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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source
30/08/2019 8.58 12.10 +3.52 (41.03%) BUY KENANGA
30/08/2019 8.58 10.68 +2.10 (24.48%) BUY AmInvest
29/08/2019 8.57 10.68 +2.11 (24.62%) BUY AmInvest
29/08/2019 8.50 8.94 +0.44 (5.18%) HOLD AffinHwang
28/05/2019 8.75 12.10 +3.35 (38.29%) BUY KENANGA
28/05/2019 8.70 11.77 +3.07 (35.29%) BUY AmInvest
27/05/2019 8.80 12.10 +3.30 (37.50%) BUY KENANGA
27/05/2019 8.80 13.22 +4.42 (50.23%) BUY AmInvest
27/05/2019 8.80 8.30 -0.50 (5.68%) HOLD AffinHwang

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shareinvestor88 Ya ya buy at 1.00
28/05/2019 9:31 PM
shareinvestor88 Sell TP 2
30/05/2019 11:31 PM
Wong Chee Siong Wah, huge volume
31/05/2019 3:13 PM
apple168 道指跌超300点 美股汽车股、芯片股普跌!
31/05/2019 9:55 PM
apple168 勿谓言之不预! China revenging!
31/05/2019 10:27 PM
apple168 US stocks fell more than 1%, auto stocks and technology stocks were among the biggest losers, worst monthly performance this year; US oil fell nearly 5.5%; US bond yields fell sharply, and gold rose 1.5%.
01/06/2019 7:34 AM
dompeilee Whew! Sold my final lots @ 12.76 in September.
02/06/2019 9:33 AM
RainT the gap so big

sell price 8.94

buy price 8.82

gap 12 sen

low liquidity same as YSPSAH
10/06/2019 10:18 AM
RainT MPI dividend going to ex on 12 june ...tomorrow
11/06/2019 10:36 AM
Vorster89 Collect 17 Sen 1st, up up up
11/06/2019 10:49 AM
Wong Chee Siong nICE CLOSE, 8.88,发发发
12/06/2019 5:18 PM
apple168 http://www.enanyang.my/?p=1238336
13/06/2019 9:56 PM
RainT on 14 june

the kwek related people acquire 76500 shares

this is really the buy shares or ESOS or transfer or what ?

so the insider have confident with the company ?
18/06/2019 9:40 AM
RainT see the type of transaction is = ACQUIRED

so should be is they buy more MPI shares

MPI future prospect should be bright
18/06/2019 9:42 AM
RainT INARI start to move

MPI still sleeping, not yet wake up
20/06/2019 9:59 AM
RainT effect from tech stock in US go up ?

MPI also moving ?
20/06/2019 3:32 PM
RainT 18 June

they acquire big again .....
20/06/2019 11:41 PM
shareinvestor88 SELL SELL TP 3.00
21/06/2019 8:29 AM
keithtrade BUY BUY TP 12.00
22/06/2019 3:03 PM
shareinvestor88 Sell Sell TP 3
why u suggest buy ??
23/06/2019 10:08 AM
RainT MPI prospect is good

they are moving to more high margin product

MPI is more on smart car or smart medical devices and less on smart phones etc

going forward, the future will add more smart content on automobile and this is good for MPI to be less dependent on smart phone

other than that the trade war also will benefit MPI
24/06/2019 5:32 PM
shareinvestor88 SELL SELL TP 3
01/07/2019 12:20 PM
RainT wah

drop to near 1 year low price

up few days ago

now drop back

seem that most counters trend now is drop and drop
02/08/2019 4:33 PM
dompeilee I cashed out of this stock in 2H '18 from $10.18 till $12.76. No plans 2 re-enter soon...
02/08/2019 7:17 PM
RainT @dompeilee

I feel MPI is not bad counters for hold mid to long term

why u no plan re-enter to MPI soon? is it MPI prospect is not good ?
03/08/2019 6:46 PM
value88 MPI seems like being forgotten, so few comments in its thread in past few months.. probably this signals it is a time to buy :)
21/08/2019 11:23 PM
mukhriz02023 Berapa harga musang king grade A sekilo?
21/08/2019 11:44 PM
RainT wait quarter result out

will have chance to buy cheap
22/08/2019 5:33 PM
apple168 Quarterly report out! MPI Revenue dropped 12%, interestingly profits dropped 24%! Bad bad bad!
28/08/2019 7:49 PM
shareinvestor88 QnQ profit up. No debt. Net cash 713m.
28/08/2019 11:45 PM
value88 Earnings recovered QoQ albeit still lower YoY.
In general, 2H2019 is good for semiconductor industry, hope MPI's performance will also improve in tandem.
28/08/2019 11:50 PM
RainT Net cash can make the share price go up ?

think again
29/08/2019 3:31 PM
ShadowSlaYer cash pile of RM713 mil use for accretive merger and acquisition, why won't share price go up?

Major expansion in Suzhou. The Suzhou plant, which has been running at c.93% capacity, is currently undergoing major expansion with new machines arriving in September 2019 and operations commencing in November 2019. Recall, the Suzhou division currently contributes c.30% of group revenue and is expected to climb to c.50% post-expansion

Above was taken from Kenanga's report:
31/08/2019 12:30 PM
Icon8888 I am in
12/09/2019 12:18 PM
qqq3 then I also follow buy a bit................
12/09/2019 12:29 PM
RainT @icon8888

you in at what price?
12/09/2019 3:49 PM
value88 In analyst briefing, the management guided that 2H2019 performance will be better. Its Suzhou plant's utilisation is almost full and there is plan for expanding. The reason is US ban on Huawei has driven China to source the electronic components locally and MPI's Suzhou plant is benefiting.

By 2020, MPI's stock price should recover to >RM10 per share in tandem with the improving earnings.
13/09/2019 9:14 AM
Icon8888 880

RainT @icon8888

you in at what price?
12/09/2019 3:49 PM
13/09/2019 9:29 AM
qqq3 https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/qqq3/224738.jsp

I also bought MPI
13/09/2019 9:37 AM
qqq3 last few months only oil and gas shares got trading interests............but OG no long term future......smart are those who pivots to technology...........
13/09/2019 9:39 AM
qqq3 OG really no long term future........I have read articles that says in 10 years, oil got to come down US$ 10 -US$ 20 to be competitive with renewable in cars............
13/09/2019 9:41 AM
Icon8888 analysts bullish about MPI, says got growth

so I dumb dumb buy
13/09/2019 9:46 AM
Icon8888 https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/ptres/52083.jsp
13/09/2019 9:49 AM
Armada An Quantum Leap Stock In 2019/2020 Sifu
How abt unisem ?
Although currently unisem slightly at higher pricing value compared to mpi.
Bith chips distribution very stable
13/09/2019 9:55 AM
Wong Chee Siong Wah, above crossed SMA50, fly fly fly
13/09/2019 10:52 AM
qqq3 fast fast pivoting from OG to technology....MI, Penta, Vitrox, MPI.........
13/09/2019 12:11 PM
13/09/2019 12:21 PM
Armada An Quantum Leap Stock In 2019/2020 Unisem low at 2.08 this morning, no interested ?
13/09/2019 12:23 PM
friedrice can analyst report to be trust ? I always kena con by analyst, hopefully not this time
13/09/2019 1:00 PM
RainT wah if oil price is USD10 - 20

AIRASIA will ahoot to the sky
14/09/2019 12:54 PM


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