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19/03/2019 2.85 2.84 - 2.85 2.84 +0.01 (0.35%) 12,000
18/03/2019 2.84 2.83 - 2.84 2.83 0.00 (0.00%) 43,000
15/03/2019 2.84 2.83 - 2.84 2.83 -0.01 (0.35%) 17,000
14/03/2019 2.84 2.84 - 2.84 2.84 -0.03 (1.05%) 7,400
13/03/2019 2.83 2.83 - 2.87 2.87 +0.04 (1.41%) 31,500
12/03/2019 2.84 2.83 - 2.87 2.83 -0.01 (0.35%) 51,300
11/03/2019 2.89 2.83 - 2.89 2.84 -0.06 (2.07%) 29,300
08/03/2019 2.88 2.87 - 2.90 2.90 +0.05 (1.75%) 94,000
07/03/2019 2.80 2.80 - 2.85 2.85 +0.02 (0.71%) 3,000
06/03/2019 2.88 2.83 - 2.88 2.83 -0.07 (2.41%) 43,500
05/03/2019 2.91 2.89 - 2.91 2.90 0.00 (0.00%) 63,700
04/03/2019 2.91 2.90 - 2.91 2.90 -0.02 (0.68%) 21,200
01/03/2019 2.91 2.90 - 2.95 2.92 +0.02 (0.69%) 60,400
28/02/2019 2.90 2.90 - 2.90 2.90 0.00 (0.00%) 50,900
27/02/2019 2.88 2.88 - 2.92 2.90 +0.02 (0.69%) 105,000
26/02/2019 2.90 2.87 - 2.90 2.88 0.00 (0.00%) 30,500
25/02/2019 2.88 2.88 - 2.90 2.88 -0.02 (0.69%) 47,100
22/02/2019 2.90 2.90 - 2.90 2.90 +0.02 (0.69%) 15,000
21/02/2019 2.90 2.81 - 2.90 2.88 -0.06 (2.04%) 8,900
20/02/2019 2.95 2.94 - 2.95 2.94 -0.02 (0.68%) 4,200
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Flintstones Investors should know now never extrapolate one quarter of good results
30/08/2017 10:14
shpg22 Overeaction by just 1 quarter. 1st half YoY revenue & profit still growing.
30/08/2017 10:39
necro fuhhh sell d @RM3.05 coz know that 2nd quarter is always the weakest quarter YoY..hopefully market correct more to level where can buy @ cheap price
30/08/2017 14:56
yansheng2213 clever =)
30/08/2017 18:04
shpg22 Time d market is a fools game...heard before
30/08/2017 20:05
gongkia i didnt check the price :P
31/08/2017 02:15
necro waaa down cheaper!!
05/09/2017 11:55
necro support broke!!gg.com liaooooo!!! horeyyyy!!
05/09/2017 11:55
gcke Seemed like the consolidation phase has been over after the big drop in the stock price on the release of the 2QR.
2.Today trend and move momentum for the price seemed to be positive.
3.Hopefully the support momentum can be sustained for the price to gradually move up.
4.The coming 3Qr should be better to support the price at the previous closing high or higher as what the analyst has written and expected.

Hope for better days.Always stay positive:-)))
19/09/2017 19:47
Evolution4 what internal news u know espesp?
27/09/2017 23:26
SYZZ anyone knws what is the doorgift for the AGM?
02/10/2017 11:17
gcke @SYZZ is the token gift of appreciation given out to all eligible shareholders or their proxies,nominees who register and attend the company AGM.
2.Can be in the form of KFC,White-town Coffee vouchers.Aji-No-Moto for example will issued out to all attendees the company products.The amount and quantities given out are in the value ranging from RM 30- RM 200.
3.Air Asia will give out free air travel ticket overseas.
4.Try attending on of such AGM to gather some good experience.In addition some companies like ICON,Astro,Air Asia,etc provide morning breakfast.Others like Malakoff also provide lunch pack.

Hope that explained.Smart investing:-)))
03/10/2017 13:43
FKLI13 What happen to YSP ? Keep on eating !
11/10/2017 16:33
michaelgoh Flying high, company doing well can buy
11/10/2017 16:39
kakashit The privatisation price of Hovid is at 38cents, 1.5 times of the net asset per share.

Ngam ngam YSP is also selling at 1.5 p/naps, given YSP has neglectable intangible asset, no dilution from warrants and also no record of manufacutring license revocation,

that's mean the real instrinsic value of YSP should fare better than Hovid.
12/10/2017 14:18
Anson Ang Qr must b bad.. Ppl throw
16/11/2017 16:48
Thkent91 Masuk Holland. Looks like all pharmaceutical company not doing any well. Long term RM 6
16/11/2017 19:49
Angel of KLSE 大马股仙 result not bad, why go hol land kan?
20/11/2017 13:21
kakashit Yes, share price might go to Holland, but the dividend will only go to ur bank acc
12/02/2018 10:35
Chewing Gum Super under value share, this company profile tell it worth more than u can imagine and the payout will come very soon. I stake all in..The history of this company tell May of each year is the best time to grab...Deviden + Share price soar all happening soon.
14/05/2018 12:09
PrincsX anyonw knw what is YSPSAH AGM doorgift for year 2017??? this year AGM location a bit far...
24/05/2018 12:41
k3nthiew https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/07/18/cimb-research-positive-on-ysp-southeast-asia-tp-rm3pt46/

CIMB also ask to buy now. More contracts from MoH won.
19/07/2018 09:58
thesteward Didn’t CIMB just up the tp to rm4 today?
14/08/2018 17:54
thesteward Really undervalue
14/08/2018 17:55
k3nthiew https://www.malaymail.com/s/1664223/health-protection-scheme-for-b40-group-for-implementation-next-year-says-dz

Health insurance scheme will expanded to Middle 40 too... Hope Ysp can get more market share...
21/08/2018 08:56
Jasper Coo Good time to accumulate more and gain more profit :)
21/08/2018 11:20
TANCHEECHIM (File pix) Photo shows a man getting a health check from a medical personnel. The Health Ministry is targeting the end of the year to introduce a free medical coverage plan for those in the bottom 40 (B40) economic category. Archive image for illustration purposes only. Pix courtesy of UNIMAP

By AUDREY VIJAINDREN - August 10, 2018 @ 12:33pm

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry is targeting the end of the year to introduce a free medical coverage plan for those in the bottom 40 (B40) economic category.
Of the only 30 per cent of Malaysians with some form of medical health insurance, 15 per cent purchased their own medical plan, while between 10 and 15 per cent are covered by their employers.
“Sooner or later, we will have to implement some sort of social health insurance for all Malaysians, but we will start with the B40 group.
“If we are able to cover the bottom 40 per cent, a large proportion of the population will at least have some form of health coverage. Once that is done, we can look into universal coverage for all Malaysians.
“However, we have to work out the details about where the money is going to come from. One of the models proposed is very minimal coverage – for example, RM10,000, so the premiums are low enough to sustain.
“Eventually, we will have to discuss this matter with all stakeholders before we firm up a proposal,” said Deputy Minister of Health Dr Lee Boon Chye.
He said this at after opening the Excellence in Breast Cancer Therapy and Support Conference in Nexus Bangsar South here, today.
Also present at the three-day conference was Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation founder and chairman, Datuk Dr Devanand; and Beacon Hospital medical director and consultant clinical oncologist, Datuk Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Wahid.
The cost of medical treatment is Malaysia is becoming a burden thanks to inflation of between 10 and 15 per cent annually, which is due to the country’s ageing population, the availability of new treatments and technologies which are expensive, and higher expectations of the efficacy of medical treatment by the community.
“At the end of the day, the Health Ministry will have to look at the cost effectiveness of treatments and try our very best to bring down the price.

“We have successfully reduced the price of Hepatitis C therapy from RM128,000 to below RM1,500 by using generic drugs. We had a strong argument because it is a contagious disease, so we could use that argument to ‘arm-twist’ the multi-national drug companies.

“It’s more difficult with the treatment of cancer, but at the end of the day, if we are unable to reduce the cost, we will have to look at using more generic drugs as an alternative,” Dr Lee added.

The conference is highlighting alarming statistics, including that one in 19 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime; and that breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women under the age of 40.
30/08/2018 11:20
Thkent91 Slow and steady. See you at rm6 in another 4 years time
22/09/2018 00:14
trulyinvest bought 3.24
24/09/2018 10:55
trulyinvest sold 3.28 thx
25/09/2018 09:17
eriktime 3.50 very soon
01/10/2018 18:28
moven00 Hopeful the coming quarter result will be favorable and more contribution to come from Vietnam and Indonesia biz
17/10/2018 08:19
Davidl Hey guys, I join de boat today! Cheers!
21/11/2018 13:22
trulyinvest i oso joined. 2.98
21/11/2018 13:51
Davidl Qtr result good! Time for empire strikes back!
21/11/2018 18:09
moven00 Good...good...
21/11/2018 19:38
trulyinvest So so only I think
21/11/2018 19:43
Davidl The group is cautiously optimistic of maintaining the financial performance toward the end of the year.
22/11/2018 00:06
wwwcomment Is good to accumulate.
22/11/2018 10:32
Davidl AHIB: We continue to like YSP for its bargain valuations against the backdrop of the coming favourable healthcare policy, which we think could benefit generic drug producers such as YSP. Higher export-oriented exposure (38% of total revenue by 2020E), underpinning YSP’s prospects for the foreseeable future, is a boon as well!
23/11/2018 12:58
tanweijen Hi, besides due to market sentiment nowadays, does anyone know why this counter has dropped >10% since the latest quarter released although the result was not that bad? based on the past 2 years history, Q4 will have better results. Thus, it has high chances its revenue and net profit to achieve new high after total up the Q1-Q3 2018. I'm newbie here to learn
15/12/2018 13:26
UnicornP First of all, prospect isn't convincing at all.
1) "With unabated challenges in both the domestic and international fronts that impacted the business, the group will place greater emphasis on enhancing operational efficiency, increasing product registration, effective and bolder marketing, promotional and sales strategies."
--> This means the group finds it hard to get more biz so now turn to miscellaneous measures to gain something. No huge growth.

2) "The group is cautiously optimistic of maintaining the financial performance toward the end of the year."
--> The group just dares to say maintaining the results, not like they are confident to achieve a better performance. No earnings surprise.

You gotta find a company which starts to turnaround or have huge growth coming near.
15/12/2018 13:43
tanweijen Thank you UnicornP for your kind opinions. Appreciate
15/12/2018 19:07
Albukhary Unicorn, sometime it depends on the integrity of the management as well . certain management said very optimistic to achieved satisfactory financial performance, end up having huge losses in the next quarter.
15/12/2018 19:38
RainT seem a good counter for invest
25/12/2018 14:26
Veron_teo wait 1.5
25/12/2018 14:55
Chewing Gum Show on... my TP 3.50 on March 2019!
20/02/2019 08:21
Davidl Qtr result better than expected!
26/02/2019 17:47
RainT so quiet
27/02/2019 16:26
moven00 Can I start another theme sini. “Paling Lupa Punya saham Kesihatan”. Mana Mooty Fxxl , lu tak mau bawa duit singapore mai sini invest kah?? Apasal lu bawa duit pi Itu Carlsberg saje? Lu takut kalah ka? Kita sini semua baik baik punya investor. Tanya sama Itu Taiwan Taiko la.
03/03/2019 15:52


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