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SERBADK-CX CALL WARRANTS 20/09/2019 30/09/2020 2.143 0.015 5:1 0.548 (32.81%) 22.266
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SERBADK-C4 CALL WARRANTS 03/02/2020 27/10/2020 2.55 0.02 2.5:1 0.93 (55.68%) 33.40
SERBADK-C5 CALL WARRANTS 27/02/2020 20/11/2020 2.70 0.025 3.5:1 1.117 (66.88%) 19.085
SERBADK-C6 CALL WARRANTS 27/02/2020 22/01/2021 2.50 0.04 2 : 1 0.91 (54.49%) 20.875

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SERBADK-CA CALL WARRANTS 05/07/2017 31/01/2018 2.00 2.5:1
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SERBADK-CC CALL WARRANTS 02/08/2017 26/04/2018 2.15 3:1
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SERBADK-CG CALL WARRANTS 26/10/2017 31/07/2018 2.88 6:1
SERBADK-CH CALL WARRANTS 07/12/2017 11/06/2018 2.90 4 : 1
SERBADK-CI CALL WARRANTS 12/12/2017 31/07/2018 3.40 3.5:1
SERBADK-CJ CALL WARRANTS 30/01/2018 13/08/2018 3.60 3.5 : 1
SERBADK-CK CALL WARRANTS 02/03/2018 28/09/2018 4.00 4:1
SERBADK-CL CALL WARRANTS 13/07/2018 31/01/2019 3.50 4.5:1
SERBADK-CM CALL WARRANTS 31/07/2018 18/02/2019 3.50 4.5 : 1
SERBADK-CN CALL WARRANTS 10/08/2018 29/03/2019 4.50 4.5:1
SERBADK-CO CALL WARRANTS 30/08/2018 15/03/2019 4.05 5:1
SERBADK-CP CALL WARRANTS 11/12/2018 28/06/2019 4.50 5 : 1
SERBADK-CQ CALL WARRANTS 15/01/2019 26/11/2019 4.00 5:1
SERBADK-CR CALL WARRANTS 28/01/2019 31/07/2019 3.88 4:1
SERBADK-CS CALL WARRANTS 01/03/2019 17/09/2019 4.20 5:1
SERBADK-CT CALL WARRANTS 22/04/2019 31/10/2019 4.15 4:1
SERBADK-CU CALL WARRANTS 27/06/2019 31/01/2020 2.229 4 : 1
SERBADK-CW CALL WARRANTS 03/09/2019 31/03/2020 2.181 3.5:1
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huatgorgor I didnt buy but congrats everyone here on the good buy
03/04/2020 12:27 AM
oldchinaman thanks, huatgorgor. i only bought call warrant c1 and warrant wa
03/04/2020 12:55 AM
Lamshuntee Gap up later ?
03/04/2020 7:39 AM
Mabel Meow Meow Meow
03/04/2020 7:49 AM
Luke91 Help pump to limit up
03/04/2020 8:54 AM
Jokers2020 ban ban wait for limit up.lol
03/04/2020 9:19 AM
CharlesT oldchinaman thanks, huatgorgor. i only bought call warrant c1 and warrant wa
03/04/2020 12:55 AM

U are very smart..I couldnt hold my C1 too long to see 0.09 today...or else 800% profit in 2 weeks time
03/04/2020 9:20 AM
gibsontan thanks c1 counter haha in 0.065 out 0.085 then my trading platform hang
03/04/2020 9:23 AM
signalmw 沙特条件是 ”世界产油商需要一起减产". 剑指页岩油商和俄罗斯。
克林姆林宫发言人 Dmitry Peskov通过俄罗斯国营媒体 回应特朗普的推特
“No, 普丁总统并没有谈过减产。"
03/04/2020 9:29 AM
Jokers2020 sure russia n saudi will cut oil production.since russia hv send aid to fight covid19 in us,i beliebe they will work out wt saudi on oil to help thr worl producting country
03/04/2020 10:02 AM
abc333 Saudi and Russia not fool. the 15m cut must included OPEC+US+Canada +others non opec.
03/04/2020 10:34 AM
Stocker Pls cut gao gao
03/04/2020 10:35 AM
Stocker In future
03/04/2020 10:35 AM
Stocker Now please raise till usd 10 per barrel hehe i wan buy back
03/04/2020 10:35 AM
Jokers2020 today serba profittaking .still can collect low
03/04/2020 10:41 AM
Mabel Like I said earlier, if you can hold, hold

If you want to take profit, do so to improve your holding cost.

Otherwise, see you at RM 3..

03/04/2020 10:50 AM
mf buy
03/04/2020 11:12 AM
GooShem Mabel sorpoh no sell at high and now nine not answer 8

03/04/2020 11:44 AM
MonkeyFoo 不跑下个星期就跑不掉了,哈哈哈
03/04/2020 12:06 PM
Mabel @GooShem Mabel sorpoh no sell at high and now nine not answer 8

03/04/2020 11:44 AM

Well I learn some few tricks from our Excellent GooShem..:)

I did release some of collections above 1.80 earlier today just to reduce my holding cost. The remaining shares (which is still substantial) will only be released when it reaches my Wanted Position and I have not even touched my Serba Warrants which I have collected before and after Bonus and Right Issues.

Now Serba is sitting on P1 Pole Position in my collection of 14 Battleships. Here's their ranking in term of margin..

P1. Interceptor Serba
P2. Fancy Alam
P3. Flying Dutchman KNM
P4. Black Pearl Armada
P5. Royal Fortune ICON
P6. Empress Velesto
P7. Adventure Galley T7
P8. Vangelis Scomies*
P9. Lady Dayang
P10. Panglima Hibiscus
P11. Queen Anne Sapnrg
P12. Golden Reach

What I did is to apply the Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule). In economics, the original observation was in connection with population and wealth. Pareto noticed that approximately 80% of Italy's land was owned by 20% of the population. He then carried out surveys on a variety of other countries and found to his surprise that a similar distribution applied.

I have applied this principle when investing in my collection of battleships, the 80-20 rule maintains that 80% of outcomes (outputs) come from 20% of causes (inputs). In the 80-20 rule, you prioritize the 20% of factors that will produce the best results.

Inspires by Armada, KNM and Velesto turn around stories, I have also invested in 3 PN17 Battleships. I believe the best way to learn about a company is to put your stakes in it. My motivation is to be part of their journey for a turnaround stories. TH Heavy has registered 2 Consecutive Profits, Scomies when I enter already registered a profit. The recent quarter was a lost due to impairment due to parent Scomi default loan. Otherwise Scomies would have registered the 2nd Consecutive Profits. Barakah has recently registered it's 1st profits. Now waiting for a complete Regulation Plan this May 2020. Some of the above Battleships have Bonus Issues with Free warrants like Serba and ICON and I have subscribed to the whole right issues for both Battleships..

*I have decided to consolidate all these 3 Financial Stress PN17 Battleships under Vangelis Scomies (TH Heavy, Barakah and Scomies). Regulation Plan is now extended to another 12 months for these 3 PN companies due to Convid 19 Crisis. This is Good news as it gives these companies time to find solution.

Thanks to Serba, OIl & Gas has now overtaken Plantation in term of margin. Currently performance in term of margin:

P1 - Oil & Gas
P2 - Plantation
P3 - Digital Economy
P4 - Visit Malaysia Year 2020

It’s just like an F1 Race between Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Red Bulls and Maclaren. At this moment I'm feeling really upbeat about 2020.

03/04/2020 12:15 PM
Mabel Oh Yes I forgot...

These last few weeks I have been focusing strengthening and consolidating my Energy Battleships. I believe I have collected enough ammunition to fight this War on Terror. This week I have also started to strengthen my Plantation and Digital Economy Boutiques. We still need to feed more than 3 billion people over 200 countries and secure 5G readiness for the Global Population.

These accumulation carries some cost hence the reason why Plantation has dropped to P2...

03/04/2020 12:26 PM
mf buy
03/04/2020 1:00 PM
Evolution4 Hi Mabel wish to ask for ur precious opinion, I am actually holding Serba and Dayang, a bit down because I dint manage to buy when dayang its below RM1, have u done any analysis on Coastal before?
03/04/2020 2:02 PM
calvintaneng Mabel

Sell serba and run now

It will collapse again!!
03/04/2020 3:01 PM
stkstudent O&G stks comin back strong, ...
03/04/2020 3:06 PM
Mabel @Evolution4 Hi Mabel wish to ask for ur precious opinion, I am actually holding Serba and Dayang, a bit down because I dint manage to buy when dayang its below RM1, have u done any analysis on Coastal before?
03/04/2020 2:02 PM

Evo Dear,

I did make an analysis on ICON, Alam, Coastal and Perdana in the ICON Forum during ICON Right Issues exercises late last year. I shared my analysis with the ICON Investors. Please scroll into the ICON Forum

OPEX will meet soon and I anticipate this Price War will end as it's not helping all 3 parties i.e. the Saudi, US and the Russian. So I recon the local upstream activities are expected to continue from 2019, as guided in Petronas’ latest Activity Outlook. Beside, Government wants more revenue to cover the expenses to fight the Covid 19. Each US$1 per barrel increase in oil prices brings our Treasury RM300 million in revenue per year. So Marine vessel providers (e.g. ALAM, COASTAL, ICON, PERDANA), will benefits from surge in AHTS demand.

As you can see from my earlier comments, Alam and ICON are one of key contributors in my O&G Collection giving me 3 digits margin. So if you are holding Coastal, you should also will be doing fine.

I just enter Dayang and Hibiscus recently since my focus has always been on Serba and other listed Battleships. So Dayang and Hibiscus are still under collection mode.

All the Best!

03/04/2020 3:23 PM
Mabel @calvintaneng Mabel

Sell serba and run now

It will collapse again!!
03/04/2020 3:01 PM

Calvin Dear,

I'm still holding your preferred T7 and Scomies Battleship. Its been good to me..Thanks!

I'm keeping Serba in my collections. I want to part of Serba success stories...

All the best to you too...

03/04/2020 3:40 PM
kl_guy oil price increase again
03/04/2020 4:10 PM
Jokers2020 good news coming from russia n saudi..i guess
03/04/2020 4:40 PM
Mabel Meow Meow Meow
03/04/2020 4:45 PM
Jengacam2 MEOW...
tonight can hit 38? Meow
03/04/2020 5:52 PM
paktua73 paktua love serbadk..
ever all run paktua troops dare to stand hold..
if burn let burn hard..or earn ultra..

crash below 1.10..
paktua troops will eat ultra..
if still play 1.20-1.70
paktua troops wat bodo je..

tut tut
play with own style stick with own methods
03/04/2020 7:31 PM
mf buy
03/04/2020 8:10 PM
Evolution4 thank you for ur reply mabel
03/04/2020 8:35 PM
yorkyork 2 kali main Monday sell again
03/04/2020 8:55 PM
Banditos waaa more dongeng oil story. more cappucino
03/04/2020 9:17 PM
newkid monday morning sure heavy profit taking, dayang will b same bcos old start promote already, that mean he will b selling again !!!!
03/04/2020 9:24 PM
RedEagle LONDON (Bloomberg) -- The OPEC+ coalition is pushing for other major oil producers to join it in a deep reduction of global crude output and stem the historic rout in prices, a move that sent futures sharply higher.

A global cut of 10 million barrels a day is a realistic goal, according to a delegate, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies, a group led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, has already scheduled a virtual meeting on Monday and wants other nations to join talks as soon as possible.

The 10 million figure was first touted by President Donald Trump on Thursday, who called for a coordinated production cut.

He gave no indication whether the US would take part. For Saudi Arabia, it’s essential that producers including the Americans join in.

Trump is meeting oil executives later on Friday. Russian President Vladimir Putin is meeting his country’s oil executives too.

Oil surged on the news. But there are enormous obstacles to any deal.

Russia was quick to deny on Thursday that any agreement had been reached -- although it had said for weeks it’s open to talks.

Even if an accord can be struck, a cut of 10 million barrels would barely dent the glut of oil that has been created by the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

Traders estimate the lost demand could be as high as 35 million barrels a day.

And so far, there is no sign of any movement toward a truce in the ground war. Saudi Arabia is ramping up exports, as it promised to do.

But diplomatically the picture is more nuanced.

For several days, Saudi Arabia was wrong-footed by Russia, as Moscow sounded open to talks and blamed the price collapse on the kingdom.

Now, by saying it’s ready to cut, the kingdom has put the onus on Moscow, forcing the Kremlin to reverse their opposition to cuts, or be blamed -- by Trump among others -- for the damage.

Oil Jumps

Brent crude, which jumped more than 40% on Thursday after Trump’s announcement before paring gains, rose 11% on Friday. It’s still down 50% this year as the virus fight grounds planes and shutters huge swaths of the global economy.

In some corners of the market, physical prices have gone negative and some producers are expected to start suspending output as there’s not enough space to store the excess crude.

Tankers have filled up fast as ships are being used as storage rather than transport.

Oil-producing nations around the world are feeling the pain of the price war, which started a month ago after Russia refused to take part in deeper cuts, saying it would only extend the previous deal.

Saudi Arabia aggressively discounted its crude days later, in a move to seize customers from Russia’s traditional markets.

Shale producers in the US are struggling and national finances are under pressure. Russia, for example, is now expecting oil prices at US$20 a barrel this year and will ramp up borrowing to make up for a budget shortfall.

Saudi Arabia will also have to make deep budget cuts as oil accounts for the vast majority of its revenue.

The kingdom’s next move in the price war could come as soon as Sunday, when it sets official prices for its crude exports. The operation could be postponed, however -- as it was last month -- to avoid prejudicing the Monday meeting.

Washington’s Options

Trump will meet on Friday oil executives, who are battling among themselves as to what the administration should do.

The White House has considered tariffs on foreign oil imports to protect US producers, though the idea is opposed by some top Trump advisers led by Larry Kudlow, the director of the National Economic Council, according to people familiar with the matter.

The idea of a US production cut, probably executed by capping exports, is also on the table at the White House, though many oil industry representatives have warned that the approach would cause the US to cede the very "energy dominance” Trump has repeatedly celebrated.

Trump said on Thursday he expected a deal -- but made no mention of any role for the US.

"It would be great for Russia, it would be great for Saudi Arabia -- I hope they make that deal but that’s what they told me,” he said. "Can something happen where it doesn’t happen? I guess? In which case there’s another alternative, but I’d rather not see the other alternative.”

In his tweet, Trump said he had spoken to Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who had in turn spoken with Putin. But a Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the conversation hadn’t happened and that no production cut had been agreed to with the Saudis.

Russia hasn’t yet confirmed its attendance at the OPEC+ meeting. But Russia has long said it’s open to talks, and the industry may find itself forced into production cuts anyway because of the slump in demand, potentially bolstering the case for a coordinated response.
03/04/2020 9:27 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/2020-04-03-story-h1485790435.jsp
[转贴] [Facebook live video:浅谈Serba Dinamik holdings bhd (Serbadk)] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
03/04/2020 9:44 PM
tkl88 Superb, Oil Price closed at new record high !‬
Nymex => $28.97 ‪(+3.65) (+14.42 percent)
Brent => $34.83 ‪(+4.89) (+16.33 percent)

‪Next week definitely will break the USD $40 per barrel !‬
Huat ah ! Heng ah ! Ong ah !
04/04/2020 7:05 AM
Jokers2020 lowering oil price is useless is there is not much demand now.where are they going to store the crude oil if continue buy at low price
04/04/2020 9:50 AM
Lucky81 people dun care abt this as long as they can goreng and run before music stop.
04/04/2020 9:54 AM
okok Sometime if we think too deep we might be left behind. Hehehe
04/04/2020 10:32 AM
RedEagle WASHINGTON – Presiden Amerika Syarikat (AS), Donald Trump percaya Rusia dan Arab Saudi akan berbincang semula dan mengakhiri perang harga minyak tidak lama lagi dengan menurunkan pengeluaran sekali gus menstabilkan semula harga minyak.

“Saya akan bertemu dengan pengeluar-pengeluar minyak pada hari Jumaat. Saya juga akan bertemu dengan pengeluar-pengeluar minyak bebas sama ada pada hari Jumaat atau Sabtu. Mungkin hari Ahad, kami ada banyak mesyuarat mengenainya,” katanya.

Tambah beliau, industri minyak di seluruh dunia telah musnah dan ia tidak baik untuk Rusia dan Arab Saudi.

”Maksud saya, tidak baik untuk kedua-duanya. Saya rasa mereka akan membuat perjanjian,” ujar beliau.

Harga minyak dunia telah jatuh kira-kira dua per tiga tahun ini kerana koronavirus yang telah menjejaskan ekonomi global.

Keadaan ini diburukkan lagi dengan limpahan minyak oleh pengeluar utama dunia, Arab Saudi dan Rusia.

Kejatuhan harga minyak memberi ancaman kepada industri penggerudian AS sekali gus mengakibatkan pemberhentian kerja besar-besaran dan muflis.

Trump dijangka membincangkan pelbagai pilihan untuk membantu industri, termasuk kemungkinan tarif import minyak dari Arab Saudi, menurut Wall Street Journal.

Presiden AS itu pada minggu ini menyifatkan perang harga minyak antara Rusia dan Arab Saudi sebagai ‘gila’.

Dua pemimpin tenaga dari dua negara itu kemudian saling berhubung dan bersetuju untuk meneruskan perbuncangan dengan pengeluar-pengeluar utama minyak global.

Malah, pentadbiran Trump juga merancang untuk menghantar wakil khas ke Riyadh untuk membincangkan mengenai penurunan pengeluaran.

Arab Saudi telah meningkatkan bekalan minyak mentah pada hari Rabu kepada lebih 12 juta tong sehari, menurut sumber industri, biarpun permintaan menurun. –
04/04/2020 11:53 AM
mf buy
04/04/2020 12:05 PM
kl_guy https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/oil-surges-more-13-hopes-output-deal
04/04/2020 1:24 PM
Mabel @Jengacam2 MEOW...
tonight can hit 38? Meow
03/04/2020 5:52 PM

Remember, each US$1 per barrel increase in oil prices brings our Treasury RM300 million in revenue per year. As I mentioned earlier during USA Presidential Election year Brent Crude Oil price will bullish or add on around USD 20-25 ..so take USD 25 lowest..God Speed we will see Brent Crude Oil will be back to USD 45-USD 50 pretty soon..

04/04/2020 1:43 PM
diehardunited Forget Serba Dinamik! This stock is more interesting. It will continue skyrocket ALL THE WAY UP!

04/04/2020 3:54 PM
kl_guy look like oil price will going up, sure good news for serbadk .furthermore epf is buying.
monday is going run again.
fundamental wise , strong and technical wise still on up trend. -buy
04/04/2020 5:32 PM
kl_guy diehardunited, minetech already in oversold position , if monday don't continue moving up with volume mean game over. i prefer others counter. good luck
04/04/2020 5:39 PM

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