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paperplane Ya. This is the kind of stock to hold longterm
Got moat
25/09/2018 8:22 AM
paperplane Consumer sector ia most defensive as well with branding
01/10/2018 6:40 PM
paperplane http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5930697
02/10/2018 7:18 PM
RainT Epf have been buying this few days ...good sign
05/10/2018 8:47 AM
paperplane this stock really best to hold and buy in such time....
10/10/2018 1:46 PM
paperplane Hoxlding strong.
17/10/2018 9:31 AM
Fabien "The Efficient Capital Allocater" steady. times like these calls for flight to QUALITY
23/10/2018 5:03 PM
ahgoo Panasonic 200-day average is 36.95 MYR, It traded below from Jan18 and rose above it on May16 and has traded above it other than July19. If it breaks 36.95, the next resistance sits at 33.01 MYR. Considering that if had bought this stock in mid Nov 2017 and held, you would have been rewarded with 6.3% dividend (assuming that you bought around 37 MYR - with 2.33MYR dividend). Bank fixed deposits for 5 year is less than 5%!!

In short, I agree with @paperplane (who obviously is a fan), if you are fortunate to own some, just collect your dividends and hold if for 3-5 years. You will be handsomely rewarded.
24/10/2018 7:20 AM
RainT most steady stock in Bursa

with all other companies law sai non stop , PANAMY still at high

I believe PANAMY can sail through smoothly any recession
29/10/2018 11:58 PM
Choivo Capital For 20 PE.

I can buy TSMC 17PE. I can buy Apple 19PE. I can buy Berkshire 11PE. Bayer 10PE. BrightHouse Financial 5PE. Synchrony financial 9PE.

If you sold your cheap shares for expensive PANAMY shares as everything goes down and gets cheaper.

I'm finding it hard to see a good outcome from actions like this. If you must, hold some cash, not PANAMY shares.

Buy at a pace you're comfortable with.

Don't be the general market who held mostly cash in 2008 bottom, and mostly stocks in 2017 peak.

Moat? What moat? Margin every year drop for the last 5 years. Profit not moving despite revenue growth.

Haier just bought GE Appliances you know. This aint Dyson.

Don't be scared now. You need to be aggressive when things are cheap and conservative when things are expensive.

Ask yourself, 5 years from now, are you going to wish you bought PANAMY, instead of the hundreds of discounts now. Airasia, Tunepro, PetronM, Mahsing, RCECAP, etc etc etc. Too many to list

Posted by paperplane > Oct 10, 2018 01:46 PM | Report Abuse

this stock really best to hold and buy in such time....

Posted by paperplane > Sep 25, 2018 08:22 AM | Report Abuse

Ya. This is the kind of stock to hold longterm
Got moat
30/10/2018 12:16 AM
Choivo Capital People used to say what you guys are saying about PANAMY now, at LAFARGE.

Look where lafarge at.
30/10/2018 12:17 AM
ahgoo @Jon Choivo: Not everyone can afford to buy BRK.A or BRK.A, Apple (AAPL) trades around $220USD a share...Brighthouse financial is in the tank, 52week low... unless you have RM 250,000 or more! Realistically to own the kind of shares that you are recommending you need to have RM 1Million or so. The choice is you either buy penny shares in Malaysia or bluechip like PBBank, Nestle, Panasonic..etc. GE is in the toilet..

In the end, I think to each his own according to how much you have to invest and how much risk you are willing to take and your investment horizon.

Panasonic is a relatively conservative electronic consumer products company and has a strong brand name. A PE of 19.83 maybe a little rich but having said that, will you pay 20cents for a shocking pink shirt that was yesterday's favorite color? or will you pay RM20, for a cotton blue shirt ? Stocks are cheap for a reason - stocks have to live up to expected future earnings. So a forward PE would be more relevant as a measure relative to its potential growth.
01/11/2018 1:31 PM
enigmatic [Breaker of Speculative Investing] EPS is at an astonishing 191.91 when PE is only at 19.84. Apa lagi shareholders mau?
06/11/2018 6:16 PM
CUTLOSS People don't buy Panamy products everyday or every qtr. See YOY profit drop.
06/11/2018 6:19 PM
enigmatic [Breaker of Speculative Investing] right now some are quietly buying for the coming dividend. but I think this stock is well supported, fundamental wise, unless all quarters show a drop. panamy's price is solid too.
07/11/2018 5:03 PM
BN_better Aberdeen disposed bec like BN more?
13/11/2018 9:30 PM
paperplane Well,apple is in Nasdaq,the cycle not at their favor. The stock price increase previously mainly due to active share buy back....And crook,sorry cook, has been selling his shares entitlement straight away. Why?CI tot he very confident on apple next 10yrs,not suppose to buy more with salary???Why well??
18/11/2018 11:12 PM
paperplane Tsmc in a sector where the margin will be lower and MKT share will be lower. It's not a consumer stock which got this thing call brand name.....Chips can be manufacture by anyone in future once the technical getting more and more lean
18/11/2018 11:13 PM
ongkkh Good quarter result is out with 15c div
26/11/2018 8:35 PM
MCC8 Kudos! Over past 10 years remain the same for interim dividend 15c
27/11/2018 2:35 PM
paperplane Still my best stock. I love panasonic, i love japan av
27/11/2018 8:13 PM
RainT when every companies is bleeding , you are the sunshine
27/11/2018 11:22 PM
paperplane Hehe. Thts why buy. Bluechip, oldman stock
19/12/2018 12:14 PM
paperplane Panamy still best. Divgood,result stable. If drop i will add. Most
26/12/2018 10:54 AM
paperplane Go go panamy. Next nestle. Hit 100 please. Haha
02/01/2019 10:35 AM
paperplane How much it moves last yr. Will it repeat.
02/01/2019 7:59 PM
enigmatic [Breaker of Speculative Investing] Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.
15/01/2019 4:23 PM
LouiseS dividend yield at 6.63% is quite high, PE ratio not too high, around 17.89, worth to investigate further

20/01/2019 6:26 PM
moneylailai panamy good to hold long term?
22/01/2019 4:50 PM
lching yes i think so.
30/01/2019 11:19 AM
IbrahimBinFareed panamy no movement for a couple of days?
30/01/2019 11:20 AM
lching this counter is for buy and keep not pump and dump.
30/01/2019 11:22 AM
guanteik PANAMY is a dividend counter for long term. I had been holding this counter since 2008 when it was about RM10.
31/01/2019 5:45 AM
RainT those who bought at RM10 is lucky as the share price that time still low

but those who not yet invest in PANAMY or want to average up/down , need to consider carefully

the share price now is at high ....so if want break new high, the profit need grow more higher to justify the share price increase

NESTLE is consumer goods that everyday we eat ( many types also) , but PANAMY is mfg electrical goods which not all ppl will buy frm PANAMY (many competitor & also life time of electrical products tend to be longer than food NESTLE)

can PANAMY same as NESTLE , go up all the way to RM100? Lets wait & see (need wait many many many many many years, i think)
12/02/2019 9:30 AM
RainT EPF buying non stop this few days
21/02/2019 7:19 PM
RainT bad quarter result

sales drop , profit drop

will the share price drop ???

if share profit drop then buy to keep
27/02/2019 5:58 PM
paperplane Lower sales on home appliances export... Sigh.... Global economic slowdown
06/03/2019 7:41 PM
ongkkh chanvanesssa759, thru your mobile number by whatapps group?
12/03/2019 8:22 AM
RainT Shah Alam plant 1 : office building expansion completed ( will free up space & add capacity 18%)

Shah Alam plant 2 : office building expansion , to be complete in year 2020

all this is good for increase production capacity , increase sales and profit
16/03/2019 2:49 PM
paperplane slowly but surely. good lah. Div good good
26/03/2019 1:41 PM
MATB Panamy domestic fan sales adversely impacted by slow property market. Fan sales contribute quite a big portion to group profit and revenue
03/04/2019 1:04 PM
MATB For panamy to fly again, need monitor domestic property market
03/04/2019 1:05 PM
RainT @MATB not really direct with property sales la

don't mislead people

I move to new house , I maybe also don't buy new fan because my old fan still can use


I no buy new house, but my fan spoil /not good condition , I also will buy fan to replace it


important is the products of PANAMY is of good quality so consumers will buy it
also with good management to manage the costs to ensure good profit
25/04/2019 3:39 PM
MATB Invest on fact and figure, or invest on own imagination, is up to u.
26/04/2019 8:45 AM
RainT HQ Japan Panasonic going to report bad quarter result

hope it will not affect PANAMY
10/05/2019 12:33 PM
RainT buy chance come already

drop drop more
28/05/2019 2:47 PM
RainT Wow

RM2.11 dividend per share

ex on 06/09/2019.....so long around 4 months time ...lol

based current price dividend yield is 5.56%

better more than FD & slightly lower than EPF dividend rate
28/05/2019 6:44 PM
Lioncity Whole year eps 174 sen but dividend payout whole year RM2.26 lol. Despite lower sale, dropping eps, high PE 21, I think market is going to ignore those and cheering with the generous dividend payout.
28/05/2019 7:21 PM
RainT ya

lets see how the share price perform today

but i think also will stuck at the same range

as it is high price , not many investors afford to buy in

and it is control buy fund manager and PANASOCIS JAPAN of course
29/05/2019 8:56 AM
RainT dividend RM2.11

nobody is interested

06/06/2019 12:57 PM


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