KLSE: PPHB (8273)       PUBLIC PACKAGES HOLDINGS BHD MAIN : Industrial Products
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hornbill PE just 6 sure is under value. Just hold
10/03/2021 12:57 PM
Hafiq86 wait around 80cent
10/03/2021 6:36 PM
WB888888 Finally All carton box back on trend. Cheer to all carton box player....
11/03/2021 11:48 AM
hornbill Tomorrow continue
11/03/2021 6:23 PM
WB888888 Hi All Carton Box - Pphb/ Kym/ Muda/ Orna/ Boxpack/ Master. Are we ready to continue our uptrend?....
12/03/2021 8:53 AM
bgt9963 Good morning...!
12/03/2021 8:56 AM
Ahbeng88 This is another shitty counter
15/03/2021 4:39 AM
WB888888 Carton box counter all will be performed once 1 of these counter move steady.(Master/ PPHB/ KYM/ Orna/ Muda). 1 of these counter should take a lead to make carton box sector go uptrend....Let do it together
15/03/2021 5:22 PM
JohnVinson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UNN9p7-rLM
15/03/2021 8:44 PM
JohnVinson The packaging sectors still in the great demand.
15/03/2021 8:53 PM
Jimmy0 Few months later comfirm drop until 20-40cent i will come back later and pls call me shi fu afterwards ahahha
17/03/2021 2:04 PM
Ahbeng88 So can start to queue at 0.20?
22/03/2021 5:56 PM
Jimmy0 U see ar now US keep print money , and we are in stock bubble i recommend buy gold Etf now 0828EA i have been through 2007-2008 economic crisis.
24/03/2021 12:44 PM
Jimmy0 Trust me now packaging industry and manufacturer industry will fall deeply all related to US currency , is not just one counter is all counter will drop in the next few months
24/03/2021 12:45 PM
XiuQing Should I sell? I stuck at 1.16. Recent interview charlie Munger says the stock bubble will burst soon. I also sense some big Earthquake is coming I think is more similar to the dot-com crisis. Hais shouldn't invest so early, now in an awkward situation.
24/03/2021 1:01 PM
Peterloh1 sell now buy later lor, smart people know the recession is coming whats point of keeping the stock now , will fall sharply one la
24/03/2021 2:08 PM
IamValueInvestor XiuQing, would you mind to share the video about interviewing Charlie Munger
24/03/2021 8:05 PM
XiuQing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scYbVugMftA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F7a2cr5ziU
25/03/2021 9:24 AM
XiuQing 'Big Short' investor Michael Burry says he'll stop tweeting after warning of market bubbles for months
25/03/2021 9:26 AM
XiuQing i already queued to sell my pphb stock , good luck guys will come back when is low
25/03/2021 9:27 AM
Invest_888 Need shareholder or company to support the share price. Sideway now.
25/03/2021 2:56 PM
IamValueInvestor XiuQing, thanks for sharing!
26/03/2021 7:34 PM
Linda91 I sell at 0.90, advise you all sell now if not will be stuck at a high price.
27/03/2021 2:58 PM
WB888888 Hi All Carton Box - Pphb/ Kym/ Muda/ Orna/ Boxpack/ Master. Are we ready to continue our uptrend?
29/03/2021 11:17 AM
Jimmy0 Hi All Carton Box - Pphb/ Kym/ Muda/ Orna/ Boxpack/ Master. Are we ready to continue our downtrend
30/03/2021 10:21 AM
underthebigtree Rebound with improve volume..
02/04/2021 11:22 AM
cappie2020 pphb and muda rebounds...
02/04/2021 12:19 PM
WB888888 Carton box trend is start moving back to uptrend. All carton player pls prepare Pphb/ Kym/ Muda/ Orna/ Boxpack/ Master
03/04/2021 10:11 PM
WB888888 Good Morning all carton box counter....Should start ours paper carton trend...Cheer to all (PPHB/KYMMuda/Master/Orna/ Boxpack)
09/04/2021 9:26 AM
Lukesharewalker This counter, last 2 QR eps 5 cents. Coming QR should maintain, forward annualized eps is 20 to 22 cents. @pe 10 should be at least RM2.00
Isnt this pretty undervalued?
09/04/2021 10:25 PM
Lukesharewalker Debt is only 22 mil. Trade debt 8 mil. Cash at 78 mil
10/04/2021 9:35 AM
WB888888 Good Morning All Carton Box - World market are shortage carton supplies badly. Will PPHB/ Kym/ Orna/ Muda/ Boxpack/ Master ready to continue ours uptrend?
12/04/2021 11:17 AM
Lukesharewalker Packaging counters started moving....
12/04/2021 12:18 PM
镠公公 better buy Orna with better fundamentals
13/04/2021 8:48 AM
Lukesharewalker Orna is highly geared
13/04/2021 12:48 PM
WB888888 Good Morning All Carton Box - PPHB/ Kym/ Orna/ Muda/ Boxpack/ Master
16/04/2021 8:00 AM
WB888888 Be prepared for another exciting quarterly results as ASP increased on carton box around the world are non stop. lookup for all carton box counter and keep it for long investment.
16/04/2021 8:03 AM
lionhead ORNA is underrated
9.04 sen EPS in 4Q20 means FY21 easily can make 9.04 * 4 = 36.16 sen EPS round up to 36.16 sen EPS. This is not aggressive because PAPER PULP price still increasing trend.

6 x PE on FY21 EPS of 36.16 sen = 6 * 36.16 = RM 2.17
18/04/2021 1:08 PM
Lukesharewalker Gearing 1 to 1 nearly
18/04/2021 4:15 PM
WB888888 Carton Box counter just waiting time for price spike after long time of consolidating. (PPHB/ KYM/ Muda/ Orna/ Master) We should be prepared
21/04/2021 12:34 AM
Danny Lee Good luck
23/04/2021 10:02 AM
Lukesharewalker Yeah. Buy now when the operator is accumulating...
27/04/2021 3:17 PM
hornbill Good chance declare Bunus issue.
28/04/2021 6:10 PM
beeair2013 I am in again @0.965, another good quarter results?
30/04/2021 12:27 PM
hornbill will limit up again?
30/04/2021 1:43 PM
Lukesharewalker Something is up. Against overall bad market.
Maybe better results plus bonus
03/05/2021 2:34 PM
WB888888 Yes Carton Box Trend back - PPHB/ KYM/ Muda/ Orna/ Master/ Boxpack
05/05/2021 9:16 AM
Invest123 Game over
05/05/2021 3:51 PM
Atamis Not yet over. Just take a break for a while.
05/05/2021 10:08 PM
WB888888 Good Morning all - PPHB/ KYM/ Muda/ Orna/ Master/ Boxpack. Continue our uptrend. Cheer to All
07/05/2021 9:20 AM

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