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anakanjing i wait it drop first only buy... it cannot up.... hahahaha
12/02/2019 14:14
Nicholasming91 Ok la u wait wait
12/02/2019 14:16
Huat1 All time high profit/earnings deserve a better valuation... price must go up to at least HIGHER HIGH
12/02/2019 14:56
ANALyst insider collect below 0.8 last few weeks. today dump to retailers ...lol

as usual. insiders always win
12/02/2019 15:35
Investar2862 I am not insider but collected before CNY :D))
12/02/2019 15:47
ANALyst Investar2862 then hope u sell all 0.92 d
12/02/2019 16:25
zeoncy8869 When is the 0.8 dividend ex date
12/02/2019 18:34
Primeinvestor Wow, it deserves an all time high stock price as well!
12/02/2019 18:40
yiniugongxiong FRONTKN 0128 QUARTERLY REPORT 31 DEC 2018
12/02/2019 19:20
godofgamble gotta all in this time.. sailang.
12/02/2019 19:39
BlackCapital wow good qr
12/02/2019 21:03
ANALyst run !!!!!!!! insiders sell like mad !!!
13/02/2019 09:53
Yu_and_Mee Then i want to grab some later if drop to my favourite price
13/02/2019 10:24
Yu_and_Mee @ANALyst, what is the best price to enter?
13/02/2019 10:38
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/193201.jsp
[转贴] [Facebook live:浅谈Frontken corp bhd (Frontkn)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
13/02/2019 10:38
ANALyst yu and mee, 0.7
13/02/2019 10:46
Yu_and_Mee ok, i will go to queue at 0.70. pray hard. thanks
13/02/2019 10:48
SuperVegetto wait u all top up at RM1
13/02/2019 13:22
Maynot When IB start giving tp then its time to run. Simple logic
13/02/2019 15:27
Veron_teo yes. insiders all buy from 0.7. now dispose like mad. expect to sink until 0.75
13/02/2019 17:47
moneykj I bot this stock at 0.17. One of my 2017 i3 stock picks. Sold at 0.52 for 200% gain. How much it can go from now? 1.20? Only 30% gain.
Go for Orion for much more upside potential.
14/02/2019 01:20
moneykj Why I look here look there Orion very similar to 1 stock king I in 2014:

1. No of share: both also about 600m
2. Start to goreng from 0.105
3. Both start after announcement of government link project. Both fintech. "I" doing GST collection software for government.
4. Cumulative 4 q earning after start goreng was 30m for "I". Cimb estimated Orion can come to highest 29m for 2019.
5. Both also start from weak results. "I" only 421k. Orion 1m.
6. The same analyst, Cimb analyst covered both

One famous anei behind the rise of "I". I believe he is also behind Orion...Guess who...

"I" rose more than 1500%. How will Orion doing?
14/02/2019 01:20
Veron_teo moneykj carimin going 1 soon.
14/02/2019 08:48
ANALyst lol moneykj, hard sell orion now hahahahahaha
14/02/2019 10:14
Nicorobin1 0.7 slowly wait.you can get when frontken share split. Lol
14/02/2019 11:20
moneykj ANALyst lol moneykj, hard sell orion now hahahahahaha
14/02/2019 10:14

I confident one hard sell to you la.
14/02/2019 12:06
moneykj Veron_teo moneykj carimin going 1 soon.
14/02/2019 08:48

Not sure. But I know Eatech tomorrow kaboom.
14/02/2019 15:19
ANALyst i also know orion kaboom now
14/02/2019 15:55
Yu_and_Mee Ini macam mana boleh sampai 0.70? Firget about this one too. Dare not chase high.
14/02/2019 18:50
longtermvaluegain 三只股走势:
from 0.265 to 0.88
Up 232。1%

from 0.50 to 0.83
Up 66%

from 0.46 to 0.72
Up 56.5%
15/02/2019 05:50
rr88 At this stage, a double top. Best price to enter is 1.02/1.03. That's right boys n girls. Higher than the current price of 0.93. Not about the price. Its about the direction of price ahead.
15/02/2019 10:43
ANALyst sell lar, peak d ... 0.95
15/02/2019 10:49
DickyMe SELL? Above RM1 coming
15/02/2019 11:58
vcheekeong looking at 1.50
15/02/2019 12:58
callixtus selling pressure may be seen soon as price approaches resistance. if sellers are unable to push price lower to invalidate the current market structure, high chances bo will happen. ride d trend and trail ur stop loss
15/02/2019 14:03
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/193593.jsp
[转贴] [FRONTKEN CORP BHD:SIA宣布全球半导体行业2018年的销售额为4,688亿美元,与2017年的总销售额相比增长了13.7%,子公司将能够在年内继续保持其发展势头] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
15/02/2019 14:47
Veron_teo Dow Jones may fall like mad tonight due to poor trade war talk with China.
15/02/2019 18:08
fukalex Bagus...... can buy at 75 sen
15/02/2019 19:56
amet2017 You know the details aa.. Which part is poor?
15/02/2019 20:08
fukalex Fake? Wah
15/02/2019 20:30
fukalex Where yi stock?
15/02/2019 20:32
fukalex Kena con by sohai.... too bad... Dow jone Up 400+ now
15/02/2019 23:55
amet2017 Sink like mad aa yesterday night? Which dow jones? In venus aa?
16/02/2019 08:48
Veron_teo i said 'may' fall like mad due to yesterday afternoon China and hsi sink 2% !!! you can check China and hsi closing now
16/02/2019 09:58
Yu_and_Mee My friend asked me to buy because frontkn has oil related as well, other than the 7nm chip.
Can expert share what is the oil related involved by frontkn? My friend also not knowing, just heard only.
16/02/2019 13:03
Veron_teo a strong pump and dump by sharks hehe.
18/02/2019 17:05
newbie8080 Attempting to breach RM1 soon.
18/02/2019 18:12
Veron_teo .... should be peak at 0.985
18/02/2019 18:29
Yu_and_Mee Seems like no one has the info about frontkn oil and gas activity x(
18/02/2019 21:25
LKC003 Frontkn provides backup supporting service to the o&g industry - dealing with cleaning of high tech equipment. As the worst for o&g is over, it is good for frontkn.
19/02/2019 16:10


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