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18-Mar-2019 Invest Malaysia 2019 - Research Guide by Maybank IB
11-Mar-2019 Mplus Market Pulse - 11 Mar 2019
08-Mar-2019 Celcom looks to single-digit revenue growth in 2019
08-Mar-2019 业绩参差· 竞争依旧·电讯领域无亮点
05-Mar-2019 Malaysian Strategy – Wrapping Up 4Q18 Results
26-Feb-2019 Updates on the Malaysian Telecoms Sector
25-Feb-2019 Axiata - Massive Losses Due to Impairments
25-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - Setting a clean slate
25-Feb-2019 Axiata Group Berhad - Regulatory and Execution Risk Remain a Concern
25-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - Losses Due To Higher Depreciation
25-Feb-2019 Mplus Market Pulse - 25 Feb 2019
25-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - Core earnings in line amid lingering overseas risk
25-Feb-2019 Axiata Group Bhd - Better Year Ahead
25-Feb-2019 MQ Research Maintains Outperform on Axiata Despite 4Q18 Losses
25-Feb-2019 Axiata - More Kitchen Sinking
25-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - Focus On Profitability Growth
22-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - Expected collaboration with webe
22-Feb-2019 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 22 Feb 2019
18-Feb-2019 Axiata - Axiata Accepts the M1 Offer
18-Feb-2019 Axiata - M1 Disposal and XL FY18 Results
18-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - XL: Dragged By Higher Depreciation
18-Feb-2019 Axiata Group Berhad - Building Up Its War Chest
18-Feb-2019 Mplus Market Pulse - 18 Feb 2019
18-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - Exiting Singapore
18-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - No surprise in M1 GO acceptance
18-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - Moderating XL revenue expectations
18-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - Divestment of M1
18-Feb-2019 Axiata to Dispose of Stake in M1: Positive for Shareholders
15-Feb-2019 Celcom-Axiata: Is It Nimble Enough To Adapt?
14-Feb-2019 外资政治股咸鱼翻身
14-Feb-2019 Axiata: TP Revised to RM5.47, Outperform Reiterated
12-Feb-2019 大行出招.猪年价值股守成
09-Feb-2019 下跌股:亚通RM3.72支撑
08-Feb-2019 Axiata parties yet to receive Nepal's Supreme Court order
08-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - Tax Woes In Nepal
08-Feb-2019 Mplus Market Pulse - 8 Feb 2019
08-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - More Issues With Ncell
07-Feb-2019 Axiata Group - Higher risks and provisions from Nepal CGT surprise
30-Jan-2019 下跌股:亚通RM3.78支撑
30-Jan-2019 Mplus Market Pulse - 30 Jan 2019
30-Jan-2019 Axiata Group - Negligible impact from Laos tower venture
30-Jan-2019 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 30 Jan 2019
29-Jan-2019 Mplus Market Pulse - 29 Jan 2019
04-Jan-2019 亚通挑战RM3.94/敏源
03-Jan-2019 Telecommunication - Roles Changing Game
28-Dec-2018 [转贴] [Facebook live:浅谈Axiata group berhad (Axiata)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
28-Dec-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 28 Dec 2018
25-Dec-2018 热门股:亚通上挑RM4.18
20-Dec-2018 亚通反弹上挑RM4/敏源
20-Dec-2018 Technical Analysis - Axiata Group
13-Dec-2018 Malaysia Strategy – 3Q18 Results Wrap
03-Dec-2018 AmWatch - Sector Focus Of The Day
29-Nov-2018 亚通迈向RM3.60/敏源
29-Nov-2018 Stocks On Radar - Axiata Group (6888)
27-Nov-2018 Axiata Group - Aiming for profitability and cash flow
27-Nov-2018 Technical Analysis - Axiata
27-Nov-2018 Axiata Group - Shifting Gears
26-Nov-2018 Axiata - Another Weak Quarter
26-Nov-2018 Axiata Group - Set to be in stronger footing
26-Nov-2018 Axiata Group Berhad - Resilient 9MFY18 EBITDA
26-Nov-2018 Axiata Group - Malaysian Earnings Dragged By VSS
26-Nov-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 26 Nov 2018
26-Nov-2018 Axiata-Group - Stabilising revenue prospects
26-Nov-2018 Axiata Group Bhd - Better Earnings as Cost Efficiency Accelerates
26-Nov-2018 Axiata Group - Within Our Expectation
26-Nov-2018 Axiata - 9M18 Results in Line
12-Nov-2018 取消股息再投资.亚通影响中和
09-Nov-2018 亚通 长期前景看俏
07-Nov-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 7 Nov 2018
07-Nov-2018 Axiata Group - Logical to cancel DRS scheme
02-Nov-2018 Axiata - XL 9M18: Data-led growth
02-Nov-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 02 Nov 2018
02-Nov-2018 Axiata Group - XL Expects Better 4Q
02-Nov-2018 Axiata Group - XL Remains In The Red
01-Nov-2018 Axiata Group - Stronger XL revenue, yet still a loss
26-Oct-2018 热门股:亚通上挑RM3.55
23-Oct-2018 [转贴] [AXIATA GROUP BERHAD:令吉兑所有区域货币走强,导致外汇转换产生不利影响,一次性非现金减值拨备为33.799亿令吉] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
23-Oct-2018 下跌股:亚通RM3.25支撑
15-Oct-2018 王宝钦‧电讯大礼来不来?
12-Oct-2018 热门股:亚通上挑RM4.20
10-Oct-2018 上升股:亚通阻力RM4.54
10-Oct-2018 Telecommunication - Opening Up
05-Oct-2018 Google Cloud Summit 2018: AI and Machine Learning to empower businesses to do more (Celcom & AirAsia)
04-Oct-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 4 Oct 2018
04-Oct-2018 Telecommunication - Pricing Reset Blues
02-Oct-2018 Axiata's Asia dream fades as rivals bid its overseas units
28-Sep-2018 Axiata - M1 - The Magnificent One
28-Sep-2018 Axiata - Keppel, SPH Launch Pre-conditional Offer for M1
28-Sep-2018 Axiata Group - General Offer For M1
28-Sep-2018 Axiata Group - Received Offer On M1
27-Sep-2018 Axiata likely to reject offer from Keppel and SPH for M1-source
27-Sep-2018 Axiata Group - Neutral on potential M1 stake sale
26-Sep-2018 下跌股:亚通RM4.55支撑
25-Sep-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 25 Sept 2018
24-Sep-2018 李文龙‧海外并购风险
20-Sep-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 20 Sept 2018
18-Sep-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 18 Sept 2018
14-Sep-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 14 Sept 2018
14-Sep-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 14 Sept 2018
14-Sep-2018 Axiata Group - XL’s capex funding from new IDR5tril bond programme
28-Aug-2018 亚通 两年财测下调
27-Aug-2018 Axiata Group - Trying times
27-Aug-2018 Technical Analysis - Axiata Group
27-Aug-2018 Axiata - 1H18 Results: Uninspiring
27-Aug-2018 Axiata Group - Losses Due To One-Off Provision
27-Aug-2018 Axiata Group Bhd - Non-cash Impairment of RM3.4b
27-Aug-2018 Axiata Group Berhad - Mixed 1HFY18 Results
27-Aug-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 27 Aug 2018
27-Aug-2018 Axiata Group - Brighter revenue prospects amid non-cash impairments
27-Aug-2018 Axiata Group - A Rough Patch
27-Aug-2018 Axiata - An Eventful Quarter, Earnings Miss Expectations
25-Aug-2018 热门股:亚通上挑RM4.82
24-Aug-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 24 Aug 2018
21-Aug-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 21 Aug 2018
20-Aug-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 20 Aug 2018
20-Aug-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 20 Aug 2018
17-Aug-2018 Axiata Group - No surprise in RM3.3bil non-core Idea impairment
06-Aug-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 6 Aug 2018
01-Aug-2018 Technical View - Axiata Group Berhad
01-Aug-2018 Axiata Group - XL: 2Q18 Dragged By Lower Revenue & Higher Depreciation
01-Aug-2018 Axiata Group - XL Expects Better Revenue Growth
01-Aug-2018 Axiata - XL 1H18: Yet to Inspire
31-Jul-2018 Axiata Group - Worst is over for XL’s prepaid SIM registration
31-Jul-2018 Axiata Group - Idea Investment A Write-off For Axiata
30-Jul-2018 Axiata Group - Vodafone-Idea merger to be completed next month
30-Jul-2018 Axiata Group - Idea-Vodafone merger approved
30-Jul-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 30 Jul 2018
30-Jul-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 30 Jul 2018
30-Jul-2018 Axiata Group - Green Light On Vodafone-Idea Merger
26-Jul-2018 Axiata Group - Higher Idea-Vodafone merger impairment unlikely to impact dividends
26-Jul-2018 No ceasefire in Malaysia’s mobile wars
26-Jul-2018 Axiata Group - Impairment On The Cards?
24-Jul-2018 Telecommunication - WANTED: Yet more competition
19-Jul-2018 Technical Analysis - Axiata Group
16-Jul-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 16 Jul 2018
05-Jul-2018 热门股:亚通上挑RM4.38
04-Jul-2018 Telecommunication - Bargain Hunting Opportunities
03-Jul-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 3 Jul 2018
01-Jul-2018 下跌股:亚通RM3.63支撑
12-Jun-2018 热门股:亚通上挑RM4.95
11-Jun-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 11 Jun 2018
07-Jun-2018 [转贴] 网络费或下调 盈利承压‧电讯业整合突围
06-Jun-2018 Telecommunication Sector - Mixed 1Q2018 report card amid rising pricing pressure
31-May-2018 李文龙.身不由己
24-May-2018 下跌股:亚通RM3.80支撑
24-May-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 24 May 2018
23-May-2018 Axiata - Encouraging progress
23-May-2018 Axiata Group - Unchanged EBITDA guidance, normalising dividends
23-May-2018 Axiata - 1Q: A Hit and a Miss, But Broadly in Line
23-May-2018 Axiata Group Berhad - Quarterly EBITDA Holding Up Above RM2b
23-May-2018 Axiata Group Bhd - Losses From Assiociates
23-May-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 23 May 2018
23-May-2018 Axiata - 1Q18 results below expectations
23-May-2018 Axiata Group - Below Expectations
17-May-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 17 May 2018
15-May-2018 Axiata - XL 1Q18 results
15-May-2018 Axiata Group - XL: Earnings Down On Higher Cost
15-May-2018 Axiata Group - Tepid XL Performance
14-May-2018 Axiata Group - XL’s volatile bottom line recovery phase
08-May-2018 亚通收购巩固电信塔业务
07-May-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 7 May 2018
07-May-2018 Axiata Group - Expanding Tower Portfolio In Kedah
07-May-2018 Axiata Group - Acquiring Telco Infra Company In Kedah
07-May-2018 Axiata Group - Negligible impact from acquisition of Kedah towers
07-May-2018 Axiata Group Bhd - Updates on Tower Business
27-Apr-2018 下跌股:亚通RM5支撑
09-Apr-2018 Axiata Group - Catalyst from edotco listing proposal requests
05-Apr-2018 Axiata Group - Moderate Growth
05-Apr-2018 Telecommunication - Muted Call
04-Apr-2018 Axiata Group - Expect moderate growth for earnings and dividends
22-Mar-2018 亚通 斯里兰卡贡献微
21-Mar-2018 Axiata Group - Expanding Sri Lankan digital footprint
21-Mar-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 21 Mar 2018
21-Mar-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 21 Mar 2018
19-Mar-2018 热门股:亚通上挑RM5.44
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Tipster Old news..
18/01/2019 18:48
Epicvestor123 https://epicvestor.blogspot.com/ (post:6/2)
07/02/2019 11:05
tan81 Bad news for axiata

07/02/2019 23:04
jiunn Goodbuy ..... cheap buy....!!! Court verdicts unreasonable!!

Axiata has not received any written confirmation on the court decision nor the LTO demand.....
08/02/2019 09:48
niet Difficult doing business in Indian Subcontinent. Always have to pay. Example maxis, ihh.
08/02/2019 10:49
commonsense The negative surprise of Axiata having to pay the capital gain tax of RM2.2bil from its acquisition of Ncell back in FY16 just add another layer of bad news to the already disappointing business outlook. This would potentially drag the company’s financial result to another loss in FY19 which will affect the sentiment of the market towards its share price. However, please take note that the core net profit would not be affected as the tax is a one-off event.

Based on the 7 analysts covering the company, the average core profit for shareholders in FY19 is projected to be around RM1.25bil (however the reported bottom line would most probably be a negative of almost RM1bil if Axiata is forced to pay the tax on Ncell in FY19). At the current share price, this would already value the company at a valuation of 27.4x fwd PE.

This is considerably high especially for a company that has failed to deliver the expected growth that investors were hoping for. The highest profit to shareholder was recorded back in FY15 (this is before they acquire Ncell) of RM2.6bil. Since then, the profit has fallen substantially with FY18 core net profit to be around only RM1.1bil, a fall of almost 60% from its peak profit. Even with FY19 expected profit of RM1.25bil, it would still be only half to what it managed to achieve back in FY15.

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio outside of Axiata (due to its weak earnings outlook and relatively high valuation), I would recommend you to look at MBMR.

MBMR is a direct proxy to Perodua via its 22.6% interest in the company. Valuation is cheap at only 7.0x PE (based on target FY18 profit of RM145mil. 9m profit is already RM106mil). PB is low at only 0.7x BV. 4Q18 results is expected to be higher than 3Q18 and last year's 4Q17.

FY19 growth will be driven by the still high demand of the new Myvi and the newly launched SUV Aruz and also the newly revamp Alza in 2H19. The recent announcement of closure and potential disposal of the loss-making alloy wheel manufacturing business alone is expected to boost the company’s profit by an additional RM20mil. I am projecting a profit to shareholder of RM170 mil for FY19 which at the current price values MBMR at only 6.0x PE.

Please go through the analyst reports (https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/pt/5983.jsp) and do your own analysis before making any decisions. There are 8 analysts in total covering the stock with most of them having a TP of above RM3 (all have a buy rating). The average TP for the 8 analysts is around RM3.50.

Good luck.
08/02/2019 11:13
signalmw 吉隆坡7日讯)尼泊尔最高法院裁决,尼泊尔流动电讯服务供应商NCell及大股东亚通(AXIATA,6888,主板电信与媒体股),一共需支付资本利得税(CGT)610亿尼泊尔卢比(约21亿6000万令吉)
08/02/2019 11:57
signalmw How they compansentation 21 billion
08/02/2019 11:58
signalmw Tp 3 4
08/02/2019 13:31
TYS_Capital got profits must pay taxes loh, cannot avoid everywhere. sap sap sui for axiata
08/02/2019 19:39
TYS_Capital u can't avoid capital gain tax even in Malaysia, I guess is normal right for business.
08/02/2019 19:40
TYS_Capital u can't said out loud your profits and then diam diam about the taxes. haha
08/02/2019 19:42
TYS_Capital I also pay taxes la,I guess tomorrow stock price up balik guo. this morning I terkejut u know, I thought losses or what.
08/02/2019 19:44
TYS_Capital should we call compensation or taxes?
08/02/2019 19:48
TYS_Capital 2 different things u know.
08/02/2019 19:49
tan81 Next week Rm3.4?
08/02/2019 21:31
banker33 got so many problem.
10/02/2019 09:47
Hafid 52 weeks low is rm3.20
11/02/2019 08:33
Alan Wong will go lower now cash cow is sold
16/02/2019 17:11
BF Chin Today up.Tomorrow will drop to normal.This counter always like that....When you can change the way to up trend to your new record???
20/02/2019 16:07
moneykj Go Dksh
21/02/2019 11:53

making losses quarter

limit down tomorrow
22/02/2019 17:03
Heavenly PUNTER pew pew pew hollando bloom booom!
22/02/2019 17:04
limitlesss run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22/02/2019 17:08
KiasiPu RainT, tmr saturday..
22/02/2019 17:15
apolloang what....lost so much yet 4.25....should be below 4.00,apa ini bursa no fundamentals at all ar?
22/02/2019 17:25
moneymaker99 terrible
22/02/2019 17:30
Calvin882 This is bad
22/02/2019 17:35
bjaya The loss sliced off approximately 14% of it market cap value. From RM 4.25 today - 14% = RM 3.66, which may be used as a reference if you wish to bottom fish. ( of course do practice some degree of Caveat Emptor on your part !)
22/02/2019 17:41
amet2017 Aiyo you guys dont read company profile aa..the shares owned by big boys with long term vision, not easy to manipulate. Go and figure the list of big boys. Very small portion ikan bilis play this counter. haiya..
22/02/2019 17:49
shaneNg GG.com
22/02/2019 19:18
wotvr This company should be below RM 1 by now.
22/02/2019 21:05
Alan Wong RUNNNNN!!!!!!!! Or left only underware next MON ...buy 3182 GENTING sure wont regret.
22/02/2019 22:05
freddiehero yes should break 1.0
22/02/2019 22:47
freddiehero total loss 4000
22/02/2019 22:47
newbie911 Cut loss?
23/02/2019 10:13
birkincollector will retest 3.200
23/02/2019 10:15
Calvin882 It has bleak future
23/02/2019 14:04
beso the worst klci component counter, bleeding non stop,may limit down on monday
23/02/2019 17:26
icecool the next tm in the making
23/02/2019 17:50
Alan Wong bro sell all your cut loss AXIATA and switch to GENTING BHD 3182 instead bcoz QR announcement is very positive!!!
24/02/2019 09:19
beLIEve won't limit down la. the 3b loss is from 2 quarters ago, market already digested. the current 2b also one-off loss, not due to business bad. ceo also says good days ahead.

tomorrow maybe will drop a bit due to knee jerk reaction.
24/02/2019 12:44
Alan Wong Limit down or not let the market digest lor .....investor looking for the most profit in the shortest time possible ...this counter ain’t gonna make profits for another 2 more years ....wait if you can or switch
24/02/2019 13:50
Alan Wong 3,000,000,000 = 3 billions ...how long to cover back?
24/02/2019 14:19
amet2017 People talked nonsense when they lazy to read. Whenever they read the result summary, they never bother to read the actual QR report. RM 1 ringgit? come on!
24/02/2019 15:27
25/02/2019 08:30
freddiehero wil break 4.0
25/02/2019 08:30
Alan Wong who dares to buy ???? i wonder who would like to catch a falling knife ....sorry its chopper!
25/02/2019 08:38
ying 5.247 billions financial heavy losses
26/02/2019 11:26
khalifahLGE Oredi sold half to Singapore Telco meh
11/03/2019 20:41


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