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Noni Asking SC for this kinda approval is like "Head I win, tail you lose"
12/05/2020 11:35 PM
21/05/2020 1:35 AM
Bedakong116 Impossible as they have a lot of cash
21/05/2020 7:10 AM
BornToSpeculate hitgirl47 i guess you partied more than you read. They are finance / stockbroking background over a long period. Go and ask any old timer and do a proper google search before you further embarrass yourself with your ignorance
21/05/2020 11:08 AM
Bedakong116 TT made money in the boom times in Msia in the 90s and use the monies to buy cheap assets outside the country.....can google easily...
22/05/2020 11:49 AM
paultan Hitgirl47, TT never bragged about his wealth. He is good at making investments so his wealth comes from there. .He has supported orphanages and never talks about it.
25/05/2020 8:29 PM
Lele 幾乎這幾個月來,TA & TAGB 在馬國的主要媒體都是負面。要了解TT,就要先了解他父母在Kluang, Johor的歷史。哈哈!
28/05/2020 9:54 AM
Syndicates MSWG said it's unfair for those who bought on announcement that TAE got approval from SC to buy on market during offer period. Now i cut loss already, if SC reject their application to withdraw offer, can i claim back my losses? It's unfair to any parties
02/06/2020 9:35 AM
spchia Today share suspension. Anyone know whether have good news or bad?
02/06/2020 11:42 AM
babyqueen Bad
02/06/2020 12:14 PM
mbge7clt offeror wants to pull back his offer. so cunning.
02/06/2020 12:57 PM
spchia Omg.. investor will incur a lot of loss if pull back.
02/06/2020 1:36 PM
isupertrader Not bankrupt but probably cash raising exercise due to high current ratio and that is was adversely impacted by Covid-19. Share price will dip due to this.
02/06/2020 2:16 PM
JL99 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/sc-rejects-ta-enterprises-application-withdraw-takeover-offer-ta-global
02/06/2020 6:55 PM
Lele 人家是涨停牌 !TT只会搞三搞四停牌。哈哈 !真奇怪,還有人把他當主來拜。
02/06/2020 7:31 PM
Syndicates Can I sue TT?
02/06/2020 7:54 PM
villa1668 Lele, why u so hate Datuk Tiah? So many years already...
02/06/2020 10:05 PM
Lele 不是我不喜歡他,是因為太了解他。最近新聞報道和網站留言,感覺也有很多人不喜歡他。哈哈!TA & TAGB 在商場的[ 信用 ]已經沒有了。沒有信用了,你說會有人要投資嗎?你們要注意!TT是一位很貪心不足的人,為了個人利益,他可以出賣整個森林。哈哈!我媽媽以前和他父母是鄰居啦!我母親有說他家的故事給我知道。所以我一路來都不鼓勵你們投資TA & TAGB。玩玩可以,投資就不能。

03/06/2020 6:25 AM
Bedakong116 Sell to TAE at 28 cash as share exchange not worth it.
03/06/2020 6:30 AM
Lele 我忘記了 villa1668, 你是他的信徒。現在TA & TAGB 的股價便宜到[ 爛 ]。都沒有人要,問題出在那裡呢??????哈哈!
03/06/2020 6:48 AM
luckypunting if TAE minor shareholders vote 'Yes' for the VGO .. is free cash for everyone if buy now or bought earlier
03/06/2020 9:27 AM
Power168 Yes agree you Lele...
03/06/2020 11:01 AM
Lele 現在有幾個情況會發生。TA 小股東同意收購TAGB 嗎?如果同意,就可以賣出0.28. 如果不同意就再看大戲。TAGB的股東如何選擇,cash 0.28 or 0.4211,能順利收購嗎?還是合併。不能順利收購完,又有大戲看。

最近在 Facebook常看到TAGB打廣告,要賣ALIX Residences and Ativo Suites 的 project. 感覺不是很理想。


再加上,投資掛牌公司大老闆的品性很重要。這幾個月來,TA & TAGB 的信用,信誉 ( Goodwill )已經完蛋了。
03/06/2020 3:08 PM
Foker Post removed. Why?
03/06/2020 9:50 PM
Foker Just want to know how likely will the offer materialise
03/06/2020 9:51 PM
TuTu1183 Is good or no good
03/06/2020 9:52 PM
spchia Every year earn a lot but dividend just a little. Somemore no bonus issue out before.
03/06/2020 10:28 PM
Lele @hitgirl47, 他是不是首富,我不知道。只是知道最近他一家人,如同過街老鼠,人人喊打。哈哈!


04/06/2020 10:10 AM
Philip ( buy what you understand) My thoughts on TAGB,

05/06/2020 8:54 AM
Lele 很好的一句話 : “ Let me put it out right now, I do not trust the management capability of TAE nor their business model. ” 贊!
05/06/2020 6:25 PM
Bedakong116 I agree as shareholder of TAE it makes sense to buy TAGB as it is such a steal at 28cts per share vs the RNAV of between 110cts to 117cts.

You can’t lose at that bargain price Covid or non Covid as markets will recover eventually as can be seen right now as countries are opening up and the TAE Group has more than RM1bn cash to weather this through.

However even that there is deep values in both TAE and TAGB Tony Tiah does not have a good reputation in treating minority shareholders so it is best to get out as he will continue to try to squeeze them.

This is very sad and perhaps the MSWG should look into and attend the EGM of TAE to speak out on their behalf.
06/06/2020 6:42 AM
luckypunting all other countries slowly opening up the economy .... hotel biz will slowly come back .... Tony will sure buy back cheaply :p
09/06/2020 8:17 AM
Bedakong116 Hotel is a long term bizness and no doubt will face better times. As minority shareholder shall we hold it for long term knowing that Tony Tiah doesn’t treat us with respect. As a seasoned broker her can always manipulate the price downwards unlike Robert Kuok where Shangri la Asia is traded highly. He is always trying to squeeze us and even don’t want to pay any dividends for last year. After holding TAGB shares for nearly 10 years I am fed up as he TT is a leapard that won’t change his stripes. When he tried to take over TAE he triggered a GO also for TAG but that time 2 years ago price was 31ct. He doesn’t even have decency to offer 31ct but knock down by 10%!

Don’t trust him that over next 10 years things will change.
10/06/2020 6:15 AM
marikoken So what happens now since SC rejected the takeover withdrawal?
12/06/2020 3:29 PM
yingzhe17 wait for AGM for voting since SC rejected. good time to buy at 23 to 25 range and make 20% in few months time baby.
14/06/2020 10:11 PM
spchia Big shark bought the share
26/06/2020 8:15 PM
luckypunting why TT buy now?
26/06/2020 10:44 PM
Lele 可能下個星期一早上,TA & TAGB 會暫時停止交易。過後TA将公布新的额外供股上市申请计划。所以TT就先買入。
27/06/2020 6:46 AM
luckypunting TAE own TAGB 60 % ... will repackage it for listing to reduce shareholding? and make money out of it?
27/06/2020 2:09 PM
luckypunting then goreng up TAGB to earn more from market? hmmm.....
27/06/2020 2:31 PM
Lele 达企业(TA,4898,主板金融服务组)受到旗下证券投资账面净亏损及酒店业务较低盈利及净外汇亏损拖累,截至2020年3月31日第一季由盈转亏,蒙受净亏损1亿4863万5000令吉,前期则是净利1亿6010万4000令吉。






30/06/2020 9:33 PM
spchia Price no movement!!!
03/07/2020 5:32 PM
Lele 达企业在6月24日决定遵从证监会的意见,不再上诉,然后它做了一件事情,即把4月10日的收购建议撤回,并宣布将呈交新的申请。万能船看来,这是争取时间拖慢来做。

















06/07/2020 8:04 AM

TA Hotel Management Ltd Partnership (TAHMLP), a unit of Malaysia-based TA Global Bhd, said the temporary closure since March due to COVID-19 impacted the hotel's business

VANCOUVER: A unit of Malaysian based TA Global Bhd that operates the Trump International Hotel in Vancouver said on Friday it has filed for bankruptcy, blaming the coronavirus pandemic for lost revenue and financial hardship.

TA Hotel Management Ltd Partnership (TAHMLP), a unit of Malaysia-based TA Global Bhd, said the temporary closure since March due to COVID-19 impacted the hotel's business.

Vancouver-based developer Holborn Group, which owns the tower, licensed the Trump name for the project under a 2013 agreement. The 69-story luxury hotel in downtown Vancouver opened in 2017 amid protests against U.S. President Donald Trump.

"Its ongoing expenses since the outbreak of COVID-19 and lack of revenue has placed TAHMLP into a position of insolvency," a statement on the company website said.

Documents filed in Canada on Thursday showed that TA Hotel Management Ltd Partnership owes C$4.79 million ($3.66 million) and has total assets of C$1.1 million. TA Hotel Management leased the hotel premises and operated it, according to the statement.

In 2019, the hotel's revenue dropped 4% due to a decline in food and beverage sales, according to TA Hotel Management's annual report.

TA Global Bhd and Holborn Group did not respond to requests for comment.

Grant Thornton Ltd has been appointed as the trustee. A meeting of creditors will take place on Sept. 16.

($1 = 1.3091 Canadian dollars)

- Reuters
29/08/2020 7:11 AM
TheContrarian Here really dead. Subsidiary filed for bankruptcy also no reaction.
29/08/2020 10:26 PM
spchia I thought will up if bad comment. Like other companies
01/09/2020 5:37 PM
TheContrarian Cannot up, cannot down ....... flat line counter.
01/09/2020 6:12 PM
spchia Any expert doctor can rescue?
01/09/2020 10:14 PM
masterus The Trump International Hotel in Vancouver is closing due to the operator filing for bankruptcy, only three years after the establishment opened amid widespread opposition.

The operator TA Hotel Management Ltd. Partnership filed for bankruptcy late last week, owing $4.79 million and holding total assets of $1.1 million, according to records from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada.

“Its ongoing expenses since the outbreak of COVID-19 and lack of revenue has placed TAHMLP into a position of insolvency,” the operator said in its website, as quoted by Reuters.

The 69-storey hotel was initially shut down on April 4 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but staff said that the business is no longer accepting bookings due to permanent closure.
07/09/2020 4:29 PM
jinova546 this is glove stock?
07/11/2020 9:08 PM

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