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Market Cap: 260 Million
NOSH: 1,926 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):23,344,375
4 Weeks Range:0.125 - 0.155
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.06 - 0.23
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 0.24
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.105
Stamp duty exempted for year 2021

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Dec-2020 [#4]  |  30-Mar-2021
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 31-Mar-2021  |  22-Jun-2021
T4Q P/E | EY: -1.37  |  -72.82%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.024  |  5.63
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: -63.69%  |  -410.38%


Date Subject
15-Dec-2020 从焦炭到数码 华安期待华丽转身
25-Nov-2020 Technical Review- Sino Hua-an International Bhd
12-Nov-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 12 Nov 2020
18-Sep-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 18 Sept 2020
18-Sep-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 18 Sep 2020
18-Aug-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 18 Aug 2020
06-Jul-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 6 Jul 2020
06-Jul-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 6 Jul 2020
24-Apr-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 24 Apr 2020
24-Apr-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 24 Apr 2020
22-Apr-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 22 Apr 2020

Business Background

Sino Hua-An International Bhd is an investment holding company. The company is engaged in manufacturing and sale of metallurgical coke and other related by-products. Sino Hua-An International’s products include tar oil, crude benzene, ammonium sulfate and coal gas. Its by-products include Coal Gas, Tar, Crude Benzene, Ammonia Sulfate, Coal Slime and Middlings.
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orite88 Lately market is not very good la. Quarter okey pun sama saja..no effect at all...FA okey pun go to the South..
01/04/2021 4:47 PM
dompeilee Maybe need new bursa classification PNP...stealing placement monies lol
01/04/2021 5:06 PM
Hustle Have some smell of aax
01/04/2021 9:59 PM
Hustle Expresso coffee
01/04/2021 10:00 PM
Jackkin After Dompeilee come here to attack this stock, normally it's value will go up.. it's just ike magic
01/04/2021 11:52 PM
dompeilee Really meh? The price was 19c when I posted THIS:

Posted by dompeilee > Dec 18, 2020 6:38 PM

Jared Lim the clown keep promoting Asiasons, which he pakat with well-known crook Soh Chee Wen to goreng, right up to the big CRASH in 2013, changed the name to Attilan & bankrupted it within 3 years:

SG Biz Times 23 July 2019:
"ATTILAN Group is unable to provide a reasonable exit offer to shareholders to proceed with delisting, the mainboard-listed investment firm said in a filing to the Singapore Exchange (SGX) on Tuesday.

Attilan said this is because the company is in a net liabilities position, as disclosed in its financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, and none of the company's controlling shareholders has expressed any intention to make an exit offer.

On June 4, the company received a notice of delisting from SGX, which said that the group had not met the requirements to be removed from the watch-list. It was first placed on the watch-list on Apr 11, 2016.

Trading in Attilan securities was to be suspended from 9am on July 4 until the completion of an exit offer to shareholders, in accordance with listing rules which require the company or its controlling shareholders to provide a "reasonable exit offer" to shareholders."

Now come here, goreng Huaan, changed name to rhyme with 'Tesla X'...ready 2 CRASH & bankrupt by 2021! LoL!!!
02/04/2021 8:02 AM
dompeilee Bursa shld hand me an award for mkt foresight. The Nov qtr @ the time showed revenue of 82.7 mil & LOSS of 35.2 mil & NTA of 10c. Since then, the latest qtr shows revenue of 5.6 mil ( - 93 %) & LOSS more than doubled to 75.1 mil & NTA of 3c ( - 70 %)

Technically bankrupt co. with huge truckloads of tickets(1,909 million) floating around... Play @ your own risk...
02/04/2021 8:07 AM
dompeilee All the crash & burn stocks like Macpie, Kanger, XOX, PDZ, G3 etc all in the same club with this lapsap stock.
02/04/2021 8:10 AM
Happyday123 Hangus technax...!
02/04/2021 10:47 AM
orite88 Dompeilee don't want us to buy because it will go up.
02/04/2021 11:05 AM
AbyssWarrior Does anyone here ask where is the super battery QR result? instead of blaming .
02/04/2021 12:48 PM
02/04/2021 1:04 PM
adamdacutie Soon dompeilee will said speculatively buy when it Shoot up
02/04/2021 1:08 PM
adamdacutie No shame fella dompeilee
02/04/2021 1:08 PM
dompeilee @AbyssWarrior Ya lor kakijudi like adam-ugly dun care abt fundamentals...only care abt in & out, in & out, make their parasite brokers rich only...go & hire a h ooker better & cheaper for them LOL
02/04/2021 3:13 PM
dompeilee From another thread:
number2: Becareful, itching toward 0.06 now.
They will keep diluting then consolidation, same process appears afterwards.

Do not buy XOX above 0.07, let all private placement and XOX employees ESOS die.
They keep issuing private placements (more 2.5 billions share unit since FY2020) below market price and then sell to retailer at market price to get 10% immediate encash.

Previously you own 100k units, you are above 100k over total circulated XOX shareholding of 1Billion.
Now if your 100k units became 100k over the 3.9Billion XOX shareholdings.
Retailers have been diluted to death silently.

This HOPELESS management uses the money to goreng their own shareholdings in other listed penny stocks. For the past 4 months, XOX finished all their cash, channel out the XOX cash to themselves. They do it by buying rotten, big loss making and dying stocks that owned by them at low price, use XOX cash to goreng until godlike prices. Then they sold it to XOX.

XOX has ended up at villain in the following stocks
1. Spent RM2.6M to buy M3Tech @ 0.036 average price, now price is 0.05
2. Spent a whoping RM22M to buy MACPIE @ 0.47, now price is 0.18
3. Spent RM39M to buy NEXION technology @ 0.33, now price is 0.33
4. Spent RM30M to buy DGB @ 0.12, now price is 0.08
5. Spent RM44.6M to buy CHeetah@ 1.32, when market price is only 0.40
Total cash spent on buying rubbish stocks RM138.2M BURNT, and channel into their cronies and their own stockholding in other entities.
02/04/2021 5:58 PM
dompeilee Take note and keep reminding each other on their tactics
Remember these 3 persons.
1. Eddie Chai Woon Chet
2. Roy Ho Yew Kee
3. Ng Kok Heng
Google and can see their face, you can handle them in real life.

Becareful, dont buy into trap.
They just issue ESOS 0.07 to employees about 210M units of shares, these employees are now waiting to dump at 0.08 to 0.10 to retailers.

Xox employees prepare to dump their free shares @0.07 to us retail investors at 0.08 to 0.10.
19/03/2021 11:43 AM
02/04/2021 6:00 PM
Jackkin Good info Dompeilee, maybe u can create a fb group or page and share out all these info then can get viral and spread out faster to more investors.. if u just post in forum here, i am afraid not many investors can notice your kind advice....
03/04/2021 1:07 AM
dompeilee Family history of Eddie Chai Woon Chet
25/03/2021 12:23 AM
no1 no1 2021 12:23 AM
nor1 https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/corruption-trial-starts-of-e...

Working hard with politicians and government officers to scam public money and government land.
25/03/2021 12:26 AM
26/03/2021 9:30 AM
no1 no1....check your i3 messenger
25/03/2021 8:31 AM
OracleOfOmaha https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nst.com.my/amp/property/2021/02/66855...
25/03/2021 11:21 AM
OracleOfOmaha I found the linkage. Same gang of syndicate.
Kanger share price drops like mad after dealing with Eddie Chai daddy private company Asetkayamas.
25/03/2021 11:23 AM
OracleOfOmaha Next step I guess buy petroleum assets from Steven Kuah ka since they announced it already.


Techfast ---siphon cash to Steven kuah
Kanger ---- siphon cash to Asetkayamas
25/03/2021 11:27 AM
02/04/2021 5:39 PM
03/04/2021 8:10 AM
dompeilee X
numbero ne numberone X
numbero ne https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/07/16/asset-kayamas-chairm...

This is eddie chai father, like father like son. Both scammer of Malaysian investors money.
25/03/2021 12:22 AM
26/03/2021 9:30 AM
03/04/2021 8:15 AM
dompeilee X
n umber1 25/03/2021 12:22 AM
n umber1 ht tp://malaysiansmustknowthetruth.blogspot.com/2018/06/scandal-ridden-...?m=1
03/04/2021 8:17 AM
Jackkin Dompeilee, post sll these on your fb page, so that we can follow all your updates.. tq
03/04/2021 2:54 PM
adamdacutie Yeah dompeilee create an fb follow page we be ur supporter speculatively
03/04/2021 4:01 PM
lalazai9 EV theme coming, technax EV battery coming, is time to goreng easily earn more than 100%
03/04/2021 9:04 PM
dompeilee zulmuiz In my 5 years in this counter...true what all the negative info about this company...pandai buat wayang, create rumours, main push harga 3in1 kemudian tebar jala memerangkap ikan2 bilis terutamanya oleh OPERATOR + ghost rider dlm XOX. Business is no 2, 1st they think how to make easy money through PPs, esos, RI and many more. So this counter and related company to this Managements, AVOID ftom it...at the End XOX macam tu juga...yang rugi teruk ialah long term investors....sendiri fikirlah
24/03/2021 7:13 PM
numberone Thanks Gtrade for exposing the fraudster management.
People work hard to build business, generate profit and share price will go up.
This management managed to gather 150M cash share issuance and take away the money instead by purchasing their own gang shares, and launder out the cash to themselves at another side.

All companies are at LienHoe Building, Cheetah Chia family is at tropicana and another green ocean berhad is at PJ area. These are culprits together with corporate secretaries, waiting to be jailed in future.

RM150M can develop the business and build a good ecosystem, but brainless enough to burn the money.
They organised party after party to claim themselves as wolf of wallstreet (I have all the screenshots already), pray Eddie like a god, they buy cruises to burn money all the time, but taking directors fees and salaries by consuming listed company's public fund.

Let us blow this to all other forums, until Whole Malaysia know these individuals, if they do not divest those shits.
19/03/2021 3:28 PM
24/03/2021 7:14 PM
numberone A friend h9e XOX at 38cent, 500 big lots. now he is sitting on huge loses. DONT BUSHIT 2 RGT PLS. YOU ARE MISLEADING INNOCENT RETAILERS. 12 QTRS OF CONTINUOS LOSE, EVEN chai WOON CHET , the driving force of this company are dumping all,holding ZERO shares on dec 24,2020.
19/03/2021 3:10 PM

Gtrade most likely if this share-right issue-fraud continues, another 3.9b new shares wand ill printed via right issue, 1 new share at 3c for every existing share,to make XOX PRICE DROP TO 3C. And cash of about 120m rgt coming in again. no need to dobusiness,just keep cheating public with new shares
19/03/2021 3:19 PM
24/03/2021 7:16 PM
numberone XOX is part of of fintec,At,mnc, m3tech con-group of company. All have issued shares of 3-4billion.Once they do ESOS, at least 1 billion new shares printed to depress the share price. Once they do right issue,t least 3 billions to kill victims caught at high price. XOX last 12 QTRS are all loses or 10k profit.
04/04/2021 4:00 AM
04/04/2021 9:53 AM
MadCow75 what happen to 2 sen master?? copy and paste all counter... rugi kuat ke??
04/04/2021 3:51 PM
fittneo apa sudah jadi... mau terbang ka...
05/04/2021 9:22 AM
Warrior Abyss @dompeilee , i dont buy xox this counter, i see this technax fundamental prospect and get trap inside .. very sad.
05/04/2021 10:14 AM
Jackkin Start to rise due to the effect of dompeilee..... its like magic
05/04/2021 11:26 AM
Powertrade76 bila mau fly ni ...
05/04/2021 12:37 PM
Milo Ais @Jackkin, LOL!
05/04/2021 1:38 PM
Milo Ais Right after TECHNAX reporting loss making Q4 results, KLCI dropped -45 points, but the share price didnt drop much, indicating there's no selling pressure in the counter already.
05/04/2021 1:44 PM
SweeToe 2020 was a covid pandemic year. Most businesses are reporting losses unless they are in glove making industry. We look forward to a better 2021.
05/04/2021 3:10 PM
dompeilee Rise 0.005 on ridiculous vol of 44.4 mil worthless tickets...also happy lol...very funny ppl
05/04/2021 3:57 PM
dompeilee All sort of fake sindiket accounts coming 2 i3 2 support collapsing pyramid...good!
05/04/2021 3:59 PM
dompeilee They know they cannot dump 700+ mil placement shrs onto the mkt in one go so need 2 tempt naive newbies to Q enough to dump to...btw they're making 20-30% on the placement levels..lol
05/04/2021 4:06 PM
Jackkin Dompeilee, do you think it will be goreng to a very high value, and then crash...just like what happened to Asiasons ?
05/04/2021 7:41 PM
ET8888 In fact. I think already goreng. And it's gone. 0.2 was the top
05/04/2021 8:53 PM
Coolmansee All the listed company is conman just invest only what can do , if you put into banker also missing your money because banker no security.
06/04/2021 11:48 AM
mieromie somebody just purposely top up 1 unit after 1 unit..Lol
06/04/2021 3:10 PM
dompeilee How many bilis caught in the 3:15:49 to 3:15:56 massive dumping 75 consecutive sell transactions?

Fake buy Q @ 13.5c to give punters confidence 2 Q...them dump!
06/04/2021 3:23 PM
ainisukori somebody wants to keep the price 0.135 stead...blessed his/her soul.
06/04/2021 4:55 PM
Jackkin Dompeilee, mind to give your prediction on the movement of price.. do u think it will be like Asiasons ?
06/04/2021 5:50 PM
fittneo wahhh not bad today up 1 cent...
07/04/2021 3:20 PM
MadCow75 cannot break 0.14...
08/04/2021 6:31 PM
ID007 Shall i continue holddd
11/04/2021 6:19 PM
12/04/2021 2:57 PM
123456 EV related news maybe announce soon......
12/04/2021 3:08 PM
Milo Ais TECHNAX will see its bullish trend once it disposes of its loss-making coke business.
12/04/2021 7:19 PM
Jackkin Good news coming soon.. will fly
13/04/2021 9:33 PM

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