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nmaa3003 Bought at .515 tp .68
04/04/2018 4:15 PM
Jessie Ng waiting at .515
12/04/2018 11:49 AM
Joel Chan hahha
12/04/2018 11:49 AM
Jessie Ng shit
12/04/2018 11:49 AM
Richshare Lion counters start soaring.........
01/06/2018 6:38 PM
yapts yes! Lion counters are back. For Lion Forest,given a 70% discount to its NTA, it still worth 70 sen!
16/08/2018 3:54 PM
TheContrarian Bought at 0.505.
14/09/2018 5:09 PM
Lim Tek Wai This stock become stronger and stronger, worth to invest
18/09/2018 10:37 AM
Lim Tek Wai This quarter is making very good profits, the best ever!
18/09/2018 10:37 AM
Kawelegen No divident and no volume counter although good results, any reason?
18/09/2018 10:48 AM
TheContrarian Added at 0.49.
20/09/2018 3:45 PM
yapts The Contrarian,I think we are the very few here still buying.52 weeks low 47 sen,5 year low 42 sen,I don't think it go below 0.40 unless something drastic came out.Risk low but reward/upwards potential very high.Let's wait and see.
21/09/2018 1:24 PM
TheContrarian Yes, always buy when no one is interested and hold until everyone is excited. Lion Industries and Parkson today up on heavy volume.
21/09/2018 1:31 PM
yapts thanks for your comment.Really appreciate!
21/09/2018 1:35 PM
TheContrarian Lion Forest is almost 75% owned by Lion Industries. Hopefully they will offer to take it private at a reasonable price.
21/09/2018 1:42 PM
yapts Deep value! Going to unfold!
21/09/2018 5:14 PM
TheContrarian Cash/FD balances improved from RM90 million on 30/6/17 to RM109 million on 30/6/18, this translates to 47 sen cash backing per share. There's no borrowings.
21/09/2018 8:06 PM
yapts thanks for the info! Lion Forest is the cash cow of the Lion Group. WC always make used of her to save the others.Hope no more impairment.
22/09/2018 9:37 AM
TheContrarian Privatisation?
17/10/2018 9:16 AM
TheContrarian Or key in error?
17/10/2018 9:19 AM
Bob Fairuz i think today someone want to buy lionind but accidently buy lionfib at 0.77.. hehe
17/10/2018 10:28 PM
apolloang uncle koon press silap lah,he wanna buy lionind press lionfib?....hahaha
17/10/2018 10:33 PM
freddiehero haha.. rugi betul
17/10/2018 10:59 PM
TKP9966 some rebound now...
18/10/2018 11:37 AM
Crash123456buil Lionfib future rm8.90
12/03/2019 7:50 PM
Crash123456buil PRson rm45
13/03/2019 1:58 AM
kyosan hoot Lion fib liao.... got posim marketing there.. petroleum product.. quite big sales n profit, peace~ current price 0.40 is net cash.
13/03/2019 4:06 PM
Crash123456buil Lionfib future rm9
26/03/2019 6:56 AM
Bob Fairuz Lionfib future rm8.50
02/04/2019 6:47 PM
Crash123456buil Lion fib buy
22/04/2019 1:04 PM
SHUECHABOO LION POSIM will be the target of becoming a private company by the largest shareholder. Minority shareholders are not up to 25%, The largest shareholder only requires not exceeding RM100 million to has a 100% stake in this company.LION POSIM has assets of RM557 million. RM109 million is in cash.
26/09/2019 11:13 AM
SHUECHABOO If buying all 25% of the remaining shares at RM1.50 per share, only require RM88 million.
26/09/2019 4:28 PM
Jeffreyteck Current assets more then current liabilities by more than 200 millio with cash of 62 millio. Good luck if receivables is not written off substantially as in the case of london biscuits, NTA from above $1 to negative 0.25.
30/11/2019 9:18 AM
pc007 What happen with this stock?
20/04/2020 2:31 PM
Kenzo8 HELLO, this counter so quiet....?
22/06/2020 12:49 PM
TheContrarian Reported after tax profit of exactly RM25,000,000.00 in the 4th quarter.
25/08/2020 6:59 PM
blood7 loves kavalan solist Lumber prices soar to all-time high on renovation demand....

26/08/2020 12:28 AM
bull55 Please study before buying, the extremely high PAT is due to other income - the reversal of impairment loss 22m, minus this out the PAT is only 3m, slightly better improvement in gross profit.
26/08/2020 2:40 PM
TheContrarian Potential privatisation candidate as Lion Industries already own close to 75%.
26/08/2020 7:38 PM
26/08/2020 7:39 PM
DreamGladiator whoa!!!
26/08/2020 7:39 PM
DreamGladiator up 32.26%!!!
26/08/2020 7:40 PM
DreamGladiator fantastico
26/08/2020 7:40 PM
DreamGladiator excellenta
26/08/2020 7:40 PM
DreamGladiator maravilhosa
26/08/2020 7:40 PM
DreamGladiator porpavor
26/08/2020 7:41 PM
DreamGladiator bravo bravo
26/08/2020 7:41 PM
DreamGladiator well done
26/08/2020 7:41 PM
DreamGladiator keep up the good work
26/08/2020 7:41 PM
AlibabaInf TheContrarian how to check 75%
29/10/2020 6:59 AM

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