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17-Nov-2020 【行家论股/视频】IOI集团 鲜果串产量看涨
17-Nov-2020 IOI Corporation - A Positive Start
17-Nov-2020 IOI Corporation Berhad - Lower contribution from the downstream segment
17-Nov-2020 棕油价量齐升+外汇赚益 IOI集团首季多赚87%
17-Nov-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 17 Nov 2020
17-Nov-2020 IOI Corporation Berhad - 1QFY21 Within Expectations
17-Nov-2020 IOI Corporation - A decent start to FY21
17-Nov-2020 IOI Corporation - Manufacturing EBIT plunged by 71.0% YoY in 1Q
05-Nov-2020 Plantation - 3Q20 results preview
03-Nov-2020 IOI Corp- 5-year Plan to Improve Productivity and Efficiency
26-Oct-2020 推5年计划 IOI集团转向高增值
26-Oct-2020 IOI Corporation - Better-Than-Expected FFB Growth Outlook
06-Oct-2020 Malaysia Plantation - Raising Our CPO Assumptions for 2020-21E
05-Oct-2020 IOI Corporation - Strong Growth Ahead
24-Sep-2020 【行家论股/视频】IOI集团 加强推进机械化
24-Sep-2020 IOI Corporation - Flat FFB in FY21F
11-Sep-2020 MPOB Monthly Statistics August 2020 - August Production Increased 3.1% to 1.86m tonnes
02-Sep-2020 Plantation - 2Q2020 Earning Review : Not too shabby
26-Aug-2020 IOI Corporation - Driven By Stronger Plantation Earnings
26-Aug-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 26 Aug 2020
26-Aug-2020 IOI Corp (HOLD, Maintain) - Good End to FY20, Above Our Expectations
26-Aug-2020 IOI Corporation Bhd - Earnings Growth Capped by the Downstream Segment
26-Aug-2020 IOI Corporation Berhad - Upstream Comes Through
26-Aug-2020 IOI Corporation - A Strong Finish to FY20
26-Aug-2020 IOI Corporation - 4Q Plantation Earnings Bumped by Strong Output
25-Aug-2020 IOI Corporation - Ahead Of Expectations
17-Aug-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 17 Aug 2020
11-Aug-2020 Malaysian Plantation - Lower Stocks as Consumption Exceeds Production
07-Aug-2020 Malaysia Plantation - Demand for CPO Likely to Gradually Recover
29-Jul-2020 Plantation - Hints from 2QCY20 Production Data
21-Jul-2020 Plantation - Swarmageddon: Rise of “The Black Swarm”
21-Jul-2020 IOI Corporation Berhad - FFB Recovery Offset by Lower CPO Price
20-Jul-2020 Plantation - Stockpile Eases Further on Higher Exports
20-Jul-2020 Plantation - News flow for week 13 – 17 July
10-Jul-2020 IOI Corporation- Manufacturing earnings to recover in FY21F
06-Jul-2020 IOI最新业绩逊预期
06-Jul-2020 Plantation - News flow for week 29 June – 3 July
29-Jun-2020 Plantation - News flow for week 22 – 26 June
23-Jun-2020 Plantation - Mixed Views on CPO Price Outlook
23-Jun-2020 Plantation - A sigh of relief as CPO prices have stabilised
11-Jun-2020 Plantation - Upgrading: Getting Through the Tough Times
28-May-2020 [转贴] [Facebook live video:浅谈IOI Corp bhd (IOICorp)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
28-May-2020 IOI Corp- Hit By Weaker Downstream Earnings
28-May-2020 IOICorporation - Downstream Segment Underperformed
28-May-2020 IOI Corporation - Missed Expectations
28-May-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 28 May 2020
28-May-2020 IOI Corporation Berhad - Potentially Weaker 4QFY20
28-May-2020 IOI Corporation- Bunge Loders in the red in 3QFY20
28-May-2020 IOI Corp - 9MFY20: Disappointing Results
18-May-2020 Plantation - News flow for week 11 – 15 May
15-May-2020 Plantation - Key Takeaways from Golden Agri’s Conference Call
13-May-2020 Plantation - Further Gain In Inventory Levels
13-May-2020 Plantation - Inventory Breaches Above 2.0m MT Mark
13-May-2020 Plantation - Stockpile Surpasses 2m Tonnes
13-May-2020 Plantation - Palm inventory up by 18.3% MoM in April
13-May-2020 Plantation - Key takeaways from Bumitama’s conference call
04-May-2020 Plantation - News flow for week 27 Apr – 1 May
27-Apr-2020 IOI集团业务可好?
27-Apr-2020 Plantation - News flow for week 20 – 24 Apr
22-Apr-2020 【行家论股/视频】IOI集团 产量减冲击盈利
20-Apr-2020 Plantation - Mar-20 Stockpile Rises on Higher Output
20-Apr-2020 Plantation - News flow for week 13 – 17 Apr
17-Apr-2020 Plantation - B20 is delayed
13-Apr-2020 Plantations - Snapping 7-Month of Falling Inventory
13-Apr-2020 Plantation - Inventory Up After Five Consecutive Monthly Declines
13-Apr-2020 Plantation - News flow for week 6 – 10 Apr
13-Apr-2020 Plantation - Palm inventory up by 1.7% MoM in March
13-Apr-2020 Plantation - Mar-20 Stockpile Rises on Higher Output
06-Apr-2020 Plantation - Seeking to Resume Operation in Sabah
02-Apr-2020 Plantation - Weathering Through The Perfect Storm
19-Mar-2020 Plantation - Uncertainties Affecting CPO
17-Mar-2020 IOI集团上挑RM3.82/敏源
13-Mar-2020 [转贴] [Facebook live video:浅谈IOI Corp bhd (IOICorp)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
11-Mar-2020 Plantation - Stocks Decline as Consumption Exceeds Production
03-Mar-2020 Plantations - 4Q2019 Earnings wrap-up: A new lease of life
20-Feb-2020 【行家论股/视频】IOI集团 股价已反映利好
19-Feb-2020 IOI Corporation - Within Expectation
19-Feb-2020 IOI Corp - 6MFY20: Better Performance Within Expectation
19-Feb-2020 IOI Corporation Berhad - Weaker-than-anticipated earnings recovery
19-Feb-2020 IOI Corporation - Boosted By Stronger Plantation Earnings
19-Feb-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 19 Feb 2020
19-Feb-2020 IOI Corporation Berhad - Higher CPO Prices to Boost 2HFY20
19-Feb-2020 IOI Corporation - Within Our Expectation
19-Feb-2020 IOI Corporation - QoQ plunge in manufacturing earnings
29-Jan-2020 IOI Corporation - Replantings up, new plantings down in FY21F
04-Jan-2020 [转贴] [Facebook live video:浅谈IOI Corp bhd (IOICorp)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
04-Jan-2020 【视频】IOI集团 增长势头可延续
28-Dec-2019 【视频】IOI集团 原棕油价上升受惠
24-Dec-2019 下跌股:IOI集团RM4.48支撑
21-Dec-2019 COMMENTS ON IOI CORPORATION BERHAD (1961) - louisesinvesting
17-Dec-2019 IOI Corporation Berhad - 2QFY20 To Improve Sequentially
13-Dec-2019 9 things I learned from the 2019 IOI Corporation AGM - Shak Chee Hoi
03-Dec-2019 IOI Corporation - Within Expectations
28-Nov-2019 【视频】IOI集团 最糟时期已过
27-Nov-2019 IOI Corp - Expecting Better Quarters Ahead
27-Nov-2019 IOI Corporation Berhad - Saved by the Downstream Segment
27-Nov-2019 IOI Corporation - Led By Stronger Resource Manufacturing
27-Nov-2019 IOI Corporation - Manufacturing still resilient
27-Nov-2019 IOI Corporation - Below Ours; Within Consensus
27-Nov-2019 Mplus Market Pulse - 27 Nov 2019
26-Nov-2019 IOI Corporation - Core Profit Within Expectation
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LouiseS Based on comparison of 44 plantation counters listed in Bursa Malaysia, IOI is shown to be one of the TOP 8 plantation counters worthy to pay attention to and potentially invest in. IOI stands out in performance indicators such as having high market capitalization (RM 29,538 million), high cash flow reserve (RM 2,599 million) and high trading volume in the latest financial year.

20/01/2020 12:27 PM
Keyman188 I sangka banyak orang tak percaya...

Next 24 months will test low between RM 3.00 ~ RM 3.30...
01/02/2020 9:12 AM
Keyman188 Aku sendiri pun tak percaya...

Tapi...aku pun nak tengok mujuk tak....
01/02/2020 9:12 AM
nurfarhan Post removed. Why?
20/02/2020 9:18 AM
13/03/2020 6:05 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/2020-03-13-story-h1484838110.jsp
[转贴] [Facebook live video:浅谈IOI Corp bhd (IOICorp)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
13/03/2020 9:46 PM
prince4 Covid-19 make economy slown down fundamental company will metamorphism and company with high debt will the time to collapse.Expect local and foreign funds money would not flow in big cap and mid cap stock because everybody scare buy high losses money . In this few month expect Funds manager money would flow out in bigcap and midcap stocks and will short selling midcap stocks for make money so now no prospects cannot buy and hold.
market stock RM50 drop to RM25,followed RM25 drop to RM10, followed RM10 drop to RM5,RM5.00 drop to RM 2.00 ,followed RM2.00 drop RM1.00,followed RM1.00 drop to 50 cent,followed 50 cent drop to 20cent ,followed 20 cent drop to 10cent ,followed 10cent drop to bottom.
High debt company cannot hold ,high prices stock cannot hold , market never sleep money never sleep just buy bottom low prices with cash rich company . This is a opportunity markets smarts money no longer will flows in cheaper stocks market will goreng lows price stock at bottom..
16/03/2020 10:43 AM
powerinvestor why epf bought so much?
20/03/2020 8:35 AM
BlackWhite Epf need 50billion to pay out , off load may come soon
24/03/2020 2:38 PM
Plantermen IOI dragged down by forex loss on USD denominated loans. Companies with USD denominated loans will be hit. Last year MYR trading at 4.09 - 4.10. March 31 MYR drop and depreciated to 4.38 - 4.40
09/04/2020 8:53 AM
roger3210 Sell
10/04/2020 8:57 AM
yml881 Why EPF bought so many IOI shares? Can any sifu share the news? Thanks in advanced.
18/04/2020 5:23 PM
RainT EPF buy or sell the reason we dont know one

there are many fund houses manage EPF fund and each have different strategy
03/05/2020 7:34 PM
tkl88 Wow, Awesome !
Dow Jones closed at = > 24,331.32 (+455.43) (+1.91 percent)
09/05/2020 8:26 AM
Mabel Wah so nice, so green, so beautiful....

Hmmmm the weather smell FRESH and LOVELY Today....

Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ameer Khan sent their regards to all of you here...

Chappati, Tosei, Briyani does not taste the same without our Palm Oil...

Meow Meow Meow
20/05/2020 11:43 AM
limitupupup wah YoY QR drop -100%, u no open kah?
27/05/2020 5:30 PM
Hidup_Anwar Profit 100K 4.5? Anwar pls be PM asap.
28/05/2020 5:32 AM
Kenzotaj Forex loss 200m++.. dont quite understand this part?.. loan denominated in USD or what?
28/05/2020 7:28 AM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/2020-05-28-story-h1507892283.jsp
[转贴] [Facebook live video:浅谈IOI Corp bhd (IOICorp)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
28/05/2020 9:22 PM
Valueinvestor_007 https://youtu.be/lIsc9pmAsnU

Buy in MMC Corp after sold IOI Corporation
06/06/2020 11:47 AM
Gtrade India and Pakistan Rapseed oil industry battling with 50m ocust swarm, destroying crop and trees. Good for Malaysia palm oil exports

20/06/2020 2:40 PM
azee MPOB will issue a compound followed by licence suspension or termination for operators of estates and palm oil mills who have not yet commenced the process of MSPO certification on Jan 1, 2021.
07/07/2020 7:58 AM
azee Jan 1, 2020, the government fixed the date of implementation of mandatory MSPO certification. In line with the mandatory implementation, all parties in the palm oil industry including smallholders, must implement MSPO certification at their premises.
07/07/2020 7:58 AM
InsiderShark Post removed. Why?
20/07/2020 3:37 PM
Mabel Wah so nice, so green, so beautiful....

Hmmmm the weather smell FRESH and LOVELY Today....

Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ameer Khan sent their regards to all of you here...

Chappati, Tosei, Briyani does not taste the same without our Palm Oil...

Meow Meow Meow
27/07/2020 5:59 PM
hairy many blue chip drop look likes this plantation root very strong...
05/08/2020 8:46 AM
Hillary8890_32 Are they going to buy kretam holdings berhad?
10/08/2020 11:04 AM
andrewlow22 Long time ago in Malaysia timber failed, coco failed, rubber failed (now very hard to see rubber trees), then now palm oil like puah cheh si (struggling to stay alive), what else can malaysia do ?
15/08/2020 8:54 AM
kasim The coronavirus crisis has pushed the Malaysian palm oil industry into a labour crunch so severe that it’s turning to prisoners for help.
09/09/2020 10:01 AM
Gtrade Harga CPO naik lagi
Sampai 3000 tak nak berhenti
Tauke IOI byk business tak jadi
Kira untong sawit sampai nak mati
17/09/2020 11:32 AM
Mabel Future FCPO has already breached RM 3000 around noon. However it retraces at 1500 hrs. Today 8 Mabel Plantations are GREEN while 3 are RED.

17/09/2020 10:46 PM
Mabel 17th September hari ini
Benar Gtrade Harga Sawit naik lagi
Perlabur Sawit pun banyak senang hati
Sudah Lima Mercedes Mabel sudah beli..
17/09/2020 10:46 PM
Gtrade Hujan emas di negeri sarong
Hujan batu di negeri sawit
Mari lah kita PELABUR sawit
Menunggang lembu kepala sawit
21/09/2020 12:00 PM
Mabel CPO Prices for March to May was Between RM2,100 to RM2,300

From June to August CPO prices have gone up to between RM2,400 and RM2,600


Meow Meow Meow
09/10/2020 7:22 PM
Mabel Plantation - Key Takeaways From Globoil's Webinar
Date: 9th October 2020

Solvent Extractors Association of India organised a webinar yesterday titled “World Price Outlook for Vegetable Oils and Meals”. There were three speakers i.e. Thomas Mielke from Oil World, Dorab Mistry from Godrej International and James Fry from LMC International. Here are the key takeaways from the webinar: -

James Fry said that rains and good palm prices would encourage better estate maintenance in Malaysia and Indonesia, leading to improved palm production in year 2021F. Rains would boost CPO supply in early-2021F and in the meantime, there would be a seasonal pick-up in production in 4Q2020. Peak palm production may be delayed by a month or two from the usual month of October or November in Malaysia.

In terms of demand, many companies in the HORECA sector (hotels, restaurants and catering) may not survive without government support. Families in low income countries may be trading down to smaller bottles of cooking oil. James Fry did not give a price forecast.

Thomas Mielke said that CPO prices may hover around US$700/tonne (RM2,905/tonne) in 1H2021. He forecasts global production of palm oil to increase by 3.5mil to 4mil tonnes in 2021F. CPO output in Indonesia is estimated to rise by 3mil tonnes in 2021F from about 43mil tonnes in 2020E. Thomas Mielke expects CPO production in Malaysia to be flat in 2021F.

He added that global soybean supply is ample currently in spite of weather-related losses in the US. He expects world soybean supply to increase by 21mil tonnes in 2020E/2021F as Brazil is envisaged to record a record output of 132.5mil tonnes (2019/2020E: 126.5mil tonnes).

Dorab Mistry believes that CPO production in Malaysia would be flat at 19.9mil tonnes in 2020E compared with market expectations of a decline. We believe that this implies that 4Q2020 production would be strong as Malaysia’s CPO output fell by 4.7% YoY in 8M2020. He did not give a production forecast for 2021F although he said that palm supply would be good.

Dorab has suggested a dynamic biodiesel mandate to the Indonesia government whereby if CPO prices exceed US$600/tonne, the biodiesel mandate would be reduced to B25 from B30. If CPO prices exceed US$700/tonne, the biodiesel mandate would be reduced further to B20. With this, the biodiesel mandate would still be implemented but at the same time, the smallholders would not be affected by the CPO export levy. Currently, Indonesia implements the B30 biodiesel mandate with subsidies from the CPO export levy of US$55/tonne.

Mabel Research House
10/10/2020 12:45 PM
alfred Kalyana further pointed out that soy as a vegetable oil with the largest terrestrial footprint in the world, was able to avoid the spotlight.With the wildfires burning forests in South America on a scale that made the 2015 fires in Indonesia look like a campfire, the scale of soy’s impact in the world was peeled back just enough to raise global alarms.Citing independent study findings, he said the global palm oil industry, with a terrestrial footprint that contributed 2.3% to deforestation, pales in comparison to deforestation caused by the meat and soy industries. Today palm oil ranks among the most consumed of the 17 different competing oils and fats. This progressive rise up the ladder has also come with a hefty price to the industry straddled with a myriad of controversies, critics and accusations of unsustainable operations throughout the supply chain.The industry expert stressed that if there is a silver lining to the criticisms and controversies concentrated on palm oil, it has to be the fact that the industry is most ready to prove itself as a solution for mitigating climate change and biodiversity preservation.
17/10/2020 1:29 PM
xing Although they have rebounded from the trough in March, only PPB is marginally higher by 0.6% YTD among the plantation stocks. The other three plantation counters have yet to recoup their losses since the beginning of this year. YTD, Kuala Lumpur Kepong declined 11.8%, Sime Darby Plantation is down 8.3% and IOI Corp slid 7.2%.
21/10/2020 12:37 PM
Mabel Congrats to all IOICorp Supporters

Fantastic Day for all Farmers..

Prevailing CPO Price as of yesterday is RM 3354. Cost of producing is between RM 1500-1800. This will be good for our farmers. So we expect more movements in this counter due to feel good effect on the latest Indian FGV Oil Palm Contract, Bullish FCPO (Jan FCOP has already breaches RM 3,144), current CPO prices plus the feel good effect of 2021 Budget which will be tabled tomorrow.

Well done Everyone !

Meow Meow Meow
05/11/2020 10:40 PM
tkl88 Walaoeh, Dow Jones continue it’s bull run !
Dow Jones closed at=> 29,420.92 (+262.95) (+0.90 %) !

Huat ah ! Heng ah ! Ong ah !
11/11/2020 8:16 AM
SultanMelaka stop spamming iddiot!
11/11/2020 8:16 AM
tkl88 SultanMelaka, President Biden victory, favour to world trade, oil price spike up, covid-19 going to end soon, our economy will become prosperous once entering the year of 2021 !
So, I just posting more good news to let public aware to Sailang in stock market to making more monies for their early retirement only... if you not like my posts, just ignore it...
11/11/2020 7:46 PM
tkl88 Oil price continue to spike up like mad !
As at 7.02pm,
Nymex=> $42.89 (+1.53) (+3.70 %)
Brent => $45.16 ‪(+1.55) (+3.55 %)‬

‪Huat ah ! Heng ah ! Ong ah !‬
11/11/2020 7:47 PM
Plantermen Oil palm counters wave coming. Expect good result & dividends coming qtrs from plantation companies. Larger size planter's will be the main beneficiaries of rising CPO prices
17/11/2020 7:22 AM
tkl88 Dow Jones continue to spike up like mad !
Dow Jones closed at=>29,950.44 (+470.63) (+1.60 %)

Huat ah ! Heng ah ! Ong ah !
17/11/2020 7:59 AM
TraderSeeds 最近做了支种植业的视频,顺手帮大家promote 一下棕油股。哈!
17/11/2020 1:31 PM
VTrade False break out today
17/11/2020 10:03 PM
Letsfly why mabel everywhere in plantation....
18/11/2020 4:43 PM
LongTermInvestor8 Will the market crash if budget 2021 cannot be passed this coming Thursday (26/10/2020)? These are the 4 possible scenarios:

1. Parliament will be dissolved and a snap election will be called
2. A state of Emergency in the whole country will be declared by YDPA
3. Muhyiddin will resign and YDPA will appoint an interim PM
4. YDPA will appoint a new PM who has majority MPs support. A new budget 2021 also will be tabled by the new appointed PM.

Will the market go down? Will it crash? Take profit now or wait?
22/11/2020 4:23 PM
flyingtomoon2020 Ioi gogogo
22/11/2020 4:25 PM
flyingtomoon2020 Post removed. Why?
22/11/2020 4:26 PM

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