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Beza Good price.
18/10/2018 10:19 AM
CharlieSim KAB sleeping now...
19/10/2018 7:27 PM
hl18 keep dropping..any news?
22/10/2018 9:22 AM
CharlieSim nothing new :))
24/10/2018 8:01 PM
stncws good price enter
26/10/2018 2:52 PM
Beza http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5967057
08/11/2018 8:40 AM
Beza http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5942045
08/11/2018 8:41 AM
Pete118 Collect now or too late.
17/11/2018 2:09 PM
shortinvestor77 Review of Group Performance
For the current financial quarter under review, the Group posted revenues of RM32.89 million
as compared to its preceding year’s corresponding quarter ended 30 September 2017 of
RM30.18 million. Despite the increase in revenues, profit before tax (“PBT”) during the current
quarter dropped to RM2.43 million, representing a decrease of RM0.4 million from its preceding
year’s corresponding quarter ended 30 September 2017 of RM2.83 million.

Overall the decrease in the PBT despite an increase in revenue, were mainly attributed to the
increase in staff costs following the hire of additional staff and increase in finance costs.
24/11/2018 10:20 PM
shortinvestor77 As at 30 September 2018, the Group’s order book, contracts secured and tenders are as
(i) order book balance is approximately RM262 million;
(ii) total value of contracts secured is approximately RM49 million; and
(iii) approximately RM214 million worth of tenders still pending.
The Board of Directors is of the opinion that the Group’s financial performance for the current
year to be satisfactory.
24/11/2018 10:24 PM
Beza Good revenue, just hoping hiring additional staff for new projects to come.
26/11/2018 8:57 AM
Beza worth to hold for 25 cents and below as dividend is 1 cents.
26/11/2018 8:58 AM
Beza Overreacted this morning. KAB is till making money. Not losing money. A rare net cash and dividend company.
26/11/2018 9:40 AM
shortinvestor77 Agree. That's why most retailers lose money in the market!
26/11/2018 9:48 AM
shortinvestor77 Already have new projects, then KAB hired new staff lah! Its business is growing. MD told at the AGM/EGM recently, KAB will do well even in the recession time.
26/11/2018 9:49 AM
Beza Will go back to 0.245 / 0.25 soon.
26/11/2018 10:58 AM
francis188 market sentiment not good , confident level very low , because many of us ( maybe not u) already got hurt , so overreact is quite normal, buy and hold strategic maybe have to do some changes .......
26/11/2018 8:59 PM
zhen wei & JP wah so confident a? got sturdy cfo & staff maybe can thrive thru.
remain resilient.
26/11/2018 9:15 PM
khwong2028 20 cents coming
10/12/2018 6:13 PM
smartInvestor1 跌倒够力 可以开时分3注买入了 等12月牛期赚一笔 应该要来了
11/12/2018 10:37 AM
Kenn Ong why no moving todY?
12/12/2018 10:20 AM
francis188 fxxked!
18/12/2018 7:03 PM
mf Rip
18/12/2018 7:04 PM
BJ ZL Whether this counter drop over already? Just becuase result not good?
19/12/2018 9:24 AM
tkk1127 Is new Buyer purposely push down the price in order to buy cheaper shares through private placement. However the price is too low already and below it's IPO price. I don't think management will let the price keep go down.
19/12/2018 11:26 PM
francis188 new bumiputra share price RM0.21 of 34,000,000 new share listing
22/12/2018 9:28 AM
ScchenRM208 Post removed. Why?
22/12/2018 9:28 AM
francis188 dividend coming
09/01/2019 6:47 PM
speculator1230 Angpao Angpao lai......haha
22/01/2019 5:49 PM
Ting Kungsing Yes, announced dividend, 0.5cents
25/02/2019 7:06 PM
Shinnzaii not bad...just receivables collection a bit slow
25/02/2019 7:25 PM
satha44 Good profit figures should take it higher
25/02/2019 8:26 PM
hisehatu not enough catalyst to go green
26/02/2019 10:18 AM
satha44 Sleeping stock zzzzzz
Look at mrcb azrb gamuda myeg dayang frntken...all flying..
This useless stock trading below ipo of 25sens.
Profit figures so good...performance wise useless...similar to my trimode...ipo 63sens..
Now only 45sens......just have to wait patiently..
06/03/2019 6:27 PM
hisehatu seems like will sleep another few month.good nite guys.
13/03/2019 11:30 AM
CharlieSim unconscious d :))
05/04/2019 5:59 PM
tressele sleeping. it will wake up when construction theme takes place.
08/04/2019 3:21 PM
tressele Follow WCT
08/04/2019 3:22 PM
CharlieSim construction stocks mostly dancing liao... but this one still sleeping...:)
09/04/2019 5:26 PM
Muhammad Saifuddin 2 year sidways + consistent give dividend ok loor.
24/04/2019 2:39 AM
CharlieSim still sleeping mode...
24/04/2019 3:49 PM
moneymaker99 waiting break to 0.23
17/05/2019 4:17 PM
Varcity KUALA LUMPUR, 16th May 2019 – Kejuruteraan Asastera Berhad (“KAB” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce its financial performance for the first quarter ended 31th March 2019 (1Q 2019). The Company reported a total revenue of RM31.07 million and a pre-tax profit (PBT) of RM3.28 million for 1Q 2019. Revenue decreased by -5.3% while PBT increased by 0.2%, in comparison to the preceding year’s corresponding quarter’s (1Q 2018) revenue of RM32.80 million and PBT of RM3.27 million.

Year-on-year, the Company’s profit after tax and non-controlling interests (PATNCI) of RM2.37 million for 1Q 2019 was 0.4% higher than RM2.36 million reported for 1Q 2018. Earnings per share (EPS) stood at 0.74 sen versus 0.74 sen from the corresponding three-month period of last year.

Despite a drop in the Company’s revenue, the improvement in the Group’s financial performance during this period was mainly due to higher profit margin recognised to adjusted budgeted costs for several near completion projects, as well as reduction in administrative expenses and finance costs.

The Company will continue to focus on the following future plans and business
strategies for the future growth and expansion of its business: -

I. Grow its market share in Malaysia by increasing tendering activities;

II. Strengthen its capabilities by growing its mechanical engineering services

III. Diversifying its revenue stream by providing maintenance services including
upgrading, expansion, refurbishment, retrofitting and renovation projects; and

IV. In the area of technology innovation, the Company is planning to collaborate
with a software specialist to develop its own proprietary Internet-of-Things (IOT)
based software that can monitor ventilation and air-conditioning systems in
order to enhance operational efficiencies and reduce cost

As of 31th March 2019, the Company’s order book, contracts secured, and tenders are
as follows: -

I. Order book balance is approximately RM297 million;

II. Total value of contracts secured is approximately RM51 million; and

III. Approximately RM312 million worth of tenders still pending.
17/05/2019 11:40 PM
kennyku Will it fly?
21/05/2019 4:46 PM
Surewind There will be a dilution of EPS with the increase of additional listing.
34 million shares are listed additionally from 320 million shares slightly more than 10%.
15/06/2019 10:51 AM
RonnieKimLondon A lot of shares
16/06/2019 12:51 PM
VisionEngage The additional listing is to fulfill the bumi quota so that the company is eligible to be transferred to the main board when the time is right
17/06/2019 11:45 AM
francis188 Can not lower than RM0.21 , share price now is very worth to buy
27/06/2019 6:22 PM
vision_engage KAB bought back 876,900 shares this week - http://malaysiastock.biz/Company-Announcement.aspx?id=1153508
28/06/2019 10:16 PM
vision_engage Partial debt settlement of an amount owing by Hari Lumayan Sdn Bhd to KAB - https://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/apbursaweb/download?id=95951&name=EA_GA_ATTACHMENTS …
12/07/2019 12:43 AM


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