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Market Cap: 2,649 Million
NOSH: 5,953 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):222,403,435
4 Weeks Range:0.33 - 0.605
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.33 - 1.75
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 0.66
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.215

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 30-Apr-2018 [#1]  |  29-Jun-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 31-Jul-2018  |  27-Sep-2018
T4Q P/E | EY: -0.99  |  -100.66%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 1.5695  |  0.28
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: -51.52%  |  -28.36%


Date Subject
18-Sep-2018 洽售油气资产予OMV.沙布拉能源后劲难料
14-Sep-2018 Technical Buy: SAPNRG (5218)
14-Sep-2018 热门股:沙布拉能源上挑55仙
13-Sep-2018 Sapura Energy Berhad - Proposed Sale Provides Better Alternative to Listing
13-Sep-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 13 Sep 2018
13-Sep-2018 Sapura Energy Berhad - Disposal of 50% in E&P Arm
13-Sep-2018 Sapura Energy Berhad - Doing The Necessary
13-Sep-2018 Sapura Energy - Monetisation of E&P Business
13-Sep-2018 Sapura Energy - Strategic E&P sale to a much larger partner
13-Sep-2018 Sapura Energy to Sell 50% in Sapura Upstream for US$1.6B
12-Sep-2018 Sapura Energy Obtains KWAP’s Commitment
07-Sep-2018 沙布拉能源 仍有举债空间
05-Sep-2018 Sapura Energy Bhd - Ventures Into Australian Upstream Segment
05-Sep-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 5 Sept 2018
05-Sep-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 5 Sept 2018
04-Sep-2018 Sapura Energy's unit ventures into Australia
27-Aug-2018 黄金10年-402-沙布拉股价重创
27-Aug-2018 Sapura Energy - Proposed RM4bn Recapitalisation Exercise
27-Aug-2018 Sapura Energy Bhd - Raising RM4b Via Recapitalisation Exercise
27-Aug-2018 Sapura Energy Berhad - Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

Business Background

Sapura Energy Bhd is an integrated oil and gas services and solutions provider. It is engaged in the exploration, development, production, rejuvenation, as well as decommissioning and abandonment stages of the value chain. Its Operating segments are Engineering and Construction, Drilling, Energy and Corporate. Activities carried by the Engineering and Construction business segment are installation of offshore platforms, marine pipelines and subsea services, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning services and repairs and refurbishment of industrial gas turbines, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of point-of sale systems for petrol stations and asset management services for offshore installations.
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aaabbbccc https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/announcements/view/28929484
18/09/2018 19:43
aaabbbccc means? cn someone explain?
18/09/2018 19:43
aaabbbccc if submit right issue to bank negara, tht means ri wont be cancelled? if wnt be cancel, thn ppl will dump their share now?
18/09/2018 19:52
StockGambler Buy Buy Buy !!! Sell whatever you have. Sell your car, your house, even your wife if you need to and use all to buy this stock !!! Buy Buy Buy !!!
18/09/2018 20:37
chesslim 冲冲冲啊 ! 战死沙场好过病死在家,今年的股市投机收获成绩就看此股了。
18/09/2018 20:41
Kingcrypto Yeah buy buy
18/09/2018 20:41
jermyn They must go through 3 stages of approval.
1. Central Bank
2. Securities Commission
3. Shareholders at the EGM
If they cannot get these 3 approvals, the RI cannot go through. So far, they haven't got all of the above.
If you ask me, it will go through, provided the current share price is attractive. As a matter of fact, we are beginning to see it moving now. As we can see, they are desperately trying hard to maintain the share price above 40cts before the EGM is being called.
18/09/2018 20:44
Kingcrypto Dont buy dont die lor..hahaha..
18/09/2018 20:48
freddiehero hehe up 2 days dy.. enof la..
18/09/2018 20:51
aaabbbccc jermyn.. so u means it will in the uptrend mode recently?
18/09/2018 20:58
likewise Tomorrow 50cents +++
18/09/2018 20:59
likewise The share price must perform well
18/09/2018 21:01
jermyn @aaabbbccc.....if we look at the share price movement, the volume and the momentum, it seems like someone is having a dubious game plan. For all we know, it could be the CEO.
18/09/2018 21:07
aaabbbccc @jermyn..today momentum and volume lesser ad..
18/09/2018 21:15
Turnaround If down buy in, if up keep or sell
18/09/2018 21:18
Uncle_Lim hehehe :)
18/09/2018 21:25
pang72 Only can pray kau kau...The rest can't do
18/09/2018 21:42
aaabbbccc pang72.. where is ur 0.55 0.6
18/09/2018 21:44
Ron90 CEO and BOD still sucking all the profit into their own pocket.
18/09/2018 21:46
pang72 Patiently wait lo
18/09/2018 21:48
i3lurker wait?

in the long run we are all dead... Unquote
18/09/2018 21:57
qqq3 Sapura got Heads of Agreement.....but what is a Heads of Agreement, anyway?

can sue?
got money change hands?

they used to call it MOU until MOU got lousy image.
18/09/2018 22:01
apple168 We take our hard earning money to become shareholder in huge debt laden company and bet it will go up with no concrete recovery plan from the management! This is INSANE!!! No other than gambling!!! Totally diverted from the core concept of value investment!!!
18/09/2018 22:04
i3lurker Heads of Agreement means agree to chop off the heads of investors to use as foot stools
18/09/2018 22:06
qqq3 y apple168 > Sep 18, 2018 10:04 PM | Report Abuse

We take our hard earning money to become shareholder in huge debt laden company and bet it will go up with no concrete recovery plan from the management! This is INSANE!!! No other than gambling!!! Totally diverted from the core concept of value investment!!!

its for heads of agreement.
18/09/2018 22:07
apple168 Jesus, please wake up ikan bilis! One way to the south...
18/09/2018 22:11
spinninglotus 25 cents only with Rights Issue without OMV---> remember that.
You continue PrayKauKau for OMV la....
OMV could be a success--/> who knows?
Now Ikan bilis are scared already. Yes, this is how scary the sharks are in Sapnrg.
I already warned you guys before.....these sharks we know them well....
PrayKauKau is the key....
Raja Shahril would like to say thank you Ikan bilis for your donation....tomorrow please remember to donate more money....
Terima kasih
18/09/2018 22:23
pang72 Got scare meh.
Only you scare
18/09/2018 22:26
pang72 You already scared from last week till today.
Why you so scare le
18/09/2018 22:26
Losekaukau Why cannot see Betkaukau and Paria Master these days? Sap no 30 sen dare not come out?
18/09/2018 22:48
i3lurker it goes to show that NONE of you had ever done any Business before.

OMV wants to buy. Question is whether Sapura wants to sell to them or NOT.

OMV has risks limited to its investment value of only USD0.8 Billion. They do not borrow from banks. They get 50% of profits. It is a fantastic deal made in heaven only for OMV.

Sapura bears all the risks coz loan interest is like a ratchet. It never stops...…..you dun pay the loans, interest still continues...

or maybe you still dun understand?
18/09/2018 22:56
Sinoboy Gearing reduced to 0.53 times IF all goes according to plan. Seems interesting...
18/09/2018 23:00
jermyn The deal with OMV is still not signed & sealed yet! They still cannot agree on the amount and the figures and are still working on it. I agree with lotus, if the deal is called off, the share price will again spiral down. Maybe this time lower than 33cts. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the deal will pull through.
We have 3 things to worry about now.
1. The OMV deal.
2. The coming Qtr report
3. The RI
Hopefully everything will be okay.
Good luck all.
18/09/2018 23:07
i3lurker example

@risktransformer is CEO for Risky Holding Company with 63.29 million borrowings.

Group NTA = RM1.58 (100/63.29) per share currently trading for 44.5 sen in Lursha share market in Bolehland

subsidiary Kedai Runcit has assets 100 million with minimal borrowings 100% shares charged to Holding company bankers.

i3lurker now signs HOA with Risky Holding Company to buy Kedai Runcit shares for Enterprise Value 100 million so will pay 50 million to get 50% of profits.

Risky will have 50 million to reduce 63.29 million borrowings

who is the one having the risks?

Kedai Runcit sure make money one..

problem is only Risky has high borrowings and @risktransformer demands 7.2 million per year as CEO pay lah…………

so i3lurker 100% sure will sign contract...…….

@risktransformer wants his CEO pay to continue....

will i3lurker have any borrowings? need to pay any interest on loans?
18/09/2018 23:16
spinninglotus Aiya....this Raja Shahril you have to understand his behaviour.....
I3lurker you cannot guarantee this Raja Shahril will sign depending on your logic.....
Again if you buy 40-60 cents, means you think Raja Shahril will fulfil your OMV dream....however this Raja Shahril you don't know him well yet.
Based on Ikan bilis past experiences with Raja Shahril, you will know this guy always tell lies, make you buy, then crash the share price, then make you sell, then tell lies again, make more Ikan bilis buy.... why is he doing that? Because he only cares about his money only.....
Again if you buy 40-60 cents you must be prepared to donate money for Rights Issue subscription....this OMV ah??? Listen listen enough already lor.....
But you can dream still about OMV....nobody can stop you....
This is what Raja Shahril wants you to dream OMV and PrayKauKau..... who knows raja Shahril will be nice to shareholders this time?
If you are guaranteed RM72million, i3lurker you are lousy with mathematics,RM72million....will you work hard? Will Raja Shahril work hard? Guaranteed RM72million....work lazy also RM72MILLION, work hard also RM72million.... will you work hard? You trust Raja Shahril will work hard for our benefits?
18/09/2018 23:42
spinninglotus Mind you Raja Shahril 'S brother is behind the sharks playing this counter with Insider information right next to his brother...playing shares with you he already earning nonstop....will they work hard? Come on Malaysians working hard? You sure?
I thought he went to Australia makan angin? Playing hard or working hard? Or sembahyang kuat-kuat for Ikan bilis to donate money to him????
You decide yourself....I cannot stop you.
Today you see resistance 47 has established itself firmly...a trader like rr88 is right to feel scared...I fully support rr88 sold at 48.5 and exit without loss--/> without loss...
18/09/2018 23:46
i3lurker its guaranteed no need to work..

coz i3lurker will now manage Kedai Runcit and @risktransformer will buta buta gets his 7.2 million CEO salary WITHOUT WORKING or going to office at all.
18/09/2018 23:47
jermyn I agree with lotus. The CEO cannot be trusted. He will do anything as long as he gets what he wants. He doesn't give a damn about the shareholders or the stakeholders. A very shrewd and arrogant businessman indeed.
18/09/2018 23:49
spinninglotus Many experienced Ikan bilis traders got killed by this shark....rr88 almost got killed but he is smart....Chow Pi Master? Also got killed....but still in denial.....Hng who always sailang all in at 80 cents with funds from father mother brother sister uncle aunty? Also disappeared.....many Ikan bilis traders all got killed. I was nearly killed too....
So for new Ikan bilis here....protect yourself....don't be so naive thinking you can follow this shark.
You know what I saw how this shark did trading whole day? Oh gosh it is almost impossible to earn from him....he was earning nonstop at every half cent to 1 cent......
Every price I saw this shark buy sell buy sell at every half cent to 1 cent level....
No way you can see technical reading in this Sapnrg share price... this shark can create any technical chart that he wants Ikan bilis to see...
18/09/2018 23:55
i3lurker I firmly believe @risktransformer is happily waiting for i3lurker to manage Kedai Runcit for him.

then @risktransformer everyday goes casino and nite club and gets his 7.2 million CEO salary...for NOT WORKING even his little finger...
18/09/2018 23:57
spinninglotus In politics we have Raja Najib with Raja Jho Low... in sharemarket we have Raja Shahril....Raja Shahril is stronger than Raja Najib and Raja Jho Low....
Malaysia Boleh!!!
19/09/2018 00:02
i3lurker yawn!

good nite … tomorrow need to manage Kedai Runcit coz @risktransformer will NOT do any work at all...…..……….
19/09/2018 00:06
jermyn A responsible and accountable CEO is like TS Francis Yeoh of YTL. He will take care of the company and the shareholders first by giving dividents and buy back YTL shares if they go down. Why is Shahril not buying Sap and prop up the share price now when he used to claim that Sap should be trading at 20% more than the NTA ie rm1.58x20% = rm1.89. He was talking crap and lied to the shareholders.
19/09/2018 00:07
spinninglotus Yes Jermyn, Raja Shahril has been lying .... he even hired the Edge reporter to write whole interview page on that publishedfor everybody to listen to him that Sapnrg is worth RM1.89!!! But then he fixed the rights issue price at 30 cents!!! Then he asked his brother together with Shortkaukau sold at 60 cents then pushed down to 33 cents... what kind of Raja Shahril is this? Ikan bilis you make decision yourself if you think you want to believe Raja Shahril about OMV dream or not???
Who knows a person who always lie suddenly doesn't lie? You decide...
Technical chart has formed firm resistance at47-49 cents....
Buy or sell you decide...
Trust Raja Shahril you decide...
OMV you decide.....
But must be prepared to subscribe Rights Issue and donate money buying 40-60 cents... you decide...
Continue PrayKauKau la....
I see Shortkaukau coming soon....
19/09/2018 00:15
kong73 Haha.. hutang keliling pinggang still ingat 1.89 ini company aa boleh buat u bankrupt
19/09/2018 00:16
qqq3 Posted by qqq3 > Sep 19, 2018 12:40 AM | Report Abuse X

kcchong/ stockraider.....

margin of safety investor stock raider says sapura with its Heads of Agreement got margin of safety also got value investing.....what say you?

why do I find value investors like this raider so idiotic one?

I find traders smarter.
19/09/2018 00:41
qqq3 Sinoboy > Sep 18, 2018 11:00 PM | Report Abuse

Gearing reduced to 0.53 times IF all goes according to plan. Seems interesting...


sinoboy........this is the season people are reading about the Jho Low and the Billion $ shark.......the Heads of Agreement can still work meh?
19/09/2018 00:46
ikan bilis down more,buy more
19/09/2018 02:18
Susaan_Analyst short term good only techically strong
19/09/2018 02:19
qqq3 Forget about charts and technical..... the only question that is important is whether this Heads of Agreement is a scam or not?
19/09/2018 02:57


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