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04-Sep-2019 [转贴] [Facebook live video:浅谈Naim holdings bhd (Naim)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
22-Aug-2019 Daily Technical Highlights – (PECCA, NAIM)
20-Aug-2019 热门股:纳音控股上挑RM1.34
19-Aug-2019 [转贴] [Facebook live video:浅谈Naim holdings bhd (Naim)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
19-Aug-2019 Trading Stocks - Naim
31-May-2019 Stocks on Radar - Naim Holdings (5073)
17-May-2019 [转贴] 雪人投资:NAIM 个股分析,你对这只拥有Dayang 和 Perdana 的老大了解多少?
14-May-2019 砂州基本设施开销增‧纳因展望改善
22-Apr-2019 Naim Holdings - A Good Proxy for the Sarawak Infrastructure Play
09-Apr-2019 Daily Technical Highlights – (HIBISCS, NAIM)
27-Mar-2019 上升股:纳音控股阻力RM1.31
26-Mar-2019 Should we switch from DAYANG to NAIM?
14-Mar-2019 上升股:纳音控股阻力RM1.50
13-Mar-2019 NAIM LIMIT UP! Another Chun Chun Call of Calvin Tan Research at 50 sen (Up 140% in One month!) NOW BUY VELESTO
13-Mar-2019 雪人投资:砂拉越巨头 NAIM 个股剖析 - SNOWMAN
13-Mar-2019 NAIM (5073) Is The Best Buy Compared To DAYANG and PERDANA.
06-Mar-2019 [转贴] 雪人投资:砂拉越巨头 NAIM 个股剖析 - SNOWMAN
03-Mar-2019 纳音控股挑战RM1.03/敏源
28-Feb-2019 Technical Sell: NAIM (5073)
09-Feb-2019 热门股:纳音控股上挑71仙
08-Feb-2019 NAIM is Firing Up on All Four Engines just like the 747 Jumbo Plane, Calvin Tan Research
19-Nov-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 19 Nov 2018
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winbigbursa any TP from the season players ?
04/09/2019 2:42 PM
radzi TP .. ? My guess is as good as your guess.
04/09/2019 3:05 PM
radzi if i go by P/E alone..... and if investors are satisfied with P/E = 12, then TP is 1.90
04/09/2019 3:06 PM
winbigbursa need to cross rm1 first..
04/09/2019 3:38 PM
nicky Crossed RM1.00 many time before but still pull back ..............crazy stock
04/09/2019 9:10 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/223349.jsp
[转贴] [Facebook live video:浅谈Naim holdings bhd (Naim)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
04/09/2019 9:18 PM
winbigbursa Today's exceptionally high vol. ,34 m done, indicates more good things tmrw, esp. with HK 's tensions down, n their market rebounding strongly
04/09/2019 9:26 PM
winbigbursa could NAIM revisit the high of 1.16-1.17 soon ?
04/09/2019 9:28 PM
rojakmee huge buying and selling volume daily , crazy stock me sold all
04/09/2019 11:30 PM
radzi Some people like stock with high variance and standard deviation because it means money can be made easier than stock which price moves slowly.

Naim helps to drive up Dayang price today.
04/09/2019 11:49 PM
Veda price not going up... be careful
05/09/2019 9:44 AM
SDR245 Above 1.10 n few days??
05/09/2019 9:47 AM
SDR245 Already break 1.00. Next 1.05. Tis a crazy stock. B careful.
05/09/2019 10:01 AM
1502927130032254 Fasten your seat belt,skyrocketing on your way
05/09/2019 10:05 AM
1502927130032254 Up till your mother can’t recognise u...ahaha
05/09/2019 10:06 AM
jonathanlum i agree...this kind of stock can rally till your great grand father cant recognize his own daughter.
05/09/2019 10:23 AM
1502927130032254 @jonathanlum hahaha
05/09/2019 10:24 AM
emymsme What is target price for today ya
05/09/2019 10:27 AM
1502927130032254 1050 above
05/09/2019 10:33 AM
SDR245 Waitng to shoot up???
05/09/2019 11:20 AM
nicky Oppsss... c 0.975 really crazy stock
05/09/2019 12:20 PM
nicky Anyone bot RM1.00 ..? good luck
05/09/2019 12:28 PM
birkincollector Jinxed by dayang ri. Hope can settle fast.
05/09/2019 2:26 PM
nicky Hu... 0.96 .. all trapped ?
05/09/2019 2:49 PM
wwchin01 IDSS mode !!!!
05/09/2019 2:57 PM
MingGoon 0.955 run run Naim
Those brave, buy Naim
05/09/2019 3:48 PM
beginner12345 buy buy buy
05/09/2019 4:01 PM
nicky Dow jumps 400 ++
05/09/2019 10:08 PM
SDR245 Bought again.
06/09/2019 9:11 AM
Veda sold
06/09/2019 9:28 AM
nicky Morning up afternoon down ..
06/09/2019 12:04 PM
Wil789 Yes
06/09/2019 8:22 PM
SDR245 0.90- 0.93
10/09/2019 5:49 PM
beginner12345 1.00 - 1.03
11/09/2019 3:06 PM
MingGoon buy buy buy, if not regret on Naim
cheap sale now Naim
11/09/2019 3:56 PM
HSienZ Simple math, Dayang total capital today is 1.5b, Naim hold 26.42% Dayang itself already worth 400mil....Naim total capital today is only 493mil which means all the lands, property segment, construction segment and hotel only cost u 93mil. Buy or sell up to you.
11/09/2019 6:20 PM
snwong13 .
Pease revisit NAIM last quarter reports especially the Balance Sheet. Surely Dayang plays a part!
Ask someone to help if you don't understand accounting.
I will keep accumulating if it goes down further!
Trade at your own risk.
Good Luck!
12/09/2019 6:30 AM
sooaria Opportunity to collect on Naim now
12/09/2019 11:22 AM
RogerTan901111 Retailers are so funny. They say Dayang is the one that makes all the profit. Well Naim gets a % if it, and they say if not coz of Dayang, naim is net loss etc. I mean, the share price already factored in that Naim owns ~26% of Dayang. And it is in fact, still a lower PE than Dayang. So what it essentially means is, investing in Naim to get that access to 26% of Dayang’s profit Is still cheaper than buying the shares of Dayang. Naim’s investment in Dayang is part of their business and financial performance. Jeez.

Is just like Berkshire Hathaway Investment in Apple/Amex etc etc. Can you say that if not because of Apple’s/Amex’s profit, Berkshire Is actually shit? I’m just stating a hypothetical example here.

Similar to Airasia, if one day their digital arm becomes 70% of their profits, can you say that if not because of the digital transformation, airasia is actually shit? Jeez. Look at the company as a whole guys.

I’m not pinpointing to any particular forumer here. But apparently there are some (also in real life) who really thinks we should look at Naim only and ignore their share of profits in Dayang when deciding to buy Naim’s shares. What a way to gauge a share’s value lol.
12/09/2019 11:24 AM
MingGoon Naim has 26% of Dayang, and beside that Naim has lots of landbanks worth a lot of billion in Sarawak.
Accumulate Naim in the longer term is less volatile than Dayang,
Choose your pick, the choice is yours...
12/09/2019 3:15 PM
Ameera Waterfall again...
12/09/2019 6:37 PM
cheoky All in lagi. Please support me.
13/09/2019 12:22 PM
Ameera I fully support you...
13/09/2019 1:20 PM
beginner12345 all in all in
13/09/2019 2:39 PM
thesteward High nta and profitable if can hold for longer term will be good . The land banks are are v valuable too
14/09/2019 9:21 AM
winbigbursa Can expect a Good week ahead for NAIM !
14/09/2019 10:14 AM
Ameera I m stuck at 1.07...
14/09/2019 1:33 PM
winbigbursa Naim recent high was 1.16-1.17 n recent low was 92 sen. Good chance the cuurent upswing will cross 1.07 to test prev resistance high , imo
14/09/2019 4:53 PM
winbigbursa Observed the the active pros in I3, seldom get stuck, could be they have good tactical plans, only commit 38-46% of their bullets to take positions. If csught in down swing, their reserve bullets ( backup support) help them av down aggresively , to get out of trouble n emerge unscattled, get small wins or more.
14/09/2019 5:00 PM
rojakmee Its funny about naim, daily transaction volume so high for 503m share, same person keep buying and selling thats why I sold naim.
15/09/2019 9:30 AM


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