2.43
Can they private at 2 ringgit ?

28 Nov 2018 31 Mar 2019 2 30 Sep 2018 21,805 12,420 16,251 5.76 0.00 2.430 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 284%
28 Aug 2018 31 Mar 2019 1 30 Jun 2018 41,981 16,664 15,409 5.46 0.00 2.370 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 16%
30 May 2018 31 Mar 2018 4 31 Mar 2018 25,006 6,721 3,808 1.35 0.00 2.250 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 64%
28 Feb 2018 31 Mar 2018 3 31 Dec 2017 30,462 13,662 11,788 4.18 0.00 2.240 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 18%
28 Nov 2017 31 Mar 2018 2 30 Sep 2017 30,623 3,949 4,233 1.50 0.00 2.190 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 34%
29 Aug 2017 31 Mar 2018 1 30 Jun 2017 36,865 13,636 13,328 4.73 0.00 2.210 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 193%
24 May 2017 31 Mar 2017 4 31 Mar 2017 51,949 6,682 10,689 3.79 0.03 2.160 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 70%
27 Feb 2017 31 Mar 2017 3 31 Dec 2016 62,739 12,517 10,005 3.55 0.00 2.120 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 398%
22 Nov 2016 31 Mar 2017 2 30 Sep 2016 69,838 9,079 6,428 2.28 0.00 2.090 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 206%
25 Aug 2016 31 Mar 2017 1 30 Jun 2016 47,488 5,339 4,551 1.61 0.00 2.080 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 123%
26 May 2016 31 Mar 2016 4 31 Mar 2016 40,187 9,861 6,300 2.23 2.00 2.070 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 224%
25 Feb 2016 31 Mar 2016 3 31 Dec 2015 38,828 2,698 2,010 0.71 0.00 2.080 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 69%
1 2 3 4

29/11/2018 2:23 PM
nemesis The NTA is not 2.43...After adjust to the Right Issue the new NTA should be ard 1.20 only...it is not updated yet...will reflect later soon the new NTA
30/11/2018 11:58 AM
FAIRnREASONABLE New NTA should be calculated as (2.43+0.35)/2 = 1.39
02/12/2018 1:10 AM
ivan9511 Hi members thanks for point out .
Sorry I did not see symlife anymore.
After see qr so good I just hold my symlife and ignore it for 1 year because I have too many counter
Same as genting also buy from last week then I ignore it just see qr only no see i3.
I confidence on symlife more than any property counter.
03/12/2018 9:57 PM
melanie181818 Forget about Nta, many other properties also hugely discounted against Nta. Current pe is around 7, not cheap. Others pe3 or 4. Profits from star is already priced in, else it would be <0.30. Forward pe not likely better. Twy delay and compensation, star 3 not likely doing well --> dare not disclose the take up rate. Current 830m unbilled, 500m from twy, so only 300m from star. Profit margin 10% so 30m/600m shares, so expect another 5 cents profit from star
05/12/2018 11:52 AM
melanie181818 checked the Qr report. Even good profits also cannot move the price because ald priced in and most importantly it failed to replenish the unbilled sales. Star and twy expected completion June 2019. So star ald in advanced stage, twy for sure delay. Sales of star3 sure koyak, if not sure ad disclosed take up rate and the unbilled sales will not fall 100m. They'll get 9m ++ from the main contractor of twy. But sure not enough to compensate. In the end, 500m unbilled sales don't know still can profit or not. If you think sales of luxury condo can pick up in 2 or 3 quarters, then now Symlife is cheap. Else you should just cut loss and move on, because by then, symlife will fall further to 0.1x to 0.2x. The earnings of the next 2 qr should still support the share price at 0.3x. Sincere advise. Property agents are desperately chasing after me to buy properties with lots of freebies. Coincidentally also near sunway and klcc
05/12/2018 2:45 PM
tjhldg :)
16/01/2019 11:41 PM
hng33 bought symlife at 38.5sen
12/02/2019 9:08 AM
hng33 Add more at 39sen
12/02/2019 9:35 AM
hng33 Construction progress for star residence, all have reach rooftop for all tower 1 (59 floor) tower 2(58 floor) and tower 3 (58 floor), now each tower under stage finishing for each floor.

Tower 3 unbilled sale undrer Ascott will be record in lump sum once sale recorded.

13/02/2019 11:56 AM
chanph Tomorrow show time
27/02/2019 6:50 PM
hng33 Super result
27/02/2019 7:51 PM
nemesis Though it posts good result, yet it is saddled with huge borrowings tat will weaken its balance sheet moving fwd...i Don think it is gonna be a big rise in share price tomorrow, the most also only about 2-3 sen rise and then flatten back as the company still highly in debt even after the Right Issue...still remain unattractive overall!!!
27/02/2019 7:59 PM
azman123 misleading qr report, they are not using the new number of shares 590m for calculation
eps 5.24, 3q eps 16.36, nta 1.49 are wrong
should be eps 3.6, 3q eps 9
3q pe 4.09, ksl <4, tambun 6, so no big deal
28/02/2019 12:42 AM
melanie181818 Cannot compare with Tambun and Ksl, different league. These are net cash properties counters. Symlife's market cap is less than 240m but debt is more than 500m. Plus, Tambun dividend yield is around 9%. Good things don't come cheap.. Symlife had the potential but the RI destroyed everything. You basically had to pay upfront by subscribing to the RI to enjoy the share of unbilled sales, which is also dropping due to sluggish sales.
28/02/2019 6:27 AM
nemesis Totally right...better run away fm company tat has high borrowings before it is too late cos tat portion of debts belong to shareholders, it is our burden...Maintain Sell Symlife!!!
28/02/2019 8:45 AM
hng33 sold back symlife at 40.5-41.5
28/02/2019 10:58 AM
ivan9511 haha , funny , no eye see better
01/03/2019 12:11 AM
zhangliang hugely undervalued prop counter with steady income flow for next 12 months. 45 sens
06/03/2019 11:59 AM
zhangliang finally moved right? next stop 45 sens.
06/03/2019 6:38 PM
andr Surprised still can find a counter like this, passenger on board.
12/03/2019 12:16 PM
bahai4453 Ding dong at 0.40 - 0.42 . zz...zzz...zzzz. This counter no dividends ???
01/04/2019 12:49 PM
commonsense Just like a lot of property developer companies, Symphony Life is also currently trading at a very undemanding valuation. Currently the company is trading at a mere PE of around 4x and PB of only 0.3x.

The difference between Symlife with other property developer companies is that their main project, Star Residence (which is the main profit contributor) has a very high take up rate. Star Residence Tower 1 @ 97% take up rate, Tower 2 @ 84% and Retail units @ 89%. Tower 3 will be based on residence and service apartment concept that will be manage by Ascott.

Given the advance stage of the development, investors should see higher profit contribution (under JV result) to grow further in the coming quarters. Refer to this video on the development of Star Residence as of Mar 19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu1F6aBtCvk . Star Residence project is expected to continue contributing to the group profit until FY21.

After that the company profit should comes from the Lembah Ledang Project covering 19 acres area in Damansara Height located next to Istana Negara. Projected GDV is RM7bil. Symlife portion in the project which is parked under Jakel Land Sdn Bhd is 33%. Other partners are Jakel Group and PNB. The project is expected to be launch in FY21 ( at the tail end of Star Residence project). This will ensure continue profit (assuming a high take up rate) to the group post completion of Star Residence.

Other catalyst would be the progress development of TWY Mont Kiara project which has a take up rate of 98%. The project faced delays from the initial main contractors but Symlife has decided to appoint a new contractor that will help ensure the steady progress of the project.

4Q19 (ending march) will highly likely show an exponential improvement vs 4Q18 result. Hopefully the profit to shareholder will manage to stay above the RM15mil level.

Assuming a target profit of RM60mil in FY20, at the current share price the company is only being valued at a PE of 4.2x and PB of only 0.3x.

Best Regards.
08/05/2019 9:43 AM
cherry88 A good potential property company but no dividend. At current environment, dividend is king.
01/06/2019 10:57 AM
hng33 bought back symlife at 41sen
16/07/2019 11:04 AM
Invest123 Expecting dividend.
16/08/2019 5:17 PM
melanie181818 Surprised, still have dreamers here
21/08/2019 6:26 PM
Ice Sea so so result...but up....
27/08/2019 9:16 AM
commonsense Hi ping,

Result is actually quite good. The much delayed TWY Mont Kiara has already stated to pick up back pace which means investors could expect a steady revenue and profit from the project for FY20 and 21. Star residence also is on schedule in its construction (result under JV)

In terms of valuation this company is only trading at a mere 3x PE and PB of only 0.3x. Currently its actually the cheapest company in my portfolio. Hopefully the market will notice its very low value .

Best regards
28/08/2019 4:15 PM
EatCoconutCanWin no big shark goreng
28/08/2019 6:00 PM
nemesis No good...Symlife still saddled with huge debts nn very high Gearing...how they gonna repay all the borrowings? Another Right Issue? Tis is a great concern...
31/08/2019 6:50 PM
nemesis A company tat has to rely on huge borrowings to bring in profits n revenue can't be considered a good and strong company...no point having a profitable company but also having a damaged balance sheet tat is gonna hurt investors one day...Right Issue is the greatest Red flag tat investors should detect and run away...A wise management should avoid RI at all cost...Right Issue indicates tat a company's balance sheet n cash flow is shaky n we should never buy it no matter what...
31/08/2019 6:59 PM
Armada An Quantum Leap Stock In 2019/2020 Symphony Life: Rights issue undersubscribed by 9.46%. Symphony Life's proposed 1-for-1 rights issue to raise up to RM146.1m was undersubscribed by 9.46%. it said it received total valid acceptances and excess applications for 280.3m rights shares or a subscription rate of 90.5%, compared with the 309.6m made available for subscription under the rights issue. (StarBiz)

IS SYM that bad ?
01/09/2019 12:56 PM
hng33 sold back symlife at 43-44.5sen
17/09/2019 10:41 AM
James Dapat Ong GOOD to collect at low
17/01/2020 11:25 PM
En Tau Any good news, why up so much ?
18/02/2020 11:55 AM
enid888 Symlife should report good results for the quarter ending 31/12/19 as more work in progress recognised for Star Residence and Twy projects.
19/02/2020 2:53 PM
James Dapat Ong ILLi Kuala Lumpur; illi.com.my
19/02/2020 3:51 PM
En Tau TWY is a slow project, and will incur LAD losses to the company.
19/02/2020 4:21 PM


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