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YF24 lousy courter let's see MYGG
GG courter also woke up : )
06/03/2019 17:00
nckcm 不用擔心,庄家的低線是0.615-0.62
06/03/2019 17:02
tehka Aiyo. I was wondering what happen to my dear referee who run away from flower, looks like come to krono. Any kangtau here ah? Come good news must share I am all ears. Aiyoyo... kikiki
06/03/2019 20:19
chesslim 技术形态不错,可以考虑买进等待。
07/03/2019 11:03
SuperPanda tech really no momentum, even good report rally too short and up a little

when will be the next agm for the dividend approval?
08/03/2019 10:20
8residence zzzz.......
08/03/2019 10:52
Edwardong53 Krono 3 consecutive yearly performance have been on the uptrend

Revenue - 2016 (81,281), 2017 (144,369) & 2018 (163,065)
Profits - 2016 (7,813), 2017 (12,979) & 2018 (18663)

Guess we just have to be patient
08/03/2019 13:40
nckcm Jst buy and keep
08/03/2019 13:40
bsngpg Krono at 0.605 now. Long q. Hope to match my buy bid at 0.605.
08/03/2019 15:03
leekh5555 Edwardong53, NOSH increase too from 236,988,000 shares to 522,375,300 shares after acquisition of SANDZ,thus may affect EPS.
08/03/2019 15:29
Mrbb the acquisition comes with a profit warranty of US$1.5 million profit after tax from Sandz for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2019.(1.5 x 4 = 6m )
08/03/2019 17:02
bsngpg Sad, no one sell to me at 0.605 for the past 10 days. Will be busy again starting next Monday, will not have time to look at screen and post comment. Bye
08/03/2019 17:07
StoneColdHunter Post removed. Why?
09/03/2019 21:31
matg gann chart teory is one of the TA.. for me very useful for shortterm trading
09/03/2019 21:52
niasing Nice rebound~
12/03/2019 11:10
YF24 0.63-0.64
12/03/2019 21:30
abang_misai Assalamualaikum semua
12/03/2019 21:31
char1234 they need syndicate to play the counter
13/03/2019 09:25
Greatleaper Consolidate for Krono!
13/03/2019 13:23
RainT mualaikumsalam
13/03/2019 15:22
SuperPanda krono now like living in cloud storage.. : )
13/03/2019 19:52
boon1515 sleeping, waiting
13/03/2019 19:53
SuperPanda but i will top up if it down to 59c again this week... its really in peace buying when demand is weak
13/03/2019 19:53
nckcm Panda can get at 0.57. No rush , will be up down up down a bit
13/03/2019 20:19
bsngpg At last got Krono at 0.60. Now wait for the proposed 2 cts dividend.
13/03/2019 20:26
Limbeh 2cent dividend, 3% worr
14/03/2019 09:02
john no one intrest in this conuter?
14/03/2019 13:23
SuperPanda i dont think .57 can get bcoz .59 very strong support, unless whole market down
14/03/2019 14:42
SuperPanda matched 0.6
14/03/2019 15:15
SuperPanda final batch collect will be .57 follow nckcm advice
14/03/2019 15:16
RainT waiting 0.56 for add another batch
14/03/2019 16:01
RainT who always sell at 0.605, make the share price cannot up
14/03/2019 16:01
YF24 Too many contra player in this courter that's y cannot up : )
14/03/2019 17:22
nckcm Not contra, is operator base line is 0.605-0.615. But if they keep distribute this price it will go down to 0.57
14/03/2019 17:29
nckcm Take advantage of the low volume. Especially quiet counters
14/03/2019 17:30
SuperPanda now only bilis trade with bilis, thats why quiet.. when quiet its time to buy
14/03/2019 19:52
nckcm Superpanda learning pretty fast.. yes i love quiet , quiet is good for you to think ur next move
14/03/2019 20:02
SuperPanda ive been trading before 1997 crisis bro, hve u seen bursa below 500 pts?
15/03/2019 08:02
SuperPanda but must take note if here quiet and others is having party, dont just stay here... ive been buying alam, velesto, straits way before qtr out.

low capital but big return in a short time, if you know what i mean.
15/03/2019 08:05
RainT why too many contra players so share price cannot up ??

why low volume so its time to buy ? Because as i understand when the volume high with uptrend then only good time to buy as with high volume and uptrend means more people will support the share price to grow even higher...

appreciate if anyone can share knowledge and experiences .......
15/03/2019 10:26
SuperPanda its just one of the strategy to meet your objective.. buying an uptrend stock with increase volume from TA perspective can be due to MA, bollinger, candle stick, stochastic, rsi, etc... this is based on statistical math data to see where is the stock is heading to

but buying low volume is based on your study and belief vs its future growth... its a projection that the cmpny is doing good and will continuous doing good and once it is become reality, the TA signal will arrive and by that time you only need to sit and watch the show..
15/03/2019 11:42
SuperPanda simple to say, you bet for its future prospect
15/03/2019 11:43
bsngpg I am still on b q to average down my holding.
15/03/2019 12:23
Greatleaper Krono is boring, not meant for contra players..
15/03/2019 12:37
SuperPanda if next qtr sustain >4m, eps will be lower and once acquisition done, income/profit will increase
15/03/2019 17:22
ZhugeNemo Consolidation longer than expected. With high volume due next week. Likely to see another shakeout before
16/03/2019 07:03
YF24 Buy Buy Buy and Buy don't miss : )
17/03/2019 17:24
RainT @superpanda

thanks for your insight!
19/03/2019 12:20
SuperPanda no worries, my ave is 0.62, i believe upon dividend announce and earning can sustain >4m next qtr, krono can touch >0.7 and move fwd

when KGB announce it future biz in CO2 last year, it was traded below 0.70 and earning was below 4m, but once it sustain 4m for the past 4 qtrs, it got buy call from rakuten and shoot to 1.30 in a month time.

krono was traded >1.20 last year
19/03/2019 19:35
SuperPanda krono never give div before.... when a company start to give dividend, fund will start to look at it. a 2c div for 60c stock price is a deal fund cannot tahan..

it will attract fund for sure.. just wait for it
19/03/2019 19:40



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